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    Best Maids in Delhi as on Dec 12, 2017

    1. Dwip Nursing Bureau

      3 Reviews 6.2 Sulekha Score
      +91 95556 09971
      Maids, Maid services
      Also Servicing : Delhi

      2nd Floor, C/O-Jagat Singh, Room No. 6, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Sector 31, Noida - 201301

    2. Swastik Home Solutions, Mohammad Pur

      1 Review 6.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40128437
      Maids, Maid services
      Swastik Home Solutions has more than five years of experience in handling/providing home solutions to a large number of clients which includes foreign embassies, government institutions, semi-government organisations, large and scale industries, multinational companies, private and public enterprises, factories and dignitaries. The Firm gives the charge to carry out day affairs to the most deserving candidates from the field of administration, security & housekeeping, unique add and practical training on the necessary electronic household service appliances. Basic Training is impacted for multi-faceted household tasks for like ironing clothes, layout tables and baby care/patient care dedicated care for elders, etc. For enhancing utilisation for foreigners, our staffs are provided with a comprehensive and functional English language training. As such, unique training facility is rendered for significantly improving their utility. Contact us for further details.
    3. SS Placement Service, Tilak Nagar

      1 Review 4.7 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40498557
      Maids, Maid services
      S.S. Placement Service, We deal in Maids and Domestic Help Services. Bringing the best of value to our customers, we also care as much about our customers. We value the trust and beliefs vested in us by our clients and professional contacts and provide a dedicated service with an honest and direct approach in all our dealings. We are in touch with our customers through quality, performance, service and assistance. Contact us for further details
    4. +91 11 41122534
      Maids, Maid services
        Mashal social welfare society (M S W S) has been working in Delhi and in the remote areas of Jharkhand since 1999 amongst the rural and tribal communities. We are organizing and empowering the weakest sections of the population to obtain justice, peace, acquire the human dignity and rights for the overall development of the community. To this effect, M S W S is working in cooperation with Blocks, Panchayats (local government at village level) Rural Educational Institutions. Thus, MSWS provides domestic help services and maid services which would mutually benefit the people from weaker sections as well as the people who are in need of home care services. We offer babysitting and other daily household services.  For more details, dial us.
    5. +91 98218 93032
      Maids, Maid services

      We Also provide JAPA Care Maids. For Furher Details contact us.

    6. Assam Placement Services, Kalkaji

      5 Reviews 5.2 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 41123852
      Maids, Maid services
      Assam Placement Services are in this field from last 6 years and have huge experience in it. We believe in customer satisfaction. Our clients approach us repeatedly after working with us. We verify the background of the people that we recruit. We understand that the objectives for quality cannot be achieved without the full co-operation and commitment of all employees and ensure that adequate resources are available to achieve this. Our aim is to achieve complete customer satisfaction in respect of all services offered. We have many years of work experience in this field. Contact us for more details.
    7. Esha Home Solution, Kotla Mubarakpur

      26 Reviews 6.7 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40497525
      Maids, Maid services
      Esha domestic help & housekeeping services has more than 15 years of experience ,in handling/providing home solutions to large number of clients which include foreign embassies government institutions, semi government organizations,large and scale industries ,multi national companies,private and public enterprises,factories and dignitaries.The Firm gives the charge to carry out day affairs to the most deserving candidates from the field of administration,security & house keeping,Unique add and practical training on basic electronic house -hold service appliances. Basic Training is impact for multi-faceted houses -hold task for like ironing clothes ,lay out tables and baby care/patient care dedicated care for elder etc.For enhancing utilization for foreigners,comprehension basic functional English language child has been realized shortfall.As such,special training facility is rendered for significantly enhancing their utility.
    8. Anju Maids Bureau, Bhikaji Cama Place

      13 Reviews 6.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40166603
      Maids, Maid services

      Anju Maids Bureau, founded in 1997, renders superior domestic help services for people based in Delhi and NCR regions. Our team of full-time maids provide residential housekeeping services like washing clothes, ironing, gardening and utensil cleaning.
      We employ a team of well-trained caretakers to offer superior care for the elderly, newborn babies and people who have a physical disability, dementia and mental illness. We also supply cooks and babysitters as per our clients' requests. We ensure a superior housekeeping, nursing, babysitting and cooking service to our patrons with the aid of our skilled staffs. Contact us for getting our cost-effective domestic help services.

    9. Deep Consultancy, Sarita Vihar

      12 Reviews 6.4 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40120424
      Maids, Maid services
      Deep Consultancy has been into domestic help services for 13 years. Cooks, Drivers, Nurses, and Child Care are inclusive of our services. We take of your beloveds not just physically but also by giving them mental support. We understand that it’s not possible for you to be there all the to take care of your loved ones, thus, we provide complete home care and health care services to take care of them. We give special attention care to babies and elders. We have a dedicated set of staffs (both male and female) who will look after your loved ones at all causes. Contact us to know more.
    10. Simran Maid Services, Uttam Nagar

      1 Review 4.4 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 41136444
      Maids, Maid services
      Simran Maid Services, Out source all your daily housekeeping activities to us and be sure that your home is well taken care of. An extra set of helping hands for all those crazy busy days or when your maid suddenly decides to go missing. Just let us know and we will take care of things. Get Domestic Help offers the services of professionally trained helpers for households, corporates, and expects. We provide 24 hour service to our clients. Many years of work experience in this field. Contact us for more details.
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    Customer Recent Reviews as on Dec 12, 2017

    Average Rating (3) - 12 reviews
    1. 15th August, 2017

      Awosome Super.............

    2. 14th August, 2017

      Contact me for taking this service

    3. 7th June, 2017

      Fraud service got from this DB Placement service.We paid Rs.11000 for housekeeping charge and paid Rs. 29000 as a commission.But their maid service is not good.We gave a complaint and then we had to keep on following them.I got my money very late and am fed up with their service.

    4. 19th May, 2017

      They are actually cheaters, they take full commission in advance and then tell maid to run from the place with in a month where you are working n place them somewhere else to earn only commission.

    5. 28th April, 2017

      Not good. Servants are inexperienced and don't do their work properly

    6. 14th April, 2017

      Through this agency, I have got a good service. I have taken Full-time maid service. I have paid Rs 13000 as the monthly salary and Rs 25000 as the security amount for the service. Overall, service from this agency is good and I am satisfied with the service.

    7. 14th February, 2017

      Approached this agency for the maid service. Worst service from this maid. The maid has cheated me Rs 40000. Overall, I am unhappy with the service from this maid service.

    8. 14th February, 2017

      Inquired this manpower agency for the Full-time maid service. The service from this agency is good. They charged me the nominal amount for the service. Overall, service is good and I am satisfied with the service from this agency.

    9. 17th November, 2016

      I approached this services centre.For 8 hours i paid 600.happy with the services,I am happy with my services,

    10. 1st December, 2015

      Very Excellent services done. I have used services of Force 4 Safeguard & Facilities Pvt. Ltd. I have taken their services as Security Guards and Bouncers. We have got very good response.Regards, Dilawar Singh

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    Recent Enquiries on Domestic Help Services

    • Work timings: Part-time
    • Type of work for maids: Washing, Utensil cleaning, Housekeeping, Ironing clothes, Others
    • Languages for maids: Hindi
    • Number of members: 1 - 3
    24 mins ago
    • Work timings: Part-time
    • Type of work for maids: Utensil cleaning, Others
    • Languages for maids: English, Hindi
    • Number of members: 1 - 3
    48 mins ago
    • Work timings: Full time
    • Type of work for maids: Others
    • Languages for maids: Hindi, English
    • Number of members: 1 - 3
    1 hour ago
    • Work timings: Part-time
    • Type of work for maids: Utensil cleaning, Housekeeping, Others
    • Languages for maids: Hindi
    • Number of members: 1 - 3
    1 hour ago