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Looking for verified and reliable false ceiling contractors in Badlapur? Sulekha’s listing services offer 610+ false ceiling contractors in Badlapur. A false ceiling is not only visually appealing, but it also helps to keep the room cool during summer and hot during winter. It is a suspended roof, hung from the ceiling with the help of a metal or wooden frames. Depending on your requirement, contractors offer false ceiling services for different rooms.

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as on Sep 25, 2021
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  1. Shivmudra Interiors

    badlapur(W), Badlapur West

    False Ceiling Contractors, Roofing services

    Shop no.22,aditya plaza,sanewadi,badlapur(W), Badlapur West, Badlapur - 421503

FAQ - False Ceiling Contractors in Badlapur

  • Q#1: What exactly is a false ceiling?

    A false ceiling or a dropped ceiling is a ceiling that is placed under the main ceiling of any room. It is placed with the help of frames, which can be either metallic or wooden. False ceilings can be made using a number of materials. Some of the most popular materials for false ceiling tiles include PVC sheets, gypsum board, and plywood.

  • Q#2: What are the advantages of false ceilings installed by false ceiling contractors in Badlapur?

    Some of the advantages of installing false ceilings are:

    • Improves Room Aesthetics: If you have invested heavily on interior decoration, then most likely, your original ceiling would not be able to complement the rest of the room, no matter how much you invest on it. However, with a false ceiling design suggested by false ceiling contractors, you can make sure that your ceiling complements the look and feel of the rest of the room.
    • Maintains Room Temperature: A false ceiling works well in adjusting room temperature according to the seasons. For example, if it is really scorching outside during the summers, a false ceiling can keep the interiors cool. And if it is freezing during the winters, it can provide warmth.
    • Conceals Wire Connections: There may be several wires running across your main ceiling to provide electricity to various parts of your house. This massive entanglement of wires is anything but pretty to look at. A false ceiling can keep such entanglements and other ugly fixtures hidden away.
  • Q#3: What is the approximate false ceiling price in Badlapur?

    How much false ceiling contractors charge mostly depends on the material of the false ceiling that you choose. Nowadays, PVC has become the preferred material as it is water-resistant and very durable. However, it can be expensive. If you want a cheaper alternative, you could opt for plaster of Paris false ceiling. However, plaster of Paris ceilings are infamous for their short lives. To know exact prices for your requirements, you should have a detailed discussion with the contractors.

  • Q#4: Why Sulekha is the best place to search for false ceiling contractors in Badlapur?

    Sulekha is the ideal place to search for Badlapur based false ceiling contractors because we list services that are Google verified. Our list of 1230+ false ceiling contractors in Badlapur are verified, and you can trust them to do a fine job no matter what your false ceiling requirements are. Fill up our form and your nearest contractors would get in touch with you.