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About Sulekha Pest Control Service in Nagpur

Are you tired of seeing cockroaches crawling around your space? Are you unable to sleep properly because of bed bugs biting? If you are facing any pest issues, it’s time to find a solution. Pests can be extremely harmful. They do not only bite, damage property, and destroy things but also pose a serious threat to health. To treat this problem of pests, you can get in touch with a reputed Pest Control Company. Sulekha offers a list of Pest Control Services in Nagpur that can help you get rid of harmful pests like cockroaches,& mosquitoes, bees, termites, bed bugs and other insects.

Our Professional's follow strict Safety Measures

  • Low contact & social distancing
  • Mandatory daily temperature checks
  • Wear masks & gloves
  • Hand sanitize regularly
  • Aarogaya Setu App compliant

Types of Pest Control Service

  • Residential Pest Control: Timely professional pest control services help to eliminate and get rid of various pests such as termites, cockroaches, ants, lizards and more. With the right techniques and products, you can avail effective and efficient services for a pest-free home
  • Commercial Pest Control: Pest infestation in the office space is the last thing you want. Pests can hurt your reputation, disrupt your day-to-day operations, and result in customers' attrition. There is a zero-tolerance attitude when it comes to the presence of pests in commercial facilities, such as schools, offices, hospitals, and food processing units. Unfortunately, the potential for infestations in industrial environments is higher due to increased storage areas and the presence of food and water.

Top & Verified Pest Contol Service Providers in Nagpur as on Jul 05, 2022

University Campus Road, Nagpur, 440001
4.5/5 Based on 10 reviews
Pest Control, Pest control service, Home Cleaning Services, Office/Commercial Cleaning Services, Housekeeping services
+1 more
Sulekha score: 8Working hours: 09:30 AM to 06:30 PMYears of Experience: 2
Bala from Nagpur

"We got the home cleaning and pest control done. Professional and punctual service. Hardly any monitoring required. Deepakji and team have vast hands-on experience that shows in their work. Would definitely recommend."

Jacob from Nagpur

"Very Good and professional "

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Teka Naka, Nagpur, 440026
4.5/5 Based on 55 reviews
Pest Control, Pest control service, Professional Disinfecting & Sanitization Services
Sulekha score: 8.1Working hours: 9 AM to 6 PMYears of Experience: 22Approved By: IPCA ( Indian Pest Control Association)Approved By: PCAI (Pest Control Assoication of India)
+1 more
  • Service Warranty: 1 year
Arvind from Nagpur

"Literally honest and best service i have ever seen, so familiar and nice technician."

neeru soni from Nagpur

"good service cooperative nature good work"

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Itwari, Nagpur, 440002
4.5/5 Based on 22 reviews
Pest Control, Pest control service, Professional Disinfecting & Sanitization Services
Sulekha score: 7.8Working hours: 9 AM to 9 PMYears of Experience: 6

"Good work with professional touch"

vishal jadhav from Nagpur

"Good service,satisfied with service."

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3.0/5 Based on 8 reviews
Pest Control, Pest control service
Sulekha score: 8Working hours: 9 AM to 8 PMHired on Sulekha: 9 timesApproved By: ISO 14001 :2009 (JAS -ANZ)Service Warranty: 1 year
Pooja k from Pune

"I am very old customer of Nysst,Nysst is best ,as per me as i got totally good experience everytime ,they gave me gaurantee also , i strongly recommend the co, also they have totally upgraded their processes"

Manisha Torne from Pune

" Communication 5/5 responsiveness 4/5 good price 3/5 ontime services 4/5 Service Quality 4/5"

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Indora Road, nagpur, 440017
4.5/5 Based on 11 reviews
Pest Control, Pest control service, Residential building contractors, Commercial building contractors, Waterproofing services
+1 more
Sulekha score: 6.7Working hours: 08:00 am to 11:30 pmYears of Experience: 12Hired on Sulekha: 1 time
Shubham Ramteke from nagpur

"Best service. Workers are supportive"

Pranay Pradhn from nagpur

"Very good sanitization did. Service is excellent. "

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Pest Control, Pest control service, Professional Disinfecting & Sanitization Services
Sulekha score: 5.5
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3.5/5 Based on 4 reviews
Pest Control, Washing Machine Repair, Refrigerator (Fridge) Repair, Microwave Oven Repair, Pest control service
+26 more
Sulekha score: 3.8Working hours: 9 AM to 9 PM
Shyam from Delhi

"Excellent service. It was working fine now."

Atul from Delhi

"Excellent service. Quick to come. Good expertise in Fridge repair and gas filling."

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Ring Road, Nagpur, 440027
Pest Control, Pest control service, Net Dealers, Fumigation services, Pest Control Product Dealers
Sulekha score: 3
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Sitabuldi, Nagpur, 440018
5.0/5 Based on 1 reviews
Pest Control, Pest control service, Net Dealers, Fumigation services, Pest Control Product Dealers
Sulekha score: 0.1
Guest from Nagpur

"Pretty satisfied with the mosquito control service"

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Ayodhya Nagar, Nagpur, 440034
5.0/5 Based on 2 reviews
Pest Control, Pest control service, Professional Disinfecting & Sanitization Services
Shrikant Thorat from Nagpur

"Great service with 100% result , technicians are very professional and humble"

Makarand from Nagpur

"Excellent Service result oriented ??"

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Pest Control Queries
Questions-41 Answers - 41
96+ experts available
What is the fastest way to get rid of bed bugs in your home?

Bharat30 May 2022

Pest Control
Post Answer
Harsha 31 May 2022

The fastest way to get rid of bed bugs in your home is by heat treating your house. This involves bringing in industrial size heaters to your house. These heaters can raise the temperature in your house up to 48o C, which will get rid of the bed bugs. This method is environmentally friendly and gets rid of the bed bugs with one heat treatment session. The other ways to get rid of the bugs are by the steam treatment, which involves steaming the infected bug areas with an industrial-grade steamer and chemical treatment which involves two to three sessions where the chemical exterminator is sprayed onto the bug infected areas and let to sit there for a few days.(More)

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Can I do pest control with a newborn? 

Bharat12 June 2022

Pest Control
Post Answer
Niviya 13 June 2022

Pesticides are more dangerous to newborns than it is to adults because they are still in the process of growing. Doctors also suggest that exposure to pesticides may lead to cancer and behavioral changes in newborns. As a mother, you can do the following steps to prevent your child from being affected by pesticides. •Inform the professionals about the allergies and illnesses of your babies before the treatment. •Mop the floors and clean the surfaces of your house after the treatment. •Be aware of the process and also the chemicals used in the process. •Ensure you get a data safety sheet from the pest control profession.•Be aware of the time taken for the treatment and decide on staying or leaving the house. It’s always advisable to go on a vacation.?(More)

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How long is pest control effective? 

Adhithiya11 June 2022

Pest Control
Post Answer
Niviya 13 June 2022

The time period of pest control varies according to its kind and effect. A light pest control treatment lasts around three weeks on average, whereas a harsher treatment might last up to 90 days. Depending on the therapy, the exact time duration may differ. A solid pesticide can last up to 3 weeks, and pest control specialists can use them for up to 6 weeks. Pest control for cockroaches can last up to 6 weeks, whereas heat treatment might last up to 120 days. The time duration for employing a rodenticide varies depending on the number of rats in your home and the location where it is placed. It must be refilled every 12 hours or every two days. (More)

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How long should pest control last? 

Harsha10 June 2022

Pest Control
Post Answer
Niviya 10 June 2022

A mild pest control lasts an average time of 3 weeks, while a stronger one lasts up to 90 days maximum. The exact time period may vary according to the treatment used. A solid form of insecticide may take up to 3 weeks, and the ones used by pest control professionals may last up to 6 weeks. A cockroach pest control also lasts up to 6 weeks maximum, while heat treatment lasts up to 120 days. While using a rodenticide, the time period may vary according to the number of rodents at your house and also the place where you place it. You need to refill it every 12 hours or 2 days. (More)

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Why do we need pest control services? 

Neha09 June 2022

Pest Control
Post Answer
Niviya 10 June 2022

It is mandatory that we take care of ourselves and our surroundings. Pests play a major role in causing damage to our health, and so it is important to eradicate them as soon as possible. Pest control services come in handy in situations like these, and it is important for many reasons. Entry of just one pest or insect will lead to its multiplicity, leaving you behind with tension. Pests can easily spread disease and make you fall ill. For example, mosquitos can spread dengue, malaria, and typhoid, while rats spread salmonellosis. Pest control services are required, especially when you have children at home, for they are easily exposed to pests and are easily prone to diseases caused by them. (More)

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Latest Reviews of Pest Control Service in Nagpur As on Jul 05, 2022

Average Rating
4.5/5 157 Reviews

" Great service with 100% result , technicians are very professional and humble "

Shrikant Thorat from Nagpur, on 25 May 2022

" Excellent service provider in Nagpur city "

Shivanand Pawar from Nagpur, on 02 Apr 2022

" Good work with professional touch "

SATHEESH BHARATHAN from Nagpur, on 14 Jan 2022

" Fully satisfied services Working with proper management Good service. "

A User from Nagpur, on 14 Nov 2021

" Really nice service, really safe also I've a baby and a dog also at my home noth "

Manoj from Nagpur, on 23 Sep 2020

" Good service and punchual in work "

Ejaj sheikh from Nagpur, on 04 Sep 2020

" High quality service at a reasonable price "

Kashif Javed from Nagpur, on 01 Aug 2020

" Superb quality and communication and best service..good work easy to use this machine "

Nikita from Nagpur, on 16 Jun 2020

" Literally honest and best service i have ever seen, so familiar and nice technician. "

Arvind from Nagpur, on 04 Apr 2020

" Mr. Meshram did good job. He is polite and soft spoken man "

Anand Dongre from Nagpur, on 13 Mar 2020

Recent Enquiries for Pest Service in Nagpur

Lax*** requested for Pest control service
Type of Pest Control : General Pest Control 9 days ago
Lax*** requested for Pest control service
Type of Pest Control : General Pest Control 9 days ago
Lax*** requested for Pest control service
Type of Pest Control : General Pest Control 9 days ago

Say Goodbye to your Last Bugs!

Pest attacks in your personal space can be annoying and harmful to your health. Pests multiply in number very quickly, making it chaos to get rid of. The very first signs of pests in your home must alert you to book a professional pest control expert at the earliest. Simple DIY pest treatments using various chemicals may provide you temporary relief but not a permanent solution. To find the root cause of the infestation and to tackle it timely, it is essential to get a professional expert on board.

5 main reasons that you should always hire an expert

  • Knowledgeable: the experts have been trained to use chemicals that may be hazardous to the consumers
  • Effectiveness: Regular schedules maintenance helps reduce pest problems
  • Cost factor: AMC seems to be expensive, but the cost to repair furniture or termite damage will cost more
  • Safety: Exterminators help in safely removing pest without causing harm to homeowners
  • Professional pesticides: provide protection ranging from 6 weeks to 2 years, depending on the type of pesticide.

How to choose the right service expert on Sulekha

At Sulekha, we have made it easy just follow these steps

  • Fill the form and we will connect you with the top shifting providers near you.
  • You will receive calls/quotes from them
  • Look at their reviews, compare prices before booking one of the service experts.
  • We recommend that you check the combination of price and reviews before you decide on the service provider.

Different Type of Pest Problems in Nagpur

  • Cockroaches Pest Control: Cockroaches can survive in a wide range of environments. They carry many disease-causing germs on their bodies. As their natural habitat include rubbish, they readily pick up disease-causing germs from these areas. They are commonly found in the kitchen and transfer germs to the people through food items.
  • Bed Bugs Control: Bedbugs measure around 4-6 mm in length and are often brought into homes by people who might have traveled interstate. Bed bugs can easily attach themselves in the luggage, bedding, furniture, etc. They often bite while an individual is sleeping. Bed bugs can infest almost all areas of a house, particularly your bedrooms.
  • Rodents Control: They are one of the most common house pests. They can contaminate your food, carry and transmit many diseases. They can also chew your electric cables which can cause a fire hazard. Rodents are known to be rapid breeders, and hence, rodent infestation is one of the biggest problems faced by the house owners.
  • Ants Pest Control: Ant infestation is difficult to control as they often come out in large numbers. Some of the ants' bites can cause irritation; however, if you are prone to allergies from insect bites, then you must take some measures to control them.
  • Mosquitoes Control: Mosquitoes are prevalent in places with less hygiene and stranded water. Mosquito repellants, mosquito bats, and coils are not 100 % effective. These small insects can hamper your health with some significant health diseases such as malaria, dengue, and other diseases.
  • Termites Pest Control: Termites can eat into every structure of your home, including the support beams, posts, ceiling joists, floor joists, and wall studs. If termites get into the structures which support your home, they will cause serious damage until expert professionals treat the infestation.
  • Flies Pest Control: Flies are carriers of life-threatening diseases including typhoid, cholera, anthrax, and tuberculosis. Although they don’t bite, they transmit disease through contamination of food.

Methods Used By Insects Control Services

Natural methods of pest control:

Now, these are the methods that are used for eliminating infestations by employing natural means in order to carry out the job without harming humans, plants, pets, etc. One of the most effective and commonest ways of natural pest control is baiting. In this method, organic substances are used to attract the pests to the set traps. In some cases, the poison is introduced in the bait, which is carried by the pests to their colonies, and hence extraordinary results are achieved. The main advantage of such methods is that the environment isn’t harmed in any manner. Another great thing is that these methods are quite cost-effective. The only shortfall is that a considerable amount of time is involved in getting the desired results. Ex: Fumigation, Traps and baits, Repellants, General pest control method, Heat treatment, Insect Growth Regulators, Disinfectants, Herbicides.

Chemical methods of pest control:

Such methods have been used for a long time to tackle pest control issues within the household as well as in agricultural settings. The methods often involve the use of harsh chemicals to get rid of the undesired pests. It is important to know that such methods might have some serious residual effects that can harm humans as well as other organisms in that area.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Pest Control Services

  • Trained and expert professionals: The pest control teams are trained, and they are expert in treating general pests along with handling poisonous chemicals which are used to kill the pests.
  • Reasonably priced service: Pest control services know precisely what to look for, and the price of their services is reasonable as compared to the repairing due to damage caused by prolonged pest infestation.
  • Prevent inconvenience: Pests can spread dreadful diseases, cause severe allergies all over the body, and destroy your valuable possessions. But, if you hire a reliable pest control service to eradicate them, then you can prevent all this inconvenience.
  • Effective and timely treatment: Pest infestation takes time, and using pest control chemicals strategically on time is the key to successful treatment. If you are planning to do it on your own, you may easily forget the right time to retreat from your home. Professional pest control service providers can monitor and mark every time they do the treatment. They also know when to repeat the treatment before the chemical stops working.
  • Safe for family and pets: Professional exterminators know how to deal with potential infestations and the risks associated with the treatment. Plus, you can be assured that your family members and pets will be completely safe from harmful pest treatment chemicals.

Pest Service Cost in Nagpur Sulekha

(Note: Prices may vary depending on the number of sessions, products used, level of infestation, type of property, etc. For more clarity, get in touch with professional experts)

Type of pest 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK
Ants Rs. 600 - 800 Rs. 950 - 1,150 Rs. 1,200 - 1,500
Bed Bugs Rs. 550 - 750 Rs. 750 - 900 Rs. 950 - 1,000
Bee Hive Removal Rs. 900 - 1,100 Rs. 1,100 - 1,300 Rs. 1,200 - 1,400
Birds Netting Rs. 1,100 - 1,400 Rs. 1,500 - 1,800 Rs. 1,850 - 2,000
Cockroaches Rs. 450 - 650 Rs. 650 - 800 Rs. 1,850 - 2,000
Flies Rs. 400 - 600 Rs. 600 - 800 Rs. 800 - 950
Lizards Rs. 450 - 650 Rs. 650 - 800 Rs. 1,850 - 2,000
Mosquitoes Rs. 600 - 800 Rs. 950 - 1,150 Rs. 1,200 - 1,500
Rodents Rs. 450 - 650 Rs. 650 - 800 Rs. 1,850 - 2,000
Termites Rs. 900 - 1,100 Rs. 1,100 - 1,300 Rs. 1,200 - 1,400

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does pest control cost in Nagpur?

The rates are mostly dependent on factors such as the size of the property and the range of services you require. General pest control services may start from Rs. 800 and may go upwards of Rs. 2000 for larger properties. Based on pests & property size,

Approx price range in Nagpur:
  • Ants Pest Control Service: Rs. 600 - 1,500
  • Bed Bugs Control Service: Rs.550 - 1,000
  • Bee Hive Removal: Rs.900 - 1,400
  • Cockroaches Control Service: Rs.450 - 2,000
  • Flies Pest Control Service: Rs.400 - 950
  • Lizards Pest Control Service: Rs.450 - 2,000
  • Mosquitoes Control Service: Rs.600 - 1,500
  • Rodents Pest Control Service: Rs.450 - 2,000
  • Termites Pest Control Service: Rs.900 - 1,400

2. Why I choose Sulekha for pest control service?

Sulekha offers a list of best pest control services providers in Nagpur, we can help you get rid of harmful pests like Ants, Bed Bugs, Bee Hive Removal, Cockroaches, Flies, Mosquitoes, Rodents, etc. You can select based on reviews, sulekha score & get addresses, contact details. To get instant Sulekha expert assistance by simply filling the form.

3. What are the best methods of pest control?

There are many types of methods handling in pest control service. Here the common 6 types.

  • Hygienic Method
  • Biological Method
  • Chemical Method
  • Physical Method
  • Fumigation / Fogging
  • Heat treatment
  • The type of method is determined by the type of pest, level of infestation and access to the affected area. In many cases, more than one type of method may be used.

4. What kinds of pests should I be worried about?

  • Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes thrive in places with serious water stagnation issues. These flying creatures don't just bite and sting; they can also cause serious diseases such as dengue and malaria.
  • Termites: Termites can give you severe allergies. These pests also feed on wood and may cause a lot of damage to your furniture.
  • Cockroaches: Cockroaches can cause some serious ailments like dysentery and typhoid.
  • Bedbugs: While bed bugs don't cause severe diseases like mosquitoes, termites, and cockroaches, they can bring about severe allergic reactions.

5. Sign indicates need for pest control services?

  • Signs of Structural Damage: When you see the structure of your residence or your workplace change, and not for the better, you can be sure that it is the work of some of the other pest at play.
  • Strange Smells: A pest infestation usually results in strange smells. Oily and musty smells for no reason can be a sure-fire sign of pests in the vicinity.
  • Hives and Nests: When you can see hives and nests in and around your house, it means that there are a lot of pests doing their dirty work. In such a circumstance, you should not wait a moment longer, and call pest control in Nagpur to help you.

6. How many times pest control should be done?

Usually, pest control treatments are varied based on pests. Normal infestations 6 months once is enough. But in more serious cases, a monthly treatment may be required to get the situation better under control.

7. How often should you spray your house for bugs?

We recommend applying a liquid insecticide around the perimeter of your home or structure at least once every 90 days

8. What is the best time to spray for bugs?

The best time to have your home sprayed is in early spring.

9. Where should I spray for bug spray in my house?

    Apply to corners, storage areas, around water pipes, doors and windows, behind and under refrigerators, cabinets, sinks, stoves, under shelves, baseboards, drawers and similar areas.

10. Can kids and pets be present during residential pest control treatment?

    Kids and pets can stay at home during the pest control treatment; however, they need to be away from that area which is being treated.

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