Are You Electrically Safe At Home? Check!

Shobika 4 years ago

A flickering light is never a good sign. If you have been noticing a sudden spike in the electricity bill which you cannot account for, then your home is going through severe electrical issues. It can take a dangerous turn if not addressed on time. A power shortage or surge can blow off fuse and wires may even catch fire. Before things get out of control, resolve these typical 10 electrical troubles for a safe and happy home.

  1. Flickering light – Often during weather disturbances, the light seems to flicker. Insufficient power could be one of the reasons. The factors that lead to flickering can be severe and require immediate attention. Solution – Look for damages in the wires and cables. Call an electrician. He will check the wiring and replace it if needed.
  1. Mal-functioning switches – When you try to switch on or off, the lights might take a long time to switch on. The reason can be a faulty switch or loose wire connection.Solution – If the switchboard is dangling, use a screwdriver to fix it. If the problem persists, call an expert. You might need new switches.
  1. Frequent tripping – If the circuit breaker trips often, that is an indication of overload.Solution – Identify the appliance causing the tripping, get a separate line or connection made for it. Avoid overloading as much as possible.
  1. Shocks from electrical boards – A dangerous or a lethal condition is receiving shocks from electrical appliances.Solution – Call a skilled electrician immediately and get it checked. Switch off the mains and do not touch the appliance or switchboard before the electrician arrives.
  1. Failing light bulbs – Do you find yourself changing bulbs frequently? Faulty circuit or the holder could be the reason.Solution – Test with a lower wattage bulb and see how long the bulbs last. If the problem persists, call an electrician.
  1. Increasing electricity bill – For no new appliances and same power consumption, an unforeseen spike in the electricity bill is a grave problem.Solution – You need to change the old wires and replace them with more energy efficient wires. Also, check for the appliances that draw a large amount of power. You can also replace such appliances with more energy efficient versions.
  1. Fluctuating power supply – If you stay in an area where the power supply is unstable, Fluctuations may be common. However, recurring variations indicate a serious electrical issue.Solution – Identify the underlying cause behind fluctuations. If it is inadequate power supply, get stabilisers. Ask an electrician to check individual devices for power consumption levels. He might suggest changing the wiring if required.
  1. Ill-fitted wires – Kids and pets alike love to pull and tug any loose wiring. They are dangerous for everybody in the family. Not just the danger of electrocution but also family member’s tendency to trip and fall.Solution – Make sure all the wires are safely secured on the walls. Nothing should hang or fall down. Concealed wiring is highly preferred as it offers the best safety.
  1. Unavailability of grounding solution – Some homes and apartments do not have grounding facility. During severe thunderstorms, the absence of grounding can pose risky challenges to homeowners.Solution – Discuss the best grounding options for your home with an electrician.
  1. Incorrect wattage for lamps – Sometimes we ignore the wattage requirement for bulbs. It can result in a burst of the holder or the bulb filaments or even the bulb.Solution – Always check the bulb wattage and get suitable replacements. An incorrect wattage can cause a burst, which one has to avoid

Never ignore an electrical issue as it can blow out of proportion in no time. Be proactive and save your home from possible hazards henceforth.  

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