Here's How You Can Get Rid Of Monsoon Pests Easily

  • The monsoons can be extremely problematic and can lead to an array of pest problems. Due to heavy rains, these issues can go out of hand easily and it might extremely hard to control it once it blows out of proportion and not taken care of immediately. 

    Here below are few simple things one can follow to tackle pest problems and put an end to it at the earlier stages.

    Pest sources during monsoon

    • Stagnant water is the most common breeding zone for mosquitoes
    • Shady, dim and damp areas should be protected too
    • Damp bathrooms are another place where pests are found breeding
    • Water logged flower pots
    • Keep an eye on open cans, tires, and vases for water stagnation

    Clear out stagnant water: Stagnant water is considered as the primary cause of many dangerous pests, especially mosquitoes. These mosquitoes are a known for causing diseases such as malaria, dengue etc. Always keep an eye on water puddles in the house and near the house. Try to get rid of the puddles of water before it gets out of hand.

    Keep Wooden Items Dry: Damp wood can attract many pesticides such as termites. These termites can damage wooden furniture fast, so it's essential to keep wood dry at all times. Make sure you also apply chemical liquids on wooden furniture during monsoons to keep these termites away.

    Clear Garbage Immediately: Clean out the garbage in and around the house to keep the home free of pests. Garbage can attract a lot of pests such as rodents and it's important to keep the surroundings clean, especially during monsoons. Dirty areas not only attract rodents but can also give birth to several other harmful pests.

    Keep Bathroom Dry: A damp bathroom can be a breeding ground for pests such as earthworms, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. These pests can easily breed in wet zones and bathroom being one, it's essential to keep it dry at all times to prevent any major pest infestation.

    Natural Agents that are good against pests

    • Camphor: Camphor is great against pests and can successfully keep them away. During monsoons, the surroundings can be damp and use camphor in storage spaces like cupboards is an effective way to repel pests and to keep clothes safe from pests. Never keep damp clothes in the cupboard. Make sure it's completely dry before storing them in cupboards.
    • Tulsi Plant: Tulsi plant is known for preventing pests, especially mosquitoes, from entering homes. It's also known for killing mosquito larvae. If you already have a Tulsi planted in your garden or home, then good. If not, you should strongly consider planting a few tulsi plants before the arrival of monsoons.

    With these simple tips, you can look forward to a fruitful monsoon season. However, if the pest issue is out of hand, you can contact some of the best pest control services in the city to help you tackle it.

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