How to Declutter Your Home Before Shifting

Sai Vishal Kannan 2 years ago
Relocating for various reasons is smart, but have you considered decluttering before moving? Not only decluttering enables you to plunge to pare down your belongings, but it also helps you save your wallet and time. The boiling point is that the more stuff you stock, the more you spend to move. So, take a closer look to find more than what you need. Are you searching for smart tips on how to declutter before a move? Guess what? You've come to the right place! We have curated pro tips to assist your decluttering process in helping you start fresh in your new place.

Room-To-Room Decluttering Checklist
Decluttering a home is daunting and needs professional intervention to streamline the process. Our checklist resolves your pain points to complete the downsizing job. Here we go!

Living Room
As the decluttering process suggests, knowing how and where you start is essential. A living room is a shared space that stocks items to exhibit your house's charm. To get started, search these areas for anything outdated, broken, or you don't want anymore. This adds calmness to the air, and your moving day will be more peaceful. If you declutter your living and family rooms before you move, ensure you pay attention to the following, 
  • Books and Magazines
There are efficient ways to store and use books to read. You can buy a customized bookcase to organize genres and more. However, books are heavy items to carry and move or pack into smaller boxes. So, donate books irrelevant to your interest. 
  • Game Consoles and Extra Controllers
Spare some time for the gamer in you. Sell the games you played already, retire the broken controllers and extra cables to save space and lessen work.  
  • Old Cassettes and CDs
With the advent of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Spotify, Prime Video, and Hotstar, there may be other purposes besides collecting CDs for DVDs. Donate your media to the library or your friends. It is also worth posting the items on eBay to make real money. 

Get rid of broken, spoiled, surplus, or never used.  
  • Use the Consumables First
Using the consumables is an easy way to have less stuff during moving. Or say you spend on something other than extra packing materials for wrapping them. This will help with costs and saves more room for other items in the bag. You can also consume as many pantry items as possible to have less food to move. By doing this, you can save food or eatables from contamination. You can apply the same formula for personal hygiene products like soap, shampoo, and wash lotion. Hence, this is a proactive solution.
  • Kitchen Appliances
As appliances go out of warranty, they wear and tear. So, toss away the appliances that serve no purpose. You can also sell your old appliances that have corroded or exchange them and deliver them directly to your new place. Recycling items are eco-friendly, including appliances like microwaves, toasters, and grills.
  • Cookware
Most extra kitchenware is made up of cookie sheets and baking dishes. The pizza stone you never use and tops for pots that don't match are extra items to hunt for and donate. 

Bedrooms are some of the best places to declutter. Before a move, purge. Due to the volume of stuff, dressers and closets become inaccessible storage spaces. At least once a year, it's a good idea to look through our belongings to get rid of anything we no longer need or want. Check for the following items,  
  • Clothes Hangers
Who only owns hangers they can use? Donating extra hangers to close friends, charitable trusts, or secondhand shops is a terrific idea.  
  • Clothes and Shoes
Time to reflect on your body goals. Evaluate the number of clothes that fit you. Discard tight dresses and apparel that spent most of their existence inside the cupboard. Find a recycling center for textiles nearby. Also, those clothes and shoes may not be helpful for you, but the case is different for others. Donate them to orphanages for a fair share of charity. 

  • Jewelry and Accessories
Since jewelry and accessories are swiftly out of style, there is much room for decluttering. Keep your sentimental jewelry, but think about giving away the things you no longer wear to make someone else's day happier. You can also bring belts, handbags, and jewelry to a consignment shop. 

How Will Your New House Influence Your Needs
As you start the decluttering process before moving, you must consider the space required to store your items in your new home. You’ll need to let go of the furniture you don’t need owing to the number of bedrooms and overall configuration of your new house. Consider what you can fit in your new space, where things will go, and other factors.  

Wrapping Up
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