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as on Aug 02, 2021
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  1. T SRAVAN KUMAR AND ASSOCIATED-Siddipet-SSI Registration Consultants


    2nd Floor Maris complex Nagole Hyderabad 500068, Subhash Road

    SSI Registration Consultants

    +91 7738613412
    2nd Floor Maris complex Nagole Hyderabad 500068, Subhash Road, Siddipet - 502103 Get Directions
  2. T Sravan Kumar &Associates-Siddipet-SSI Registration Consultants

    T Sravan Kumar &Associates

    ghandhi chowk, Subhash Road
    6 Reviews

    SSI Registration Consultants

    +91 7738613412
    Shop no-6,citizen plus,ghandhi chowk, Subhash Road, Siddipet - 521601 Get Directions
  3. Goklani & Associates

    Also Servicing in Siddipet

    SSI Registration Consultants

    +91 8735868238
    211 Avnue Complex, Okha, Jamnagar - 361120 Get Directions
  4. Sixth Element Finserv Private Limited-Siddipet-SSI Registration Consultants

    Sixth Element Finserv Private Limited

    Also Servicing in Siddipet

    SSI Registration Consultants

    +91 9807411114
    B20 Third Floor, Surajmal Vihar, Block B, Surajmal, Surajmal Vihar, Delhi - 110092 Get Directions

Importance of chartered accountants for SSI registration in Siddipet

If you are planning to start a small scale industry, registering it can be a hassle. If you are not aware of the legal matters of the country or well-versed with tax laws then hiring a CA can help you with the small scale registration process. The chartered accountant will take care of the formalities and you will not have to worry about missing out on important aspects of the registration.

Important steps the chartered accountant will take to enroll your small scale industry

Once you are sure you have a small scale industry, you can proceed with the registration. A small scale industry is where capital investment does not exceed the amount of Rs.1,00,00000.

The process of registration is complicated and involves several steps. Here is a guide on what to expect.

  • The chartered accountant in Siddipet will help you with registering the SSI company on a provisional basis.
  • You will be directed to start your business with the help of the certificate (the temporary or provisional certificate)
  • The CA in Siddipet will then apply for the permanent registration certificate.

Initial steps also would require getting the relevant no-objection certificates. The CA may need to work in close collaboration with your commercial tax lawyer in case of complicated matters with overlapping jurisdiction.

The provisional registration application can also be done online through the relevant website of the state.

Required documents for the SSI registration in Siddipet?

The document list varies according to each state. But the general documents that are asked for are the following.

  • Three passport size photographs of owners who can be partners or directors
  • Memorandum copy and certificate of incorporation
  • Legal ownership like rent receipt and relevant no objection certificates
  • Provisional registration certificate when filing for the permanent certificate

Before you begin the process make sure the company is established through a company registration process. You will also need Udyog Aadhar registration which would help with MSME registration.

Charges/Fee involved in SSI registration in Siddipet

Though there is no particular fee for the governmental SSI registration, you will incur the professional fees of the chartered accountant who will help you complete the process. The fees will vary according to the professional and the type of service you require.

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FAQ - SSI Registration Consultants in Siddipet

  • Can I book an appointment with the CA online?

    Yes most CA in Siddipet has online appointment booking services for SSI Registration. Schedule an appointment and you can get the process started conveniently.
  • Can the CA help with getting the permanent certificate for SSI as well?

    Yes the CA will help you with the entire application process. He will file the provisional certificate and after you start your business, he will also hep you with getting the permanent certificate as well.
  • What are the advantages of hiring a professional CA for the registration process?

    As you are starting a new business, you will not have much time in taking care of such formalities. But these need to be done perfectly. The best way to ensure it is carried out effectively is by hiring a professional CA who is an expert at the task.
  • Are there chartered accountant who specialize in SSI registration in Siddipet?

    The primary task of a CA is to help with all financial related services. Thus SSI registration in Siddipet which is a very important aspect is covered by all chartered accountants. You do not need a specialist for that particular service.

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