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    Latest CCTV cameras ModelsView All (2754)
    • Godrej ET 200AIR D S7 Dome CCTV Camera
      Godrej ET 200AIR D S7 Dome CCTV Camera
      • Brand:Godrej
      • Camera Type: Dome
      • Communication: Network/IP
      • Horizontal Resolution: 700 TVL
    • LG LNU3230R Bullet CCTV Camera
      LG LNU3230R Bullet CCTV Camera
      • Brand:LG
      • Camera Type: Bullet
      • Communication: Network/IP
      • Horizontal Resolution: 1920 TVL
    • Panasonic WV SW355 Dome CCTV Camera
      Panasonic WV SW355 Dome CCTV Camera
      • Brand:Panasonic
      • Camera Type: Dome
      • Communication: Network/IP
      • Horizontal Resolution: 1024 TVL
    • Samsung SCB 1001 Box CCTV Camera
      Samsung SCB 1001 Box CCTV Camera
      • Brand:Samsung
      • Camera Type: Box
      • Communication: Analog
      • Horizontal Resolution: 600 TVL
    • Zebronics ZEB AN800PD24L20M Dome CCTV Camera
      Zebronics ZEB AN800PD24L20M Dome CCTV Camera
      • Brand:Zebronics
      • Camera Type: Dome
      • Communication: Analog
      • Horizontal Resolution: 960 TVL

    CCTV Camera Dealers in Hyderabad as on Nov 22, 2017

    1. Roto Power Engineer, Ramanthapur

      7 Reviews 7.5 Sulekha Score
      +91 75690 05038
      CCTV Dealers
      Roto Power Engineer is a security system and battery dealer based in Hyderabad, India. We deal with industrial batteries, UPS batteries and online/offline UPS systems in the range of 0.5 KVA to 30 KVA. We also supply various types of CCTV cameras like bullet CCTV, dome CCTV, indoor CCTV, PTZ CCTV, infrared/night vision CCTV, etc.
      All our products are regularly tested against stringent quality standards to ensure their reliability and durability. Since our establishment in 2008, we have offered our affordable products to an extensive list of satisfied clients. We provide phone, online and WhatsApp booking facilities for the convenience of the customers. Contact us for any queries.
    2. Enliven Solutions, Kukatpally

      8 Reviews 6.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 75 69004129
      CCTV Dealers

      Flat No.201, 2nd Floor, Punnami Plaza, Road No.4, KPHB Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 500072

    3. Helios Technologies, Bowenpally

      7 Reviews 4.2 Sulekha Score
      +91 75 69008750
      CCTV Dealers

      Flat No. 102, Plot No. 6, Padmavathi Residency, Jaya Nagar Colony, New Bowenpally, Bowenpally, Hyderabad - 500011

    4. Infyc Software & IT Solutions, Moosapet

      9 Reviews 5.4 Sulekha Score
      +91 80999 39452
      CCTV Dealers
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    5. CVSS Security Systems, JNTU Kukatpally

      4 Reviews 6.8 Sulekha Score
      +91 75690 06086
      CCTV Dealers
      CVSS Security Systems, with several years of experience, caters to surveillance and training services for our patrons. We deal with security systems like CCTV cameras, intruder detection and face recognition systems, burglar alarm and fire alarm systems, vehicle tracking systems, time attendance systems, guard monitoring and home monitoring systems, wireless video door phones and motion sensors and smart card readers. We also take sessions on time management and time office software development services. Besides these, we also rent cameras of type box, dome, IR, bucket, pinhole, spy and network on weekly basis. Canary School, SV Equipments and IDRBT are some of our clients serviced till date.Contact us for a safe and secured place.
    6. +91 75690 03467
      CCTV Dealers

      Syscon Systems and Services is one of the leading security and intercom service providers in Hyderabad. We provide a broad range of products which includes CCTV Surveillance Systems, EPABX System, Biometric Time & Attendance System and Home Solutions. Syscon Systems and Services offers end-to-end support for all kinds of solutions. This includes a choice of all brands and makes prompt after-sales.

      Our Mission
      To provide the highest quality security products and services at the most competitive price.

      Our Vision
      Our vision is to fulfil the needs of the clients with utmost integrity and quality services.

      Our Services
      CCTV Brands
      EPABX Brands
      Biometric Brand
      Home Solutions

    7. Redeye Security Systems, Kukatpally

      1 Review 7.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 75 69008732
      CCTV Dealers

      Today security and surveillance has become a necessity for everyone for one's own security. Communication, Access, Surveillance and Security have become a vital part at each and every place. REDEYE SECURITY SYSTEMS is a creative and hard working group, having the vision to provide complete security solutions and bring security awareness in the society with a mission of dedication and prompt service. SMART5 is a company that focuses on the development and implementation of “Electronic Security Systems & Next Generation Automation Solutions”. A team unsurpassed in its knowledge and ability on all areas related to Security Systems & automation. We are constituted of well-qualified and experienced professionals having in depth knowledge of various kinds of Security Systems and Security Methods with enterprising skills. We have multi-profile range and excel in providing solution in all of these combined with strong technical back up and know-how from its principles. We have successfully installed these systems in many major companies and in many residences, multi apartments etc. A number of projects are on the pipe line which will be implemented within the decided schedules. Contact us for your needs.

    8. +91 76708 24150
      CCTV Dealers
      Corlira Security Solution, established in 2013, is a well-known security system dealer based in Hyderabad, India. We deal with biometric systems, time attendance systems, DVR machines, bulletproof jackets, under vehicle surveillance systems, RFID solutions, etc. We also supply various types of CCTV cameras like Pinhole CCTV cameras, bucket CCTV cameras, pocket CCTV cameras, pan CCTV cameras, box CCTV cameras, bullet CCTV cameras, etc. All our security systems are manufactured by reputed brands, which ensure their quality. We offer timely and reliable installation services for the convenience of the clients. Contact us for getting high-quality security systems at the lowest possible prices. 
    9. JUSTBEYOND Technologies, Jubilee Hills

      4 Reviews 5.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 75690 05972
      CCTV Dealers
      JUSTBEYOND Technologies has more than 6 years in providing Security System applications to our clients in Hyderabad. The products designed are based on client’s requirement and are well-liked by them for our quality and best response. Our applications include CCTV cameras of type solar, network and PTZ. For security purpose, we have also developed biometric systems, video and audio door phones, RFID solutions, vehicle surveillance and intrusion alarm systems. We also look after CCTV repair and installation services.   For further details contact us.
    10. Global Ace, Himayat Nagar

      5.8 Sulekha Score
      +91 80999 39518
      CCTV Dealers
      Established in the year 2016, Global Ace is an ISO Certified Company that is known for Simplified Smart Solutions. Global Ace is also a preferred solution provider in the region of Telangana for integrated solutions. We offer a broad range of services like Surveillance, Web Development, ERP Solutions to a wide variety of customers. Contact us for your security and website service needs. 
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    10 Reviews of CCTV Camera Dealers in Hyderabad as on Nov 22, 2017

    Average Rating (4)
    1. 14th November, 2017

      Bought and Install Dome CCTV camera from this service provider. They came and check the space and they gave a nominal quotation of 15000 and I paid. They came and done the installation service on time and it was working good and I am satisfied with the service.

    2. 26th August, 2017

      Excellent service and quality of the product. I approached this vendor for the CCTV camera for my office purpose. They responded quickly and gave a reasonable quotation. We are satisfied with the quotation and placed an order. They delivered the product on time. We are very much satisfied with the product

    3. 27th June, 2017

      With the help of this business peoples,I had purchased new CCTV camera from this showroom.for that I paid reasonable amount only.ofcourse it’s a nominal price amount only.i am really happy and totally satisfied with the service..

    4. 21st June, 2017

      I wanted to purchase CCTV for my 5 Flores building. so I contacted this dealer ,They provided the service and charged me 35000 .Their Service is excellent .

    5. 30th May, 2017

      For installing security cameras for my godown, I approached this dealer. Technicians came and installed totally 4 cameras and DVR and they were very quick and prompt. They charged an overall of Rs. 25000. It was an excellent service rendered by them.

    6. 22nd May, 2017

      I was looking for 2 CCTV wireless camera. I have contact to this dealer. He provide me 2 CCTV camera a cost of Rs.16000, they came and installed the camera on required place. Service was satisfactory

    7. 22nd May, 2017

      Looking to buy CCTV Camera for official purpose... I have approached Sharp Solutions…and I have bought it from them ,they provide wonderful service to us and all in a very good manner and they had been very supportive to us.,they did some concession for me and i paid them 24000 amount..

    8. 5th January, 2017

      For my office purpose i have approached this Biometrics System Dealers for that they have charged me Rs.8500 and the way of response given by them was good. Overall i am satisfied with their service.

    9. 3rd January, 2017

      Through this vendor(SASS Micro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)I have purchased Biometric system for office purpose.They charged me Rs 20000 for the service and also installed on the same day itself.Over all it was Satisfactory service for me.

    10. 1st December, 2016

      I looked for Biometrics System for my industrial purpose, so I chose this Business. They charged Rs.15000. They responded very well and I'm happy with their services.

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    • Quantity: 1 - 5
    6 days ago
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    • Quantity: 1 - 5
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking to buy security systems
    7 days ago
    • CCTV type: Dome, Infrared / night vision, Box, Wireless, Spy, Pinhole, Micro
    • Quantity: 1 - 5
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking to buy security systems
    7 days ago
    • CCTV type: Micro
    • Quantity: 6 - 10
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking to buy security systems
    7 days ago

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