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    Dot Net Training in Chennai as on Jan 24, 2018

    1. Accord Info Matrix Pvt. Ltd., Saidapet

      223 Reviews 8.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 46294383
      Dot Net Training, Web technologies & framework training
      Accord Soft provide best .Net training and offers Internships in Real-Life Business Applications of their clients. Students are given Practical Training as per the syllabus. The syllabus can be customized according to individual needs.
    2. SLA, K.K. Nagar

      18 Reviews 9.6 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 46292890
      Dot Net Training, Web technologies & framework training
      We are a Training and Placement organisation in Chennai. Having 20+ years experience. (Branch:KK Nagar , Anna Nagar) .Real time project oriented practical training .Exclusive Campus facilities and infrastructure. Dedicated placement cell.
    3. Login For Excellence , Velachery

      15 Reviews 8.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49917532
      Dot Net Training, Content management software training
      Login provides the best coaching with real-time projects and hands on experience in .net. Free Demo classes will be arranged. If you are satisfied with our demo then you can join in our .net training program.
    4. TLEAD Computer Education, Tharamani

      19 Reviews 8.8 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 46291226
      Dot Net Training, Web designing training

      TLead Computer Education and Placement is a Chennai based Software Firm. Our main focus areas are Software Training and Software Development and Placements.TLead Computer Education started with the ambitious aim of providing QUALITY training to Students and Corporate. We are integrated as an organization of talented trainers having extensive expertise in all facets of providing quality training. With ten years of experience in software testing training, TLead Computer Education provides quality training with industry best curriculum. Testing course provided in TLead Computer Education will cover Manual Testing and Automation Testing tools syllabus. TLead Computer Education has successful record of placing software testing course completed students in many IT companies. The placement support is provided by an exclusive placement department. Clients who have signature Memorandum of Understanding with TLead Computer Education conduct campus interview and recruit the students.TLead Computer Education has successfully established more than 50 client tie-up for placement. We has successful track record of completing many corporate training in advance syllabus of QTP and Selenium. TLead Computer Education will be the best institute to provide quality training in software testing. Contact us for more details.

    5. Aagmaey Technologies, Velachery

      2 Reviews 7.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49850242
      Dot Net Training, Web designing training
      Aagmaey Technologies is an IT Product and Services Company established with young professionals from various disciplines. We provide excellent training in .net for students, corporate professionals, small business and individuals utilizing Software and Web based technologies.
    6. Hits Computer Education, Guindy

      80 Reviews 8.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49850253
      Dot Net Training, Web designing training
      HITS InfoTech is a Chennai based Complete training academy with strong placement Support. Our Dotnet Training course includes key topics like .NET Framework, ADO.NET, ASP .net, C# .net, VB.NET, Microsoft SilverLight, AJAX, WCF, WF, Expression Blend and a Real-time Project. Our Trainer is 5+ Years experienced and currently working in a top MNC company in Chennai.
    7. Alltechz Solutions, Velachery

      301 Reviews 9.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 46294259
      Dot Net Training, Content management software training
      AllTechZ Solutions Pvt Ltd is a fast growing Chennai based Software consulting company providing the IT Services to all the major clients on all competing technologies. The company is started by a team of young professionals having vast experience in different technologies and business domains. We offer a broad range of services such as Consultation, Solutions, Development, Training, Research, and Support to match any operational requirements. AllTechZ Solutions, founded in 2007, had been formally incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 2012. However, the leadership backbone of AllTechZ Solutions carries more than 12+ years of experience. The company is started by a team of young professionals having vast experience in different technologies and business domains. Our Mission: Our Mission is "To provide quality customised IT solutions” and to deliver quality knowledge transfer through innovative delivery mechanism and technologies. We believe in customer satisfaction and focuses on tailoring solutions to customer's needs. Our Vision: Our vision is to enable a gateway that will facilitate education system, corporate world and professionals to communicate, share knowledge and the resource globally that will benefit the future workforce of the global IT industry. Our Speciality: Completely a Job Oriented Practical Training, which covers the respective technologies starting from the Very Basics to the advanced level and, therefore, it gives a deep level of knowledge in the respective technology. Real Time scenarios that will make you confident while you start working on the particular technology. Excellent Guidance & support even after training completion and got a job in a company. Contact us for further details.
    8. RIT Infotech Solutions, Thousand Lights

      10 Reviews 7.7 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49901283
      Dot Net Training, Content management software training
      RIT Infotech Solutions provides Dot net training in just 4 – 6 weeks, along with Real Time Projects and Placement Assistance to the graduates and job seekers. Our .net course syllabus is designed with professionals by monitoring the changes and needs of the IT Industries and our .net syllabus includes the booming & demanded skill set.
    9. Bita IT Training Academy, Ramapuram

      1 Review 7.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 46291130
      Dot Net Training, Web designing training
      BITA – Best IT Academy is a leading IT training hub driven by IT professionals. Our academy offer support through story line based lectures. We endeavour to provide the .net training in affordable fees with real time experience training.
    10. +91 44 49850163
      Dot Net Training, Web technologies & framework training
      CITS - Chennai IT Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is managed by a group of power packed IT, Business Management Professionals and Businessmen whose success in relevant field has peaked them to greater heights. We offer courses from beginners who come to seek basic skills to big timers who look for upgrading their relevant field and acquire new certification. Contact us for more details. "It is not just IT Training ... It's IT Braining!. Kindly call us for further details. 
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    2 Reviews of Dot Net Training in Chennai as on Jan 24, 2018

    Average Rating (4) - 2 reviews
    1. 8th August, 2017

      Gained good knowledge after joining this institute. I have taken ASP.NET MVC and the teaching is also going in an awesome way. Classes are going in as per time schedule so that I can learn more information. One to one classes is going on here so that student can ask any doubt and it's an awesome experience after joining this Institute. And the fees structure was also good when comparing with the other Institute they charged a nominal amount of 20000 for 3 months course. It was an excellent Institute. I am very satisfied.

    2. 28th July, 2017

      joined .Net training in this institute. They charged me very nominal amount only . The teachers are very cooperative and they have very experienced in practical knowledge. I am glad to join this institute.

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    Recent Enquiries on Web Technologies Training

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    • Mode of training: Online
    • Training for: Individual
    • Timing preference: No Preference
    2 days ago
    • Technology: C#.NET
    • Mode of training: Classroom
    • Training for: Individual
    • Timing preference: No Preference
    6 days ago
    • Technology: VB.NET
    • Mode of training: Classroom
    • Training for: Individual
    • Timing preference: Weekends
    6 days ago
    • Technology: Others
    • Mode of training: Classroom
    • Training for: Organisation
    • Timing preference: Weekends
    13 days ago
    • Dot Net Course Content & Syllabus:

      Introduction to .NET Framework

       .NET Framework

      • OverView
      • CLR,CLS
      • MSIL
      • Assemblies
      • NameSpaces
      • .NET Languages
      • Dll’s(Vs)Exe’s


      • Getting Started
      • Using Variables and Arrays
      • Methods and Parameters
      • Decision Structures and Loops
      • Handling Errors and Exceptions


      • Classes, structures and enums
      • Constructors
      • Destructors
      • Properties
      • Inheritance
      • -Shadowing(new methods) - Overriding
      • Method Overloading
      • this and base Keyword
      • Sealed classes
      • Interfaces, Abstract Classes
      • Working with Delegates
      • Designing and Implementing Events
      • Generics
      • Sealed classes and Partial classes                                                                      
      • C#.NET Application Architecture
      • Solution, Projects
      • Compiling, Debugging and Running in IDE


      • Windows.Forms Assembly
      • Drawing
      • The Form Class
      • Win Forms
      • Visual Inheritance
      • Programming with Controls
      • User Controls


      • Readers and Writers
      • Streams


      • Hashtable
      • ArrayList

      SERIALIZATION Formatters

      • Binary Serialization
      • Formatters, Binary Formatter
      • SOAP Serialization
      • XML Serialization

       ADO.NET I:

      • Introduction
      • Architecture
      • Data.Dll
      • Data.Oledb
      • Data.SqlClient
      • Data Readers
      • Command Object
      • Procedure Execution (PL/SQL)

      ADO.NET II : Data Adapters and DataSets

      • Data Tables
      • Data Relations
      • Data Views


      • Strong Names
      • GAC
      • Private and Shared Assemblies
      • SFA
      • MFA


      • Threading Introduction
      • Thrading NameSpaces
      • Thread Members
      • Thread States




      Overview of .NET

      • Drawbacks of the Existing System
      • Why .NET came into picture
      • Difference between Java and .NET
      • .NET Framework Architecture
      • Versions of .NET Framework

      Visual Basic .NET 

      • Disadvantages of Visual Basic
      • Programming in VB .NET
      • Operators
      • Conditional Statements
      • Arrays


      • Abstraction
      • Encapsulation
      • Constructors
      • Inheritance
      • Overloading Methods and Constructors
      • Abstract Classes
      • Interfaces
      • Assemblies
      • Access Specifies

      Exception Handling

      • What is Exception
      • Error Handling
      • Using Try, Catch, Finally and Throw
      • Defining our own exception classes
      • Debugging the Application

      Windows Programming

      • Understanding Windows Programming
      • Class Hierarchy
      • Using Various Windows Components

       ADO .NET

      • Client Server Architecture
      • Understanding Drivers and Providers
      • ADO .NET Architecture
      • Using OLEDB Providers
      • Data Readers
      • Using Oracle and SQL Server Managed Providers
      • Disconnected Architecture with Data sets
      • Data controls
      • Data Table and Data View difference and usage
      • Invoking Stored Procedures


      • Why Assemblies
      • Disadvantages of Com
      • Architecture of Assemblies
      • Creating Private and Shared Assemblies
      • Deploying Shared Assemblies in GAC

       Custom Windows Controls (User Controls)

      • Creating and Using them in other applications
      • Defining properties to controls using Property Procedures
      • Defining Events to controls and invoke them


      • Difference between Multitasking and
      • Multithreading
      • Advantages of Multithreading
      • Creating Multiple threads in application
      • Thread Synchronization

      Windows Services

      • Understanding Windows Services
      • Creating Windows Services
      • Installing and Uninstalling Windows services

      .NET Remoting

      • Understanding Distributed Architecture
      • Drawbacks of DCOM
      • Remoting Advantages
      • Remoting Vs web services
      • Creating & Using Remote Applications

       Crystal Reports

      • Designing and Invoking Crystal Reports
      • Datasets and Crystals Reports


      • Will be covered in
      • All new technologies will be addressed by the faculty during teaching regular content ensuring complete awareness for the next future
      • Any other topics on request will be taught by our experienced faculty – Feel free to ask sub timings and availability



      • Basics
      • Web Programming
      • HTML, DHTML
      • JavaScript
      • IIS
      • ASP


      • Difference Between ASP and ASP.NET
      • Architecture
      • Inline Technique & Code-Behind Technique
      • Code Render Blocks
      • Server Controls
      • Page Basics, Page lifecycle
      • Post back Request
      • View State, Directives


      • Html Server Controls
      • Web Server Controls
      • Basic Web Controls
      • List Controls, Data Controls
      • Adv Controls, User Controls CUSTOM CONTROL Development THEMES AND SKINS



      • Architecture
      • DataReaders and DataSets
      • Command Object
      • Transaction Programming
      • Procedure Execution
      • Data Adapter and Data Set
      • Data Tables
      • Data Relation
      • Data Views
      • Updating Dataset


      • Working with Data Controls
      • GridView
      • -Inserting, Updating, Deleting
      • -Sorting in Data Grid
      • -Paging in Data Grid
      • DataSource Controls
      • Dataset
      • DetailsView
      • FormView
      • Data List
      • Repeater Control
      • Crystal Reports


      • DTDs & XSDs
      • Parsers
      • SAX Model
      • DOM Model
      • XML Programming in .Net
      • XML Readers
      • XML Serialization


      • Context
      • View State
      • Cookie State
      • Session State
      • Session Tracking
      • Application Object
      • Session and Application Events



      • Config & Web.Config.
      • App Setting
      • Compilation Settings
      • Custom Error Settings
      • Session State Settings
      • InProcess & OutProcess Sesstion States
      • State Server & SQL Server
      • Cookieless Session State
      • Application and Global.ASAX


      • Introduction to Caching
      • Types of Caching
      • Page Caching
      • between Webuser Controls & Custom Controls
      • Page fragmentation Caching
      • Data Caching
      • Data Caching – Application Object


      • Page Level
      • Application Level


      • Authentication & Authorization
      • Windows Authentications
      • Forms Authentications
      • Passport Authentications
      • Memberships


      • Architecture
      • WSDL, SOAP, UDDI
      • Publishing and Consuming Web Services
      • Web Client
      • Windows Client
      • Caching Web Services
      • Security in Web Services


      • Webpart Manager
      • Zone Types

      Overview of Advanced .NET Technologies

      • NET-AJAX
      • WPF
      • WCF
      • Silverlight

      Advanced .NET Syllabus

      WCF with C# Introduction to WCF

      • Review the Challenges of Building Distributed Applications
      • Examine the Concept of Service Oriented Application
      • See a High Level Overview of Windows Communication Foundation
      • Build and Host your First WCF Service

       Hosting and Calling WCF Services

      • Understand how to Host a WCF Service
      • Understand how Clients Communicate with Services
      • See how to Host and Call a Service using Multiple Bindings
      • See how to Configure Endpoint in Code and in Configuration Files

       Bindings and Contracts

      • Understand how to Work with Bindings
      • Explore how to Create Service and Data Contracts
      • See the Implications of Modifying Service and Data Contracts

       Exceptions, Diagnostics and Message Patterns

      • Learn how to Handle Exceptions in WCF Services
      • See Techniques for Diagnosing Services
      • Explore One-Way and Duplex Communication

       Sessions and Transactions

      • See how to use Sessions to Maintain State in WCF Services
      • Explore Options for Controlling the Lifetime of a Service Instance
      • Learn how to Add Transactions Support to a WCF Service

      WCF Security

      • Explore the Basics of WCF Security
      • See how to Authenticate Callers of a Service
      • See how to Authorize Callers Based on Roles

      RESTful Services

      • Explore how to Build WCF Services that Support Representational State Transfer
      • (REST)

      WPF with C#

      Introducing WPF

      • Understand the motivation behind WPF
      • Examine the various 'flavors' of WPF applications
      • Overview the services provided by WPF
      • Examine the core WPF assemblies and namespaces
      • Work with the Window and Application class types
      • Learn the syntax of XAML
      • Understand the XAML / code relationship

       WPF Controls                                                                                            

      • Survey the core WPF control types
      • Review the WPF control programming model
      • Learn to position controls using layout managers
      • Understand the role of WPF control commands

      WPF Document Controls

      • Understand the scope of the WPF documents API
      • Distinguish between fixed documents and flow documents
      • Populate a document with inline and block elements
      • Work with the WPF document APIs

      WPF Graphical Rendering Services

      • Understand the scope of WPFs graphical rendering services
      • Work with the Shape types
      • Work with Brushes and Pens
      • Apply graphical transformations
      • Understand the role of geometries and drawings
      • Work with the visual programming layer

      WPF Resource Management

      • Learn to manage binary resources
      • Understand the role of logical resources
      • Work with resources in XAML and procedural code
      • Work with resource dictionaries
      • Understand the resource lookup mechanism
      • Know the role of dynamic resources
      • Learn how to make use of system resources

      WPF Styles

      • Learn how to define and apply WPF styles
      • Learn to limit where a style can be applied
      • Build new styles based on existing styles
      • Understand the use of triggers

      WPF Animation Support

      • Understand the scope of WPF's animation services
      • Define animations in code and XAML
      • Work with linear interpolation animations
      • Work with key-frame-based animations
      • Work with path-based animations

      WPF Data Binding

      • Understand the WPF data binding mechanism
      • Bind to custom objects

      WPF Templates and User Controls

           Understand the relationship between WPF logical and visual trees

           Learn to build custom control templates

           Examine options for building custom controls

      LINQ Training Outline

      Language Extensions

      • Implicitly typed variables
      • Extension methods
      • Object initialization syntax
      • Anonymous types
      • Lambda expressions

      Introduction to LINQ

      • LINQ expressions
      • Using via extension methods
      • Filtering
      • Sorting
      • Aggregation
      • Skip and Take operators
      • Joins

      Deferred Execution

      • Benefits and drawbacks
      • IEnumerable vs IQueryable
      • Using across tiers

      Data Projection

      • Single result value
      • Existing types
      • Anonymous types
      • Grouping

      LINQ to XML

      • New XML classes
      • Generating XML
      • Querying XML
      • Using data projection
      • Combining with XPath

      LINQ to SQL

      • Attributes and mapping
      • Creating a DataContext
      • Deferred loading
      • Saving changes
      • Inserts and deletes
      • Transactions
      • Concurrency
      • Handling exceptions

      LINQ to Entities

      • NET Entity Framework
      • Differences from LINQ to SQL
      • Available providers
      • Defining an Entity Data Model (EDM)
      • Database-first vs. Model-first
      • Object Services
      • Change tracking
      • Using EntityClient
      • Using stored procedures
      • Plain-Old CLR Object support (POCO) [.NET 4.0 only]
      • N-tier and service-based applications