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    Training in Java is suitable for anyone with an IT background. J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) is one of the platform of Java, which consists of core Java with a powerful set of libraries. These libraries are mostly useful if the applications developed which have to be multi-tiered, fault-tolerant or distributed, running on application servers. Core Java skills is necessary to learn this course. For newbie, Core Java training will be provided in the first level of the training to understand the concepts better.

    JMS Training in Chennai as on Jan 24, 2018

    1. Eyeopen Technologies, Anna Nagar

      175 Reviews 7.4 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 46294295
      JMS Training, Web designing training
      Our passion for providing software training of the highest quality began with our first venture ZI Technology where we offered our services for big software corporations. It continues with our new venture Eyeopen Technologies and the difference now is we also have our very own state of the art infrastructure to offer to our clients. Our goal is to provide a stable and consistent environment and therefore we make every effort to retain our Staff that have contributed immensely to our quality. We as a team are keen on going the extra mile in customer service at all times to all customers. We want to make sure you have the best experience, right from evaluating your requirements, suggesting cost effective solutions and putting the right resources to execute them. Contact us for your needs.
    2. Accord Info Matrix Pvt. Ltd., Saidapet

      223 Reviews 8.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 46294383
      JMS Training, Web technologies & framework training
      Accord Info Matrix is a Chennai based Software Firm started with the ambitious aim of providing QUALITY training in Java to Students and Corporate. We had successfully established more than 300 client tie-up for placement.
    3. Revive Technologies, Porur

      1 Review 5.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49851061
      JMS Training, Java / J2EE Training
      Revive Technologies is one of the best Java Training Institute in Chennai. We provide quality training in software technologies to the job seeking graduates.
    4. Veloce Career Development, T. Nagar

      5 Reviews 6.9 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49912272
      JMS Training, Java / J2EE Training
      Formed by a group of elite professionals from various fields such as Information Technology, Consulting and Human Resources in 2012, Veloce is a pioneer in delivering tangible solutions for numerous MNCs and Educational Institutions.
    5. +91 44 46281523
      JMS Training, Web designing training
      HB Services is a leading IT Certification Company in Chennai offering Corporate Programs and IT Education Courses in diversified areas.
    6. SLA, K.K. Nagar

      18 Reviews 9.6 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 46292890
      JMS Training, Web technologies & framework training
      We are a Training and Placement organisation in Chennai. Having 20+ years experience. (Branch:KK Nagar , Anna Nagar) .Real time project oriented practical training .Exclusive Campus facilities and infrastructure. Dedicated placement cell.
    7. Simply Analytics Pvt. Ltd., Medavakkam

      1 Review 5.7 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49850222
      JMS Training, Java / J2EE Training
      We are a leading training institute in Chennai with hundreds of talented trainers, guiding and inspiring the people. We provide Java/J2EE trainings and projects that help IT professionals and college students to build their career in a better way.
    8. TLEAD Computer Education, Tharamani

      19 Reviews 8.8 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 46291226
      JMS Training, Web designing training
      TLead Computer Education and Placement is a Chennai based Java training institute. Our main focus areas are Software Training and Software Development and Placements.
    9. IT Coordinates, Mylapore

      65 Reviews 8.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49856819
      JMS Training, Java / J2EE Training
      IT Coordinates is founded in 2013, as an organization of enthusiastic professionals whose aim is to move ahead and acquire accurate knowledge in their respective domains.
    10. Aagmaey Technologies, Velachery

      2 Reviews 7.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49850242
      JMS Training, Web designing training
      Aagmaey is a leading Java training courses provider in Chennai, India. We are a well-respected company that has been in Training business for over decade. In everything we do we strive to deliver just excellence & do this by providing training services.
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    7 Reviews of JMS Training in Chennai as on Jan 24, 2018

    Average Rating (4) - 7 reviews
    1. 22nd August, 2017

      Excellent is what they give and expect from us. Worth it being here. To say about the teachers, they are indeed kind ones and experts in their subject. The subject schedule which they put up will cover totally. Im glad to be here in National Institute of Computer in Perambur.

    2. 7th August, 2017

      Doing my Core Java Training in this Institute.They facilitated me with a good trainer who analysed my requirements and capabilities and provided me with easy and valuable training sessions.This course helped me to improve my knowledge and go ahead with my career.I paid them 20000 fee amount for 2 months. Good institute to learn.

    3. 3rd August, 2017

      Glat to share my experience with this institute, I was searched for Java / J2EE Training institutes only I got the awesome responses from this institute, they quoted 25000 for 3 months coaching, before that I was exepcted good service from them but they reached beanoed my expectations, the way of teaching was excellent, i'm happy to joined in this institute and i would like to refer my friends also becauser of their teaching only....

    4. 29th July, 2017

      Joined in this Education Center for Core Java training which is 1-month duration course.The fee paid was 8000 and the coaching is very good.the teachers are very cooperative and lab facility is also good.Happy to join here.

    5. 27th July, 2017

      joined core java Training in this institute. The duration of this course is 2.5 months and they charged nominal price while compare to other institute . The teachers are very cooperative and they have very experienced in practical knowledge. I am glad to join this institute.

    6. 20th July, 2017

      My son has joined in this Eyeopen Technologies, Anna Nagar Institute to do training for Core Java, classes are already started, their training & teaching are very good to understand, paid 1000 as an advance payment for course, over all its an to good to join here....

    7. 18th July, 2017

      Enrolled my daughter here for Core java and advanced java training. The center is specialized for java coaching and the course duration is 2.5 months and the class is taken for weekends and the fee collected is 7000. The tutors are friendly with the students.

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    • Java/J2EE Course Syllabus

      Java Course Syllabus

      Java Fundamentals

      • Features of java
      • History
      • Version Details
      • Java editions
      • JDK architecture
      • Java Virtual Machine
      • Exception flow of java application
      • Data Type, Variables, Array, Expressions, Operators, and control structures

      Java Classes

      • Abstract classes
      • Static classes
      • Inner classes
      • Packages
      • Wrapper classes
      • Interfaces
      • This
      • Super
      • Access control

      Object Oriented Programming Concepts

      • Classes
      • Objects
      • Functions
      • Encapsulation
      • Inheritance
      • Polymorphism
      • Abstraction

      Exception Handling

      • Exception as object
      • Exception Heirarchy
      • Try catch finally
      • Throw,Throws
      • String Handling
      • String class
      • StringBuffer class
      • StringTokenizer class

      IO Package

      • Input Stream and Output Stream classes
      • Reader and Writer classes
      • Object Serialization
      • Deserialization
      • Sample Programs on IO files

      Database Connectivity

      • JDBC architecture
      • Establishing connectivity and working with connection interface
      • Working with statements
      • Creating and executing SQL Statements
      • Working with ResultSet

      Networking Concepts

      • What is Network
      • IP- Address,URL,Sockets, Client,Server
      • Establishing Simple Client and Simple Server
      • Client/Server Interaction using TCP Protocol
      • Client/Server Interaction using UDP Protocol


      • Create / Instantiate / Start new threads
        • Extending java.lang.Thread class
        • Implementing java.lang.Runnable interface
      • Lifecycle of Thread
      • Understand thread execution
      • Thread Priorities
      • Synchronization
      • Inter-thread communication, Deadlock

      Collection Framework

      • Collection interfaces – Set, List, Iterator, Map, Enumeration
      • Collection classes – Hashset,TreeSet, HashMap, TreeMap,HashTable, Vector, Properties

      Applet Programming

      • Introduction to Applet
      • Applet’s Lifecycle
      • Animation using Applet

      Abstract Window Toolkit

      • Overview of AWT Components
      • Layout Managers
      • Listener Interfaces and Event Handling Techniques

      Swing Components

      • Introduction to Swing & Overview of Swing Components
      • Database connectivity using Swing & Event Handling in Swing
      • Swing Applications using Swing & Event Handling in Swing
      • Swing Applications using Netbeans IDE

      J2EE Syllabus

      Basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript


      Servlets Overview and Setup

      • Servlet Basics
      • Handling the Client Request: Form Data
      • Handling the Client Request: HTTP Request Headers
      • Generating the Server Response: HTTP Status Codes
      • Generating the Server Response: HTTP Response Headers
      • Handling Cookies
      • Session Tracking

      Java Server Pages [JSP]

      • JSP Intro and Overview
      • Invoking Java Code with JSP Scripting Elements
      • Controlling the Structure of Generated Servlets: The JSP page Directive
      • Including Files and Applets in JSP Pages
      • Using JavaBeans Components in JSP Documents
      • Integrating Servlets and JSP: The Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture
      • Simplifying Access to Java Code: The JSP 2.0 Expression Language
      • Using and Deploying Web Applications
      • Controlling Web Application Behavior with web.xml
      • Creating Custom JSP Tag Libraries
      • Accessing Databases with JDBC


      • MVC Architecture
      • Struts Framework & Configuration
      • Action and Results, Struts Tag Libraries
      • Internationalization & Localization
      • OGNL
      • Interceptors
      • Type Conversion
      • Validation Framework
      • Tiles
      • Persistent Layer (DAO)


      • Object Relational Mapping
      • Hibernate Architecture
      • Hibernate Configuration & Mappings
      • Properties and Its purpose
      • SQL Dialects for different databases
      • Generator elements
      • Core Interfaces and Classes
      • Hibernates Callbacks
      • Hibernate Query Language
      • HQL Joins
      • Hibernate O/R Mapping
      • Collection Mapping
      • Component Mapping
      • Native SQL
      • Named Query
      • Calling Stored Procedure
      • Caching
      • Versioning
      • Struts-Hibernate Integration


      • Spring IOC Container
      • Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)
      • Spring JDBC
      • Spring ORM (Hibernate Integartion)
      • Spring MVC
      • Spring Web Integration

      Java Training: Commonly Asked Questions

      • What is the course duration?

        The average course duration can be anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks. The fast track courses can be as short as 15 days. Institutes also offer weekend training classes for working professionals.

      • What is the salary package offered?

        A Java fresher is highly sought after in the IT job market and on an average earn Rs. 4 lakhs per annum. XML, JDO, JSP, jQuery are the most sought after skills and acquiring them can help you in getting a high paying job.

      • What is the objective of the training?

        • This training will help students and professionals in understanding the Java Transaction API
        • It will provide hands on experience with XML technologies
        • The training helps in understanding various applications using JMS
        • It focuses on the importance of JDBC in Java Applications
        • The training also provides knowledge in concepts such as Java Threading, Multi-Threading and JDK technology.
        • It will provide in depth knowledge in Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
        • The training also focuses on implementation of SQL queries and its integration with databases
        • To understand the interaction for client servers with the help of sockets

        With this training, one can also master concepts associated with service oriented architecture, SOAP, Java Persistence architecture etc.

      • How will I benefit from the training?

        • A chance to work with real time java projects
        • Practical training with the help from working professionals
        • Placement services and a chance to work for top MNCs
        • Preparation for mock interviews and mock exams
        • Resume preparation services for both experienced professionals and fresher’s.
        • Free demo classes
        • Access to lab facilities and Wi-Fi