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    Know how to select the right Architect in Bangalore.!

    Architects are much different than the usual builders. They don’t just construct buildings but give life to them. Architects make sure building plan and design to provide the maximum amount of safety and functionality. If you are looking for best architects in Bangalore, then you have landed at right place. Here you can browse the information regarding numerous architects serving in Bangalore. Sulekha listed the leading architectural service providers and architect firms in Bangalore. These architects can help you in getting your dream house perfectly as you required.

    Top 10 Architects in Bangalore as on Jun 25, 2018

    1. One Brick At A Time, JP Nagar

      6 Reviews 8.2 Sulekha Score
      Residential Architect Design
      +91 80 48032590
      Architects, Architecture services
      One Brick is a young team who is eligible in working as interior designers and also the top architecture firms in Bangalore with qualified professionals. Our professionals are eligible in doing projects like residential, commercial and industrial architect. We are in the top list of architects in Bangalore with creative design production. Our experts will help you out in designing hospital, urban buildings and get visualize effect with 2D, 3D elevation and here we are providing best indian architecture service as you need. Contact us to get further more details.!
    2. KNS Construction Consultants, Hulimavu

      2 Reviews 5.4 Sulekha Score
      Residential building construction
      +91 80 43691269
      Architects, Architecture services

      No. 310/1, G-3, SPR Residency, Hulimavu Main Road, Hulimavu, Bangalore - 560076 Get Directions

    3. Kumud Innovator Pvt.Ltd., JP Nagar

      18 Reviews 4.9 Sulekha Score
      +91 80 48070458
      Architects, Architecture services

      No. 131-16, 1st Floor, Sree Complex (Opposite Indian Bank), Kothanur Dinne Main Road, Gowravanagar, JP Nagar 7th Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore - 560078 Get Directions

    4. P & S Consultants, Ganga Nagar

      2 Reviews 4.9 Sulekha Score
      Living room design
      +91 80 43692614
      Architects, Architecture services
      We have 19 years of experience in building consulting, building fabrication, residential, commercial building, architectural service in Bangalore with broad vision. We have latest architecture portfolio with modern styles. Implement it for residence, commercial, hospital, public buildings to get eco friendly status. We are providing elevation architectural drawing with 2D and 3D contest with famous architects in india. Feel free to contact us any time. 
    5. Kavita Architects, Rajaji Nagar

      1 Review 4.4 Sulekha Score
      Residential Building Architect
      +91 80 48101056
      Architects, Architecture services

      No. 675/3, 1st Floor, 20th Cross, MKK Road, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore - 560010 Get Directions

    6. Cube, MG Road

      4.4 Sulekha Score
      Living Room Structure
      +91 80 48067369
      Architects, Architecture services
      Cube is a popular Architectural design service Bangalore with certified experts who can design for your residence, commercial and industry and so we named as the best architects in Bangalore. Our goal is to achieve the worlds best design for our projects to satisfy our customer need. Contact us anytime to get more details about your project.
    7. Home Design Structure
      +91 80 48070400
      Architects, Architecture services
      We are one of the best architects in Bangalore who is dealing with interior design and stunning architecture designs to satisfy our customer requirement. Get types of building list from our business professionals to emerge with ultra quality service. Maintain a bond with our professionals to get your project on time with high quality aspects. 
    8. De Frame Design Studio, Sanjay Nagar

      1 Review 4.4 Sulekha Score
      +91 80 48042589
      Architects, Architecture services
      De Frame is well established in architectural service. We have 9 years of experience in this service also we cover interior designing for residence and commercial with gold, silver leafing structure. Stay connected with us to get more details.!
    9. +91 80 48031559
      Architects, Architecture services
      Swastik Arcon immense with renowned architects in Bangalore who can provide you with best architectural plans for various types of houses with latest designs and trending architectural portfolio. We are there to help you out with all your required theme. Get connected with us.!
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    10 Reviews of Architects in Bangalore as on Jun 25, 2018

    Average Rating (4) - 161 reviews
    1. 3rd June, 2018

      Excellent service from Buildingplanner, thanks to all the team members

    2. 4th April, 2018

      Good service from sulekha. Thank for you help

    3. 22nd March, 2018

      Very Young and energetic team. Very Professional in delivering drawings on time. The amount of detailed drawings they provide to the contractors is mind blowing. It certainly helps them understand the idea. Architect Chaitanya was very co operative in assisting us with every purchase including stones to cement. You need not worry about contractors, they have best people on board. The quality of work shows in the output. I would highly recommend Happy Minds Studios if you want a hassle free construction of your house. They keep the design simple and elegant. Which was our primary requirement. Kindly feel free to drop in at our house to take a look at the quality of work.

    4. 22nd March, 2018

      You can fulfill your dream of building an ideal home with them.

    5. 16th February, 2018

      Very unprofessional,No commitment , very new , only they talk in the first day .No delivery on time, Please stay away from them .They are not capable..

    6. 21st January, 2018

      I am not sure about other reviews. My sincere advice is stay away from these people. If you want to understand there creativity, hold on projects, common sense used, concern about clients, please contact me. I'll give you visual proofs of everything that other claiming. You can contact me at suresh.gn@gmail.com. On top of this if you want to go ahead and screw up your life, all the best.

    7. 20th January, 2018

      It's one of the fraud company and worst company ever he has eaten da innocent customers money Thu shame on him everyone should fight for dis should took a legal action..

    8. 7th January, 2018

      One of the best architects currently in Bangalore whose design involves practicality and usability. I haven't come across any other architect who can match V.S Sankara (One Brick At A Time) in terms of design. He doesn't go by standards or thumb rule. All of customer needs and wants are fulfilled in his architectural designs. Will definitely recommend to others with high confidence.

    9. 7th December, 2017

      Poor work environment. Abusive language used by seniors and directors of the company. They treat the employees as slaves.

    10. 11th November, 2017

      Needed Architecture services for the Structural design of my house, so I approached this Architect. their service and the response is good and charged some nominal amount of 10000 for the service.He gave me an attractive structure of my house.Satisfied with the service.

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    Recent Enquiries on Architects

    • Construction type: New Construction
    • Architecture service type: Building Designing
    • Type of property: Individual House
    • Area of property: 1,200 - 2,400 Sq ft
    • Budget: Premium (More than 20 lacs)
    • Date: As soon as possible
    6 hours ago
    • Construction type: Renovation of existing construction
    • Architecture service type: General consultation
    • Type of property: Individual House
    • Area of property: 1,200 - 2,400 Sq ft
    • Budget: Basic (less than 10 lacs)
    • Date: As soon as possible
    2 days ago
    • Construction type: New Construction
    • Architecture service type: Architectural model making
    • Type of property: Bungalow/Villa
    • Area of property: 2,400 -4,800 Sq ft
    • Date: As soon as possible
    2 days ago
    • Construction type: New Construction
    • Architecture service type: Building space planning
    • Type of property: Individual House
    • Area of property: 1,200 - 2,400 Sq ft
    • Budget: Basic (less than 10 lacs)
    • Date: As soon as possible
    3 days ago

    Recent Bookings in Architects

    • Construction type: New Construction
    • Architecture service type: Building space planning
    • Type of property: Individual House
    • Area of property: 1,200 - 2,400 Sq ft
    • Budget: Premium (More than 20 lacs)
    • Date: As soon as possible
    13 days ago
    • Architecture service type: 3D elevation drawing
    • Premise: Residential building
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for architect services
    14 days ago
    • Architecture service type: Structural design
    • Premise: Residential building
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for architect services
    16 days ago
    • Architecture service type: Structural design
    • Premise: Residential building
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for architect services
    17 days ago
    • Bring life to your dreams with the best architects around you!

      Architects put in some of the most important factors while creating the design for your building. From finding the right building contractor or an architect to finalizing the interiors and getting the finished product is no easy task. That’s why we’re here to help you, so we can take care of all the hard work while you can sit back and relax!

      Sulekha helps you zero down on the residential architects in Bangalore into a simple list, according to your needs. Architects see the big picture when it comes to your project. They assist you in exploring what appeals to your home/office aesthetically, plus what you require functionally. They manage teams of design, engineering and construction professionals; they find their way through the maze of building codes and zoning requirements allotted by the government; they provide design leadership so that your project is built the way you want it to be.

      It is advised that you consult an architect as soon as you want to construct your house as it minimalizes rework. Additionally, architects are involved in the pre-design phase of the construction. This ideally requires site inspection and the like. The main advantage of having an expert’s opinion gives you an insight into ideas that may have not considered.

      According to your requirement and budget, architects cater to a variety of needs. You can choose the kind of architecture you want to go with for your building. The basic design may vary as per the requirement and the nature of the structure. Following are the kinds of architectural styles that you can incorporate into your design structure:

      Residential architecture

      Residential architecture involves extensive design for homes. Homes can be designed as apartments, individual houses, duplex, penthouses, etc. Once you finalize on your design, architects can provide you with a 2D/3D rendering for visualization.

      Commercial architecture 

      Commercial architecture generally takes place on a larger scale—with designs catered to tailor the needs of an office spaces, restaurant spaces, government buildings and other such.

      Industrial architecture

      Industrial architecture, like commercial architecture happens on a larger scale. Ceilings, flooring and general design is different and is calibrated with elements like cement, metal, etc. to withstand the intensity of the industry, keeping in mind the safety regulations set by the government. Architects can provide you with a blueprint of the design as per your requirements.

      Interior designers

      They specialize in the knowledge of colours, fabrics, material and furniture design for maximum aesthetic appeal of the interiors.

      Green design architects

      They specialize in creating designs that are optimized in terms of elimination of waste; in order to create buildings that cause minimal damage to the planet.

      Landscape architects

      They specialize in creating designs for gardens, parks, campuses and public spaces. Landscape architects assist in providing the best designs that are efficient and engaging and increase the appeal of your garden.

      Urban designers

      Urban designers plan for a larger area like a township or a community that involves design for nodes, pathways and street networks. An experienced urban designer is the brain behind a well-designed community, large and small.

      Hospital architecture

      Hospital architecture is designed for larger spaces to facilitate maximum accommodation. It is also designed to house power consuming machinery in order to accommodate surgical instruments. Hospital architecture is bound by a set of regulations and rules set by the governing authority and can be permitted for construction only after a suitable license. 

      Retail store design

      Retail stores can be both big and small, and utilize maximum flow of people. Retail stores are established over a larger space generally, with mobile furniture in order to facilitate easy relocation.

      Once you decide on the type of building to be constructed, you can choose between different styles of architecture:

      Indian architecture

      Indian architecture generally consists of high ceiling, pillars and a bright colour tone. Indian architecture is also laden with traditional elements that give it a regal look.

      Modern architecture

      Modern architecture is a more minimalistic form of architecture that is used in offices in order to get a neat finish. Modern architectural style is increasingly implemented and highly sophisticated.

      Islamic Architecture

      Islamic architecture includes a lot of green and gold overtones—a key component in the Islamic colour palette. Islamic architecture is highly elaborate with detailed designs laden with embroidery.

      Victorian Architecture

      Victorian architecture encourages inclusion of artwork like paintings, etc. Victorian architecture is based on an off-white and golden theme for the walls and rich, deep colours like magenta, etc. for the furniture. Flooring is predominantly installed with rich marble or granite for a royal look.

      The inclusion of Vastu in design is strictly subjective to the needs of the client; with onlt good design being considered as a primary concern. However, if the client insists that the design must be made according to vastu regulations, architects can cater to specific needs.

      Elevation drawing:

      A building elevation shows the exterior view of a building for each building face, indicating height relations and exterior finishes. An elevation view helps establish a solid view of the building from all sides as opposed to a floor plan, where the POV is from a ceiling. While designing an elevation drawing, architects can help you in rendering both two-dimensional and three-dimensional versions of it, upon your request. Elevation drawing is essential to examine the exterior design of the building. Building elevation plan/building elevation work can be designed according to the floor plan, once it is finalized.

      Scroll up to find the nearest architects around you now!

    • What is the Need to Hire a Modern Commercial Complex Design Architect in Bangalore?

      The commercial design architects in Bangalore design and plan all types of commercial complexes, such as office buildings, hospitals, malls, restaurants etc. They take into consideration an array of factors, such as functionality, building codes, safety regulations and construction costs for any commercial project. They are in constant touch with their clients, for taking the client requirements and for analysing a multitude of factors, such as the budget, design requirements and the site of the project. They provide the after-construction services such as testing and inspection of the newly constructed commercial building or complex. 

      How to Select a Modern Commercial Complex Design Architect in Bangalore?

      For a commercial architect in Bangalore, Sulekha is the ultimate destination to find the most adept and talented architects. You can further follow these tips to choose the right architect from Sulekha or to check the reliability of the firm the architect belongs to.

      o Check the Online Reputation: It is a good idea to check the online feedbacks, complaints, and reviews of a specific commercial architect before deciding to hire one.
      o In Person Meeting: Researching online is essential but it is also necessary to meet the potential architect face to face. Commercial architecture projects are complex and so it is important for you to hire someone with good communication skills, passionate about their work and can think outside-the-box.

    • House Architecture Services as Per Your Budget

      Sulekha helps you to get in touch with the right architect in Bangalore. Choose from the various services that the residential architects in Bangalore offer for the designing of Indian modern bungalows or for simple house designs or villa designs. The architectural services are as follows:

      o Structural Design
      o 2D Elevation o Urban Design
      o 3D Elevationo Architect Valuation
      o General Consultation

      Does Hiring Top Architects in Bangalore for House Architecture Services actually give any benefit?

      Designing of buildings is a demanding and complex undertaking that requires a certain amount of foresight. An architect has to consider an array of factors and variables to execute a design concept. He has to take into account the life-cycle, end-use and the quality of the spaces; the connections, relations, and aspects between the spaces. He even considers the technology and the material used. After taking into consideration the need of the clients, an architect determines the objectives and gives an estimate of the cost involved and the time it would take to complete the project. He prepares the architectural drawings and looks into the construction work and make sure the work is being carried at as per the drawings. He is responsible for the proper execution and the timely completion of the projects.Thus, to find the right residential architects in Bangalore, go through the Sulekha listings.

    • Finding Best Architects In Your City Needs Some Effort

      Search from an Authentic Source: Though finding referrals from acquaintances can be great, you should always search for more alternatives to widen the scope of finding an ideal architect. Hence, the first step is to make a list of architects serving in your area from a reliable source like Sulekha.

        • Schedule a Personal Visit: An architects office can speak a lot about his creativity and designing capabilities. The best architects in Bangalore make sure their office in well-organized and stylish. It should give you a hint of their skills and experience too.
        • Ask For Samples: You can evaluate the experience of an architect through his samples in the form of model building supplies or models, sketches or trace papers. If you find the architect convincing up till this stage, schedule a visit to the architect’s on-going project site and have a glimpse of the reality.
        • Discuss: Lastly, no matter how good an architect is, if he doesn’t understand what you are actually looking for, everything can turn into a mess. Hence, make sure the architect you choose is communicative and understanding. 
        • Other Considerations: The way lead architects price their services can vary to a large extent. This is why you must compare the type of services offered by different architects with their quotes before choosing one. Rely on Sulekha’s listings for the best architects in Bangalore to make your choice.