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    Interior designers converts your home to a stylist living space by fully utilising every inch of space effectively. Hiring an Interior Designers in Kolkata is a smart decision because he can help you to save a lot of your time and budget. At the same time hiring an interior decorator in Kolkata will help you to add a great deal to the aesthetic of your home, office or workstation. You can find here many of the listed interior design companies in Kolkata can fulfill both of your interior design and decoration requirements.

    Best Interior Designers Available in Kolkata as on Aug 19, 2017

    1. Go Interio, Chittaranjan Avenue

      2 Reviews 4.9 Sulekha Score
      +91 90733 94448
      Interior Designers, Residential interior designers

      GO INTERIO is an online marketplace based out of Kolkata, where clients can hire verified professionals for the below services. • Interior Designing • Renovation Services (False Ceiling, Furniture, Painting, Electrical Services, Flooring, Plumbing) • Vastu Consultancy With an aim to revolutionise the designing industry, we have created a repository of verified professionals including Interior Designers, Contractors and Vastu-kars, who are shortlisted based on their profile, experience, designs and past projects. GO INTERIO provides an organised platform for clients to make hassle free and informed choices in choosing these professionals by accessing their profiles and opting for free consultation and quotes. By doing active project audits, we form liaison between the designing professional and the client and aid in carrying out the project smoothly, as per expectation. With multiple designers at your service, clients have a plethora of latest designs to choose from. We offer you the a range of reasons as to why you should choose us!

      U shaped Modular Kitchen Interior Design
    2. Bower In Decor, Belghoria

      1 Review 6.2 Sulekha Score
      +91 98308 78979
      Interior Designers, Residential interior designers

      You can find our best Interior designers in Kolkata who create an atmosphere of ambience for your living and working environment by choosing us. We are one of the best interior designing companies in Kolkata. Our professionals add style and design to your living by providing quality service.

      Colourful Living Room Interior Design
    3. +91 91637 36341
      Interior Designers, Residential interior designers

      Spaccia Design is a modern interior designer company in Kolkata. We are here to make your living a style statement to the world. We take residential and commercial projects and guarantee timely delivery and fine finish by our world class Interior Designers.

      Study Room Interior Design
    4. Prime Touch Interior, Golf Green

      2 Reviews 5.9 Sulekha Score
      +91 98305 80200
      Interior Designers, Residential interior designers

      Prime touch interior is a name of synonymous to "Gracious living and dazzling lifestyle" in world of Architecture as well as interior design. Our expertise in the designing and execution , offers your home a well deserved magnificence look and feel and living in elegance & aroma. We are "Creative" believe that interior designing is an art of structuring , arranging , furnishing , and decorating the surrounding that makes your living healthy and lively , keeping in mind the convenience & space for your various activities , comfort , luxurious , celestial ambience and rejuvenating indulgence to your keen sences for luxury , architecture and lifestyle.

      Living room Interior Design
    5. +91 98305 63667
      Interior Designers, Commercial interior designers

      Looking for immaculate designs for your residential and commercial spaces? Archind Consultants is the right choice for you. We are an interior designing company with cent percent successful projects. Our interior designing services in Kolkata has always remained matchless.

      Front Office desk interior design
    6. Aakriti Interior, Lal Bazar

      1 Review 5.5 Sulekha Score
      +91 90883 88582
      Interior Designers, Residential interior designers

      We design appealing spaces for your living. We are a famous interior designer company in Kolkata. Our experts make vigorous planning & execute every plan successfully & that too within budget.

      Bedroom Interior
    7. +91 98363 71259
      Interior Designers, Residential interior designers

      We would like to introduce our home and office interior design and decoration enterprise “Decoland Interior Pvt. Ltd.” Founded by Mr Prashanta Basu in 2002, we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.Ours is a place where you will find excellent alternatives to renovating spaces. We have a team – comprising of supervisors, carpenter heads, ceiling experts, and colour experts – to develop interiors like showrooms using vinyl paintings, gypsum board partitions, carpet interiors, silver leafing, plumbing, and false ceilings.We believe and are confident that we have what it takes to come up with innovative ideas and implement them successfully. Our belief and way of working have awarded us with opportunities to create beautiful interiors for Hitesh Pharma, Thakur Diagnostic & Polyclinic, B. Dasgupta & Co., and other clients from residential and commercial sectors.Since our consultation is free, don’t think twice about contacting us. Call us right away!

      L shape kitchen interior design
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    10 Best User Reviews about Interior Design Companies in Kolkata as on Aug 19, 2017

    Average Rating (4)
    1. 12th August, 2017

      Took the service from this business. The service was good. They have came on time and finished the work on time. They have charged as per the tariff. I am happy to take the service from this business.

    2. 10th August, 2017

      Repaired my washing machine with this help of this Paradise Interior, I paid some nominal amount for the repair charges. They have done the service was nice. I'm satisfied….

    3. 9th August, 2017

      I recently got my home designed by this designers, I'm very happy with the design.They charged a nominal price. They are really professionals when it comes to work and their co-ordination is good.Happy with the service

    4. 9th August, 2017

      Contacted this business and got the service. The service was good and the workers are very friendly. They have charged as per the tariff. I am satisfied with the services.

    5. 9th August, 2017

      Contacted this business and got the service. The service was good and the workers are very friendly. They have charged as per the tariff. I am satisfied with the services.

    6. 4th August, 2017

      I have enquired Office interior designing services to this business. I am satisfied with this Business quotes. They are charging very Nominal price. so, I have decided to take service from this business. Their Overall Response and business approach has been Amazing.

    7. 7th July, 2017

      My house was Excellently designed with the help of Sanjay Deokar & Associates, Designers & Decorators, His using the best material quality and optimum cost, They completed his work as per my scheduled time, Now my house looks like Fabolous and luxury, they are designed my home perfect and neat, They charged me overall services 150000 for his service,This is a valid amount for this services, I really like this service and I am satisfied.

    8. 3rd July, 2017

      Got Residential interior designers for my competes residence through Bower On Decor, Bulgaria. overall, they charged me 16000.Their response and services did nicely. they provide me perfect design for my home. I am happy and satisfied with their fast service.

    9. 30th June, 2017

      Through this business people I got a good Commercial interior designer service,also they charged me reasonable amount for that .their service was very good and proper.i am satisfied with their service..

    10. 21st June, 2017

      We had found good Residential interior designers through this agency.they really given me a very good service.also charged me reasonable price amount .i am really happy and satisfied with the service.

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    • Type of interior service: Designing Only
    • Service for: Complete Space
    • Activities: False Ceiling, Accessories/Art Selection, Space Planning, Colour Consultation, Painting
    • Type of property: Flat Or Apartment
    • Residential carpet area: 1001 - 3000 Sq ft
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for interior design service provider
    3 days ago
    • Type of interior service: Designing & Decoration
    • Service for: Kitchen, Bathroom
    • Activities: Furniture Selection, Flooring, Painting, Colour Consultation, Lighting Selection
    • Type of property: Independent House
    • Residential carpet area: 501 - 1000 Sq ft
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for interior design service provider
    4 days ago
    • Type of interior service: Design, Decoration & Execution
    • Service for: Complete Space, Kitchen, Bathroom, Pooja Room, Bedroom, Living Room, Study Room, Others
    • Activities: Furniture Selection
    • Type of property: Flat Or Apartment
    • Residential carpet area: 1001 - 3000 Sq ft
    • Self Introduction: Service expert looking for job/projects
    4 days ago
    • Type of interior service: Decoration Only
    • Service for: Complete Space
    • Activities: False Ceiling, Colour Consultation, Furniture Selection, Lighting Selection
    • Type of property: Flat Or Apartment
    • Residential carpet area: 1001 - 3000 Sq ft
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for interior design service provider
    4 days ago
    • What are the benefits of hiring an Interior Designer in Kolkata?

      Professional assistance
      The decorator will have an eye for detail and they are capable of professionally assessing the situation. Their design plan will be well researched, thought of and it will have the touch of an expert. They are trained to notice things that a laymen don’t generally notice.

      An ideal designer should help you build a good relationship between the clients and the architect or contractor. This, in turn, can help you in tackling flaws in design that might later spring up. This is an important crucial step for saving time and money.

      Reliable network:
      Most designers in Kolkata have a large network of efficient experts like plumbers, electricians and contractors. This helps in keeping a tab on the completed works of the designer. This also helps in saving time and money that will otherwise be spent on searching for such individuals.

      Planning and budgeting
      A designer will help in carrying the project forward within the proposed budget and they will make sure you stay on track. They can you help in saving truckloads of time that would otherwise be wasted on researching and other backend work. If you are looking for an interior designer in Kolkata, Innovative Interiors, Space Design Studio, and Dream and Décor are some good options to consider. With unparalleled experience in the field and high degree of expertise, they can help in embellishing the space as per your desire and suggestions. They carry out both residential and commercial projects. If you wish to design just one room of your residence, there are specialized designers to serve that purpose as well.

      What are the phases of an interior designing project?

      1. Initial talks
      It begins with a series of conversations between the designer and the client to establish an understanding about how the place is required to be designed. It could work both ways. You, as a client, can give the designer your suggestions and they can tell you which ones work and which don’t.

      2. Space planning
      This will involve discussions about how every area of the required space is going to be embellished with detailed imagery. It’s important to create a palette of materials and finishes that will define the spaces. Fabrics, lighting, furniture, lighting and other such accessories can be used to improve the look and functionality of the area.

      3. Selecting
      There are various things that need to be purchased to decorate the space. All the items planned to embellish the area need to be selected with the help of the decorator. They can help you in picking the right fabric, fabric, furniture, upholstery, lighting, centerpieces and other such accessories.

      4. Installation
      The set up and the installation is the last step of the process. This will involve putting the pieces together and then in the right places. This also involves odd jobs like plumbing, fixtures and electrical repair necessary in the house.

      Effective Tips for Turning Your Home Interior into a Gorgeous One

      Have you ever felt, on hearing someone talk about interior design, that it would be expensive and impractical for you? Well… at that time, maybe you didn’t know the fundamentals of a good interior and what it would take to create a visual design. Worry not, for you have come to the right place to imbibe how you can create an impressive interior design that will make your family members and acquaintances go ‘WOW’!

      Come, let us look at the ideas and plans that you can implement quite easily and create an attractive home interior.

      Interior designing is all about optimising and embellishing the interior of your home for comfort, ease of use and to give it a personalised appearance too. Therefore, if your home interior exudes the abovementioned qualities, then it can be said to be well-designed.

      The trick, however, lies in creating a design that will render comfort, be easy to use and reflect your personality and tastes.

      To feel comfortable and be easy to use, it is imperative that every room of your house has a focal point. Focal points are those that catch the eye first when you step into your living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.

      Let us start off with the living room, where we spend most of our time. It’s likely that the entertainment table is the living room’s focal point and in which case, should ideally be placed exactly opposite to the entrance door.

      The entertainment table will have the TV and DVD player, as the most common commodities, placed on it. Now, the seating arrangement has to be done in a way that you, or any of your family members or guests, can grab the remote before taking their seat and then start watching their favourite program. Regardless of the kind of sofa set you have, they must be arranged in such a way that you and your family members can sit and have chat and also watch the TV without any obstructions. Such an arrangement will make your living room design functional and also, ensure everyone feels comfortable.

      It is also equally important to take care of space management, ensuring there is enough space to walk into, within and out of the room. Let us picture this: you are stepping into your living room, but having to make your own space by pushing a chair or single sofa laying near the entrance door, and then putting it back in place. If that is indeed the case, then your living room design has to be rejigged.

      The focal point of every room will be different, but the interior design philosophy—which is to make the room easy to use and ensure it facilitates comfort—shouldn’t change. In your bedroom, for instance, the mattress is the probable focal point and it is important to ensure that you can navigate to it easily when you enter the room after finishing your dinner at night.

      *Do not overlook the importance of defining a focal point and ensuring everything else in its space complements it!

      The next significant aspect of a good interior design is personalisation. Because it is your home, your identity should definitely be imprinted on it. When it comes to personalisation, pieces of art created by you and posters of your favourite sportsperson(s) or celebrities can be hung on the walls of the room which you occupy. In the living room, it is better to be a bit traditional and sentimental, and hang a family photo.

      Finally, it is important for your home interior to be aesthetic. Aesthetics involves painting and lighting to create a tranquil atmosphere when you enter your home in the evening. The lighting and colouring aspects have to match the room concept and the main purpose of the room. In your living room, the lighting and even the wall colour have to be a little bright and energising. However, in the bedroom, both of them have to be a little dim and render a calming effect.


      At the end of the day, it is your home and you should look into ways of making it efficient to use and comfortable to live in. By grasping the insights mentioned above and implementing them, you will be able to create a home interior that facilitates comfort, is easy to use and has your personal touch attached to it, as well.

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