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    Top 10 Web Designers in Bangalore as on Aug 18, 2017

    1. Freelancer Rekha, Chikka Banaswadi

      4 Reviews 7.2 Sulekha Score
      +91 80 48043064
      Web Designers, Web design & development

      Indizine Solutions with its headquarters at Bangalore, we are an eclectic outfit who loves to design smart solutions that narrate amazing stories. Clients benefit from our unique skill-sets which include customised digital signage content creation, video production, Graphic Design, designing and building custom websites, and formatting result driven digital marketing. Our approach has often been unorthodox and our clients have come to rely on us for innovative solutions and transformational results.

    2. +91 80 43691824
      Web Designers, Web design & development

      Honeycomb Creative Support is a Professional Website design and development agency which delivers SEO friendly websites in Bangalore, India with strict adherence to quality, timeliness and affordable cost. Honeycomb also known as updated marketing communication agency equipped with in-depth design knowledge and possess a vast experience of over 8 years in marketing communication design industry. With a strong commitment for quality and value, we serve across the country in diverse segments. We also provide services like Graphic design, Logo design, Corporate and Product video production, Fine-Art printing and Onsite creative studio to client office. Honeycomb having around 60 employees with offices in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

    3. ThemesFarm.com, Jaya Nagar 8th Block

      2 Reviews 5.6 Sulekha Score
      +91 80 48031002
      Web Designers, Web design & development

      About ThemesFarm - We are delighted to introduce ourselves as a Elite Professional Brand identity & Web Design & Development Company. Our core expertise on latest trend & technology with hands on experience to provide professional and quality results. We offer Brand Identity, Theme Customization, Responsive Website Design & Development, CMS & E-commerce Brand Identity - Attractive Logo is extremely important for any company’s name to build a brand identity at the same time attract customers for your business. Eye catching logo is what people will remember & making it very essential to your Business. Theme Customization - Pick any theme of your choice from our showcase. We offer theme customization of our high quality Premium theme with your logo, colors and content up to 6 pages with contact form. All our themes are mobile friendly. Getting you ready to go live - Save Time & Money! Responsive Website Design & Development, CMS & E-commerce Is your Website Mobile Friendly? Mobile & Tablets - These latest addition of Innovative devices to digital world are helping people browse information on go with the wifi/cellular technology. Such devices has become part of our lives and the information is just a click away. Give your website a face lift with responsive website design. It’s easier than ever to get going. Every project is not the same, so request a quote today- One of our team member will reach out to say hello and gather more details about the requirements which helps to offer a customized quote that fits your specific need and budget. 5 Good Reasons To Have A Website • Reach out to your target audience Local as well Global – which is bigger platform. • Having a website is an advertisement on its own to showcase your Product, Services and Skills. No matter what type of business, you can demonstrate them with combination of content, images, videos with happy client testimonials on your website. • You can print your website URL on your business card/flyers and share them offline in your business meetings. • Get listed on local and global business directories with high page ranks, Google places and niche blogs etc which would help your website get recognized by major search engines online like Google, Yahoo and Bing customers interested will defently look into your website for information. • 24/7 and 365 days your business is online.

      Our Designs
    4. +91 80 48045907
      Web Designers, Web design & development

      Vpinch  are best suited for clients.We have already designed and developed a number of websites for clients located in for international clients. So send us an email or contact us to Vpinch . Once we understand your requirement we will send a detailed quote for your consideration. Our process is clear and transparent. So you will always be in control of the features you want us to implement. Vpinch will provide you a very reasonably priced hosting plan. By coming to us you will receive all solutions under one roof. So contact us now for more details.

    5. Maxem Infomedia, BTM Layout 1st Stage

      2 Reviews 7.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 80 43691141
      Web Designers, Web design & development

      MAXEM INFOMEDIA is a digital media company specialising in Web, Mobile, Digital Media Marketing, Creating Wonderful Visual Experience for Online Users. We are a unique combination of strategy and creativity. Left brain and right brain. Technology and humanity. We are on the cutting edge of shifts and changes on the web, analysing and implementing the latest technologies. We were established as a small and dynamic studio in 2006 and had years of innovation and exploration in the digital medium. We continue refining our expertise in Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design and Brand Development, site evaluation, social media advertising and management, domain registration, website hosting, content management systems, copywriting, SEO, Digital Film Making and more. We serve over hundreds of clients succeed online through the search engine marketing services we provide. Our clientele: AquastarDallas Tamizh MandramPropertyGama.comKJ SolarKarivardhan Engineering WorksIntigra Contact us for your website development needs.

    6. +91 80 48101159
      Web Designers, Web design & development

      Marketonix Services Pvt. Ltd. is a Bangalore based venture that offers software development, website design/development and corporate placement services for clients in the region. We develop software for clients from different sectors like IT, education, BPO, hospitality, paramedical, logistics, real estate, e-commerce, banking, etc. We ensure customer satisfaction by understanding customer needs and providing personalised services based on the same. Since our founding in 2013, we have catered our affordable services to a host of satisfied clients. Our Services Payroll /HR Out SourcingWeb Application DevelopmentsSchool Management SystemsStudent Tracking SystemsContractual Staffing SolutionsPermanent Staffing SolutionsProduct PromotionBrand PromotionAdvertisementCorporate EventsCorporate Outbound TrainingStudy Tours Contact us for any queries.

    7. +91 80 48043930
      Web Designers, Web design & development

      The place where everyone is creative and technical, where the things are done beyond any ones’ imagination, that’s Web Rankey. We are fueled by ideas and grounded by performance. We are one of the premier digital networks. We implement technology and creativity in a unique approach to brand and promote our clients’ product while giving them 100% transparency to have an excellent user experience. We are provided with all the stuffs that will help you to grow your business.A full-fledged service provider company based in Bengaluru: We breathe Digital, We Live Online, We Manage Business, and We Deliver Results.From Google to get business, Facebook to famous, tweets to trends, followers to fans, prospects to conversions. We are digital marketing and technology geeks with lots of aspiration for being a ruler in digital marketing World. We are excel in outsourcing and managed services for business to achieve better results. We deliver the expertise and talent related capabilities. We offer from contingent to permanent staffing – outsourcing – strategic consulting. We are here to convert our deep knowledge of human potential to your business.We provide solution to your business. Our solution focus on training and development, out sourcing, work force development.

    8. Xpertizein, Vijaya Nagar

      5.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 88857 34796
      Web Designers, Web design & development

      No. 24/2, 4th Cross Street, Ground Floor, Pipeline Road,, Vijaya Nagar, Bangalore - 560040

    9. iWeb Coderz , Infantry Road

      1 Review 5.2 Sulekha Score
      +91 80 43691821
      Web Designers, Web design & development

      Kedia Arcade ,No. 92 , 1st Floor, Unit-104, Infantry Road, Bangalore - 560001

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    10 User Reviews of Web Design Companies in Bangalore as on Aug 18, 2017

    Average Rating (4)
    1. 6th July, 2017

      Worst company ever heard about

    2. 4th July, 2017

      Great job, they have done :)

    3. 30th June, 2017

      Good Service by Adinnovo Team, Adinnovo team has been a highly competitive digital marketing agency. Their exotic branding ideas have established a unique identity and image for our product. Our website is developed with expert UI design. Through strong Search engine marketing, Social media campaign, email marketing, they were able to generate the traffic and improve our business strategy, globally.

    4. 27th June, 2017

      Very bad experience with this company

    5. 25th June, 2017

      I recommend Webcircle Technologies team for their assured quality work with reasonable price and for on time delivery.

    6. 24th June, 2017

      Top digital marketing training in bangalore with real time training and placements

    7. 23rd June, 2017

      On this sathya technosoft i got a Web branding service.their service and response was average only.they still calculating the amount for the service.overall its an average service which i got from them.

    8. 22nd June, 2017

      I Liked the Service and they are very cooperative.

    9. 16th June, 2017

      Through this business people I got a good Website development services,also they did n't charged me any amount for that .their service was very good and proper.i am satisfied with their service..

    10. 15th June, 2017

      Webcircle Technologies and team have developed and designed my website http://bgsoftwaresolutions.com/ extremely well. It came out exactly as I had wanted that website to be. The team was more than happy to make multiple revisions on the website till I was satisfied it including multiple back end and front end development changes . We interacted a lot to get things clarified. I would recommend Webcircle Technologies to my friends if they are looking for creating a website or redesigning their website.

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    Recent Enquiries on Web Design and Development

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    • Type of website: Business Website
    • Self Introduction: Organization looking for website development
    4 days ago
    • Type of project: Website Redesign
    • Type of website: Business Website
    • Self Introduction: Organization looking for website development
    11 days ago
    • Type of project: Website Development
    • Type of website: Business Website
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for website development
    11 days ago
    • Type of project: Website Design
    • Type of website: Business Website
    • Self Introduction: Organization looking for website development
    12 days ago
    • FAQ guide for choosing Web designing companies near you

      What is the importance of developing a website?

      Website designing is the most important component of a company’s marketing plan that helps them make their online presence felt. As web technology progressed over the years, it yielded many tools such as web graphic design, interface design, coding and testing, hosting, and application development. Professional website services help businesses in building unique, credible content and designing visually appealing user interfaces to meet the needs of the visitors.

      Why should I develop a website?

      The typical reasons to develop a website are as follows

      1. Helps promote and sell goods and provide services online.
      2. Gives a world wide access of your business
      3. Helps create a stronger brand image and build customer relationship
      4. Creates a domain to display the product information to the clients who are keen on understanding the business

      What are the benefits of hiring a website service?

      • New Technologies

      Most of the do it yourself website builders will not provide the latest features and this might affect the design. By availing the services of a professional website service, you can be assured that the website is created with all the latest technologies in accordance to the trends.

      • Quality Content

      Content is a crucial aspect when constructing a website and it's essential to provide appropriate content to attract the attention of the audience. Professional website services conduct relevant research to understand the audience and their needs and will provide appropriate content. They will also develop effective SEO strategies to help market your website effectively. 

      • Save on Time

      Creating a website is more than layouts and design. Constructing a website by yourself can be a time consuming process and one might not be aware of the various rules to keep in mind when creating one. Instead if you hire professional website services, not only do you get a quality website but you can save a lot of time. 

      • Webmaster Services

      Websites must have regular maintenance in order to remain successful and keep up with newer trends. By using a professional website service, one can benefit from their webmaster services to keep the site updated and fresh.

      • Logo Design

      A graphic designer with an eye for detail designs the logo for the company. This logo creation is crucial because it helps in establishing a unique brand identity.

      How to hire the right website designing company in Bangalore?

      To help you choose the right service that fits your needs and budget, below are some of the factors you should consider before hiring a website development service 

      • Verify if the website design company has a great track record and analyze their areas of expertise.
      • Find out the types of website services they offer
      • Ensure that their programmers are certified.
      • Discuss about your project and enquire about the timelines.
      • Insist on a detailed contract to keep track of the projects.
      • Request for price details from all service providers and compare.
      • Make your decision based on all above the factors and finalize on one that suits your needs.

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