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    Best Maids in Mumbai as on Dec 13, 2017

    1. +91 90828 07965
      Maids, Maid services

      Room No.474, Jai Hind Nagar, Chembur, Mumbai - 400074

    2. +91 87670 29977
      Maids, Maid services

      Office No. 56, A Wing, Rolex Shopping Centre, Station Road, Goregaon West, Mumbai - 400104 Get Directions

    3. Maid Recruitment Services, Panvel

      1 Review 5.6 Sulekha Score
      +91 22 49468607
      Maids, Maid services

      Maid Recruitment Services, founded in 2017, offers domestic help services for Mumbai-based people. Our team includes part-time and full-time maids, babysitters, caretakers and cooks. Our maids excel in providing residential housekeeping services like washing clothes, utensil cleaning, ironing, gardening, etc.
      Our nurses, who are trained in palliative care, physiotherapy and post-surgical care, provide excellent care for seniors, physically disabled people and individuals who have mental disorders. All our workers understand client needs to ensure the best possible service to the patrons. Contact us for getting our cost-effective domestic help services.

    4. Sidhivinayak Services, Ghatkopar West

      1 Review 7.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 70451 11843
      Maids, Maid services

      Gangaram Tukaram, Surve Chawl No. 2, Bhattwadi, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai - 400086

    5. Durgaa Placement Services, Thane West

      1 Review 6.9 Sulekha Score
      +91 22 49446480
      Maids, Maid services
      Durgaa Placement Services specialises in part time and full time domestic help services. These services are delivered under the guidance of nimble personnel to maintain their consistency and excellence at the premises of valued. We cross check and screen the candidate before we recommend them to suit for residential maid services. We have decent experience not only on providing the suitable candidate but also on observing them adapt to the customer's residential environment. We always give preference to the client's needed quotations. Contact us for more details.  
    6. Obey Jobs Pvt. Ltd., Sanpada

      10 Reviews 6.3 Sulekha Score
      +91 22 49436636
      Maids, Maid services

      Vision Manpower is one of the reputed service providers and our strong presence in the industry is a proof for the same. Our customers are always treated with courtesy and you can feel it when you are with us. At Vision Manpower. we provide Cooks, Maids and Baby Sitters. The term unorganized include home based works, domestic servants, small units, freelancers like plumber, electrician, mason etc . Approximately 92% of the working population in India work in unorganized sector( Arjun Sengupta committee report) yet we have agencies and job portal catering to the organized or formal sector. Workers in unorganized sector often get exploited by the agents who force them to take up jobs which is not suitable to them because they do not have options to choose. Government have been given documented reports and suggested measures to improve the condition of these work force but have not yielded result. It is our humble endeavor to contribute our part for the improvement of this work force through these medium.Call us to know more about us.

    7. Sahara Infotech Solution, Dadar West

      3 Reviews 6.5 Sulekha Score
      +91 22 49430872
      Maids, Maid services
      Sahara Infotech Solution. since 2009 has created a market for itself in complete facility management in larger institutions like educations from the inception. Sahara Infotech Solution has been one sector, where the efficiency is not directly proportional to the money spent on it, primarly due to the fact, that it is run by manpower, who are not trained enough to do their job. Our Company has the goal of training the same right from the lowest level, who in turn will delight our customers to a greater level. Contact us for more details.
    8. +91 22 49411056
      Maids, Maid services

      Hare Krishna Manpower Service & Consultancy, founded in 2013, is a renowned domestic help service provider based in Mumbai, India. Our full-time maids excel in offering residential housekeeping services like washing clothes, utensil cleaning, gardening, ironing clothes, etc.
      We also employ experienced caretakers to provide quality care for newborn babies, kids, seniors and physically/mentally disabled individuals. Furthermore, we also render babysitter services. Our background-verified and etiquette-trained staffs specialise in providing superior services to our patrons at nominal rates. Contact us for your domestic help needs.


    9. Neha Enterprises, Bhandup West

      4 Reviews 7.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 22 39985149
      Maids, Maid services

      Neha Enterprises, founded in 2017, is a Mumbai-based domestic help service provider. Our maids excel in offering residential housekeeping services like washing, gardening, ironing clothes, utensil cleaning, etc. We also excel in providing quality patient care services for the elderly, disabled and newborn with the help of our caring staffs, who are trained in palliative care, post-surgical care and physiotherapy. Furthermore, we also supply cooks and babysitters for our customers. We ensure a safe and efficient service to the clients by employing background-verified and etiquette-trained staffs. Our workers speak and understand Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English, which enables them to aid our customers better. Contact us for further details.

    10. +91 22 49430873
      Maids, Maid services
      We at Baidhundo.com provides responsible and hassle free services to our clients. Our housemaids and servants are duly screened, verified and ensured to provide quality services to our clients. We take extensive interview and personal background check of our candidates. Our professional maid services offer customized services to suit all your home requirements be it cleaning, dusting, day care, cooking, elderly care etc. at affordable rates. Our services offer an over the phone free consultation and will guarantee results
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    Customer Recent Reviews as on Dec 13, 2017

    Average Rating (4) - 48 reviews
    1. 13th August, 2017

      Hired and good services. Reliable

    2. 11th August, 2017

      Contacted this service provider for home maid service.Really its very worst service, these people came and took 3000 amount.After that no response from these people, I have called many times.worst behavior, Totally fed up with this vendor.

    3. 11th August, 2017

      Received the services from this business. The service was bad and we have removed the maid due to non-performance. I am not satisfied with the services.

    4. 11th August, 2017

      Need a maid service finally I got the service from this Obey Jobs Pvt. Ltd, they approached me well & good manners regarding this & gave me a quick response on maid service, charges are very nominal when compare to others, I am happy & satisfied with this Maid Services,

    5. 10th August, 2017

      Received the bad services from this business. I paid 3000 through net banking for the maid service but no one has turned up for the service. I want the money back or need service. They are not the responding-on phone. I recommend others not to take service from this business. Hope i will get money back.

    6. 7th August, 2017

      Duped me in the name of full time maid service. I'm putting a police complaint against the agency and it's supposed to be executive Shilpa who came to our home along with supposed to be maid Sujata. Took hefty amount as registration fees and stopped picking up calls. Beware of this agency it's a complete fraud

    7. 5th August, 2017

      Got maid service from this service provider. The service was poor and not genuine. Since the maid came and worked only for 5 days and has did not turned up after that. Paid the amount of 2000. Unhappy to take the services. Hope they send another maid.

    8. 4th August, 2017

      Contacted this maid services to hire maids from my home purpose. Their service was worst and unfriendly since I have paid 3000, but its been 1 month they have not sent me any maids and not responding to my calls. Disappointed to take this service. Hope they refund my money as soon as possible.

    9. 2nd August, 2017

      Got the service at Vikas Care Taker & Placement Services, Airoli Mumbai regarding the Maid services. The service was good and the maid is coming on time. The maid is professional and friendly. They charged as per the tariff. I am happy to take the services at this business.

    10. 20th July, 2017

      good, service, & a very experience maid we got from sunny maid services... thanks to sulekha.

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    • Work timings: Part-time
    • Type of work for maids: Housekeeping
    • Languages for maids: Hindi
    • Number of members: 4 - 6
    6 mins ago
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    • Type of work for maids: Utensil cleaning, Housekeeping
    • Languages for maids: Hindi, English
    • Number of members: 4 - 6
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    • Work timings: Full time
    • Type of work for maids: Washing, Housekeeping, Others
    • Languages for maids: Others
    • Number of members: 1 - 3
    4 hours ago
    • Work timings: Part-time
    • Type of work for maids: Washing, Utensil cleaning, Housekeeping
    • Languages for maids: Hindi, English
    • Number of members: 4 - 6
    12 hours ago