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    Modular Kitchen Dealers in Pune as on Oct 20, 2017

    1. +91 73048 47221
      Modular Kitchen Dealers
      We are one of India's emerging brand of modular kitchen dealers located in Pune. We have installed over ten thousand high quality modular kitchens in last four years. You can contact us for all types of kitchen remodel and modular kitchen repair needs.
    2. +91 76201 71430
      Modular Kitchen Dealers
      With many years of rich experience in this industry, we create a wide range of modular kitchen designs to make your home a beautiful paradise. Our custom modern kitchen solutions perfectly fit the needs and budget of our clients.
    3. +91 89568 24196
      Modular Kitchen Dealers
      We offer you the best modular kitchen styles at affordable cost. We take on any kitchen remodel or kitchen renovation work as a new challenge and convert the dreams of our clients in to reality.
    4. +91 90211 03895
      Modular Kitchen Dealers
      Having more than 17 years of massive experience as modular kitchen suppliers in Pune, we provide best quality modular kitchen construction services in low cost. We specialize in designing modern kitchens in German, European and Indian styles.
    5. Art Hut, Narayan Peth

      2 Reviews 5.9 Sulekha Score
      +91 95792 15093
      Modular Kitchen Dealers
      We have successfully created a reputation of being one of the best Modular kitchen dealers in Pune. Our expert team ensures timely service with best quality at an affordable cost.
    6. +91 90211 08738
      Modular Kitchen Dealers
      Using advanced technology and innovative styles, we design high grade modular kitchens in and around Pune. We use top quality raw materials and our concepts have been a trend setter in the market.
    7. +91 90211 08415
      Modular Kitchen Dealers
      With a team of competent and experienced personnel's, we offer the best variety of modular kitchen to our clients in Pune. We make use of top grade raw materials for kitchen remodel as well as renovation, assuring higher reliability and durability.
    8. +91 76204 49369
      Modular Kitchen Dealers
      Having an experienced team of designers and technicians, we offer unique modular kitchens in Pune that are tailored as per customer specifications. We specialize in many types of modern kitchens including Italian, German, European and Indian styles made from wooden, steel, PVC, metal, etc.
      PB Moduler & interior photos actually working site
    9. +91 90211 08561
      Modular Kitchen Dealers

      Sr no, 152/32 Lane no 30 , Laygude Mala Dhayari, Sinhagad Road, Pune - 411041

    10. Aradhya Kitchen, Dhanori

      4.6 Sulekha Score
      +91 90211 07355
      Modular Kitchen Dealers

      Sr No - 279/1/1B, Plot No. 15, Sathe Wasti, Dhanori Road, Dhanori, Pune - 411015 Get Directions

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    10 Reviews of Modular Kitchen Dealers in Pune as on Oct 20, 2017

    Average Rating (4)
    1. 5th October, 2017

      Modular kitchen finalized, thanks to sulekha.com for best service.

    2. 14th August, 2017

      Searching for modular kitchen dealers, then I found this service center.There was a quick response to the customer as they are very important to them.work was done very quickly with normal charge.I paid 65000 for this service.i am very much satisfied with their service

    3. 4th April, 2017

      Purchased Kitchen Trolley from this Ocean Enterprises shop.They have given good quality materials. Sales person showed me different model . Out of it, I choose this one. Glad to purchase from this vendor..all kitchen items are available in that shop in a affordable price..

    4. 15th November, 2016

      Vey thankful to Kitchen Mine for their service & suggestions during our modular kitchen requirement.We are very happy with the delivered kitchen setup as per the commitment with proper specification with affordable cost.

    5. 9th November, 2016

      Kismat Hardware is a good person and very customer friendly. It was a pleasant experience using his services for our modular kitchen requirements. The work quality met our expectations as well as fit our budget.

    6. 15th October, 2016

      My home is looking awesome and perfect after doing modular kitchen work, this was done by Sai Kitchen, who had responded well with nice designs and model modular kitchen, I liked their suggestions and ideas about my requirement, finally I had ordered them to start the work, after the work was completed it looks awesome and decent for my kitchen space. Satisfied with their service.

    7. 11th October, 2016

      Bedroom setting and modular kitchen service was done from this dealer. Their service was very good and they charged around 175000 for the completion of the work. The designs were impressive and I am satisfied to see my house as well as with their service.

    8. 11th October, 2016

      My owner did kitchen renovation from them. It was a marine ply. The service provided by the dealers were very good and they charged around 100000 for the work. The kitchen now looks well furnished and all the sets are looking proper. Thanks to them.

    9. 11th October, 2016

      Wooden kitchen were made from them. Their service was excellent and the quality of materials were also good. After the completion of work they charged Rs 75000 which I think is high. But the service was brilliant and recommended.

    10. 6th October, 2016

      I recently dealt with these interiors, their team for my flat interior and modular kitchen n all Marine Ply works. They are very professionals especially for their commitment in quality works and on time delivery. They deliver work as shown in 3D models. Very reliable in all aspects. I recommend them to all my friends and relative without any hesitation.

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    Recent Enquiries on Modular Kitchen Dealers

    • Work type: Renovation Of Old Kitchen
    • Modular kitchen style: Contemporary , Indian
    • Material: Wood
    • Area: 50 - 100 Sq ft
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for kitchen setup
    3 days ago
    • Work type: New Kitchen Design And Work
    • Modular kitchen style: Indian, Italian
    • Material: Aluminium
    • Area: 101 - 150 Sq ft
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for kitchen setup
    4 days ago
    • Work type: New Kitchen Design And Work
    • Modular kitchen style: European, German, Indian, Italian, Contemporary
    • Material: Wood
    • Area: 50 - 100 Sq ft
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for kitchen setup
    4 days ago
    • Work type: New Kitchen Design And Work
    • Modular kitchen style: Indian
    • Material: Wood
    • Area: 50 - 100 Sq ft
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for kitchen setup
    5 days ago
    • Are you updated about the modular kitchen trends in Pune?

      When it comes to lifestyle, Puneites are deep rooted to their tradition and are spendthrifts. They are believed to follow the mantra- “live for the moment; debts can be repaid another day.” Their kitchen is the centre of attraction and modular kitchens are much in vogue in the city.

      If you are new to the city or planning to build a house, have a look at the following FAQs:

      Why modular kitchen?

      Modular kitchen is indeed a onetime investment with lifetime benefits.

      Which is preferable in Pune - readymade or carpenter-made?

      Readymade kitchens are predesigned under the supervision of highly skilled and technically sound professionals. Whereas, carpenter- made kitchens are fully made by the carpenters and the respective homeowners can check the making at any point of time. The final call is yours!

      How many days are required to complete the settings of a modular kitchen?

      The total time taken to complete the final set up may take around a week to utmost two months. It depends on your requirements and expectations.

      How to keep the modular kitchen looking new and fresh?

      Maintaining a modular kitchen is easy and includes keeping the countertop, the drawers, and the cupboards clean. Depending on the material used, these areas can be cleaned with a moist cloth soaked in mild detergent or cleaning agent to remove dirt and stains.

      What is the most trending modular kitchen model in Pune?

      Modular kitchens are available in a range of colours, designs, textures, materials, and concepts which keep changing with time. Even the trends vary with changing lifestyles and preferences. However, we found straight lines mostly on demand in Pune.

      A list of Questions That you Must Ask before you take final decission

      • How long have you been in this business?
      • Do you operate via some office or as a freelancer?
      • What is the size of your team? Who all does it consist of?
      • Would you be buying the material yourself? Or we need to arrange it?
      • What is the quote for our kitchen size?
      • How much time would it be required to complete the project?

      Though purchasing the fittings and fixtures yourself can be a good idea, you can let the dealer buy it himself if you don’t possess knowledge about buying it at the right price. This is because dealers have better contacts and are capable of availing a discount too. 

      Get in touch with various modular kitchen dealers based in Pune to get more ideas right from the horse’s mouth!

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