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    Best Cleaning Service Professionals in Chennai as on Dec 11, 2017

    1. BCR Water Proofing, Velachery

      22 Reviews 6.5 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49850332
      Cleaning Services, Garbage disposal services
      BCR waterproofing has 12 years of professional experience in providing waterproofing solutions for Homes, Industrial Sites, Office and Commercial Spaces throughout India. Our waterproofing services include Polymer Coating, Membrane Coating, and Pressure Grouting for Overhead Water Tank, Sump, Bathroom, Roof, Wet Areas, Foundation Walls, Swimming Pools, Laying Heat Reflecting Tiles and much more. We assist you in identifying the source of water leakages and offer environment-friendly solutions that are more reasonable and consistent. We work as a waterproofing consultancy for diagnosing and solving all types of water leakage problems and projects by visiting the site and providing adequate suggestions to introduce a more improved version of specialty applications. Call us to seal all sorts of water leakages. 
    2. Neatt & Clean, Anna Nagar

      2 Reviews 6.4 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49905894
      Cleaning Services
      Neatt & Clean housekeeping and pest control services was founded in the year 2008. Although it was started with a modest amount of capital but today Neat t& Clean Housekeeping Services is growing fast in every aspect in order to meet the demand of the fast growing Industry. We are supported by a strong management team comprising people with relevant technical experience. We at Neatt & Clean Services believe that a good health is conducive to the productivity and the quality of our surrounding; we strive to provide excellent cleaning services to satisfy the challenging need of our customers. Our customers are an evidence for our achievement. Neatt & Clean Services being a professional people in the cleaning industry will henceforth take full responsibility of your premises and ensure that we will employ our best effort in meeting your requirement. With the fast development in the house keeping department towards achieving certification of ISO and the implementation of 5's in your company Neatt & Clean Services with its experienced technical staff will be able to support and assist your company in making your effort a reality. As the realization toward the important of housekeeping increase among the industrial society, it is our duty to upgrade your company's housekeeping requirement in order to the industrial standard. In doing all this we believe that your business will be a success. We have a vast interest in your success because our business depends on your success. At Neatt & Clean Cleaning Services, whether your business is small or large, you will get the same professionalism from us.
    3. 1 Roof Solutions, Vadapalani

      10 Reviews 6.7 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49853159
      Cleaning Services

      1 Roof Solutions has an experience of more than seven years in providing professional interior works, cleaning and maintenance services to homes across Tamilnadu. We are one of the fastest growing companies as far as facility management services are concerned.

      We at 1Roof Solutions have always excelled in providing our valuable clients with in-house utilities and support functions by providing quality support services for interiors and cleaning/maintenance services. We have a complete line-up of staffs that can help you with your construction related issues at your home and office. Our electrical team can help you sort out electrical problems. We can also help you with new or repairing of your old furniture for your home and office.

      If your requirement is for housekeeping and cleaning services, we can also help you with that. With our high reputation in this field, we are bound to impress you with our capabilities. We provide services such as Home/Apartment Painting and Apartment/Guest House Housekeeping Services. Contact us for more details.

    4. +91 44 46281969
      Cleaning Services
      We, Chennai Home Cleaning Services, are a startup housekeeping company that caters its cleaning services to homes and cars. We were founded in 2015 and are located in Chennai, India. Our goal is to provide an excellent satisfaction to the customer by giving them a quality service at the best price. We have five cleaning machines, six internal staffs and four external staffs in our company to help us achieve that goal.Our speciality is our devices. We are using for cleaning which is around 1.5 lakhs per machine. P.V. Shanmugam, the owner of this company, has over eight years of experience in Cleaning services industry and manufacturing/servicing of the machines.We love our customers and welcome your feedbacks and suggestions. Contact Us to get our affordable residential cleaning services.  
    5. Keep Clean, Kovilambakkam

      6 Reviews 7.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 46292569
      Cleaning Services
      Keep Clean Quality Cleaner is an organisation established with an objective to clean your environment by providing pest control, general cleaning and water tank services. We specialise in eliminating pests from your homes and offices along with pre and post construction services. Basic/Deep Cleaning and Sanitization for Apartments, Corporations, Malls, Residences, Commercial Establishments, Healthcare Centres, Office Spaces, Individual Houses, Educational Institutes, Hotels/Restaurants are performed by our fully equipped cleaning specialists.  Along with repair and maintenance services for water tanks of any size, we also do extensive cleaning works to assure clean water for domestic usage.  Call us for a refreshing environment around you.   
    6. Royal Cleaning Services, Okkiyampet

      3 Reviews 6.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 46291265
      Cleaning Services, Septic tank / drainage cleaning services
      Royal Cleaning Services is a renowned cleaning service provider based in Chennai, India. We specialise in offering basic cleaning and deep cleaning services for floors, doors/windows, glass, toilets/washrooms, etc. We cater our cleaning services to clients from the residential, commercial and corporate sectors. Furthermore, our staffs provide septic tank/drainage cleaning services and garbage disposal services for customers from residential, commercial and industrial sectors.  All our services are offered by skilled professionals, who are well-versed in the field. We have served numerous satisfied clients, like Ramanium Pushker & Ramanium Gowrav, since the time of our establishment in 2013. We offer our services 24/7, contact us anytime for getting our cost-effective cleaning services.
    7. +91 44 49850586
      Cleaning Services
      Urban Handy Services Pvt. Ltd. is a Chennai based establishment that offers a myriad of services like cleaning, carpentry, plumbing, etc. We provide basic/deep cleaning, shampooing and sanitation services for floors, carpets, toilets/washrooms, facades, doors/windows, glass, sofas/upholsteries, mattresses, etc. Our carpentry services include the installation, repair/renovation, assembling/disassembling, varnishing and polishing of chairs, tables, doors/windows, cupboards, beds, sofas, office cabinets, wardrobes, etc. Our skilled technicians also undertake the installation and repair of fans, tube lights, switches and MCBs. Our plumbing services include new water connection, leakage/choke-up fixing, repair/renovation, bathroom sanitary fixtures, general and electronic plumbing works, etc. All our services are offered at the lowest possible prices to ensure client satisfaction. We offer mobile booking facilities for the convenience of the customers. Contact us for further details.
    8. +91 44 46281947
      Cleaning Services, Septic tank / drainage cleaning services
      Winner Cleaning Services, as the name implies, provides cleaning services for people in and around Chennai, India. We employ skilled professionals to provide superior cleaning services for apartments, corporate establishments, individual houses, commercial spaces and other premises. We provide basic cleaning, deep cleaning, shampooing, sanitation and other cleaning services for floors, sofas/upholsteries, doors/windows, carpets, toilets/washrooms, glass, mattresses, etc.
      We also provide drainage cleaning/maintenance services and garbage disposal services. Our background-verified staffs have massive experience in the field, which helps them provide a fast and reliable service to the customers. Clients can book our services through online and mobile platforms. We operate 24/7, contact us anytime for getting our cost-effective cleaning services.
    9. +91 44 46281924
      Cleaning Services
       Sai Hygenic Facility Service, are here in this service for many years. We deal with Housekeeping Services. We are one of the reputed service providers and our strong presence in the industry is a proof for the same. Our customers are always treated with courtesy and you can feel it when you are with us. Call us to know more about us.
    10. +91 44 46291517
      Cleaning Services

      Chennai-based Sri Gold BRS Interiors, founded in 1947, is a carpentry and cleaning service provider. We deal with new and used sofas, wardrobes, shoe racks and filing cabinets. Our furniture items are manufactured from wrought iron and wood.
      Our team of carpenters provide fast and reliable installation, repair/renovation, assembling/disassembling, polishing and varnishing services for chairs, tables, sofas, doors/windows, office cabinets, etc. Our workers also provide deep cleaning services for floors. Furthermore, we also undertake interior decoration services and civil works. Contact us for getting our range of cost-effective services.

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    Customer Recent Reviews as on Dec 11, 2017

    Average Rating (4)
    1. 11th December, 2017

      Deep floor Cleaning work was done to my 2 BHK house with the help of service vendor. their service & response was good. They came to my home and done the work on time. their service was professional & they Have Cleaned well my house. I paid 2500 for cleaning service and It was a good service I got from them.

    2. 9th December, 2017

      Did a descent job.were able to clean my floors and tiles.

    3. 9th December, 2017

      Cleaning work was done to my house with the help of these people. their service & response was good.they quote me around 1000 for 2 bathroom cleaning even though they did the service I can still see some stains leftover behind. Overall the service was average.

    4. 9th December, 2017

      Required to clean the Septic tank. I had contacted these people. But the service they offered was not good. They have charged 2500.First, i paid 1000 for advance amount , There came to after 3 days back they complete the service Their service was not satisfied. Overall it was a bad service,

    5. 7th December, 2017

      Good service - I will recommend them. Charges are minimal

    6. 6th December, 2017

      Decent service...main attraction is that their rates are really low

    7. 5th December, 2017

      Called up this Perfect Shampoo Cleaning And Sofa Repair for my Apartment bed Cleaning service.they came and did the service but that service was really bad because they cleaned only the bed cover and charged me 2000 for that.its really very high price amount for that assistance.so, I don't like this kind of employment.

    8. 5th December, 2017

      Good one cleaned my house

    9. 4th December, 2017

      eq number54584740 they done good job they cleaned and they done good job for our thank you

    10. 2nd December, 2017

      Called this enterprise for septic tank and drainage cleaning in my residence. The workers did they work in a hygienic and safe way without making any dirt to nearby areas they wore on the gloves and did the work. The septic tank was cleaned in the best way and charged 2200 for the service.good service

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    Recent Customer Enquiries

    • Type of sewage cleaning: Septic tank
    • Sewage issue: Overflowing sewage
    8 hours ago
    • Type of sewage cleaning: Drainage
    • Sewage issue: Blocked drainage
    10 hours ago
    • Premises for cleaning: Individual house
    • Type of cleaning: Deep cleaning
    • Items to be cleaned: Toilet / washroom
    23 hours ago
    • Type of sewage cleaning: Septic tank
    • Sewage issue: Overflowing sewage
    • Cleaning Solutions to stay ahead of your routine

      Cleaning is not a separate entity and includes various subcategories under it. Cleaning services can be opted for both residential and commercial needs. For a cleaning office and home, we are here to help you.

      So, what are the categories broadly covered under cleaning services?

      There are three broad categories:

      • Cleaning services
      • Septic tank/drainage cleaning services
      • Garbage disposal services

      What are the services covered under each of the sub categories?

      Cleaning services are further classified into the following divisions:

      • Apartment- This generally includes the basic cleaning services provided for one or more houses in an apartment or community.
      • Individual house- Unlike apartments, the entirety of the individual house is cleaned out and disinfected accordingly.
      • Corporate- Corporate cleaning services are hired by offices to take care of their office cleaning needs. Depending upon the size of the workplace and the cleaning requirements, corporate companies can hire professional cleaning services.
      • Commercial- Unlike corporate cleaning services, commercial cleaning services are hired by factories of bigger magnitude to professionally eliminate their waste.

      Septic tank/drainage cleaning services

      Septic tank and drainage cleaning services can be hired by corporate companies and even for residential needs to unclog drains. This is extremely essential as clogged septic tanks are magnet for pests, not to mention the foul smell it brings with it.

      Garbage Disposal Services

      Just like septic and drainage cleaning services, garbage cleaning services cater to both residential and commercial needs. Here are some of the items that are covered under garbage disposal services:

      • Electronic items
      • Steel/Iron
      • Plastic
      • Papers/Books
      • Construction waste
      • Hazardous waste
      • Medical waste

      How many service providers are available in the city? Are there enough?

      There are nearly 500 service providers who cater to cleaning services throughout Chennai for unbelievable rates.

      Don’t believe us? Fill up the form to know now!

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