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    What to Expect From Architects in Pune?

    Building a home is no less than a dream come true for many people. However, not everyone realises the need of an architect while designing their homes. People either go with the suggestions put forward by the builders or they seek help from the designs of some newly constructed buildings in the locality. Though you can get ideas from a lot of sources, the task of an architect is a bit different. An architect’s services can be of great use in residential projects as well. Moreover, you can easily find the top architects serving in your locality here.

    Top 10 Architects in Pune as on Aug 20, 2017

    1. Archway Design Studio Pvt. Ltd., Kharadi

      3 Reviews 6.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 90284 77774
      Architects, Architecture services

      Archway Design Studio Pvt. Ltd is a 9-year-old company having experience in interior design and decoration. Our service includes architectural design like 2D elevation drawing, structural drawing, 3D elevation drawing, architect valuation and urban design for residential building, hospital, corporate building and urban landscape and commercial building. We design both interior and exterior of hall, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, conference room, workstation and living room. We do both the gold and silver leafing for office, commercial building and home. Gayatri developers and Shinde developers are some of our valuable customers. Call us for more details.

    2. +91 97632 80447
      Architects, Architecture services

      Architect Suhas Dighe You are the creators of your dream home while we take the responsibility to sketch its framework.  Architect Suhas Dighe is a firm which is into home and office interior design close to 4 decades. We are interior and landscape project designers also worked with the Kimaya Memorial project. With residential interiors, we deal with living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen designing. Our other areas of expertise are interior designing of commercial space, showroom designing, silver and gold leaf designing.  We have been working with artful conceptions of various dream home designs across Pune. Reach out to us to make your home and office design a better one. 

    3. Maps Designs, Pimple Saudagar

      2 Reviews 6.9 Sulekha Score
      +91 83903 01835
      Architects, Architecture services

      Maps Designs, established in 2015, is a landscaping contractor and architect located in Pune, India. We offer landscaping services like desert landscaping, vertical garden landscaping, hill landscaping, pond landscaping, lighting landscaping, patio landscaping, etc. Our services are provided after a survey of the land to ensure a quality and thorough service. We cater to houses, offices, shops and industries. We also provide maintenance service for landscapes. We also provide architectural services like general consultation, 3D and 2D elevation drawings, structural designing, urban designing, etc., for residential buildings, corporate buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals, etc. Our staffs excel in offering a timely and efficient service to the customers. Our cost-effective services are sought out by clients from different walks of life. Contact us for further details.

    4. Design Consortium, Karve Nagar

      2 Reviews 4.3 Sulekha Score
      +91 98222 90761
      Architects, Architecture services

      Design Consortium is in the field of Decorators & Contractors from past several years. We are providing services like Office Interiors, Interior Designers and Home Interiors. Our best service makes our client to approach us again & again. Feel free to reach us.

    5. Studio 165, Baner

      4.7 Sulekha Score
      +91 91589 89165
      Architects, Architecture services

      Studio 165 is a full-service firm operating in the field of Architecture & Interior Design that offers its construction expertise in four core product lines that are Academic, Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Projects. We are one of the most experienced firms in Maharashtra and have catered to some of the major projects and clientele of the state. We have architects who have comprehensive knowledge in the technical development of building systems and construction documents and are highly qualified in the management of complex projects. Every project undertaken by Studio 165 is designed, executed and looked after at a personal level. All of the resources of the firm and the extensive experience of the company’s partners are available at access to assist in the proper completion of the project through technical development and construction administration. We are always seeking new construction innovations and technologies providing our clients with predictable, reliable and collaborative services. Our focus on developing collaborative relationships with clients, designers, partners, subcontractors and suppliers is reflected in the very well satisfied customers that define the success story of Studio 165. We are committed to superior quality, value and complete customer satisfaction. Our Core Purpose:The core purpose of Studio 165 is to make a better space. Our Core Values:Honesty and Integrity – We embrace the “light of day” test.Respect for People – People matter, and we live it.Performance with Absolute Reliability – We amaze the customer at every opportunity.Long-Term Perspective – We deliver today with an eye on tomorrow.Nurturing Personal Growth – We provide opportunities to learn, lead and have fun. Our Scope of Work:Honesty and Integrity – We embrace the “light of day” test.Do a systematic site analysis and understand the scope of design in the given site conditions.Prepare a conceptual design based on the inputs provided by the client and get it approved by the customer.Discuss and finalise the outcome, in regards to the estimate, look & feel, and finishes, etc.Coordinate with all the consultants and prepare service coordination drawings.Develop a detailed working drawing.Visit the site on a regular basis and keep the clients updated about the project progress.Finish the project by handing over a set of all drawings to the customer for his future references.Take consumer feedback on their experience of working with us and the space designed by us.

    6. +91 91460 30558
      Architects, Architecture services

      Vastuspace Architects & Associates, as the name implies, offers architecture services for clients in and around Pune, India. We provide general consultation services, structural designing services, 3D and 2D elevation services, urban designing services, architectural valuation, etc. We cater our services to residential buildings, hospitals, commercial buildings, corporate buildings, urban landscapes, etc. All our services are undertaken by qualified architects, who ensure to provide a customised architectural service based on customer specifications. We have offered our prompt and cost-effective architectural service to an extensive list of satisfied clients since the time of our inception in 2012. Contact us for your architectural needs. 

    7. Sushant Jade Architects, Hadapsar

      3 Reviews 4.4 Sulekha Score
      +91 99673 03081
      Architects, Architecture services

      Sushant Jade Architects.Enhancing the human experience is a big responsibility that comes with both risk and opportunity.Sushant Jade Architects in Pune work at all scales and in all sectors to create transformative, cultural, residential, corporate and other spaces which perfectly blend and sync with the surroundings.We believe in including innovative and creative designs that can perfectly shape up your dreams and bring them to reality. Our experience of over many years combined with professionalism, quality designs, latest technology in designing and customer friendly approach has enabled us to create a niche in the industry making us the one of the best architects in Pune. Get an opportunity to create aesthetically beautiful, functional and eco-friendly spaces with the ace architects in Pune and enhance your dreams and happiness.Contact us for more details.  

    8. +91 83080 03366
      Architects, Architecture services

      Jambhalkar Architects is a newly started company that is one of the service providers of architects in Pune. We do a general consultation, structural design, 2D elevation drawing, 3D elevation drawing, architect valuation and urban design for a residential building, hospital, urban landscape, commercial building and corporate building.  Our service time depends on the scale of the project and our design depends on the customer's requirement. Call us for more details.

    9. +91 90110 55246
      Architects, Architecture services

      Welcome to Jitendra Lamba Architect has massive experience in this business. Our motto has always been timely service, best quality and optimum cost. We are in touch with our customers through quality, performance, service and assistance. Bringing the best of value to our customers, we also care as much about our customers. We value the trust and beliefs vested in us by our clients and professional contacts and provide a dedicated service with an honest and direct approach in all our dealings. We deal in Architects. Contact us for further details.

    10. +91 84212 52484
      Architects, Architecture services

      The skilled interior designers and architects in our team have years of experience in this domain. They possess the requisite qualifications and skills for effective planning, designing and implementation of the projects. Their expertise lies in identifying the clients' requirements, suggest them the designs and gain approval for precise execution of the jobs. Further, by maintaining an effective quality control regimen, we ensure that the services offered by us are up to the mark.contact us for more details.

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    10 Reviews of Architects in Pune as on Aug 20, 2017

    Average Rating (4)
    1. 8th August, 2017

      Chosen this business for the Architecture services. The services was good and the workers are very friendly. They have charged as per the tariff. I am satisfied for their service.

    2. 26th July, 2017

      Need an Architect to draw a 3D Elevation drawing of my house, so I contacted this person he came and got the advance and sent me some photo regarding house drawing but he didn't turn up to give any plans or details.I feel very bad with his attitude and response.overall I got very bad experience with him.

    3. 17th July, 2017

      With the help of Babasaheb Dhavale Patil & Associates completed the architectural work for my Residence.The service from this architects is good.They completed the work as per the scheduled date.Paid 23000 for the service.Overall appeased with the service.

    4. 10th July, 2017

      On this business people I got a good Architecture services,also they charged me reasonable amount for that .their service was very good and proper.i am satisfied with their service..

    5. 21st March, 2017

      I am looking for an architecture for a Residential building. I consulted Sushant for it. their service was very good as whatever details were told by them it was relevant. Their approach was very good and i even loved their designs. I am satisfied with their service

    6. 22nd February, 2017

      For an official purpose, I took their service. Their service was very good as they did the designs very well which was suitable for our office. They gave the approximate quotation for the architecture and completed their work on time. It was a satisfactory service offered by them.

    7. 8th October, 2016

      With the help of this Architects completed the architectural work for my Residence and office.The service from this architects is good.They completed the work as per the scheduled date.Paid an impartial amount for the service.Overall appeased with the service.

    8. 30th August, 2016

      Your review should be min of 25 characters.

    9. 17th June, 2016

      through this business people I got architects service, .their service was very good and proper also they quote resonable amount from me for that service..i am satisfied with their service..

    10. 14th May, 2012

      they provide a good discount for the bulk orders i referred many of my friends to buy here, having all types of books….here..

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    Recent Enquiries on Architects

    • Architecture service type: General consultation, Structural design, Architect valuation, 2D elevation drawing
    • Premise: Residential building
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for architect services
    23 hours ago
    • Architecture service type: Structural design
    • Premise: Others
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for architect services
    23 hours ago
    • Architecture service type: 3D elevation drawing
    • Premise: Residential building
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for architect services
    3 days ago
    • Architecture service type: General consultation, 2D elevation drawing , 3D elevation drawing, Urban design
    • Premise: Commercial building
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for architect services
    4 days ago
    • Services for Impeccable House Design

      While selecting deft residential architects in Pune for restoring your old house, keep in mind that the architect has the technical expertise in structural and urban designs, 2D and 3D elevation drawings etc. While carrying out these services, the architect should have aesthetic design value to give proper shape to his architectural designs. 

      Sulekha can help you to come across the right architect in Pune. Choose from the hundreds of competent architects in Pune for the above-mentioned services.

      Why do you need to Hire a Proficient Architect in Pune for an aesthetically Appealing House Design?

      The work of an architect is very demanding and involves a wide range of aspects from objectives to structural specifications, selection of material, space analysis and techniques employed.Architects carry out the following duties while designing a house:o Planning and Designing: He is expected to offer the pre-design figures, like a feasibility study, environmental impact, land-use study and the cost analysis before starting on a project. He provides the final plan of construction to guide the builder through every step of the construction including heating and communication, ventilation, electrical and the structural systems.o Knowledgeable: He should be knowledgeable about the zoning laws, building codes, city ordinances and the fire regulations while creating a house or building plans. He should have adequate knowledge of the latest building styles and energy-efficient products.o Technologically Abreast: Modern architects should be familiar with the building modelling, computer-assisted drafting techniques, and various other newfangled technologies.

      Thus you need to look into several factors before choosing the right architect to design your house. You can find one of the best architects in Pune at Sulekha.

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