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Painting is undoubtedly one of the most important projects to improve the wholesome appearance of your home. Whether inside or outside, painting done in the right way can add special vive to your house. Give your house an impeccable painting by hiring the best Painter. We provide you a smart list of expert and professional painters to revamp your house in the most stylish way. Find 1740+ home painting service mumbai & get reliable, certified painters with competitive price, creative decorators & friendly approach.

Best 10 House Painting Services in Mumbai

as on Jul 24, 2021
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  1. Swapnil Sitaram Jadhav-Mumbai-House Painters, Painting services

    Swapnil Sitaram Jadhav

    Also Servicing in Mumbai

    House Painters, Painting services

    No.102, Shree Ganesh Complex, Dhankawadi, Pune - 411043 Get Directions
  2. Reality Interior

    Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri East
    1 Review 9.1
    Offer 13% Off View offer

    House Painters, Painting services

    2, Gr Flr, Yougendra Bhuvan, Bamanpuri, Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri East, Mumbai - 400069 Get Directions
  3. Deep Pooja Enterprises

    TJ Road, Sewri
    1 Review

    House Painters, Painting services

    Laxmi Co-operative Housing Society ,No. 1, TJ Road, Sewri, Mumbai - 400015
  4. SMK & Associates

    Off Dinquerry Road, Chembur

    House Painters, Painting services

    Basera Building ,Shop No. 2, Off Dinquerry Road, Chembur, Mumbai - 400088
  5. Sanjay Enterprises

    Samata Nagar, Kopar Khairane

    House Painters, Painting services

    No. 683, Samata Nagar, Kopar Khairane, Mumbai - 400709
  6. Messrs Mumtaz Ali

    Truck Terminal Road, Shanti Nagar

    House Painters, Painting services

    Azad Mohalla ,Room No. B-210, Truck Terminal Road, Shanti Nagar, Mumbai - 400037 Get Directions
  7. J.k Interior & Construction-Mumbai-House Painters, Painting services

    J.k Interior & Construction

    bhayandar (east) thane , Bhayander East

    House Painters, Painting services

    602, shivdhara, indralok, bhd shivprasad bodg, deepak hospital road, bhayandar (east) thane, Bhayander East, Mumbai - 401105 Get Directions
  8. E Cube Design Studio-Mumbai-House Painters, Painting services

    E Cube Design Studio

    Modi Street, Fort

    House Painters, Painting services

    Office No. 11, 2nd Floor, Modi Street, Fort, Mumbai - 400001
  9. Sahani Interior -Mumbai-House Painters, Painting services

    Sahani Interior

    Valmiki Nagar, Chembur

    House Painters, Painting services

    No. 5, Valmiki Nagar, Chembur, Mumbai - 400089 Get Directions
  10. Genuine Driver Service-Mumbai-House Painters, Painting services

    Genuine Driver Service

    MIDC Area, Ambernath East

    House Painters, Painting services

    Ground Floor, Anandh Nagar, MIDC Area, Ambernath East, mumbai - 421501 Get Directions

Latest Customer Reviews for House Painting Services in Mumbai

as on Jul 24, 2021 Average Rating (4.5) - 93 reviews
23rd Jul, 2021

Excellent services has been given by them and also a superb work has been done

10th Jul, 2021

runs off with payment without finishing work and steals all the material keeps crying about family issues and gets money out doesnt have money for food ever and takes all money in advance and cribs if you would ha e paid me this wont happen ... pay him advance and he runs off worst experience ever comes at 10 and leaves at 5 as he has family issues and if you do t watch he sleeps for 2 hrs with a under age kid in your room

6th Jul, 2021

Nice work Done by Shan,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

29th Jun, 2021

Excellent Services provide by Shan

19th Feb, 2021

Good Job ...................

19th Feb, 2021

Painting work was done good very professional

6th Nov, 2020

The did our 3bhk at very low budget

6th Nov, 2020

Best service under best supervision of Mr. Abdullah. One word... Perfection. They understand your requirements well and support you by going extra miles. They suggest you about all the great color combinations, new trends in market etc. Now, the best part prices are very reasonable compared to so called Other painting companies. Believe it or not, I Would definitely recommend Elite interiors and exteriors to anyone looking up to their housing style statement. Great work team keep it up ????

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  • Contract type: Painter only
509 days ago
  • Painting for: Full exterior
  • Contract type: Painter only
509 days ago

Find best house painters for your dream house

Planning to give your home a complete makeover? By applying a fresh coat of paint or by changing the paint to a different color, you can totally transform the look of your home. Hiring a professional painter can give you better results along with saving your time and money on equipment that you do not require. To hire reliable and experienced painters for home, you can trust Sulekha and get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our listed professional painters offer all types of painting services at reasonable rates. So, what are you waiting for? Get your dream home painted just as you desire by hiring our reputed painting contractors. To discuss your needs and to get a free cost estimation, call our listed painting contractors now!

What is the need of hiring a professional house painter?

There are a lot of reasons of hiring a professional painter for your home or office. Besides being more time efficient, professional house painters ensure that your project meets the health codes, the place  is properly prepared and cleaned up, and finish is perfect. Rather than hassling with toxic fumes, ladders and messy clean up, you can hire painting contractors to get your project done quickly and skilfully.

What are the different techniques used in house painting?

Efficient home painting contractors are able to alter the whole appearance of your house on the basis of their rich experience and skills. Different house painting techniques are used which can give a face lift to your space. Some of the techniques are:

Stippling: Proper strategies of stippling are likely to give rich dividends as they produce a pouncing effect. Experienced home painting contractors usually rely on this specific method with regards to dabbing the wall. To carry this out in a picture perfect way, you require good paint brushes. You can also make use of rags to produce a raw appearance on the walls. The rags should be adequately dipped in colour and swiped smoothly over the wall space. With stippling, you can develop specific paint influences on the interiors of your walls.

Sponging: Sponging or sponge painting is an effective approach which includes brilliant textures. You need to press the colour on the wall space with the help of the sponge. To get the best out of this method, the house painters make use of two shades of the same colour. However, you need to be cautious at the time of using the colour on your wall space.

Colour washing: Colour washing is an excellent strategy. You need base colours when you use this method. It is done with the assistance of a dry brush.

What are the different types of paints for interior and exterior surfaces?

Here is the summary of different types of paints depending on their technical specifications:

Whitewash: It is a low-cost paint made by mixing slaked lime or powdered chalk size with water. It is used for whitening walls (concrete walls, brick walls other wall surfaces etc.), woodworks, etc. Sometimes pigments like fevicol are also added in it to make the colourful walls.

Oil paint: Oil based paints are slow drying paints which consist of particles of pigment suspended in a drying oil or oil varnish as the basic vehicle ingredient. The commonly available oils are linseed oil, Tung oil, poppy oil, nut oil. Oil-based paints contain thinners like turpentine, naphtha, Methyl ethyl ketone, etc.

Oil-based paints are thicker and harder. They are also glossy and smoother. They are more durable and stain resistant. The fumes from the oil- based paint are the toxic material which is harmful for health and environment hence less popular choice now days for painting. They are less flexible as compared to emulsion paints and hence not suitable for exterior paints.

Emulsion paint: Emulsions are defined as a mix of two liquids that don’t mix well.Two liquids can form different types of emulsions. As an example, oil and water can form two type emulsions. The first part is the oil-in-water emulsion, where the oil is in the dispersed phase and water is dispersion medium. The second part is water-in-oil Emulsion, where water is the dispersed phase and oil is the external phase.

Emulsion Paints are basically water based paints. Water is used as a solvent in emulsion paint. Water is a medium where the binder, pigment and additives are dispersed in molecular form. Binders are polymers forming a continuous film on the surface. Binders used in emulsion paints are alkyd resins, acrylic resin, epoxy, etc. It is used for internal as well as an external surface coating of the building. They dry quickly & flexible and hence are suitable for both external as well as internal surfaces.

Cement based paint: Cement-based paints are water based paint in which cement forms the base. Cement is the main constituent in cement based paints which is responsible for the hardness and durability of the painted surface. Cement paints do not require oil or other organic matter. Cement Paint can be applied on the exterior as well as interior walls. It is used for painting exterior wall surface mainly for preventing water penetration and reductions of dirt collection. It is suitable for coating concrete as well as decorating indoor and outdoor walls.

Enamel paint: Enamel paints are oil based paints and with a considerably glossy finish. Enamel Paints consistsof white lead, zinc white, resinous matter and petroleum spirit. Enamel paints are more durable and have hard strong finish. Enamel paints provides excellent coverage and colour retention. Enamel paints have hard, glossy and opaque finish. Enamel paints dry slowly or quickly depending on thinner used.

Distemper paint: Distemper paints are water based paints. The major constituents of distemper are chalk, lime, water and some colouring pigments if necessary. Distemper Paints are available in powder and paste form. It is cheaper than other paints. Distemper paints can be classified as a one type of better white wash. Distemper paints are used for both interior and exterior walls.

Epoxy paint: Epoxy Paints are made from epoxy resin i.e. they form binders.Epoxy resins are thermosetting synthetic resins containing epoxies groups. They are formed by cross-linking reactions of epoxide groups.  Epoxy paints are finished material. It is used primarily as a floor covering which forms a hard and shiny surface upon application. Hence these paints are used in commercial building, industrial floors particularly pharmaceutical industry, operation theatres and garages due to its strength and resistance to damage. They serve best when joint less flooring/ bacteria free flooring desired.

Lead paint: The term applies to any paint, paste, stopping, filling or other material used in painting, which contains more than 5 percent lead as lead oxide. They give the paint its tint, Lead pigments are highly opaque, so that a relatively small amount of the compound can cover a large area.

Metallic paint: A paint which consists of flecks of aluminium, copper, bronze, stainless steel, or other metals which give a film with appearance of metallic appearance. Such paints are generally used for painting metallic surface.

Luminous paint: A paint which glows in the dark because it contains a substance that emits light for a certain length of time after exposure to an energy source. Types of luminous paint include florescent paint, phosphorescent paint and radioactive paint.

Textured paint: Texture paint consists of coarse grains (such as gypsum, sand, etc.) metal, ribbon, lace, leather, etc.  with the water-thinned binder used for creating a rough pattern effect on a wall. They have become one of the most popular trends in painting as different types of styles can be created on the wall.  They simulate two different sense: Sight and touch. They are often used as an alternative to wallpaper and it is also a great solution to hide uneven and imperfect wall surfaces.

Rubber paint: Rubber paint is an emulsion paint having chlorinated rubber as its binder or non-volatile vehicle. They withstand water and other tough conditions.

Fungicidal paint: A paint which discourages growth of fungi on its dry applied film. The fungicidal properties are normally conferred by the addition of special additives; although certain pigments, such as zinc oxide, commonly used in paints may themselves contribute the fungicidal properties of the paint.

What are the different types of paints for  wall?

Water based paints: Most of the paints sold today are water based because of their ease of use.

Advantages of water based paints

  • doesn't require a pre-treatment
  • no mildew growth
  • low VOCs (low levels of toxic emissions)
  • easy cleanup with water
  • quick drying
  • an elastic, flexible finish resistant to cracking
  • can be used on almost all surfaces
  • stable color over time, doesn't yellow or fade in sunlight

Oil based paints: Oil-based paint can be used on almost all surfaces, and is praised for its high durability and rich finish.

Advantages of oil-based paints

  • attractive gloss
  • good for high-moisture rooms (ex. bathroom or kitchen)
  • longer dry time (good for making fixes)
  • good "leveling" (brush strokes fill themselves in to create a smooth finish)
  • hard, durable finish

How long will a house painting job take?

The length of a project varies. Most of the residential painting we do can be completed in less than a week, however we also have jobs which take upwards of two weeks. Throughout the entire project, we make sure to keep you very informed of the timeline.

Will I get advice for house painting colour selection?

Yes, our paint color consultant gives expert advice on what colors to choose. You also have the option to test sample house painting colors on your walls before making your final decision.

Are the painting contractors licensed and insured?

Yes, our painting company has been fully licensed and insured since 1980 by the State of Wisconsin. This means that not only do we carry liability insurance, but we also carry workers' compensation insurance. This isn't only because it is required by the state, but because it protects our work force as well as you, the home owner, because unfortunately, injuries do happen.

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FAQ - Best House Painters in Mumbai

  • How do I book a house painter on Sulekha?

    You can visit this link and fill in the form with your requirements. We will provide you with the House Painter contractor details. You can contact directly with the service provider and get quotes from him regarding your paint job. You can get quotes from multiple House painters and choose the best quote suiting your needs and budget.
  • Will the contractor use good quality paint?

    Quality of the paint is totally in your control. You can choose to use any quality paint you want. But we always recommend sticking to a high-quality product. Cheaper labor and cheaper paint will fetch you cheaper quotations but the same may turn out expensive if you have re-hire someone to fix the mess created by cheap labor and cheap paint. So we recommend spending once on high-quality labor and high-quality paint.

  • Can I get quotes from multiple house painters before getting the painting job started?

    Yes, you can request quotations from multiple House Painters. Getting multiple quotes will give you a clear idea about market prices as well as the costs of labors. You may also choose to request a personal visit to provide quotations.

  • Why each House Painter sends me different quotations for the same work?

    Every painter does a job differently and uses different material quality. The quality of labor depends on the cleaning job of old paint done. The final result will totally be impacted by that. Sanding off the old paint is as important as using multiple coats of paint to give the best final output. The quotations will largely fluctuate based on the work the painter does. We always recommend you choose painters with competitive prices and not the lowest prices.
  • How do I differentiate between high-quality paint and low-quality paint? They all look the same to me.

    All the paints look the same in the bucket, but that is the only similarity that high quality and low-quality paint have. Everything else in that bucket of paint differs from one another. Low-quality paint will have a powerful odor; the ingredients will be of a low quality which will result in early peeling off paint and scuff in the colour. Low-quality paint also tends to fade over time and does not have a strong bonding with the wall or surface.

    High-quality paint, on the other hand, has less odor, uses high-quality bonding material and last longer to protect your house. High-quality paint also has a more extended warranty than low-quality ones.