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About Cockroach Pest Control Service in Ghaziabad

Its cockroaches everywhere! It is the common problem most domestic households face today. The nuisances created by cockroaches are more than they might harm your health. Cockroaches are uninvited guests that always try to get into your home for shelter, food, and water. These insects interface with personal comfort, cause social embarrassment and cause diseases by spreading bacteria. Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures deft at hiding, so an infection can get out of hand even before you realize they shelter in your home. Cockroach Pest Control Service is the only solution to free your home from unwanted and menacing cockroaches. Hiring a professional cockroach pest control service will help solve your pest problem and keep your family healthy.

Many firms offer cockroach pest control solutions for your home at budget costs. The listed cockroach pest control service firms on Sulekha have several plans for cockroach attacks and refer the best professional suiting your requirements. They offer custom solutions adhering to international food safety norms based on the size and operations of the space. Their service involves thorough inspections, application, monitoring, and recommendations on sanitation and proofing. Whether you have a few or an entire family of cockroaches invading your home, the roach experts will develop a plan of action that will eliminate the cockroaches and prevent them from being re-established. The firms guarantee you the peace-of-mind that cockroaches will not be a persistent problem for you using insect growth regulators, targeted baits, and effective cockroach removal processes. Choose the best cockroach pest control service through Sulekha based on your location and preferred budget. The cost depends on the type of treatment carried out, treated residential area, and other factors. Connect with Sulekha to find the top-rated cockroach pest control services at your desired cost!

Types of Pest Services Offered by Sulekha Experts in Ghaziabad

Bed Bugs Control

Charges Starting from550onwards

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Cockroach Control

Charges Starting from450onwards

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Mosquito Control

Charges Starting from600onwards

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Termite Control

Charges Starting from900onwards

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Commercial Pest Control

Charges Starting from1,500onwards

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Why Sulekha

Sulekha is India's most efficient and affordable premier listing service. When you choose Sulekha, you get the best offers available in the market and negotiate your terms with the top service providers. Our specialists guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Verified & Trained Pest Professionals 100% Safe Chemicals 30 Days Warranty 50K+ Happy Customers 5-star Rated Services 1000+ Cities served

Covid 19 disinfection procedures and safety measure about WHO standards

Sulekha service partner will provide Disinfection service to premises with positive covid 19 cases. Our service professionals will Disinfect the premises according to covid 19 Disinfection SOP .

Cockroach Control Services in Ghaziabad

as on Jan 18, 2022
4.0/5 Based on 20 reviews
Verified Cockroach Control, Pest control service, Net Dealers, Professional Disinfecting & Sanitization Services
Working hours 8 AM to 8 PM
12 Years of experience 8.2 Sulekha score 1 time hired on Sulekha
Jyoti from Ghaziabad

"The Service provided by them is good "

4.0/5 Based on 48 reviews
Verified Cockroach Control, Pest control service, Professional Disinfecting & Sanitization Services Also serving in Ghaziabad
7 Sulekha score 1 time hired on Sulekha
NehA from Delhi

"It was very nice service i got from JMJ pest management. Very good treatment they had done ."

5.0/5 Based on 8 reviews
Verified Cockroach Control, Pest control service, Professional Disinfecting & Sanitization Services Also serving in Ghaziabad
Working hours 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM
15 Years of experience 5.3 Sulekha score 3 times hired on Sulekha Service Warranty 1 year
Gaurav from Delhi

"Super pest service main tarmaite treatment karbaya tha avi tak koi problem nahi aae"

Verified Cockroach Control, Pest control service Vijay Nagar, Ghaziabad, 201009
4.9 Sulekha score
4.0/5 Based on 12 reviews
Verified Cockroach Control, Pest control service, Professional Disinfecting & Sanitization Services Also serving in Ghaziabad
16 Years of experience 8.2 Sulekha score 10 times hired on Sulekha Approved By IPCA ( Indian Pest Control Association)Service Warranty 60 days
Nitesh Bhardwaj from Delhi

"I m satisfied in this company for Super Sai pest Control Service"

4.0/5 Based on 7 reviews
Verified Cockroach Control, Pest control service, Fumigation services, Pest Control Product Dealers Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, 201010
Working hours 8 AM to 8 PM
7.4 Sulekha score 11 times hired on Sulekha
CONCOR from Ghaziabad

"Today work done we need to wait for few days for results"

5.0/5 Based on 7 reviews
Verified Cockroach Control, Pest control service, Professional Disinfecting & Sanitization Services Ghaziabad Sector 5, Ghaziabad, 201007
10 Years of experience 7.7 Sulekha score 2 times hired on Sulekha Approved By IPCA ( Indian Pest Control Association)Service Warranty 1 year
Subodh from Ghaziabad

"Good service providers. I'm happy with your services. "

4.5/5 Based on 320 reviews
Verified Cockroach Control, Pest control service Also serving in Ghaziabad
46 Years of experience 10 Sulekha score 31 times hired on Sulekha Approved By IPCA ( Indian Pest Control Association)Service Warranty 90 days
Vikas from Delhi

"I am living in Uttam Nagar West Delhi. I have taken pest control service from this company.....service was too good.... Now I am free from home insects. .........i don't have any problem related to cockroaches .....and the staff is too supportable.?? Communication 5/5 responsiveness 5/5 good price 5/5 ontime services 5/5 Service Quality 5/5"

Verified Cockroach Control, Pest control service Also serving in Ghaziabad
Working hours 9 AM to 6 PM
10 Years of experience 5 Sulekha score
5.0/5 Based on 6 reviews
Verified Cockroach Control, Pest control service Also serving in Ghaziabad
7.8 Sulekha score 5 times hired on Sulekha Approved By IPCA ( Indian Pest Control Association)Service Warranty 1 year
Sunaina from Delhi

"Good ?? satisfied n happy ?? "

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Latest Reviews of Cockroach Control in Ghaziabad As on Jan 18, 2022

Average Rating
5.0/5 73 Reviews

" Good service providers. I'm happy with your services. "

Subodh from Ghaziabad, on 05 Nov 2021

" Lizards control service good service all lizards remove my chemical brand THANK YOU.. Communication 5/5 responsiveness 5/5 good price 5/5 ontime services 5/5 Service Quality 5/5 "

A User from Ghaziabad, on 17 Oct 2021

" Good and economical person came on time and he I checked the issues thoroughly before doing job and was polite "

Saurabh from Ghaziabad, on 09 Sep 2021

" Professional team good service "

Sunil from Ghaziabad, on 20 Aug 2021

" Excellent services. Right in time. "

Poushali from Ghaziabad, on 13 Jun 2021

" Very Good company. All Time Team Available. "

chandan sharma from Ghaziabad, on 05 Mar 2021

" pest free services have professional trained staff of pest control, sanitization and fumigation service "

Shashank Rathore from Ghaziabad, on 05 Feb 2021

" Best service provider company "

Guest from Ghaziabad, on 18 Apr 2020

Recent enquiries of Cockroach Control in Ghaziabad

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Type of Pest Control : Cockroach Control 123 days ago
Pre*** requested for Pest control service
Type of Pest Control : Cockroach Control 123 days ago
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Pest name : Cockroaches 784 days ago

Hiring Guide for Pest Control Service in Ghaziabad

Cockroaches are insects found all over the world. Familiar to most people, cockroaches are the most common pests. They are very resourceful insects that can live, eat, and breed in your home without you even knowing it.

Even though cockroaches don’t usually bite, they can still cause health problems for you and your family if they infest your house or apartment. Cockroach’s dead skin can cause allergies, and athematic issues make it harder to breathe. If you think cockroaches infest your house, do not panic. Finding cockroaches is not because your house is dirty or unhygienic. Even if you clean regularly and maintain a tidy home, cockroaches can usually find food and water without much trouble. This allows them to be the best in survival and thrive in many environments.

How to find Cockroaches?

Now cockroaches can get into your house in one of million ways, as they are very resourceful and find ways to food and warm places in one way or another. Usually, they come ad go through cracks and holes in the buildings, doors, and windows and slowly infest your house. Few other creative ways they get in is by hitching a ride on bags, suitcases, containers, or through the pipelines and electrical wiring connection to go from one apartment to another.

They are very stealthy as well, so keep a lookout, or else you might risk an infestation. The home makes way to their hiding skills by provided multiple out of sight and hard to reach spaces. To know where to find them if, at all, it's in your house, you must understand their likes and feeding behavior to get a better shot at it.

Few of the most preferred location in the house to find cockroaches are:

  • Cockroaches prefer to shelter in narrow cracks and crevices.
  • Check behind refrigerators, under sinks, and in dark drawers or cabinets.
  • They search widely for food at night, eating a wide variety of foods and non-food materials.
  • If the kitchen is where most of the open food is at night, then you'll find them there.


If you are not sure whether or not your house has cockroaches, it doesn't hurt to take preventive measures and keep away the harmful pests. Steps you can make at home to limit cockroach activity and prevent future infestations are:

  • Store food in sealed containers and keep your dishes washed.
  • Keep stove tops, counters, and floors clean of grease and food.
  • Repair plumbing leaks.
  • Seal cracks and holes near doors, windows, and other areas of the home.
  • Monitor your home for signs of cockroaches, check for cockroach eggs, droppings, and shed skins.

Cockroach pest control

Researchers have proved that cockroaches affect the health of people, particularly children. There is much evidence that shows that cockroaches contribute to asthma morbidity. Children who live in infested homes have more chances to get asthma, miss more school days, and visit a doctor more often. One of the biggest reasons to get a cockroach exterminator is better health for your family.

In addition to sprays and foggers, the exterminator may also place cockroach traps. Even in homes that are poorly maintained and untidy, bait traps decreases the number of cockroaches inside the home.

Benefits to Hire Sulekha?

At Sulekha, you can find verified, and experienced pest control professionals who are incredible at exterminating all types of pests, and roaches are no different. Experienced professionals tackle targeted sites without making a mess in the house, plus they provide satisfying results. With technical skills and tools, roaches are sure to leave your home all to yourself.

With more than 320+ pest control professional companies in listed on our website, you can choose from different options of specialty and price range to keep it under your budget. Also, check the reviews posted by recent customers who booked for cockroach exterminator and decide which dealer suits your requirement.

Price Range of Cockroach Pest Control

(Note: Prices may vary depending on the number of sessions, products used, level of infestation, type of property, etc. For more clarity, get in touch with professional experts)

Service Price (INR)
Full house Cockroach extermination(1BHK) Rs. 700 - 1000/-
Full house Cockroach extermination(2BHK - 3BHK) Rs. 1000 to 2000/-
Commercial, office space Rs. 2000/-
General pest control (Roaches, bugs, termites, etc.) Rs. 2000/-

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know my house is infested with cockroaches?

The best time to inspect your house for cockroaches is at night. If you find an army of cockroaches in your kitchen, which is their common hideout place, there is very little you can do except trying to kill them then and there. But the worst part is their hideout area, which will have plenty of eggs laid there to take over your house once again.

2. Can I treat my house myself?

Since you are here and reading the second question, it is evident that you have already tried the anti-cockroach spray and have failed. Eliminating cockroaches from your home is the most difficult task you will ever get. Cockroach control treatment requires multiple visits from insect control team to remove them from you homes effectively. You may leave this tedious task to experts, and they will take care of it.

3. I have cockroaches at home, but nobody ever fell sick, should I still treat my house against cockroaches?

There are no good or bad cockroaches. Every cockroach is the same, and its job is to spread filth across the home and especially the kitchen area and spread diseases. If no one fell sick in your home, then you have a perfect immune system, but this does not mean you will never get affected by these cockroaches. It is essential for you to treat your house with Cockroach pest control and get rid of the disease spreading cockroaches as soon as possible.

4. Will my house smell bad after the treatment is over?

Yes for a few hours it will smell of the chemicals sprayed to control the cockroaches. We recommend you leave your windows open and move all the food items out of your kitchen during the treatment. This will make sure the bad smell clear sooner, and none of your food items gets contaminated with pest control spray.

5. I have hundreds and thousands of cockroaches in my home, will your service provider be able to solve my problem?

The list of service providers we have on Sulekha is trained to handle the worst of the scenarios of cockroach control. However, sometimes the cockroaches may not clear of your house in a single treatment and may require multiple visits from the service provider. You may get in touch with the service provider and get further details on that.

6. How much it cost me to treat my 2BHK apartment?

2BHK apartment if treated in single visit may cost between Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000. But if it requires multiple visits, then you can contact the service provider for more details. The prices mentioned here are merely indicative, and the actual costs may vary upon booking the services.

Do you know?
35,000+ People from across India trusted Sulekha for hiring pest control experts last year.

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