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    Best Maids in Kolkata as on Oct 17, 2017

    1. Ideal Security Services, Garia

      1 Review 5.6 Sulekha Score
      +91 98830 40497
      Maids, Maid services
      Ideal Security Services, established in 2011, is a security and domestic help service provider located in Kolkata, India. We offer security guards for banks/ATMs, educational establishments, malls/shops/showrooms, hospitals/clinics, parking structures, residential and commercial buildings, etc. Our guards are well-trained to provide a secure environment to our clients and eliminate any and all threats faced by them.We also provide patient care services like palliative care, physiotherapy and post-surgical care to customers. Our courteous and experienced staffs excel in caring for the elderly, disabled and newborn. Furthermore, we also provide cook and babysitter services to the customers as and when requested. Contact us for more details
    2. Tara Maa Aya Center, Dhakuria

      5 Reviews 5.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 98830 29819
      Maids, Maid services
      Tara Maa Aya Center, we are glad to have you in our profile page, may be you are a valued customer, a returning customer, an unsatisfied customer or just a first time visitor to our page, we would like to thank you for having us in your mind, Tara Maa Aya center  one of the leading service providers of Domestic help services.. We are one of the reputed service providers and our strong presence in the industry is a proof for the same. Our customers are always treated with courtesy and you can feel it when you are with us. Our experience over many years is that this delivers the best performance and best return on investment for our customers. Call us to know more about us.
    3. Maa Tara Aya Centre, Ballygunge

      27 Reviews 4.5 Sulekha Score
      +91 98830 26195
      Maids, Maid services
       MAA TARA AYA CENTRE came into existence in 2012 at Ballygange place and in these few year, we have earned some rare achievements. Our communication place are just dial , Sulekha , Fresh dial, Yeallow Page, Quiker . We provide our Service at Residential Place, Office , Hospital, Nersing Home ETC.We feel proud when our patients and their guardians call us the best Aya Care Centre in Kolkata. we can never forget our responsibilities towards our clients. Our services are the real stepping stone for us that have brought us the recognition of the most professional Aya Centre in Kolkata.
    4. Arati Aya Centra, Dhakuria

      11 Reviews 5.6 Sulekha Score
      +91 98830 29700
      Maids, Maid services
      Arati Aya Centre, located in Kolkata, India, has 7 years of experience in providing domestic help services to industrial, commercial and residential clients in the city. We offer maid services, babysitting services and patient care services to clients. Our maid services include washing, gardening, utensil cleaning, etc. We also provide veg and non-veg cooks to clients. We perform background checks on all our staffs, who are trained in cleaning and housekeeping etiquettes. Contact us for your housekeeping needs.
    5. Annapura Nurses Seva Pratisthan, Jadavpur

      28 Reviews 4.7 Sulekha Score
      +91 98830 30762
      Maids, Maid services
      Annapura Nurses Seva Pratisthan is a domestic help service provider located in Kolkata, India. We offer maid services like washing/ironing clothes, cleaning utensils, gardening, housekeeping, etc. We also excel in providing physiotherapy, palliative care and post-surgical care, which aids us in caring for newborn, elderly and disabled. Cook and babysitter services are also undertaken. We have offered our high-quality services at nominal rates since the time of our inception in 1999. Our background-verified staffs speak and understand Hindi and English to aid the customers better. Contact us for further details.
    6. Jaba Nurse Seva Centre, Narendrapur

      1 Review 5.5 Sulekha Score
      +91 98830 31457
      Maids, Maid services
      Jaba Nurse Seva Center was established by Mr N. K. Naskar in 2008 with a mission to provide skilled and professional caregivers like Aayas, Nurses, Baby Sitters, Maids, Cooks & Drivers, etc. Providing care to all who need is the central vision of the organisation. Our company strives to provide Quality services.  Our Services:
      Nurses & Aayas
      Maid Service & Cook
      Baby Sitters & Baby Care
      Patient Care
      Massage Services
      Drivers We operate 24/7, feel free to reach us anytime at the given mobile or email, and we will try to provide our best support.
    7. Care Service Centre, Santoshpur

      1 Review 6.2 Sulekha Score
      +91 98830 26021
      Maids, Maid services
      Care Service Centre Domestic Help Center home care Services is Govt Register Organisation based in kolkata. We provide reliable Trained nurses and Attander Senior citizen Care service Patient Care service Autism child care service Efficient Cooks (Veg & Non Veg) Brahmin Cooks Home Maids Baby Sitter & Drivers We believe in maintaining transparency in the business dealings owing to which we have served the clients. We have a rich database of several nurses and Attander Senior citizen Care service, Patient Care service Autism child care service, Efficient Cooks (Veg & Non Veg) Brahmin Cooks Home Maids Baby Sitter & Drivers that makes us capable of serving the needs of the clients on time. In addition.Upon admission our registered nurses will coordinate a care plan enacted by your doctor and oversee your understanding of the following home health care information The stages of your illness and the steps to your recovery A safe plan for the administration ofyourmedicationTheimportance of diet compliance The recognition of symptoms in a recurring illness Your rights as our patient and advance directives Our nursing services are led by our highly trained registered nurses who are dedicated to meeting your many needs. We coordinate a care plan with your physician and provide our services in your home. Contact us for further information.
    8. +91 98830 10738
      Maids, Maid services

      P.O -Mallickpur, Baruipur, Kolkata - 700145

    9. Maa Laxmi Nurse & Aya Center, Sonarpur

      2 Reviews 5.5 Sulekha Score
      +91 98830 32196
      Maids, Maid services

      An agency that would congregate household jobs and then distribute them among women from the poverty stricken section of society who need to work for a living.This institution was incorporated to meet the ever increasing demand of properly trained Domestic help, Child care, Nursing health in city house hold in & out of Bengal, as well as provide employment to the cornered section of women in Bengal’s poverty stricken society. Our tireless workers toil for 24x7 to make life easier and more comfortable for society. This organization now looks forward to a better future where it can win its battle against poverty and simultaneously give you better service that shall undoubtedly exceed your expectations because “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” & help it reach greater heights in the near future. we are doing security  guards service also

    10. Om Aya Centre, Gariahat

      14 Reviews 5.8 Sulekha Score
      +91 98830 29730
      Maids, Maid services
      Om Aya Centre, founded in 2017, is a reputed domestic help service provider located in Kolkata, India. Our well-trained maids offer home services like washing, gardening, utensil cleaning, housekeeping, ironing clothes, etc. Our workers are trained in different cleaning etiquettes and in operating any and all cleaning equipment.
      Our caregivers care for newborn, elderly and the disabled. We also provide patient care services like palliative care, post surgical care, physiotherapy, etc. Furthermore, we offer cooks and babysitters as and when requested. We conduct background checks on all our staffs to ensure the safety and comfort of the clients. Contact us for getting a budget-friendly domestic service.
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    Customer Recent Reviews as on Oct 17, 2017

    Average Rating (4)
    1. 14th August, 2017

      I'm very much satisfied with the services provided by Agency.They arranged one Cook service as per my criteria. She is punctual on time and behaviour is good and commitment toward the work is very nice. They have charged 4500. And the service which they offered is really excellent and I'm fulfilled with their service and thanks to sulekha.

    2. 10th August, 2017

      Excessive charge.rate shouldvbe nominal

    3. 9th August, 2017

      From this business people I got a good Full time Bengali Maid service,also they charged me advisable amount for that .their service was very good and proper.i am satisfied with their service..

    4. 7th August, 2017

      Availed a maid service from this agency. I first approached this agency and inquired all the details that required. They provided me proper details with a good response. I am happy that they have given me a good maid. The salary of this maid is nominal. I am satisfied by taking service from this agency.

    5. 5th August, 2017

      Searching for the washing maid service and I got one person from this business and I appointed her. She is doing excellent work. She collected 9000 for the salary. Fantastic service….

    6. 3rd August, 2017

      Presently taken service for maid from this Protima Aya Centre. The maid does her job properly and she is friendly with us and at same completes her daily household chores in home assigned by us. The charges are moderate.

    7. 25th July, 2017

      Quite responsible. They found me a whole timer in spite of certain delays. Rest let time speak. The maid started her work only this morning. Hopefully things will turn out fine

    8. 7th July, 2017

      I am satisfied with the service

    9. 20th June, 2017

      excellent service... requirement was fulfilled immediatly.... keep it up

    10. 17th June, 2017

      Greater service. Thanks to Sulekha

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    • Languages for maids: Others
    • Number of members: 1 - 3
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