Building Design Consultation Services in Anna Nagar, Chengalpattu

Are you searching for some high-end building design services in Anna Nagar for your next building project? In case you need such services, you need to hire the top-rated architects around your location. These professionals help their clients to decide on different layouts for the successful completion of the project. You also get beneficial advice on selecting appropriate interiors for the benefit of the project.

Building Design Consultation Services in Anna Nagar, Chengalpattu

as on Dec 04, 2021
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  1. Renupar Creations

    Anumanthapuram Road, Singaperumal Koil, Chengalpattu

    Building Design Consultation Services

    Renupar Creations we are doing Constructions and Interiors

  2. Arulnithi Consortiums

    Vedachalam Nagar, Nenmeli

    Building Design Consultation Services

    No. 10/5, Chairman Egambaram Street, Vedachalam Nagar, Nenmeli, Chengalpattu - 603001
  3. GRR Construction

    No. 26/2, Nenmeli

    Building Design Consultation Services

    No. 26/2, Nenmeli, Chengalpattu - 603209
  4. Classic Blue Design

    Keelakarai, Nenmeli, Chengalpattu

    Building Design Consultation Services

    Within few years of its establishment, Classic Blue Design is successfully creating beautiful designs of homes and offices across Chennai. Our architects are experts in structural and urban design, 2D and 3D elevation drawing and other general construction consultation services. We undertake all types of designing contracts from residential to commercial buildings. Landscape design is also our area of proficiency. We offer the best designs as required by the customer within their budget. Call us now to know ...

  5. Ajay Prakash Architects & Builders

    Guduvanchery, Nenmeli

    Building Design Consultation Services

    No. 17, Guduvanchery, Nenmeli, Chengalpattu - 603202

    Sai Shrivarinagar, Singaperumal Koil

    Building Design Consultation Services

    2nd cross street, part vii, Sai Shrivarinagar, Singaperumal Koil, Chengalpattu - 603204 Get Directions
  7. Annai Group of Companies-Chengalpattu-Building Design Consultation Services

    Annai Group of Companies

    Venpakkam, Singaperumal Koil, Chengalpattu

    Building Design Consultation Services

    Annai Group of Companies, one of the fast growing company in Tamilnadu. Headquartered in CHengalpattu, Kanchipuram District, Annai Group of Companies was founded in 1989. Leading player in various sectors such as Real Estates, Construction, supplying building Materials, Financial services, Tours and Travel services. Mr. R. John Nicholas Chairman is a Managing Director of ANNAI GROUP OF COMPANIES and he is the Founder & Trustee of ANNAI VELANKANNI MADHA CHARITABLE TRUST.   <div ...

  8. Sri sastha builders

    Marai malai nagar satta mangalam, Singaperumal Koil

    Building Design Consultation Services

    Marai malai nagar satta mangalam, Singaperumal Koil, Chengalpattu - 603209

The Practicality of Availing Building Design Services in Anna Nagar, Chengalpattu for Your Next Construction Project

In this day and age, the importance of building design service is paramount. We usually spend a significant amount of time inside buildings. It hardly matters whether the building is your office or your residence. The design of a building is quite crucial for its overall durability and sustainability. A structure shouldn’t only provide shelter from outside elements. It should also accommodate the needs of the inhabitants which promotes creativity and happiness. So let’s explore the importance of building design services in Anna Nagar, Chengalpattu nowadays.

Building design services facilitate sustainability

One of the highlighting traits of building design is that it facilitates sustainability. With the help of building design services you can make a particular structure eco-friendly. Well-designed buildings typically consider several factors like safety of the workers and impact of the structure on the local environment. On the other side, an intelligently designed building is quite efficient in energy consumption. Building specialists make use of specific raw materials which are durable and sustainable at the same time.

Building design services in Anna Nagar, Chengalpattu can shape our opinions

Whether you are inside an office or a multiplex, its design has a profound impact on you. The architecture and designs of the buildings impact the lives and decisions of the people inside them. With the help of the building design service providers, you can make a structure livelier. So whether it is an office or a school, you can readily influence the motivation levels of the occupants. You can build an employee base with an effective building.

Good building design emphasises on durability

If you want to make your construction durable, look no further than building design services. Investing in quality architectural design comes with its set of advantages. Better designed buildings can withstand rough usage for long years. Moreover, they need less maintenance as they are designed with the latest innovations.

Promotes healthy habits

A design consultation service helps to construct a building in such a way that it promotes healthy habits in occupants. For instance, the walls or windows can be designed in such a manner that they can encourage positivity in the occupant’s mind. On the other hand, if it is an office, you can consider on expansion. By expanding the total space of an office, your employees would have greater liberty in moving around.

Service Providers with help in passive designing

Passive designing is still a hot trend in the realm of building architects. It is because passive designing plays a crucial role in assessing the overall performance of a building. Studying the path of the sun and orienting the building as per that can reduce energy bills. This is the reason that these service providers assess the path of the wind and the light to design windows and doors. They also make use of ergonomic doors and windows to ensure maximum optimisation of natural resources.

The charges of building design service providers in Anna Nagar, Chengalpattu

The below table depicts the service charges of building design service providers. However, the figures are based on general approximation.

Built-up Area

Area of actual assessment

(In Square Metres)

Rate per square feet

500 square feet


INR 7000

1000 square feet


INR 1000

1500 square feet


INR 16000

2000 square feet


INR 20000

Skilled architects make use of various techniques which increases the longevity of a particular structure. Thus your investment becomes a one-time investment.

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FAQ - Building Design Consultation Services in Anna Nagar, Chengalpattu

  • Who provides building design services in Anna Nagar?

    Most commonly, an architect provides the necessary building design services in Anna Nagar for their clients. These are professionals who excel in building up different layouts and designs for the benefit of the client’s building projects.
  • Are the architects and interior designers different from each other?

    Both the architects, as well as the interior designers, excel in designing layouts for different kinds of building projects in Anna Nagar. They mainly work on developing designs for the respective projects of their clients. However, the primary difference between these two professionals lies in the fact that they both design different kinds of things. The architects excel in developing different types of buildings in the market. But the interior designers deal with furniture, fixtures, and other adequate accessories to provide the desired look of spaces in the building.
  • Can the architectsin Anna Nagar perform the job responsibilities of the interior designers?

    Yes, the architects in Anna Nagar can perform both the interior as well as exterior planning for their clients. They are incredibly proficient in dealing with permit processes, building designs and layouts, plumbing designs, etc. they can also carry out the interior jobs as well. However, it is always advisable to refer to both the specialists to get the overall look as per your requirement.
  • Can the interior designers provide floor plans in Anna Nagar?

    No, the interior designers cannot provide floor plans in Anna Nagar, Chengalpattu but can advise space reallocation, thereby assisting with necessary interior services.
  • What are the different steps involved in building design services in Anna Nagar?

    The different steps involved in the building design services in Anna Nagar are:
    • Thorough research of the current requirements of the clients as well as the property
    • Selecting the appropriate designer or architects according to the necessities of the project
    • A comprehensive site analysis is done by the designer to understand the different aspects of the plot, like the soil, climate, slope, access, storage, transport, solar access, etc.
    • Following that above procedure, one needs to discuss the fees as well as the services to develop the contract between the client and the architect
    • Developing proper design layouts for client’s reference
    • Proceedings made to get the approval of the government for the successful certification of the design and the layouts
    Following these, finally, the client can start the appropriate construction work of the project with the respective contractors.
  • What are the charges for the design consultation services in Anna Nagar?

    The fees of the design consultation services in Anna Nagar mainly depend on the:
    • The type of project
    • The reputation of the professional in the industry
    • The scope of the project
    • The budget of the project
  • Total time required to complete the project, etc. Depending on these factors, the charges fluctuate from one location to another. However, to avoid confusion, make sure to have a detailed discussion on the prices and respective services properly. Here is a price table providing an overall estimate of the charges of the building design services:

    Type of project



    Starts from INR 30,000

    Basic with cabinetry

    Starts from INR 50,000

    Basic with electricity

    Starts from INR 72,000

    Basic with project management

    Starts from INR 1 lakh

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