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Washing Machine is one of the essential home appliances that have become a major part in carrying out the household work in this advancing lifestyle of people. In Sulekha, the expert service providers are experienced in all kinds of Washing Machine dealers in Hyderabad. These Washing Machine Dealers are the best when it comes to supplying, wholesaling, etc..,

By opting for Sulekha’s Washing Machine Dealers, they can avail the best deals. They have the clear price lists, with the machine’s specifications and model details.

The Washing Machine Dealers who are the best suppliers in Hyderabad, will help you take a peaceful and a hassle-free service.

Choosing expert services in Sulekha is the best thing to do because of the:

  • Experienced professionals in the field of dealing, wholesaling all kinds of Washing Machine models with accurate specifications
  • Focused and customized service provided by the experts
  • Attractive packages, additional benefits and mega seasonal offers provided by the service providers

By connecting the users with the right Washing Machine Dealers, Sulekha helps you in saving time with no much effort.

Leading Service Providers in Hyderabad as on Jul 01, 2022

Malakpet, Hyderabad, 500036
3.5/5 Based on 25 reviews
Washing Machine Dealers, TV dealers, Refrigerator dealers, Kitchen appliances & accessories dealers, Air cooler & heater dealers
+9 more
Sulekha score: 5.2Working hours: 10 AM to 8 PM
Nikita sharma from Hyderabad

"Gud service,keep it up satisfied"

sushant from Hyderabad

"good services provided by sulekha . its easy and convenient."

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Nallakunta, Hyderabad, 500044
4.0/5 Based on 2 reviews
Washing Machine Dealers, TV dealers, Refrigerator dealers, Kitchen appliances & accessories dealers, Air cooler & heater dealers
+4 more
Sulekha score: 3.2Working hours: 9 AM to 8:30 PM
Venkest from Hyderabad

"I took Air cooler service through this service centre,They came quick and rectified the service within 1 hour and change some spar parts. I paid Rs.750 for their service . Overall service was good."

Prabhakar from Hyderabad

"I took service from this service center for Air cooler water leakage problem,Servicemen came and given good service. I paid Rs150 for this."

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Kukatpally, Hyderabad, 500072
3.0/5 Based on 44 reviews
Washing Machine Dealers, TV dealers, Refrigerator dealers, Kitchen appliances & accessories dealers, Water heater dealers
+10 more
Sulekha score: 0.1Working hours: 11 AM to 9 PM
Satyanarayana from Hyderabad

""From this Sri Pirgal Electronics, I purchased Voltas 1.5 ton split AC for my Home I have paid them 40000 for the AC.they did home delivery and installation in a safe manner.They have given warranty period. The sales person showed me the different model and explained its salient features. Out of it, I choose this one. Glad to purchase from this vendor ""

Shravani from Hyderabad

"I brought one Lloyd washing machine form in this shop. they charged me RS-21000 but compare to online prices its too high the shops. they provided 4 year warranty and 10 year guaranty. the sale man shows the demo . i feel happy and i m satisfied."

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Trimulgherry, Hyderabad, 500015
4.0/5 Based on 7 reviews
Washing Machine Dealers, TV dealers, Refrigerator dealers, Kitchen appliances & accessories dealers, Air cooler & heater dealers
+4 more
Sulekha score: 0.1Working hours: 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM
manoj from Hyderabad

"As I wanted to purchase washing machine,I have bought it from this shop..They have been very kind and considerate towards us in suggesting the best one..the amount of washing machine is 20000..We are glad that we have got the good one.."

ramu from Hyderabad

"I purchased Samsung fridge from Home Makers in Trimulgherry, the cost of the fridge was Rs10000, its a single door and they have delivered it on the same day ,I am satisfied with the service I got."

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Washing Machine Dealers, TV dealers, Refrigerator dealers, Fan dealers, Kitchen appliances & accessories dealers
+9 more
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Murad Nagar, Hyderabad, 500028
Washing Machine Dealers, Fan dealers, Kitchen appliances & accessories dealers, Water cooler dealers, Small home appliance dealers
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Secunderabad, Hyderabad, 500003
2.0/5 Based on 3 reviews
Washing Machine Dealers, Refrigerator dealers, Fan dealers, Kitchen appliances & accessories dealers, Air cooler & heater dealers
+7 more
Working hours: 10:30 AM to 09:00 PM
Dharma from Hyderabad

"Priti S.M. Co. in HyderabadThe great electrical Store for the Lectrical itemsthey have a good deal in this Workcome ehre to get the all items of the electricals from here.."

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Balapur, Hyderabad, 500005
5.0/5 Based on 1 reviews
Washing Machine Dealers, Air Cooler Repair, Washing Machine Repair, Refrigerator (Fridge) Repair, Water Heater (Geyser) Repair
+3 more
Working hours: 10 AM to 10 PM
Ashish from Hyderabad

"It is good service it was very good "

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Saidabad, Hyderabad, 500059
Washing Machine Dealers, TV dealers, Refrigerator dealers, Entertainment systems & accessories dealers
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Hitech City, Hyderabad, 500008
Washing Machine Dealers, TV dealers
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Recent Customer Reviews in Hyderabad As on Jul 01, 2022

Average Rating
4.0/5 9 Reviews

" Very good service, now it's become new... great "

Guest from Hyderabad, on 06 Dec 2020

" Dealing in reputed brands of Dishwashers "

Lokesh from Hyderabad, on 04 Jul 2020

" Plz send a good technician as early as possible. Because we are suffering since last 10 days. "

Mohammed Abdul Aleem from Hyderabad, on 05 Nov 2019

" Purchased LG washing machine from this store. The shopkeeper was customer servicing and gave answers to the query of them without hesitation and they had all washing brands with them that were the best thing in the store. The washing machine was delivered and installed them on the day. The cost of the washing machine is 18000 and delivery charges is 200. totally I paid 18200. I am happy to purchase that washing machine from here. "

Azeem from Hyderabad, on 29 Jun 2018

" best survices and products both brand new and used "

Guest from Hyderabad, on 07 Feb 2018

" I have a plan to purchase a new Onida Washing machine (fully automatic) purpose I contacted so many Agencies out of them I got the fabulous response from this vendor only. So that's why only chosen this vendor. They did a good service to me. They did the free installation to me. I paid for that 14000 overall. Glad to purchase my washing machine from this vendor. It's a good one.... "

Bhuvan from Hyderabad, on 31 Jan 2018

" Super help from sulekhan and team for getting this product good job "

Moin from Hyderabad, on 31 Aug 2017

" Found good deal via sulekha faster and easier "

subhash Chandra Kumar Hagalwadi from Hyderabad, on 24 Aug 2017

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Washing machine type : Top loading (fully automatic) Yesterday
Shi*** requested for Washing machine dealers
Washing machine type : Top loading (fully automatic) Yesterday

TV Buying Guide

A television is no longer just another electronic device, it’s an entertainment centre. With numerous features and advanced technologies, TVs have become more than a focal point in the living room. From watching your favourite flicks on cable to showing off your priced photographs right from your computer or USB stick, these days can do much more with TVs. The mindboggling array of LED, LCD, Plasma or OLED TVs available in the market can be confusing for a newbie. So, how do you select the right size, type and model of television that fits your budget? This buying guide will help you through the process of picking the perfect match for your home.

Budget Planning to buy a television for your home? What is the first question that comes to your mind? The answer is the cost. Most buyers will first decide on the amount they can invest in purchasing a television even before heading to stores.

Top LED TV Brands

If you’re someone who’s brand conscious, then check out this list of the most popular television brands before your take your pick. We have researched the various consumer reports to design this TV buying guide to help you buy the best TV.

  • Sony
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Mi
  • Vu

Types of TV (Based on Technology)

In this new TV buying guide, we have classified television based on the technology used:

  • LCD- Liquid Crystal Display.
  • LED– Light Emitting Diodes.
  • PLASMA– A glass panel TV.
  • OLED– Organic Light Emitting Diodes.
  • CURVED– A TV with a curved screen.
  • Gaming TV– A TV that addresses your gaming needs


LCD means Liquid Crystal Displayer. LCD televisions have a panel of millions of liquid crystals placed side by side which illuminate and give a high contrast picture. The LCD was initially created for computer screens and later brought into the television category. It is basically lit by cold cathode fluorescent lamp which makes the picture very clear. This is cost effective and gives immense visual pleasure attracting buyers in hordes. Most televisions in the market today are LCD and they come in various screen sizes. Check out the pros and cons of LCD TVs in our buying guide.


  • It has consistency in the light that it displays, where the picture has the same level of hue and saturation all through its spread.
  • The brightness of the pictures is high.
  • The retention capacity of the image is high.


  • Its black level response is high
  • Time delay when channels are being changed
  • Though its image retention capacity is high, sometimes there is a brightness jump as it tends to show black patches here and there during prolonged views
  • Limited view range
  • Sometimes there maybe image distortion or the geometry of the image might change as you view this from certain corners of a room

LED TV (Edge)

The edge LED is a flat display panel with LED (light emitting diodes) mounted on the edges of the screen, which produce images that seem slender and delicate in appearance. It gives contrast better than LCD. In an LED TV there is a row of LED lights arranged across the borders of the display panel from behind. We have listed the good and the bad features of LED TVs in our buying guide to help you choose the best television.


  • It has a greater colour quotient than that of LCD.


  • Brightness levels of LED are comparatively higher than that of Plasma
  • Affordable when compared to Plasma TVs

LED TV (Direct)

Direct LED TV has three different sheets arranged consecutive to each other. The sheet which is behind features arrays of LED lights, which illuminate to form an image. The sheet in the middle localises the image received from the LED panel and transfers it to the Display Panel. Finally the display panel gives a complete shape to the picture and enables an excellent viewing experience.


  • The contrast levels are excellent
  • The brightness level of the picture is high
  • Energy efficient


  • Compared to the other types of TVs, LED TVs are very expensive


OLED is the holy grail of the latest technology. It is basically Organic Light Emitting diode which lets electricity pass through an electroluminescent film. It is very eco-friendly and is less harmful to the eye. Big companies are also in the line to produce this TV and bring its kind into the market.


  • Produces high contrast images
  • Consumes less power and proves to be power efficient
  • Response time is high


  • The screen of the OLED needs to be handled carefully, even a drop of water spilled on the screen might cause irreparable damage to the screen

Plasma TV

It features a glass panel with millions of tiny cells filled with mixtures of inert gases that get excited when they come in contact with electricity, illuminating pixels along the screen. Experts say that this technology is superior to LCD as it produces high contrast images. It is a cost effective technology. Listed below in this plasma TV buying guide are the pros and cons of this type of television:


  • Due to the presence of the glass on the display panel, it produces extraordinary colours
  • The perfect flat screen eliminates glare and avoids image distortion (asymmetry of the images during display)
  • Its compatibility allows multipurpose use


  • The phosphorous technology used in this sometimes makes the images appear slightly burnt.
  • It has a very low life span.
  • The body of the TV is very heavy and fragile; hence it has to be handled with care.

Curved TV

An inward concave curve unlike the ones of old CRTs marks out the latest revolution in televisions. The curved nature of the screen gives viewers a more immersive and satisfying viewing experience. The major defect in curved technology, however, is when the Curved TV is watched at a 40 degrees angle towards the curve, the image may look distorted.


  • Immersive TV viewing experience


  • As the screen is curved it would be a problem in an angular view. Only if you sit straight you can have a perfect viewing experience


For a joyous and an extremely entertaining theatre effect in your home, you can go for a 3D television. Especially for Blu-Ray movies and 3D video games, this television fits the bill. However, in addition to a 3D TV you will also need a pair of 3D glasses with batteries. You also need to charge them regularly to ensure proper functionality.


  • Theatre-like effect with 3D experience right at home


  • Require accessories like 3D glasses and 3D Blu-ray player
  • Need equipment that converts standard television content into 3D content

Smart TV

Our buying guide describes smart TVs, their features and benefits to help you choose the right brand and size based on your needs. Smart TV is a convergence of technology, which blends television sets with set top boxes and computers. It includes features like online interactive media, internet TV, on demand streaming media and home networking access. So, on a single wide screen you can watch your favourite programs and movies, browse the internet and download/upload data. It is also an exciting gaming platform for avid gamers. LG, Panasonic and Samsung offer high-end Smart TVs.


  • Availability of multiple applications like television, computer and gaming console
  • You do not need extra connections for set top boxes and other devices as there is Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wireless connectivity


  • As there are multiple applications running at the same time there is a chance of corruption of the applications due to virus. Hence a good anti-virus is suggested
  • Quite expensive, and price ranges from Rs. 34, 000 to Rs. 3, 00,000

4D Televisions

4D or the UHD (Ultra HD) is the most talked about television technology today. Its resolution is almost 4000 pixels and it delivers perfect picture. The high end features it holds are almost equal to that of a Smart TV. Its UHD dimming technology optimally processes black and white so bright colours are produced.


  • Superb viewing experience with high picture resolution and deep clarity.
  • Perfect for movie watching, sports and gaming experiences.


  • Newly introduced in the market. Not many know what its disadvantages could be.
  • Very expensive, starting from Rs 1,00,000

Gaming TV 4If you want to go for a TV that can address all your entertainment needs, especially gaming, then look for a feature called ‘Game Mode’. This feature gives high refresh rate to the TV unit while you are playing games. There will not be any lag and the fast moving pictures are shown with high clarity. Gaming TV features a graphic displaying card that prevents lag while playing games.

Comparison of Different Types of TVs

Features LED LCD Plasma OLED Curved 3D
Resolution Very high Average High High High High
Brightness High Average High High Varies with viewing angle High
Contrast ratio High High High High Average High
Audio quality High High High High High High
Energy consumption Low Low Low Low Low High
Wall mounting Easy Easy Difficult Easy Not for big sizes Not for big sizes
Price High Average Low High High High
Screen shape Flat Flat Flat Flat Curved Flat
Audio speakers Inbuilt Inbuilt Inbuilt Inbuilt Inbuilt Inbuilt
Ease of maintenance High Average Low Low Average Average

How to Choose TV based on Purpose:

Features for TVs for gaming:
 If you want to go for TVs that are can address all the needs of your entertainment, especially gaming, look for TVs that feature a ‘Game Mode’. This feature gives high refresh rate to the TV unit while you are playing games. There will not be any lag and the fast moving pictures are shown with high clarity.

Features for TVs for Sports:

If you are a sports lover, then you should go for wide screen TVs that have a high refresh rate. A wide screen gives an experience of viewing the TV from any angle without image distortion and less jerky or hazy images. Features like Judder Reduction will let you watch your favourite sport without missing any action.

Features for TVs for Poorly Lit Rooms:

If you have to keep your television in a room that is not well lit, look out for a feature that adjusts the brightness of the television according to the lighting of the room. This feature can help you to watch bright images in spite of the poorly lit environs.  



Size of the Television

This buying guide describes TV sizes, and how to choose the best size of television depending on your requirements, budget and room area. There are almost 26 different sizes of TV in the market, from 16 inches to 80 inches and more. The size of the TV is basically measured diagonally in inches excluding the border panel. So when you say `32’ inches, it means the screen of the television measures 32 inches diagonally. As different sizes of televisions require varied distances for best viewing, selecting the TV size depends on the size of the room you are planning to keep the television in. The latest flat screen TVs occupy less space therefore even a bigger sized TV can be viewed from the same distance.

Is Bigger TV, better TV?

Yes! Bigger TV is always better if you can maintain the viewing distance with the angle you place the TV on. For example, you can keep a big TV in your small bedroom if the angle at which you place it equals the mandatory 4 feet distance of viewing required.

How to Calculate

Distance= D Screen size= D* 0.535 For example if the viewing distance is 40 inches then it would be 40* 0.535= 21.5 Therefore, a 21 inch TV is ideal for the room. Likewise you can calculate according to your viewing distance.

Size And Viewing Distance Table

TV size Space required Viewing angle
32’’ 2-3 ft space 4 ft distance
45’’ 4-5 ft space 4-5ft distance
55’’ and above Min 5ft or above Min 5 ft distance

Picture Resolution

A hi-definition TV usually has a resolution that varies from 720p to 1080p. Most LCDs, LEDs and Plasma TVs today offer equally good picture resolution, though Plasma and LEDs have an edge. It is tough to judge a picture’s resolution before buying the TV as picture resolution also depends on source quality, room lighting and picture settings. There are few things that you should keep note of:

  • Screen uniformity– With Plasma having a uniform display system with its ability to produce deep black shade which translates into high contrast image, it is a winner in this department.
  • Colour Saturation– Images with colour accuracy are influenced by perfect black colour contrast level.
  • Reducing reflections– Room lighting is directly proportional to reduction of reflections. A proper lighting of the room where the TV is placed reduces glare. A glossy screen maintains good black levels which in turn contribute to no reflection.

Audio Quality

Old CRT models had an inbuilt audio speaker. But the flat panel TVs now have also have audio input and output sockets for setting up an audio or surround sound system. Digital visual interface and high bandwidth digital content protection gives a high end audio quality. Also availability of different sockets for satellite boxes, Blu-ray disc players, game systems, HD Network Media and streamers give a unique audio carrying capacity to each of the applications.

Connectivity & Accessories

Most televisions today allow you to connect as many external inputs and get an output without loss in any quality. Different USB ports for connecting gaming consoles, external audio inputs, and DLNA and audio outputs are available in most televisions. Cables like HDMI and DVI are necessary to avoid generation loss (quality) when content is converted from standard to HD.

Remote Control

The remote control eases your interface with the television. Many remote controls also have backlit features for usage when the room is dark. There are also special buttons like picture-in-picture, commercial skip timers, channel block, child lock, and access to internet via Ethernet or LAN cable.


Smart TVs also have features like Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity. A router can be connected to the TV and then Wi-Fi can be used in multiple devices as well as the TV. You can enjoy browsing internet, watching your favourite videos and listening to music on the big screen.

Service & Maintenance

Make a note of the authorized brand dealers in your locality while you purchase a television. As most manufacturers offer a warranty that will cover the basic repair services, you don’t have to worry till the television is covered by the warranty period. Once the warranty period lapses, you can take up an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) with the manufacturer to cover servicing and maintenance. It is not only a safe choice, but also an affordable option.



While watching fast action sequences or HD video, you may experience jerky images when the camera panning is fast. Some TVs offer additional Judder Reduction Feature to prevent hazy and jerky pictures.

Motion Blur:In fast moving pictures there is a chance of Motion Blur where the picture appears to blur and you will miss the action, especially if you are a sports lover. Some TVs that have in-built features to avoid motion blur. Game Lag:It is a lag that occurs due to the slow processing inside the television unit while displaying action sequences of games. Presence of a graphic displaying card can help reduce lag while playing games.  

Installation Tips

  • Look for installation details in the manual that would be provided along with the TV
  • Make sure you get to know all the details by consulting a company technician
  • It is easy to hire a technician and get the TV installed
  • When the technician is done with the installation process make sure you clarify all your doubts

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Find verified washing machine dealers through Sulekha

Is your laundry room the dullest spot in your home that you hate to enter then it undoubtedly lacks one of the essential appliances, a washing machine! At Sulekha, we connect you to more than 1900+ reliable and verified washing machine dealers in Hyderabad. You can choose from a wide range of semi-automatic, automatic, front-loading and top-loading washing machines from IFB, LG, Haier, Samsung, Whirlpool, Bosch, BPL and other top brands. Whether you want to buy a semi-automatic washing machine or an automatic washing machine, simply fill the above form with your requirements. Our trusted washing machine dealers nearby your location will contact you with their best deals.

2) What capacity of washing machine do I buy?

Washing machines are available in different sizes as well as capacities, and choosing the right one for your home can save you lots of time and energy. You must select a washing machine as per your need. If you are a small family of two to three members, then a small capacity machine will be perfect for you. Whatever capacity you are looking for, our listed washing machine suppliers in Hyderabad has the washing machine to cater to your needs.

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