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    Best 10 baby sitter in Chennai as on Feb 18, 2018

    1. Smart Workers, Chennai

      335 Reviews 9.9 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49851968
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services
      Feel like your family agency! Many Agencies have started this business in Chennai. But if you have a closer look into them most of them don’t deliver the services properly. Myself and my wife together we run this company very professionally. We started this with service minded. Within few years we reached the place on top. We are one among the top manpower agencies in Chennai. We have more than a decade of experience in customer service. We have 100% fully satisfied customers. We are unique from others, if you not satisfied we would refund your amount. Feel free to read our customer reviews with We are different from others from service to customer support, we look forward to serve you better.
    2. TDS Manpower Consultancy, Saligramam

      245 Reviews 9.9 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49851837
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services
      TDS Manpower Consultancy is the unique concept of Mr. TDS. Mohan initiated for the betterment of the society. For years, TDS has been providing a wide range of domestic help services for assisting the elderly people and post-surgical patients. Recognized nationwide for our exhaustive background checks, we provide well-trained personnel for child care, personal and household care arenas.Our home tutors, drivers, cooks, nanny and housekeepers are available on a full-time or part-time basis.Widely known as the most trusted organization, our mission has always been to match the requirements of both top-quality registered applicants and our multi-generational clientele. Apart from this, we also provide time saving, reliable cleaning services of high standards for corporate and individual clients. Contact us for our services.   
    3. Seva Consultancy, Madipakkam

      22 Reviews 8.3 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 46281923
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services
      Seva Consultancy, act as a gateway to provide a wide range of Manpower Recruitment. Our management have a good strength of vibrant youngsters with full of zest and driven by the urge to succeed and be the best. Our consultancy carries necessary government accreditation's and registration. We provide End-to-End Recruitment Solutions to our clients through well defined systems, processes and strategic initiatives. When it comes to choosing the right people for key positions, you can't take chances. Here we can help you find the right people for the right job. A pragmatic approach and a proven success record for contributing immensely towards the augmentation of Human Capital makes.Seva consultancy stand apart. Our extensive database and qualified professionals specializing in different fields make it easier to formulate result-driven strategies. Contact us for more details.
    4. Yogeswaran Home Care, Velachery

      78 Reviews 8.2 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49851769
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services

      Yogeswaran Home Care is supportive care provided in the home. Care may be provided by licensed healthcare professionals who provide medical treatment needs or by professional caregivers who provide daily assistance to ensure the activities of daily living are met.

      In-home medical care is often and more accurately referred to as "home health care" or formal care. Often, the term home health care is used to distinguish it from non-medical care, custodial care, or private-duty care which refers to assistance and services provided by persons who are not nurses, doctors, or other licensed medical personnel.

      Our establishment was started in 2000, Since, We Have come across miles stones, we have elite customers who are professionals in the field of law, media, public administration, etc. We are known for our cooking assistance and home care. Till date, we have got many ovations from our customers. We assure you 100% satisfaction.

      Our Aim
      Aimed at providing a stress-free life, Our primary goal is to maintain and improve our client’s level of independence while ensuring their utmost satisfaction. Yogeswaran service costs are considerably less than hospital charges combined with others, and a wide range of medical equipments are provided.

      Our Services

      House Made Services
      Yogeswaran Home Care provides the house made services we have a wide range of services available, your house making enforcement systems and fulfil your unique requirements.

      House Cooking
      We are engaged in providing the house cooking services and Efficient cooking personal(Veg & Non-Veg) services, who are well-trained cooks.

      Special Physiotherapist
      Yogeswaran Home Care provides home visits for physiotherapy specifically for elders, as it is one of the most critical services to be given to a senior.

      Special Child Care
      Yogeswaran Home Care is the caring for and supervision of a child or children, usually from age six weeks to age thirteen.

      Best Nursing
      Yogeswaran Home Care supplies qualified and trained nurses for elders who are recovering at home after returning from the hospital.


    5. Annapurni Consultancy, Villivakkam

      9 Reviews 7.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49851896
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services
      Our qualified nursing team caters to a wide range of healthcare needs at the convenience of the individual's home, thereby avoiding a visit to the hospital, clinic and even enabling reduced hospital stay. We follow a multidisciplinary team approach to care and strive to improve the health of persons through excellent clinical care education and evidence based medicine. One Life's committed team of caregivers understand the importance of healthy living and provide preventive and curative care at the comfort of your homes. Our qualified doctors,nurses and physiotherapists approach every situation with empathy, respect and professionalism and guide you in making the right healthcare and lifestyle choices. Quality House maids / Maid services available for your house requirements.we provides live-in and provide experienced Tamil Speaking Cook, Male / Female Cook,Full Time Cook ( 24 Hrs / Stay ) Part Time, Cook Brahmin, Cook Veg - Non , Veg Cook. All candidates are pre verified and with valid ID Proof. All are having good experiences of cooking and other domestic works. After Registration & confirmation candidates will be sent Is finding trusted Maids in India a Problem? Help is on its way!!!. From the miracle of birth to the mystery of death, every phase in an individual’s life is important. The phase of infancy or a new born is not only important but also is the stepping stone for the overall development of the individual.Nurturing and good care is crucial at this phase. This phase can be called complex not only because the babies may not be able express their needs, but also,because their physiological systems are still developing to adapt to the external environmentand they are still vulnerable tomany infections and diseases.
    6. Sree Maha Home Services, T. Nagar

      12 Reviews 7.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49851819
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services
      Sree Maha Home Services is Government Registered Organization with a sole concept of assisting women in all possible ways. With an immense experience for around 18 years, we operate on providing Domestic Help, Patient Care, and Maid services to our valuable customers. Our team is very much ignited in recognizing the barriers and issues we might face while delivering the work and develop better solutions for those situations. We offer contract-based services and our team members are genuine and dependable. Your needs will be subsidized at affordable cost with the best service quality. Contact us for a secured domestic service to your home.
    7. Brindhavan Home Care, Kodambakkam

      15 Reviews 6.8 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49851862
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services
      Brindhavan Home Care is the most reliable & a service oriented Domestic help Agency in chennai. If you are keenly seeking reliable Domestic help, you are in the right place. We, at Brindhavan Home Care, offer a wide range of experienced and trust-worthy helpers such as House Maids, Patient care takers, Baby Care Takers, Senior care takers, Cooks, etc., both full time (Live-in) and part time (Come & go) who are highly skilled, and possess integrity and dedication.  We are a well established multi-disciplinary domestic help services provider with high-end facilities and Services of global standards, offering skilled and qualified professionals who excel in their respective fields and serve with utmost compassion and care. Please contact to avail our services.
    8. Amman Home Service, Kodambakkam

      3 Reviews 8.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49852662
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services
      Amman Home Services is reputed service providers and our strong presence in the industry is a proof for the same. Our approach is based under creating an experienced customer focused management team based on proving management principles. The emphasis is on delivering lifetime care for our client’s critical assets improve efficiency, productivity and profitability. Our aim is to provide cost-effective value for money service. Contact us for more details.
    9. Benita Manpower Supply , Velachery

      8 Reviews 6.6 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 46294864
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services

      No. 164, AAM Compound, Gandhi Road, Velachery, Chennai - 600042

    10. +91 44 49907539
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services

      Rama Home Care, founded in 2017, provides domestic help services for people based in Chennai and Coimbatore, India. Our full-time maids offer residential housekeeping services like washing clothes, utensil cleaning, ironing and gardening. We also employ a team of well-trained nurses, who are trained in physiotherapy, palliative care and post-surgical care, to provide superior care for newborn babies, kids, seniors and physically/mentally disabled individuals.
      Furthermore, we also offer cooks and babysitters, who provide excellent services as per customer requirements/specifications. We ensure customer satisfaction by delivering the best domestic help services at the lowest possible rates. Contact us for any queries.

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    Customer Recent Reviews as on Feb 18, 2018

    Average Rating (4) - 87 reviews
    1. 21st August, 2017

      I was looking for Baby sitter service. I had contacted to this agency, they have arranged one attendant. She is good for take of my baby for everything. She is good in nature and behavior. Agency people also responded very well and understood my requirement. Overall it was excellent service they have offered

    2. 21st August, 2017

      Required Babysitter service. I had contacted to this Agency they arranged one attendant. She is very good in her work. She take care of my baby very well and she is good in term of nature and behavior. As salary we provide Rs. 8000. Overall it is an excellent service they provided

    3. 2nd August, 2017

      Looking for Babysitter service provider in Chennai finally, i got a service from this Sri Vaari Women Placement Services, the service & response they approached me well & gave me a quick response & I got a baby sitter which was very good, charges also nominal when compare oth others, I am happy with this Placement Services.

    4. 15th July, 2017

      It is a good manpower bureau in Chennai. Attendants are verified and trained enough for basic tasks. Currently I am using this bureau service and I have not found any problem. Total amount paid to Agency Rs. 10000. I am happy with service

    5. 13th July, 2017

      Cost too high and commission too

    6. 21st June, 2017

      The Agency was very responsive and dint get any extra money for bringing the candidates for the interview. Gave the paper works as promised.

    7. 14th June, 2017

      Found baby sitter through this agency.they really given me a very worst service.also charged me high price amount for that.its rupees 7000.i am really unhappy and not satisfied with the service.

    8. 9th June, 2017

      Have taken the service from this business. they charged me 6000 for the service which is good.i am happy with the service provided by them.

    9. 7th June, 2017

      I was looking for Babysitter Services . So, I contacted this agency (Sathyam Enterprises, Saligramam). They provided me a quotation of Rs,6560/- .The service rendered by them was good I am really satisfied with the service maid.

    10. 4th June, 2017

      I Approached this service center for baby sitter. They charged me Rs. 7500 for 8 hours. Service was really very good. I am happy with their prompt service.

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    • Languages for domestic help: Tamil
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    4 hours ago
    • Shift timings: Full-time
    • Age of child for babysitting: 1 - 3 years
    • Languages for domestic help: Tamil, English, Hindi
    • Other services: Cooking, Washing, House cleaning, Utensil cleaning
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    • Age of child for babysitting: 1 - 3 years
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    • Age of child for babysitting: 7 - 12 months
    • Languages for domestic help: Tamil
    • Other services: Cooking
    75 days ago

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