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Borewell Contractors in Hyderabad

as on May 12, 2021
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  1. Sonu Submersible Servicing Centre-Hyderabad-Borewell Contractors, Borewell motor repair & services

    Sonu Submersible Servicing Centre

    Mini Tank Bund , Safilguda, Hyderabad
    32 Reviews 8.3

    Borewell Contractors, Borewell motor repair & services

    Raja Matanji Submersible Servicing Centre, founded in 2000, is a renowned borewell contractor based in Hyderabad. We supply borewell submersible pumps, open well submersible pumps and non-clog submersible pumps. Our services include borewell drilling services, rebaring services, dewatering services and underwater/deepwater drilling services. We also offer borewell motor repair services for a total shutdown, low water flow, burnt motor coil and noise issues. Contact us for getting our affordable products ...

  2. Sri Sai Ganesh Borewells-Hyderabad-Borewell Contractors, Borewell motor repair & services

    Sri Sai Ganesh Borewells

    Mansoorabad Road, Mansoorabad

    Borewell Contractors, Borewell motor repair & services

    Road No.2, Balaji Nagar, Mansoorabad Road,, Mansoorabad, Hyderabad - 500068
  3. Mn Reddy Bore Motor Mechanic -Hyderabad-Borewell Contractors, Borewell motor repair & services

    Mn Reddy Bore Motor Mechanic

    P-2 air colony__peddha amberpet, Hayath Nagar, Hyderabad

    Borewell Contractors, Borewell motor repair & services

    Bore well Motor and Pumps Repair and Replacements Electric Motors and Pumps repair and replacements

  4. Lion Electrical Works

    Kavdiguda, Secunderabad

    Borewell Contractors, Borewell motor repair & services

    No.1-4-27/71/195, Padmashali Colony, Kavdiguda, Secunderabad, Hyderabad - 500380 Get Directions
  5. Gupta Engineering

    Old Ghasmandi, Ranigunj

    Borewell Contractors, Borewell motor repair & services

    Shop No. 5-1-219, Hill Street, Old Ghasmandi, Ranigunj, Hyderabad - 500003
  6. Sahitya Housing Pvt. Ltd.

    House No. 619, Ameerpet

    Borewell Contractors, Borewell/Openwell Drilling Service

    Swarna Jayanthi Commercial Complex ,House No. 619, Ameerpet, Hyderabad - 500016
  7. Moti Trading Co.

    Old Bhoiguda, Secunderabad
    1 Review

    Borewell Contractors, Borewell motor repair & services

    Shop No. 4/3/103/1, Near Syed Wali Masjid, Hill Street, Old Bhoiguda, Secunderabad, Hyderabad - 500003 Get Directions
  8. Deccan Pumps & Borewells

    Toli Chowki, Golconda

    Borewell Contractors, Borewell motor repair & services

    9-4-77/3/11, Rubat Habeeb Complex ,Toli Chowki Road, Toli Chowki, Golconda, Hyderabad - 500008
  9. Namra Construction Pvt. Ltd.

    No. 16, Banjara Hills

    Borewell Contractors, Borewell/Openwell Drilling Service

    No. 16, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500034
  10. S.R. Drillers

    Plot no 18 gandipet , Ramanthapur, Hyderabad

    Borewell Contractors, Dewatering services

    S.R. Drillers is renowned for its quality Borewell Contractors services and timelines. We deal with Borewell Drilling Services, Submersible Pumps, Tubewell Boring and Borewell Flushing. We address your needs with utmost care and ensure your satisfaction in whatever we do. Give us an opportunity to serve you. We will gift you with a pleasant experience. Contact us now.

8 Reviews of Borewell Contractors in Hyderabad

as on May 12, 2021 Average Rating (4) - 168 reviews
24th Apr, 2021 ,

Work done thankyou for the help

17th Feb, 2021

Worst experience of my life

5th Sep, 2020

Good service Great no probs at all

5th Sep, 2020

Good services and completed work as per schedule. Owners are accurate and transparent in terms of pricing. Go for it

23rd Apr, 2020 ,

Helped in the time of need . Excellent job done and a very good person too .

20th Apr, 2020

Very Good Service , nice person has good knowledge

6th Mar, 2020 ,

Good good good good good a

5th Feb, 2020 ,

Good job,, Very well known about submersible motors,He is excellent in repairs.

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  • What is borewell drilling?

    A borewell is drilled into the ground to reach the good quality underground water that can be used for domestic as well as commercial purposes. The borewell contractors are the experts who drill into the ground using borewell drilling machines. The borewell contractors in Hyderabad are making use of the latest drilling machines for borewell drilling, and open well digging.  These experts also help with borewell repair, cleaning and maintaining.

  • What should you expect from the borewell estimate?

    The borewell drilling services may charge you for the following things that are listed below.

    • borewell drilling cost per feet 
    • borewell machine on-rent charges
    • Cost of pipes and other materials
    • Flushing charges
    • Transportation charge for the borewell machine

    The total borewell drilling cost may vary depending upon the type of the borewell, type of the landscape, drilling method and many other things. Get estimates from at least 3 contractors, compare them and then decide on the right contractor for your project. You can also get open well estimates for your project.

  • What is the most significant borewell drilling method?

    As mentioned earlier, there are many factors that you need to consider before coming up with the most significant method. Each drilling method work for different landscapes and purposes. It is essential to understand the requirements of the borewell project before deciding on a method. Here is a list of methods classified based on their

    1. Bore type
      1. For shallow bore - Water jetting, Augur drilling and Calyx drilling
      2. For deep bore - Percussion Drilling, rotary drilling and DTH drilling
    2. Soil type
      1. Alluvial – Water jetting, Augur drilling and Calyx drilling
      2. Hard rock – Calyx drilling and DTH drilling
      3. Boulder – Percussion Drilling
  • What is the difference between a borewell and tube well?

    There is no huge difference between borewells and tube wells. The pipe of the borewell is secured with the casing. In the case of tube well, the casing is present in the bottom with perforated pipes at some levels. The other difference is that the borewell is drilled for shallow depths in hard rock and the tube well boring contractors drill on the sand and gravel where the water is present deep under the ground.

  • What is the possibility of getting water from the borewell?

    You cannot expect that all the borewells that are drilled yields water. The truth is most of the borewells yield water, some of them yield water primarily and then gets dried after some time. One cannot come up with a value or a number. Depending upon many factors the yield may be high, low or even nothing sometimes. Some of the primary factors that affect the water yielding capacity of the borewells are the composition of the soil, water level, and many other things. The key for getting high yield from borewell is finding the right spot for drilling. Some other experts suggest rainwater harvesting technique to enhance the water yielding capacity of the borewell. Try the rain water harvesting technique to support your borewell to yield water throughout the year.

  • Why do the borewells fail?

    There are many reasons for the failure of the borewell. Regardless of the efficient water predicting techniques, one cannot assure that the borewell could yield water. Borewell drilling on the wrong spot leads to failure. You get water after reaching certain feet under the ground. In some cases, you need to drill deep into the ground to get water. In some other worst cases, the deep drilling ends at the rocks where there is no water yielding possibility. Some of the commonly known reasons for the borewell failure are the decrease in the groundwater level, over usage of borewells in the nearby areas, improper selection of motor pumps and much more.

    It is also important to incorporate high quality products for pipe, casing and pumps. This eliminates the chances of borewell failure and also helps your borewell last longer with less maintenance. Hire the best borewell contractors in the city by just answering the questions given above. We help you find suitable contractors who can cater to your requirement. Mention the suitable time to contact you and discuss with the experts. Finalize the deal and write reviews when the required job is done.

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FAQ - Borewell Contractors in Hyderabad

  • How should I decide on the borewell point?

    It is better to seek guidance from the geologists or water dowsing professionals to identify the right spot for borewell drilling. These experts conduct surveys and experiments to find the water layers under the soil. These water diviners are easily available in every locality. Also, inquire in your surrounding area about the borewell depth that got implemented recently and the possibility of getting water when drilling a new borewell in that area.

    If you believe in Vastu and want to follow it for finding the spot of drilling, you need to approach a spot in the northeast direction. As per Vastu, the source of water or borewell needs to be dug in the North East.
  • When is the best time to drill a borewell in Hyderabad?

    It is advisable to dig a borewell that in summer seasons. Most commonly, the summers in Hyderabad are generally dry, and the groundwater level lowers down. When you drill a borewell at that time, you will reach the maximum borewell depth to reach the water level. Doing this ensures the availability of water for the next summer too.
  • What permits should I get from Government Authorities to drill a borewell?

    In the state of Tamil Nadu, the Supreme Court issued some guidelines for drilling a borewell. At least 15 days before digging up a borewell, you need to get permission from the concerned urban or rural local bodies and with the Department of Ground Water or Public Health. It is necessary to follow the general rules given by the collector while drilling the borewell. Try to abide by the legal framework and finish the legal formalities before signing the contract with the borewell contractor.
  • How do I get quotes from Borewell Contractors in Hyderabad?

    When you get approval from the government authorities and decide on the drilling spot with the help of a water diviner or a geologist, you need to hire the right borewell contractors to get your job done flawlessly without complexities. Fill in the above form to get free quotes from the efficient borewell contractors around you. Read the transparent reviews given by the verified customers who previously used their services. Get calls and free quotes from many contractors you wish to discuss. Shortlist the ones that promise you good package and support. Finalize the deal.
  • How do borewell contractors charge in Hyderabad?

    Generally, the borewell contractors charge depends on the following:
    • Borewell drilling cost per feet
    • Casing pipe cost per feet
    • Drilling and installation costs for pipe per feet
    • Flushing charges per hour (Cleaning and flushing after drilling)
    • Transportation charges of the rig or borewell vehicle to the site per km.
    When you get the quotations from different borewell contractors, compare each of the parameters and decide on the right contractor. Also, ask clearly to the contractors that if they charge additionally after the work is done.
  • What are the significant borewell drilling methods?

    One can categorize the borewell drilling methods according to their drilling machines. It is essential to choose the right drilling method depending upon the purpose of the borewell drilling and the type of soil present in that area. Some of the commonly known drilling methods are For shallow bores-
    1. Water Jetting and Augur Drilling are suitable for shallow bores in alluvial soil
    2. Calyx Drilling are suitable for shallow borewells in both hard rock and alluvial soil
    For deep bores-
    1. Percussion Drilling is for deep bores in boulder soil
    2. Rotary Drilling is most commonly used for drilling large and deep bores in alluvial soil. While DTH Drilling does the same in hard rock soil.
  • How to measure the borewell depth?

    There are a number of methods that help to measure the borewell depths. But, most commonly the borewell depth is measured by using a string. In this method, a string that is longer than the depth of the borewell that is drilled and a piece of wood is tied at the one end of the string. Now the string is sent into the borehole until the wood piece reaches the water level. As the wood piece reaches the water level, it starts floating and loosens the string tension. That point of the string is marked and measured.

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  • Borewell maintenance- Things To Follow

    Borewell maintenance- Things To Follow

    It is important to have a borewell for additional water supply. It is difficult to get them dug and even maintain them. Some rules must be followed when getting them dug or even for maintenance purpose. A lot depends on how the borewell was dug or ......

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