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    Best interior designers in Ahmedabad as on Apr 24, 2018

    1. Interior Design Sample Image
      +91 79 49070374
      Interior Designers, Residential interior designers
      We have been serving our clients with quality services since our inception in the year 2006. We offer kitchen remodeling and renovation services and build kitchens right from the start as well.
    2. Shades & Shapes Studio, S.G. Highway

      10 Reviews 5.5 Sulekha Score
      interior design of hall in indian style
      +91 79 49070254
      Interior Designers, Residential interior designers
      One of the trusted kitchen interior decorators in Ahmedabad, we are famous for giving kitchens beautiful makeovers. The kitchens we build are spacious, convenient, and beautiful to look at.
    3. Best Bedroom Design
      +91 79 49071796
      Interior Designers, Residential interior designers

      No. 24/247, Parishram Appartment, Satellite, Ahmedabad - 380015 Get Directions

    4. +91 79 49071613
      Interior Designers, Residential interior designers

      C 225, Siddhivinayak Towers, Makaraba, S.G Highway, Makarba, Ahmedabad - 380051

    5. living room interior design
      +91 79 49070515
      Interior Designers, Residential interior designers
      Considered to be dependable by our clients, we offer turnkey kitchen interior solutions along with kitchen remodeling and renovation service as well. We also offer kitchen wardrobe design and kitchen cupboard design services.
    6. The Place, Naroda

      5 Reviews 5.2 Sulekha Score
      Living Room Interior Design with U shaped Beautifu
      +91 79 49071755
      Interior Designers, Residential interior designers
      Matching with the ever increasing needs of the clients, our highly expert budget interior designers are engaged in providing top quality interior designing services. We make use of latest technology and ensure complete client satisfaction.
    7. N Design, Naranpura

      6.8 Sulekha Score
      +91 79 49071138
      Interior Designers, Residential interior designers

      No. 416, Binali Complex, AEC Cross Road, Naranpura, Ahmedabad - 380009

    8. Interior Design Sample Image
      +91 79 49071012
      Interior Designers, Residential interior designers
      We have experience of designing all kinds of kitchens, for both small and big apartments and houses. We take a systematic approach to our entire project and ensure best quality output.
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    10 reviews about interior design company as on Apr 24, 2018

    Average Rating (4.5) - 90 reviews
    1. 31st March, 2018

      Had a good experience with TLE DESIGN STUDIO . You have good design skill and concepts for make some thing creative .

    2. 29th January, 2018

      My experience with D cube studio was fruitful D cube studio offered me wide range of design options within my budget with no compromise on quality. Look at their work, it speaks for itself I recommend D Cube Studio for any of your interior designing requirements

    3. 27th January, 2018

      Amazing work with new concepts. She is truly a dream designer ..

    4. 27th January, 2018

      NICE SERVICES AND suggested to others also.

    5. 21st December, 2017

      superb work

    6. 16th December, 2017

      Creative Designer with unique concept and fresh mindset. It will mesmerize you with imaginative design and fresh look of your home or office. Great work Mr.Prajapati

    7. 23rd September, 2017

      Marvellous service, I got from this folks. We were looking for the best interior designer who would design our house. These people came forward with best and innovative ideas. They promised to complete the work very quickly. I trusted them and signed with them. As promised, work was finished before the days of the committed time. Quality of the work was really professional and the laborers were co-operative too.80000 was paid for the service.excellent service

    8. 11th August, 2017

      Require an interior designer for my house, to do a designing and decoration work,finally I got this interior, they approached me well & good & gave me a quick response, still work process is going on,they are very good in work & idea,charges are nominal they charging for that service, I am happy & satisfied with them.

    9. 10th August, 2017

      To create a logo design for my company, I contacted this company. They suggested some models as per my company and I have chosen a good one that I liked. They took nearly 5 days to complete my work. They finally quoted me 5000 for the logo design. I am happy to design a logo for my company from this Logo creator.

    10. 9th August, 2017

      good job.done at the right time. good team of work.

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    Recent Enquiries on Interior Designers & Decorators

    • Type of interior service: Design, Decoration & Execution
    • Type of property: Office
    • Commercial interior budget: Standard (Rs.7,00,001 - Rs.15,00,000)
    • Commercial carpet area: 501 - 1000 Sq ft
    6 hours ago
    • Type of interior service: Designing & Decoration
    • Type of property: Office
    • Commercial interior budget: Basic (Less than Rs.7,00,000)
    • Commercial carpet area: 101 - 500 Sq ft
    14 hours ago
    • Type of interior service: Design, Decoration & Execution
    • Service for: Full House
    • Type of property: Flat Or Apartment
    • Residential interior budget: Premium (Above Rs.10,00,000)
    • Residential carpet area: 1001 - 3000 Sq ft
    15 hours ago
    • Type of interior service: Design, Decoration & Execution
    • Service for: Kitchen
    • Type of property: Flat Or Apartment
    • Residential interior budget: I'm Flexible
    • Residential carpet area: Less than 500 Sq ft

    Recent Bookings in Interior Designers & Decorators

    • Type of interior service: Design, Decoration & Execution
    • Service for: Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom
    • Type of property: Flat Or Apartment
    • Residential carpet area: 501 - 1000 Sq ft
    29 days ago
    • Type of interior service: Design, Decoration & Execution
    • Type of property: Clinic / Hospital / Other Medical Facilities
    • Commercial carpet area: 101 - 500 Sq ft
    32 days ago
    • Type of interior service: Design, Decoration & Execution
    • Service for: Full House
    • Type of property: Villa/Bungalow
    • Residential carpet area: 501 - 1000 Sq ft
    33 days ago
    • Type of interior service: Design, Decoration & Execution
    • Service for: Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room
    • Type of property: Flat Or Apartment
    • Residential carpet area: 501 - 1000 Sq ft
    43 days ago
    • How Much Does Interior Design Cost in Ahmedabad 2018

      Sl NoHouse TypeCostMaterial UsedModular KitchenWardrobes with LoftSofas(3*2)TV UnitBed (6*6)Dining TableCrockery UnitPuja Unit
      11 Bhk House (Economy)Rs. 2,90,000MDF7X5 - L shaped1010111
      21 Bhk House (Classy)Rs. 3,95,000Standard WaterProof Ply7X5 - L shaped1111111
      31 Bhk House (Premium)Rs. 4,87,000Premium Waterproof Ply7X5 - L shaped1111111
      42 Bhk House (Economy)Rs. 5,35,000MDF10X7 - L Shaped2112111
      52 Bhk House (Classy)Rs. 6,85,000Standard WaterProof Ply10X7 - L Shaped2112111
      62 Bhk House (Premium)Rs. 7,90,000Premium Waterproof Ply10X7 - U Shaped2112111
      73 Bhk House (Economy)Rs. 8,10,000MDF11X8 - L Shaped3113111
      83 Bhk House (Classy)Rs. 8,58,000Standard WaterProof Ply11X10- U shaped3113111
      93 Bhk House (Premium)Rs. 9,63,000Premium Waterproof Ply11X10- U shaped3113111
      **This Price is indicative. Exact price may varry based on area(sqft), finishing and materials used. Check with dealers for exact price and quotation

      Tips for working with an interior designer in Ahmedabad

      Before you start work with an interior decorator in Ahmedabad, here are some things you need to understand.

      Explicitly express your likes and your dislikes
      Let the designer know what works for you and what doesn’t. If the interior designer suggests something that doesn’t match with your taste, let them know how you feel. It’s best to be out rightly honest with the designer because your relationship with them is going to be long term. Talk more about your ideal plan for renovation. Illustrate things that represent your taste and your choices. Collect samples if it helps you better articulate.

      Give them a brief about your everyday routine
      Let them know how you go about your day. This gives them a lot of information to layout the furniture and accessories. Be as expressive as you are comfortable with and this will help the decorator curate a plan accordingly. On the other hand, if you are looking to design an office or a showroom, then tell the designer how you imagine the work environment to be. They can help in implementing a professional feel to the office. For instance, Future Space and Space Design House have a high Sulekha score and they take up both home and office interior designing. There are also experts in Ahmedabad who can take up specialized projects to decorate specific rooms of the house like bathroom, bedroom, kitchen etc.

      Bring the designer in early
      It’s very advisable to involve the designer with the architect and the contractor from the planning stages. This gives the experts room to work together. The construction can be a fusion of all of their suggestions.

      Be clear about your budget and timeline
      Timeline doesn’t just mean the date of delivery. Clearly discuss the progression of the project and segregate them as different levels of completion. Ask them to give you a date for each level of completion. Ask them about the potential extras, exclusive of the budget, that might spring up.

      How to choose the Best interior designer in Ahmedabad?

      Step one: Identify your style
      Even before you begin looking for interior designers, have an idea about how you want the space to look. This way you will know what to expect from the interior designer. Take some time out, check out different design ideas and see what works for you.

      Step two: Look at some portfolios
      This step is essential because it helps you identify some designers who match your style. Look at what they have designed and imagine yourself living in a similar space.

      Step three: Come up with a budget
      It’s very easy to spend too much on interiors. So fix a budget and stick to it. During the first meet with an interior designer in Ahmedabad, give them a brief about your project, budget and timeline. See what they can work around with the specified details.

      Step four: Ask questions
      During the first session with a decorator in Ahmedabad, ask them for past clients’ referrals, qualifications, experience, services provided, fees, duration of the project and everything else you could possibly think of. Ask them for suggestions and see if you are happy with them. Make sure the designer’s taste is in alignment with yours.

      Step five: Discuss details
      At this point, you probably have a clear idea about the designer you want to go with. Discuss the terms of the project with the finalized one. Establish the conditions for working together and get all the details like timeline, budget, layout and contract sorted out.

      Is an Interior Designer Indispensable for Designing Your Home Interior?

      A good interior design speaks for itself and about the people who revel in it daily, regardless of whether the home interior was designed by a decorator or designer, or by the people who live in the house. A good interior design is important for two reasons, they are:

      • A well-designed home interior invariably facilitates usability, which none of us would say ‘NO’ to
      • Secondly, every home should have an identity and be unique

      For some, uniqueness would be a priority while usability will be indispensable for others. Ideally, though, an interior design has to be a blend of these two aspects.

      Talking of identity, your home and its interior should be a reflection your tastes and preferences. The subsequent question could be: “so, will I need to hire an interior designer for embellishing my home’s interior?” The answer is, you might or might not need to. Keep reading, and let us see the reasons why you might be able to design your home interior on your own.

      Focal point is one of the aspects of paramount importance to a home’s interior design. It is basically the first point of view when you or any family member enters a room in your house. Focal points vary from one room to another. In the living room, the entertainment table is the likely focal point and should ideally be placed right opposite to the entrance door. Defining a focal point is just one half of the matter, because you must also ensure that every other commodity in the living room complements and accentuates the entertainment table, which will hold the TV and the music player, the two most common appliances.

      Space management is another integral aspect that you cannot afford to overlook if you are keen on a functional interior design. You do not want the interior setup to restrict free movement into and out of a room. For instance, the sofa set has to be arranged in a way that the room has plenty of space to walk around and get hold of the things we want, instantly.

      Next to functionality, in terms of significance, is personalisation. You can give your home interior a personalised look by hanging pieces of art created by you, posters of your favourite celebrities and idols, your own photos taken at various stages of your life, etc. on the walls of your master bedroom. In the living room, which is predominantly used by every member of the family, it would be pertinent to hang a family photo.

      By now, you might have started to think: “Eh… I can do that, or at least everyone in my family can work in harness and design the interior ourselves.”

      Well, it’s not impossible to embellish the home interior, which includes the living room, the bedroom and even the kitchen, on our own, if we are chock-a-block with interior design ideas and capable of handling expensive commodities like the TV, mattress, sofa set, coffee/dinner table, to name the most commonly found commodities at most households.

      The need for an interior designer will, however, arise if we have run out of ideas, or are looking for some innovative design ideas to revamp the prevailing setup. Interior designers or decorators harness their style sense to come up with design ideas, keeping in mind the need to optimise space and the invariable necessity to give it an attractive look. And because they are professional designers, they tend to be full of ideas and can curate some for your home, depending on the style you desire.

      Interior designers could also come in handy if you are building a brand new home, and at which time you want to create an immaculate interior. You can hire an interior designer to consult how the building space could be optimised, the shades to give the walls and the appropriate lighting for the different rooms, when looking at it from the aesthetics point of view.


      Because interior design is about your tastes and how you want your sweet home to look, there is little necessity to hire an interior designer for designing your home interior. However, if you want your home to exude a rich appearance and look truly fabulous, then, yes, consulting an interior designer could be the way to go.

      Happy living!