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Book Banks as on Mar 17, 2018

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    Various Literature Genres

    Literature is powerful. It has the power to mirror the society and at the same time it can even sweep us off the current scenes and take us into its hypothetical world. Books are a way of entering into the world of literature and these days we even have the digitised options – eBooks. Be it Marathi eBooks. Hindi eBooks or English, these digitised versions have increased our love for literature by manifolds.

    Through this article let us take you on a ride through various genres of literature

    Literature is majorly divided into two types



    These genres include the following types

    Nonfiction – These books are fact based

    1. Essays – These are short proses that usually showcase writer’s outlook on a particular topic.
    2. Biography – Written document of another person’s life is showcased in a Biography.
    3. Autobiography – It is written document of a person’s life written by him/her.
    4. Speech – It is basically written in the form of an address, ability to express one’s thoughts.

    Fiction – These books are based on imaginative characters and storylines

    1. Legend – It basically showcases the story of a hero in the form of folklore.
    2. Mystery – It is based on unsolved secrets or unexplained aspects.
    3. Mythology – It is a traditional narrative usually depicting tales of Gods and Goddesses.
    4. Fairy Tales – These are basically fables usually portraying stories of fairies or magical creatures.
    5. Fantasy – These tales are based on imaginative characters, aspects or stories which may or may not relate to reality.
    6. Horror – The tales that are shocking, frightening, dreadful are included in this category. These tales instigate a feeling of fear in everyone reading them.

    Various Marathi eBooks cover these genres and are a delight to read.

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