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    Get the assistance and legal advice of 10+ years experienced lawyers from Delhi, for solving commercial issues, family disputes, civil cases, immigration troubles, and environmental and criminal issues. The below list of law firms in Delhi have the experience of contesting cases in district courts, high courts and the supreme court. They have an extensive range of expertise to offer their clients.

    Top Law Firms in Delhi as on Feb 23, 2018

    1. +91 11 40017537
      Litigation and Corporate Law Firm is based out of Delhi and has professional legal advisors who have many years’ experience in the fields of Dispute Resolution, General Corporate and Banking Finance Practice. We have been registered with the Bar Council of Delhi and offer consultation in different modes such as phone, email, meeting and video.
    2. Legal Solutionaire Law Firm, Civil Lines

      10 Reviews 7.5 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40135365

      Our law firm has experienced advocates and lawyers who have been enrolled with the Bar Council of Delhi since 2005. We are members of the Delhi Bar Association, Delhi High Court Bar Association and Supreme Court Bar Association. Our specialisations are civil law, criminal law, family law, consumer cases, and arbitration matters.

    3. Devansh Agarwal Advocate, Civil Lines

      21 Reviews 8.7 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40118001

      Advocate Devansh has professional experience in providing legal consultancy and advisory services. Our legal services provide drafting and vetting of various agreements and documents. We handle different modes of consultation and are registered with the Bar council of Delhi since 2009 and also a member of Rohini Bar association.

    4. Sandhya Gupta & Associates, Preet Vihar

      17 Reviews 8.4 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40017518

      Our senior advocates and lawyers are experts in writing petitions, drafting documents, deeds and contracts. We contest cases in Supreme Court, High Court and other competent courts of Law, representing our clients. We give legal advice to corporate sector and other N.G.O. organizations. We are also experts in the latest legal research and analysis.

    5. Uddanda & Co., Karkardooma

      4 Reviews 7.9 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40120393

      Thiikana Building ,D-612, D-Block, Karkardooma, Delhi - 110032 Get Directions

    6. Legal Eye

      7 Reviews 8.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40117553
      Also Servicing : Delhi

      We assist clients in the following areas: corporate, commercial, real estate, admiralty, litigation and arbitration. We are involved in legal advice, pay close attention to detail and have flexible billing structures. We are recognized as one of the best law firms in Delhi.

    7. Law Office of Lawlines, Janakpuri

      2 Reviews 6.8 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40496825

      Law office of Law Lines comprises a team of professionals, leading advocates, lawyers and former advocate general are highly ranked and experienced in providing immigration advice to both private and corporate clients all over the world to minimise any stress including international organisations, entrepreneurs and investors who coming to live and work in India based on Indian Points System.

    8. AK Law & Associates, Rajendra Nagar

      3 Reviews 7.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40120232

      No .502, Sathibhavan,, Rajendra Nagar, Delhi - 110008

    9. +91 11 40120218

      J -132, 2nd Floor ,Block J, Rajouri Garden, Delhi - 110027

    10. Navdeep Dev Singh

      7.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40120548
      Also Servicing : Delhi

      No. P-48, 1st Floor, Sector 11, Noida - 201301 Get Directions

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    10 Reviews of Advocates in Delhi as on Feb 23, 2018

    Average Rating (4) - 912 reviews
    1. 22nd February, 2018

      Best guidance and support I have received as compared to others, that helped me a lot to do my job done. Thanks you. Great service.

    2. 19th February, 2018

      Analyst law associates was suggested to me by a mutual friend who portrayed the firm as a group of intelligent lawyers with competitive spirit. The lawyer at the firm was a great representative of calm preparedness at the time of what became long and stubborn divorce court case. I appreciate the firms expertise; stand by their clients spirit, and deferential approach in the court room and outside. The firm helped me on my case in a very caring manner.

    3. 19th February, 2018

      Metropolitan Law Associates has provided legal solutions and guidance during my difficult situation. I found the firm to be experienced, knowledgeable, honest and responsive. During the case, I felt that my case is in right and trustworthy hands and they will not give us wrong suggestion. I would definitely recommend Metropolitan Law Associates to anyone who is looking legal firm that is fair and honest. They will keep your best interests and needs at the front position. If the situation arises in future, I will not hesitate to seek advice from Metropolitan Law Associates.

    4. 17th February, 2018

      The perfect example of great customer service

    5. 17th February, 2018

      excellent consultancy service

    6. 16th February, 2018

      I have been associated with the analyst law associates for 3 years and it is the best law firm according to me. Everyone in the office right from co-workers to spot boy is very helpful and co-operative. The firm shows interest in catering the requirement of clients and employees through putting effort. The firms safe, co-operative and developing environment encourages beginners to join them. Work life is good over here and it can also be a reason that it is considered as a top law firm. All employees are treated like a family member at the firm and get opportunities to show their talents and potentials. You will have nice working hours, but one thing is that due to work pressure, you don't get time to speak with your colleagues. But overall experience will be great here and I am experiencing it. Good Luck! If you get a chance to work with the firm, it will prove to be a milestone in your career.

    7. 16th February, 2018

      I am very pleased by the service provided by them. It takes hardly 1:30 hours to complete the work. All the documentation is done and papers are given to me

    8. 14th February, 2018

      They specialise in tax matters. I am a satisfied client for the last 10 years. They are fairly updated with GST regime also. So, all in all, great.

    9. 14th February, 2018

      I have planned this thing that one day I will join the respected law firm for the betterment of my future. I went to many law firms for the interview but nobody was that much interesting and professional as metropolitan law associates were. From a senior advocate to a peon each and every person never denies to help you and that too with so much of patience. In my start days I was so afraid that how will I learn from such a notable seniors but I was wrong. All the seniors help me in all my problems as many times as I asked. The best part is on festivals you get the special refreshments and the working hours of the law firm are also suitable for me. I'm still working in metropolitan law associates and I personally recommend this firm for all the interns and people looking to make their carrier in law.

    10. 14th February, 2018

      I worked at metropolitan law associates for 3 years. The law firm is really professional and every new day brings something excited. The appearance in the court on a daily basis teaches you everything which one cannot learn from the books. When I joined my seniors helped me with a lot which became the reason I spent the 3 wonderful years there. The excited part is the office timings and after office the time when you chat with your seniors and the way they interact. My off was on Sunday and we have together celebrated every festival. The office has latest desktops which help you in working with a great speed. Overall I say I was highly satisfied and this is the reason why I am currently working in Indias best company.

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    • The Best Immigration Lawyers in Delhi for Australia, Canada, UK, and US

      Immigration lawyers are vital associates for prospective immigrants, who need a lawyer’s assistance and advice during the immigration process. The immigration process typically comprises identifying the right type of visa, gathering the supporting documents that have to be produced to the embassy of the country (Australia, Canada, UK, and US, among others) which an individual wants to immigrate to and then submitting these documents along with the appropriate visa application form.

      Immigration advocates in Delhi or elsewhere assist in each one of these processes, in addition to updating immigrants on the latest changes to a country’s rules and regulations for attaining citizenship, naturalization and national ID card, among others.

      In essence, immigration attorneys provide the following services:

      • Help in obtaining citizenship, naturalization, work permit, and student visa
      • Decode the possible reason(s) for visa rejection
      • Deportation issues
      • Legal advice on visa matters in general
      • Advice on the documents to be submitted for obtaining the country’s passport

      If you require any of the abovementioned services, you should definitely reach out to an immigration lawyer in Delhi. And here, we have put together the best in the business who you can reach out to for assistance.

      H-1B Visa Applicants Seek Immigration Lawyers’ Help

      With a change in the US presidency, what has to date been a prominent migration/immigration route to the US for software professionals from Delhi or elsewhere, may well not be as customary any more. America’s employment-based immigration system is likely to be overhauled and the new system will ensure that the Americans’ civil rights and employment opportunities are protected in the future issuance of H-1B and L-1 visas.

      The revelations that are coming through from the US have alarmed Indian professionals and their prospective employers in the US. And the help and advice of immigration lawyers are being sought regarding this matter. The consequences of this tweaked immigration system will be known coming

    • Why should you hire a legal representative?

      Every individual has the primary right to contest any of his/her civil or criminal case even without engaging an advocate. It is possible for an individual to appear for his/her own case in person or even authorise any other person who is a non-advocate to represent his/her case. In fact, an advocate is just a substitute and under order Three of Civil Procedure Code, an advocate is an attorney – a person appointed to act for the petitioner. Under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution (seeking safeguard of the life and liberty of an individual), even a foreigner can approach the Indian Courts, even without an advocate as the case may be.

      While it is not necessary for a petitioner to engage a lawyer, hiring one can be of immense help in expert legal consultation - especially in complex matters. Matters of the court require document preparation and submission, document verification, legal representation, arbitration, alternate dispute resolution, petition filing, and responding to legal notices.

      Hiring a legal consultant will ensure all necessary and required actions are completed in the correct manner and on time.

      What should you check for before hiring one?

      You must ask these following questions without any hesitation before you decide to hire a legal consultant:

      1. How long have you practiced law?
      2. What type of cases do you mostly handle? How many cases related to (your case area) have you handled?
      3. Who is your typical client – individuals or corporations?
      4. Have you represented any cases similar to mine? What was the verdict in those?
      5. (In case your matter requires a special training, such as those pertaining to DUI and patents) Do you have any special training or knowledge which can help in my case?
      6. What are your consultation fees and other costs? How will I be billed and what are the payment options?
      7. Are there any other ways for solving my legal problem? (such as arbitration or out-of-court settlement)
      8. What is the likely outcome in my case?

      Please do keep in mind that the answers to these questions by the lawyers may vary greatly but should not be taken as a guarantee. Instead, these questions should help you understand a particular lawyer’s experience and skill level, and whether he/she is a good fit for you.

      Can you change the lawyer in the middle of a case?

      Yes, you can. The person filing for the case or the petitioner has the right to change the advocate and engage another one at any stage of the case.

      What are the important courts in Delhi?

      These are the District Courts in Delhi:

      • Tis Hazari (Central & West District)
      • Patiala House (New Delhi District)
      • Karkardooma (East, North-east, and Shahdara)
      • Rohini (North West Delhi)
      • Dwarka
      • Saket

      Apart from these, the Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India are also located in Delhi.

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