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Building Consultants nearby Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati

as on Sep 28, 2021
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  1. Sri Parameshwara Engineers-Tirupati-Building Consultants & Contractors, Residential building contractors

    Sri Parameshwara Engineers

    Air Bypass Road, Bairagi Patteda, Tirupati

    Building Consultants & Contractors, Residential building contractors

    Our company established 2018 , owner is P kumar. Apartments, douplex houses ,schools,colleges , industry planning are done here High quality work , completed on time and within budget ,efficiency beauty of our work Already 1 apartment planning, more then 20 houses plannings completed and 100%vastu Services Plans Elevation design Estimations Contract Material contract Interior design s

  2. Azaad Constructions

    Ramulavari Street, Tirupati Town, Tirupati

    Building Consultants & Contractors, Commercial building contractors

    +91 9700018896

    Azaad Construction is the best building consultants in Tirupati who is also best in generating structural engineer with architectural consultants. Stay connected with our professionals to do your projects within your budget.

  3. Vekateshwara Construction

    No. 6/616/S5/296, Royal Nagar, Tirupati

    Building Consultants & Contractors, Residential building contractors

    +91 9849084867

    Hire the leading building consultant company in Tirupati who is best in building all your projects as per your requirement. We are specialise in home improvement contractors with professional builders. Stay connected with us and build your projects as well.

  4. Rkn Homes & Developers Pvt. Ltd.-Tirupati-Building Consultants & Contractors

    Rkn Homes & Developers Pvt. Ltd.

    Air Bypass Road, Annamaiah Circle, Tirupati

    Building Consultants & Contractors

    +91 8801991966

    Welcome to RKN Homes & Developers (p) Ltd Home sweet home eternal dream of mankind, but goes far away nowadays with High value of Land, our commitment for every single customer to deliver their dreams quality at affordable prices. Our services: Property Buying & selling, Vaasthu Services, Property approval services, Building plans & Designs, Property Loans, Legal Opinions, Construction Assistance, Interior Designs, Rental services, Land survey, Property valuations, Property Online Ads

  5. KPR Homes-Tirupati-Building Consultants & Contractors, Residential building contractors

    KPR Homes

    Avilala, Bairagi Patteda, Tirupati

    Building Consultants & Contractors, Residential building contractors

    +91 9880460568

    We have also constructed your residential building (Villa) in your own land on contract basis to fulfill your dream come true towards the unique blended architectural valued own house. Already we have completed three Dream House Residential Building project and successfully satisfied our esteem customers. We are providing services from vacant land to Planning and providing Engineering- Procurement- Construction every leve ...

  6. AP Building & Construction Works

    No. 9/5, Bairagi Patteda

    Building Consultants & Contractors, Residential building contractors

    +91 9440517314
    No. 9/5, Bairagi Patteda, Tirupati - 517501
  7. Astalakshmi Developers

    413, Bairagi Patteda

    Building Consultants & Contractors

    +91 9393633223
    413, Bairagi Patteda, Tirupati - 517501
  8. BSP Bash

    501, Dr. Mahal Road

    Building Consultants & Contractors

    +91 9393642086
    501, Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati - 517501
  9. Sirigiri Raghava Raju

    No. 4/4/709/3, Royal Nagar

    Building Consultants & Contractors, Residential building contractors

    +91 9440085284
    No. 4/4/709/3, Royal Nagar, Tirupati - 517501
  10. Muniraju B.

    Arunodaya Nagar, Royal Nagar

    Building Consultants & Contractors, Residential building contractors

    +91 9000003817
    No. 11/411, Arunodaya Nagar, Royal Nagar, Tirupati - 517501
  11. Asian Constructions and Designers

    Tilak Road, Tata Nagar

    Building Consultants & Contractors

    +91 9849646855
    Tilak Road, Tata Nagar, Tirupati - 517501
  12. Sri Jaya Sai Constructions

    Tilak Road, Tata Nagar

    Building Consultants & Contractors

    +91 9440270210
    Tilak Road, Tata Nagar, Tirupati - 517501
  13. Sri Padha Consturctions

    Jaya Nagar, Gandhi Road

    Building Consultants & Contractors

    +91 9849047216
    Jaya Nagar, Gandhi Road, Tirupati - 517501
  14. Zulfiqar Constructions

    Tilak Road, Tata Nagar

    Building Consultants & Contractors

    +91 9393626774
    Tilak Road, Tata Nagar, Tirupati - 517501
  15. Birudala Constructions Pvt. Ltd.

    AIR Bypass Road, Tirupati Town

    Building Consultants & Contractors, Residential building contractors

    No. 8-153/1, AIR Bypass Road, Tirupati Town, Tirupati - 517502
  16. Universal Glass & Aluminium Fabrications

    Ashok Nagar, Kennedy Nagar

    Building Consultants & Contractors, Building fabrication contractors

    +91 8897729333
    No. 11-194, Jamadagni Street, Ashok Nagar, Kennedy Nagar, Tirupati - 520007
  17. City Aluminium

    No. 16-1-281, Nethaji Road, Tirupati

    Building Consultants & Contractors, Building fabrication contractors

    +91 9848960042

    City Aluminium providesRoofing CeilingContractors. We are specialists in providing the ideal working environment and offer a total package if that is required. As a full service company, we provide both top-quality products and guaranteed installation in both residential and commercial applications. We bring the expertise needed to create the desired result.Contact us for further details.

Things you need to know about building contractors in Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati

As the largest city and the financial center of India, Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati holds an area of 603 km square. You can find the best builders who are experienced and skillful for the property in Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati. Building contractors in Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati are multi-disciplinary who deliver services for various industries like hospitals, schools, factories and other residential and commercial building constructions. Here is the description of things you need to know before hiring a quality builder from Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati.

Who are building consultants?

Building consultant is a person who is an expert in the field of construction. A consultant gives you expert advice regarding the plan, safety features and also helps in making decisions. Building consultants in Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati give you the complete consultation in all the stages of construction. These professionals are experienced in different building projects.

Who are building contractors?

A building contractor is a person who agrees to sign the construction contract to construct the building. The contractor supplies labors along with supplies and performs the work under a given time frame using standard quality materials.

What is the difference between a building contractor and consultant?

The consultants examine the requirement of clients and give expert advice and ideas for the construction of the building, while the contractors perform the work with the help of construction workers and other supplies.

What does a building contractor do?

A building contractor is a person who supervises the workers to complete the project within the scheduled time using the high-quality materials. The contractor needs to be experienced to avoid building errors and also to manage the unexpected complexities that occur during the construction. The General construction of a building involves the agreement of three individuals who have specific roles. They are the project owner, the structural engineer and the building contractor. The engineer plans the methods, techniques, and procedure of construction. The building contractor or the builder takes responsibility to build the project as outlined in the plan or contract. Here are the duties of the builder are listed below.

  1. Planning It is crucial to plan everything before implementing the project. This planning involves estimating the requirements of workers, materials, and equipment. Apart from building estimate, he also needs to ensure that everything comes under the legal framework outlining the safety policies and other regulations.
  2. Supply of requirements The builder gets the fund from you to get the materials and supplies needed for the project using the estimation that is already prepared in the plan. The builder needs to be equipped with adequate resources to complete the first phase of the construction. The fundamental project requirements are skilled workers, licensed subcontractors, and other equipment and supplies.
  3. Construction Management The construction builders are responsible for the completion of the project within the scheduled time and cost. The builders ensure the quality of products used in the construction, and all the safety procedures followed. The construction management also involves quality assurance.
  4. Abide legal framework The builder is responsible for the legal documents and permits necessary for constructing the building. The contractor also ensures that the building is built under the legal framework.
  5. Safety and health of workers The contractor needs to appoint an experienced safety representative with sound knowledge of the safety procedures and rules. The safety policy includes hazard communication programs, risks management strategies, emergency response systems, and others that ensure the safety of workers.

Types of building contractors in Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati

Residential contractors

A residential building contractor supervises the residential building construction or renovation of individual houses or multi-storied apartments. This house building contractor is responsible for all the necessary workforce and equipment in new home construction.

Commercial contractors

A commercial building contractor manages the construction of schools, malls, hospitals and other commercial buildings. Commercial buildings include Office buildings, multi-family, and retail. The industrial contractor is available for industrial buildings.

Grouting contractors

Grouting contractors are the contractors who pump grouting materials underground for stiffening the soil under the building which also helps in underground construction.

Building service contractors

Building service contractors are the contractors who clean, manage and maintain the commercial, industrial, institutional buildings.

Building fabrication contractors

Building fabrication contractors are the contractors who provide structural steel and other materials for fabrication.

Swimming pool contractors

Swimming pool contractors are the contractors who build you swimming pools in the place where you want it in your house.

Depending on the type of purpose

Demolition contractor

A demolition contractor has the permit to perform works related to the demolition of building or structure. He helps you in preparing the land for new construction. So, you will need to find a demolition contractor to demolish the old building to build a new house.

Home improvement contractor or Renovation contractor

Home improvement contractors are the contractors who help you to renovate or remodel the structure of the already existing building. It may also incorporate maintenance, repair, and general servicing of the existing elements.

How does the building contractor charge in Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati?

The charge depends upon the design, complexity, availability of materials and many other things. So, different building contractors charge you in different ways. Some of the methods of charging are listed below.

  1. Charge per square feet
  2. Charge per hour
  3. A particular percentage of the total construction cost
  4. A fixed amount mentioned in the contract

In Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati, the construction cost for complete RCC and finishing work is around Rs.2000 per square feet. The construction cost for excavation is around Rs.640 per square feet. The prices mention here is approximate and depends upon the quality of the material and design.

How to hire a building consultant and contractor in Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati?

  1. Choose from the options to answer the questions asked above. This answer helps us to understand your requirement.
  2. Choose the type of the contractor you require from the list and click get started. Answer the other questions accordingly.
  3. Enter your contact details to let the contractors call you.

That's how easy to hire a building consultant and contractor in Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati with us. Choose the best building consultant or contractor who provides you with the service required.

Drawings-to-reality solutions by Building Contractors and Consultants in Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati

There are around 5000 Building Contractors and Consultants in Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati who are rated an average of 4.5 stars based on 700+ reviews. The competition in the real estate milieu is enormous and to identify someone to construct your project in such a market can be a challenge to anyone. Sulekha can help you jump the queue and match you with the best Building Contractors and Consultants for your project. Sulekha page has a special rating system which rates each Building Contractors and Consultants based on their expertise and market presence.


It is important to establish the fact that we got one shot at building your dream project and it should stand strong for the next 20-25 years. You cannot revamp the structure once it is built in concrete or any other material for that matter. So, it is important that you choose the right Building Contractors and Consultantsfor the job. Make sure that they only use materials of high quality. The contractors in Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati are experienced and skilled complete construction and deliver it on time. Our site hosts a list of great Building Contractors and Consultants from which you can choose. We have also rated them individually based on their work efficiency, quality and expertise.

Before hiring Building Contractors and Consultants in Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati

  • Get references:

    Ask the Building Contractors and Consultants for three or four references of buildings they have constructed. You can either ask the contractor to take you to the previously constructed buildings or you yourself can visit them. Perform a SWOT analysis of the building. Do this to understand the ethics, problem management skills, and methods of the Building Contractor and Consultant.

  • Read reviews: Sulekha’s page also has reviews by users on it. You read through them and filter your list. Each Building Contractor and Consultant have their own reviews and rating which will establish their position on your list. Make sure you choose a verified user with a good Sulekha score.
  • Check Documents:

    Ask the contractors for their license or any other certification that can verify their claim. To completely entrust your dream project to a contractor, you need to do a background check of them. It is well and good if they are part of a large contractor association or hold an ISO certification.

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FAQ - Building Consultants & Contractors in Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati

  • Which type of building contractors & consultants can I hire in Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati?

    In Dr. Mahal Road, you can hire the building contractors with different specializations. The list of different types of building contractors includes

    • Commercial building contractor
    • Labour contractor
    • Building service contractor
    • Residential building contractor
    • Building fabrication contractors
    • Commercial Interior Designer
    • Grouting contractor
    • Swimming pool contractor and many more
  • Which essential factors should I consider before hiring a building contractor & consultant in Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati?

    If you are looking for a building consultant or a contractor in Dr. Mahal Road, it is advisable to keep a few things in mind. Considering the following factors would help you to find the right building contractor

    • Type of building you want to build
    • Type of contractor you require
    • Contract for ( new construction/renovation/demolition)
    • Contract type (labour/ labour + material)
    • Area of the premises and many more
  • For which type of properties do the building contractors & consultants in Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati?

    In Dr. Mahal Road, the building consultants and contractors provide services for different types of properties such as offices, apartments, educational spaces, restaurants, factories, etc.
  • Do I need to provide material to the building contractor?

    The building contractors in Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati provide the services according to the client’s needs. They offer labor services and labor and material arrangement services. If you want the contractors to arrange the material, the contractor will arrange it for you. However,  you need to specify your budget for the work.
  • Can I get my house constructed according to the Vastu?

    At the time of the preparation of the building design, you can have a word with the building contractor and specify your requirements. Based on your specifications, you can get the design of your property ready and get the work started.
  • How much do the building contractors & consultants in Dr. Mahal Road, Tirupati charge for the new construction project?

    The charges of the building contractors and consultants for new construction depends on the experience and expertise of the contractor, size of the property, type of property, type of contract, and many other factors.