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    Architects play an essential role in designating both commercial and residential buildings. The designs and plans formulated by architects are much different from those put forward by the local builders. These professionals make sure that the plans are made and executed in accordance with the rules and regulations laid by the government. If you are also looking to hire an architect then you have landed at the right place. Here you can find numerous famous architects serving in your city or locality. Some basic information necessary to approach architects is also available here.

    Top 10 Architects in Kolkata as on Jun 25, 2018

    1. +91 98830 16913
      Architects, Architecture services

      No.45B, Ground Floor Amelia Apartment, Baghajatin Place, Binnagar,, Baghajatin, Kolkata - 700086 Get Directions

    2. R.P. Nirman, New Town

      4.8 Sulekha Score
      +91 98 83029044
      Architects, Architecture services

      DE-111, Ground Floor, Street No.328, New Town, Kolkata - 700156

    3. +91 98 83024150
      Architects, Architecture services

      No. 2, Kalibari Lane, Ground Floor, Jadavpur, Kolkata - 700032

    4. Form & Function, Barisha

      4.4 Sulekha Score
      +91 98 83025138
      Architects, Architecture services

      Flat No. 10, 3rd Floor, 1 Bhuban Mohan Roy Road, Sargam Apartment, Barisha, Kolkata - 700008 Get Directions

    5. Concept, Salt Lake City

      1 Review 4.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 98830 34810
      Architects, Architecture services

      No. BL-347, Sector 1, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700064 Get Directions

    6. +91 98830 26756
      Architects, Architecture services

      No. 352, Jessore Road, Bangur Avenue, Kolkata - 700055 Get Directions

    7. Architects, Architecture services

      Golders Green Apartment ,Block D/14, Nazrul Islam Avenue, Kolkata Airport, Kolkata - 700052

    8. Architects, Architecture services

      Ground Floor, No. FD 224, Sector 3, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700064

    9. Architects, Architecture services

      No. D20/5, Korla Main, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700091

    10. Architects, Architecture services

      C.R. Avenue ,No. 7, 2nd Floor, Ballygunge, Kolkata - 700019

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    10 Reviews of Architects in Kolkata as on Jun 25, 2018

    Average Rating (4) - 17 reviews
    1. 8th January, 2018

      Great service.. Recommended to others...

    2. 29th August, 2017

      Through this business people I got a good 3D elevation drawing service, they charged me little high amount for that service but their service was very good and proper.i am satisfied with their service..

    3. 20th July, 2017

      we get a call from this Agency Acreation Design Pvt. Ltd., Lake Town located in Kolkata, I preferred that job is only for 3D elevation drawing plan, They informed me to arrange that job, I need to take this service from within one-week, They informed me to pay a plan for 6000, This amount is good for this plan, His response is really good and great, I am ready to take this service from here.

    4. 16th December, 2016

      I gave my resume and some of my design in this consultancy .I am waiting for there response but not got any response yet. it was a average service.

    5. 31st October, 2016

      One of the best and professional interiors job done by Espace. Committed assignments are executed 100% within the time. Price was nominal as comparative to other businesses. The service was excellent and work done by them was neat and clean.they has done some projects of mine and for my friends..they were experts in residential work

    6. 9th September, 2016

      A very good Architectural company with outstanding design...

    7. 5th July, 2016

      I did my work complete from this architect. Their service was very good and they charged a nominal rate for my work. I am still working with them. I am satisfied with their service.

    8. 23rd June, 2016

      Have approach this architect Espace.Their service is good and They charge me reasonable amount for the service.I am happy with the service.

    9. 19th January, 2016

      Here they have attractive varieties big brands and very reasonable prices. They have both men and women clothing. I bought clothes for about Rs 8,000. I am satisfied with their quality.

    10. 9th October, 2011

      all kinds and beautiful kinds of gifts with best range and timely service is done here and the quality is perfect here

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    Recent Enquiries on Architects

    • Construction type: New Construction
    • Architecture service type: Building Designing
    • Type of property: Individual House
    • Area of property: Less than 1,200 Sq ft
    • Budget: Standard (10 - 20 lacs)
    • Date: As soon as possible
    2 days ago
    • Construction type: New Construction
    • Architecture service type: Building Designing
    • Type of property: Commercial Spaces
    • Area of property: More than 4,800 Sq ft
    • Budget: Premium (More than 20 lacs)
    • Date: 06/23/2018
    2 days ago
    • Construction type: New Construction
    • Architecture service type: Building space planning
    • Type of property: Individual House
    • Area of property: Less than 1,200 Sq ft
    • Budget: Basic (less than 10 lacs)
    • Date: As soon as possible
    7 days ago
    • Construction type: New Construction
    • Architecture service type: Building space planning
    • Type of property: Individual House
    • Area of property: Less than 1,200 Sq ft
    • Budget: Basic (less than 10 lacs)
    • Date: Next 1-2 weeks
    8 days ago

    Recent Bookings in Architects

    • Architecture service type: General consultation
    • Premise: Residential building
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for architect services
    89 days ago
    • Benefits Of A Right Architect

      Hiring an architect in Kolkata is no less than an investment. This is because just as an architect does not perform an ordinary job and his fees isn’t that low too. Hence, you need to ensure picking a right one in first go itself.

      Well, finding an ideal architect is not that difficult, as it seems. You can begin the search for lead architects in Kolkata online from Sulekha. Then, consider the following these steps:

      • Make a list of architects that you find apt.
      • Call them one by one, confirm whether they are free to work anytime soon when you plan to start the project. So that there is no clash of plans due to the prior commitments of the architect.
      • Scrutinize the ones available and schedule a personal visit to them. You can also call the architect to the project site. He would get an idea of the space, measurements and other project insights.
      • Next, discuss your requirements in brief. You can also make a checklist of points that you want to discuss in advance. This can include everything from what is the purpose of the building, how many rooms do you want etc.

      Lastly, make sure you evaluate the previous works of the lead architect and visit his office too.

    • Need Best Architects on a Budget? Read on to know some easy tips

      Finding Reliable Architectural Firms
      You need to consult an authentic and trustworthy source to find the right Commercial Design Architect for you in Kolkata. Nowadays, the market has many fraudulent businesses and to ensure that you are not duped, browses through our listings on Sulekha.com. All the companies listed on our website are verified through our multi-step verification process.

      Asking For Qualifications And Past Project Details
      Before you embark on your project, it is extremely important to check whether the architect has the necessary academic qualifications and reliable work experience. To know, whether he or she will be able to deliver to the kind of ideas, you have for your endeavour; you must go through the details of their past work. This gives you a chance to see whether the architect is ready for bigger projects and whether he has a more Modern Building Design Concept.

      Defining your Project
      You must properly describe the kind of goals and aspirations you have for this building during the pre-design phase to the architect. Discussing other specifications like financing, labour, construction site and other details with someone who has the experience can come in handy. You must keep in mind that since you are planning with one architect need not mean that he will design the final building.With effort and conviction from all the members involved in the commercial architecture as well as the planning team, you will be able to realise the project successfully.

    • Criteria to Consider in an Architect for Good Architecture Design for a House

      Designing a house is by no means an easy task and it requires foresight and an eye for detail. There is a host of factors you need to consider before finalising the architect for designing your home.

      o Creativity is the first and foremost criterion that must be present in an architect. He should be able to think outside-the-box and visualise the end result.
      o He should be passionate about his work and should be able to deliver high-quality work even under pressure.
      o Always hire an architect who is adaptive by nature. Projects and plans can change and thus a good architect adapts to all diverse circumstances making sure that he can solve the problems related to any given project without any pressure or stress.
      o He should possess the skill for drawing technically correct three-dimensional figures.

      What Services to Look into For Commendable Architecture Design for a House?While looking for a competent architect in Kolkata, make sure he has the competence in architect valuation, structural design, urban design and doing the 3D and 2D elevation drawings. He should be able to supervise most of the aspects of the construction and facilitate communication among the contractors. He should be present in every stage throughout the construction process.

      It is easy to find some of the best residential architects in Kolkata at Sulekha, which is a one-stop shop for experienced architects who have the adequate knowledge, specialized training and are innovative to carry out the task of designing houses proficiently.