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    Modular Kitchen Dealers in Kolkata as on Aug 23, 2017

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    1. +91 98320 63558
      Modular Kitchen Dealers

      Xcellent Kitchen Deco Pvt. Ltd. received Best Performer Award from Kutchina for offering the best modular kitchen services with after-sales support. Being in this industry for 20 years, we have the resources to give perfect styles such as European, German, Indian, Italian, and contemporary using various materials. Approach us! Our highly skilled team will do on the spot drawing with quotation along with demonstrations. We have served famous clients like Fortuna City and APC College. You can rely on us to deliver projects on time. Reach out to our customer executives for any query, anytime.

    2. +91 98314 55884
      Modular Kitchen Dealers

      Purosottam Associates will design a modular kitchen customised to your needs. Be it a contemporary, European, German, or Indian style, we will create one for you with all modern amenities. You can also decide whether your kitchen should be created out of metal, wooden, granite and marble, ceramic, marine plywood, or miscellaneous materials. Our company has been doing this since 2012, and we have gotten better at it each year. Due to this, Eureka Forbes Ltd. gave us a certificate showing their appreciation for our services. We do one of the best modular kitchen designs and promise to complete your project on time under a reasonable price range. So, consult us soon!  

    3. Nandanik, Jadavpur

      1 Review 4.6 Sulekha Score
      +91 96746 15357
      Modular Kitchen Dealers

      Nandanik is a renowned modular kitchen dealer based in Kolkata, India. We deal with different styles of modular kitchens like European Style, German Style, Indian Style, Italian Style and Contemporary Style. Our high-quality and aesthetic modular kitchens are manufactured using different types of robust raw materials like wood, ceramic, PVC, aluminium, stainless steel, marble, marine plywood, granite, etc. Since our inception in 2007, we have catered personalised and cost-effective modular kitchens to an extensive list of satisfied clients. We provide product brochures for the benefit of the customers. Contact us for further details.

    4. Roy Furniture, Kasba

      4.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 99031 44622
      Modular Kitchen Dealers

      Roy Furniture has massive experience in this business. We provide services in Modular Kitchens in Kolkata. Our motto has always been timely supply, best quality and optimum cost. We are in touch with our customers through quality, performance, service and assistance. Bringing the best of value to our customers, we also care as much about our customers. We look forward to your business and hope you would give us a chance to serve. Contact us for further details.


      1 Review 6.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 98043 31885
      Modular Kitchen Dealers

      We have seven years experience in Interior Decoration work like flooring, false ceiling, wall furnishing with painting & texture, electrical & furniture making for (Residence & office). We are also expert in SS modular kitchen,Mild steel modular kitchen,Wooden modular kitchen / semi modular kitchen design.In today's time, every house hold needs a neat, well planned and an organized Modular Kitchen, of course at an affordable price. We design the complete kitchen and set up as separate components. It can be modified according to an individual's needs. The cost of the entire set-up depends upon factors such as the area of the kitchen, type of shutters, number of cabinets, quality of marble/granite, wall tiles, fittings and the accessories used in the installation. However, price is a matter for an individual decision, how much one wishes to spend on something. While designing your Modular Kitchen, we keep in mind the storage space, lighting, space for appliances, the working triangle and other factors. We have a hard working team of experienced designers having the right blend of skills, aesthetics, innovations and practical ideas. Therefore transforming your Dream Kitchen into reality comes with ease for us. Our enterprise is the only manufacturer of steel modular kitchen in West Bengal. Get a cash discount by choosing our services. We accept part payment too.

    6. AB Continental, Sodepur

      5.2 Sulekha Score
      +91 90516 72266
      Modular Kitchen Dealers

      AB Continental established in 2002 to create the best modular kitchen designs in the city. Playing with and combining materials like wood, marine plywood, and others, we aim to develop a kitchen in European style or a more traditional one in the form of the ultimate Indian kitchen, designed with modern equipment. The progression of our work depends on the size of the kitchen. But don’t worry! We have always managed to complete every project on time. You can pay us in part or opt for EMI after we have rendered our services. Call us today so that we may start working for you immediately!

    7. +91 96413 63206
      Modular Kitchen Dealers

      Esser Marketing is an award winning modular kitchen enterprise operating for 9 years. Our company received an award from Kuchina for providing a combination of customised kitchen solutions under one roof and quick services with installations.The different modular kitchen styles we have at our shop are mainly for individual residents. They come in European, German, Indian, Italian, and contemporary style, assembled from materials like metal, marine plywood, stainless steel, aluminium, ceramic, granite, marble, PVC, and others.We have worked with Emami and deal primarily in brands like Hindware and Godrej. Approach us if you are looking for a unique modular kitchen design. For your convenience, we offer EMI options too.

    8. +91 93399 88990
      Modular Kitchen Dealers

      Platform Sunflow Enterprise, established in 2016, is a renowned modular kitchen dealer catering its services to clients in and around Kolkata, India. We specialise in offering quality modular kitchen from solid raw materials like wood, granite and marble, marine ply, etc. We excel in offering kitchens in Contemporary style, German style, Indian style and European style. We ensure that we provide kitchens tailored to customer specifications in a timely and efficient manner. All our services are offered at competitive rates. Contact us for your modular kitchen needs.

    9. +91 90624 13276
      Modular Kitchen Dealers

      Imperial Furnishing Deco is among the top interior decorators, engaged in designing modular kitchen. Our designers are well-trained and experienced and can come up with trendy designs using wood, marine plywood, and miscellaneous materials that complement your needs. The cost for our services is very much affordable; where part payment and EMI is an option available. Since 2009, we have executed several prestigious and challenging projects. Our aim is to maintain a long-term relationship with our valuable patrons. Tell us the design you want for your kitchen, and we’ll create one for you.

    10. Anup Mondal, Rajarhat

      4.6 Sulekha Score
      +91 80136 56927
      Modular Kitchen Dealers

      Anup Mondal is a renowned modular kitchen dealer based in Kolkata, India. He specialises in supplying Indian style modular kitchens that are tailored according to customer specifications. Anup Mondal extensive range of modular kitchens is produced using different robust materials like wood, metal, marble, granite, aluminium, stainless steel, PVC, ceramic, etc. Since starting his business in 2009, he has satisfied the modular kitchen needs of numerous clients promptly and cost-effectively. Contact Anup Mondal for your modular kitchen needs.

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    10 Reviews of Modular Kitchen Dealers in Kolkata as on Aug 23, 2017

    Average Rating (4)
    1. 9th May, 2017

      Obtained sofa for my home purpose. Their service was good and pleasing and they made free delivery of the product. They had a variety of sofa in all required materials. The sofa cost was reasonable and they made free delivery and installation at my home.

    2. 9th May, 2017

      Through this service provider took modular kitchen service for my home. Their service was fantastic and innovative and they installed and completed the kitchen models we choose and they completed the work in prescribed time. The charges are moderate.

    3. 5th May, 2017

      Purchased Sofa and Dining Table through this dealer. The service from this dealer is awesome. They charged me the nominal amount for the product. I am blissful with this dealer due to the Professional work and On time Delivery.

    4. 5th May, 2017

      Approached this Furniture Dealer to Purchase Dressing Table and Bed. They quoted me Rs 93000 for the product. The service from this unacceptable as their service is not professional. Discontented with the service from this Furniture Dealer.

    5. 4th May, 2017

      Purchased a sofa through this dealer. The service from this dealer is good. They charged me Rs 36000 for the sofa. They have delivered it on time. Gratified with the service from this dealer.

    6. 30th January, 2016


    7. 13th January, 2016

      Panasonic brand AC I had purchased from this shop for my residence and the price was nominal . The AC was Compaq and it cools the room relatively fast . Their customer service was quick and I am happy to deal with the business .

    8. 22nd December, 2015

      It was a gas leakage issue with my Prestige gas stove so i need a help of this people to fix it. The cost which i paid for this servicing was Rs.600. Work was completed immediately. Perfect work done by this dealers.

    9. 4th September, 2015

      We opted a Videocon split AC for my home from this showroom. They charged me around Rs.30000 for the product. They completed the installation perfectly. Overall their service was average.

    10. 6th August, 2015

      To give an contemporary style to my kitchen I gave request to this dealer to make wooden modular kitchen of about 110 sq ft . They had charged me Rs.1,10,000 . they took measurements and arranged everything in good manner .I am satisfied to use this service .

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    Recent Enquiries on Modular Kitchen Dealers

    • Modular kitchen style: Indian
    • Material: Granite
    • Modular kitchen design: U-Shaped
    • Area: 50 - 100 Sq ft
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for kitchen setup
    20 hours ago
    • Work type: New Kitchen Design And Work
    • Modular kitchen style: Indian
    • Material: Marine Plywood
    • Modular kitchen design: U-Shaped
    • Area: I'm not sure
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for kitchen setup
    23 hours ago
    • Work type: Renovation Of Old Kitchen
    • Modular kitchen style: Indian
    • Material: Miscellaneous
    • Modular kitchen design: G-Shaped
    • Area: 50 - 100 Sq ft
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for kitchen setup
    • Work type: New Kitchen Design And Work
    • Modular kitchen style: Indian
    • Material: Marine Plywood
    • Modular kitchen design: L-Shaped
    • Area: I'm not sure
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for kitchen setup
    2 days ago
    • Modular kitchen FAQs for the people of Kolkata!

      The first thing that comes to mind when anyone talks about Bengali food is the delicious Ilish/Hilsa macher jhol (Iilish/Hilsa fish curry). The second thing is the pungent aroma of the mustard oil. Both have the tendency to leave bad odour if the smoke is not pushed out of the kitchen after cooking. Modular kitchens have the capacity to pull out the odour, vapour, and smoke from the room, while traditional kitchens do not.

      If you have faced similar inconveniences, the below FAQs might help you out:

      How many days does it take for a modular kitchen to be set-up?

      Time is consumed mainly in selecting the modules, their design and the layout of the kitchen. The modules in a kitchen can be installed in a few days, depending upon the size of the kitchen and number of units. If an experienced professional is carrying out the work, then it does not take much time to set-up the modular kitchen.

      Which grease resistant modular kitchen material is most suitable for a Bengali household?

      Wood-plastic, a material made out of fibre and thermoplastics, seems to work great in kitchens where oily dishes are being cooked daily.

      I want to install wooden kitchen cabinet. Which wood would be best?

      Maple, oak, pine, cherry and teak are a few of the commonly used woods in modular kitchen cabinets. The rarer a wood is the more money it is going to cost to purchase. Know your options well before making any final decisions.

      Where do I find the best modular kitchen dealers in Kolkata?

      To find the best dealer, go on and fill up the form with your requirements. Our executives will get in touch with you within 2-5 mins; they will get all your queries and fetch the best dealers in town.

      What is the cost of installing a modular kitchen in Kolkata?

      It is really difficult to point out to a fixed price on modular kitchens. The cost depends on various factors - size, layout, module, materials, manufacturer, brand, accessories, etc. Generally, it ranges from Rs. 50,000 and can easily shoot up to Lakhs if it’s a gigantic kitchen.

      Get your dream modular kitchen from the dealers listed with us at the lowest market price.

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