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    Best 10 Senior Citizen Homes in Chennai as on Jan 22, 2018

    1. +91 44 46291905
      Old Age Homes
      Sree Vidhya Trust is a friendly and loving nursing home. Our establishment, founded by Ms B. Vijayalakshmi in 2011, opened for male and female senior citizens, welcoming local and NRI’s alike with the blessing of our well-wishers. We consider our fellow patients to be families and let them stay for a month or permanently. Our home accepts everyone, whether they have dementia, mental disorder, or are bed-ridden, it doesn’t matter to us. We take good care of them equally.Our home has amenities such as TV, housekeeping, library, AC, heater, and meditation hall. We give regular medical check-up and pure vegetarian food too. Give us a call if you want us to take care of your elderly relatives. We will respond immediately and keep a bed ready in no time.Call us today!
    2. Aaradhana Old Age Home, Uthandi

      3 Reviews 6.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 46295246
      Old Age Homes
      Aaradhana Old Age Home is known for its quality services and timelines. We address your needs with utmost care and ensure your satisfaction in whatever we do. Give us an opportunity to serve you. We will gift you with a pleasant experience. We value the trust and beliefs vested in us by our customers and professional contacts, and give a dedicated service with an honest and direct approach in all our dealings. We look forward to your business and hope you would give us a chance to serve. Contact us now.
    3. Yogeswaran Old Age Home, Velachery

      4 Reviews 7.2 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49850247
      Old Age Homes
      Yogeswaran Old Age Home Located in chennai near Velachery. With our immense dedication towards social welfare, we are providing Old Age Home services in the society. These services are highly appreciated among various sections as well as administrations for their positive social impact. We understand the pain of homeless old people and give them shelter with all basic needs, such as medicines, food and clothes. Further, we are supported by a dedicated team of volunteers who provide a comfortable environment to the old people so that they can live their life with dignity. Contact us for more details.
    4. Shiridi Home Care, Palavakkam

      2 Reviews 4.9 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49852401
      Old Age Homes
      The sensation of sharing is eternal. Sharing thoughts, knowledge, time, emotions, showering compassion and humanity are some common deeds which add values to our lives. We, at Shiridi Homes, are committed to bringing peace, happiness, tender care and love to residents by providing "assisted living".Started in 2012, Shiridi Home Care has provided home-like care to residents, providing them with companionship and support, helping them live their lives with dignity. Spacious rooms with two and three beds to a room, attached bathrooms, South Indian vegetarian food and breezy, well ventilated apartments provide a peaceful and pleasant environment to the residents.We interact with the residents and families to understand individual needs and preferences. We provide support to the residents accordingly providing flexibility, adaptability and empathy in looking after resident’s needs.Our attendants are carefully chosen and hand-picked. Only those who are respectful, caring and disciplined are employed. Hence residents are enabled to live their golden years to the fullest, in a loving and caring environment.Contact us fro more details.
    5. +91 44 49855294
      Old Age Homes
      Care Well Home for Services are a young and dynamic company with an experience supersedes our age considerably. We are based on Chennai,These services are highly appreciated amongst various sections as well as administrations for their positive social impact.  we deal with Old Age Homes. Bringing the best of value to our customers, we also care as much about our customers. We value the trust and beliefs vested in us by our clients and professional contacts and provide a dedicated service with an honest and direct approach in all our dealings. Contact us for more details.
    6. Mayilvanam Senior Living, Panaiyur

      1 Review 6.3 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49916707
      Old Age Homes
      Greetings from Mayilvanam Senior Living. We are governed by Mayilvanam Trust which is a Non-religious Public Charitable Trust registered under Indian Trusts Act, 1882. The Trust works for Senior Citizens in India and its activities are purely for charitable purpose only. Mayilvanam Senior Living is at present running a Home for Senior Citizens in Panaiyur, ECR, Chennai. We would like to use this opportunity to give a brief introduction about this Home in Panaiyur. The Home, which is an individual gated Bungalow, is located in a posh residential area on the sea side with around 300 metres walkable distance to the seashore. Gentle cool breeze from the sea provides a comfortable environment even during the hot day time and the evenings are really awesome. This residential locality is very calm. One can rarely see / hear vehicles plying and the honking sounds. What we hear are birds chirping... they are the ones who wake us in the morning. Good amount of space inside the gate for walking, sitting and relaxing in the evenings. A walk to the seashore is also delightful. We provide you with the following:a. Pure Vegetarian food prepared by a trained cook. No egg and Non-vegetarian food inside the premises.b. Housekeeping twice a day and on need basis.c. Laundry daily.d. Bed sheet and pillow covers are changed once in two days and on need basis.e. LED Television with good DISH TV connection.f. A good broadband Wi-Fi internet connection.g. Monthly health checkup to monitor Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and Body Weight.h. Trained nurse(s) to monitor and take care of health of residents daily.i. We keep track of the medical history and medications of each resident separately.j. Assistance in dealing with all outside activities like visiting Family members/ Relatives / Friends, Temples, Banks, Pensions, Government Offices, Post Offices, Shopping, etc. We take all the tension and bigger problems of the Residents so that they can just sit and relax.
    7. Ashirwadh Care Homes, Injambakkam

      1 Review 5.5 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49852443
      Old Age Homes
      Ashirwadh Care Home is a secure, happy and relaxed home offering a high standard of care to the elderly. We have placed ourselves in the field of residential care homes to set a benchmark in elegant, quality care facilities in India. Ashirwadh Care Home is one of a kind sympathetically designed and operated with this in mind. Providing respect and dignity for each resident & Providing nursing and medical care to its residents on a 24/7 basis. Offering each resident the right to freedom of choice in Involving residents’ families with daily life at Ashirwadh Care Home. We are treating each person as an individual. As an independent care home we are able to respond quickly to the needs of our residents. We are committed to continually evaluating and, where required, improving the quality and level of the care, facilities and activities that we provide. Each resident is treated as an individual, having their own choice of what to do and when to do it, just as they would at home, and when help is needed, we have our dedicated team of staff available on a 24/7 basis to help.
    8. Amma Appa Old Age Home, Vandalur

      4 Reviews 5.9 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 46294290
      Old Age Homes

      No. 4, MDL Flats, Arignar Anna Street, Manivakkam, Ponnusamy Nagar, Vandalur, Chennai - 600048 Get Directions

    9. Sri Sairam Old Age Homes, Ambattur

      2 Reviews 5.6 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49855053
      Old Age Homes
       Sri Sairam Health Care & Rehabilitation Centre The basic idea is to fill the great gap in prevention of mechanical disorders in the area of Orthopedics & general health. At our Centre we commit ourselves in assessment, perfect diagnosis and its goal oriented treatment. New discoveries in Orthopedics Physiotherapy made for various conditions which gives total recovery from problems where surgery and medicine was the only option for past so many days. Kindly call us for more details. 
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    10 Recent Reviews by Customers as on Jan 22, 2018

    Average Rating (4) - 44 reviews
    1. 5th January, 2018

      Good place for senior citizen good ambience

    2. 3rd January, 2018

      Excellent , the service was great

    3. 3rd January, 2018

      home away from home good care

    4. 22nd December, 2017

      good home for treating old age women.nice place and Excellent service...

    5. 21st December, 2017

      good service and peaceful place

    6. 19th December, 2017

      Good service and nice place

    7. 1st December, 2017

      Super services God bless you and your family and your loving old age home,very low budget 100%satisfaid,iamfatherin shamala

    8. 31st October, 2017

      Good and valueable service, nice place

    9. 24th August, 2017

      Currently availing maid service from here. Their service is not satisfied and they provided us the maid service on the said day, but the maid is not comfortable and not doing her work in an effective manner. The charges are moderate.so it was an average service

    10. 24th August, 2017

      Hired a baby care taker from this Centre. Their customer service is really responsive and they provided caretaker to my required time preference. They charged 8500 per month for the service rendered. I'm highly satisfied with their service.

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    Recent Enquiries on Old Age Homes

    • Gender: Female
    • Citizenship: Indian citizen
    • Duration of stay: 1 - 3 months
    • Type of sharing: Double
    • Type of caretaker: No, standard care service
    3 hours ago
    • Gender: Male
    • Citizenship: Indian citizen
    • Duration of stay: More than 6 months
    • Type of sharing: Single
    • Type of caretaker: Yes, only night time
    5 hours ago
    • Gender: Female
    • Citizenship: Indian citizen
    • Duration of stay: More than 6 months
    • Type of sharing: Single
    • Type of caretaker: No, standard care service
    16 hours ago
    • Gender: Female
    • Citizenship: Indian citizen
    • Duration of stay: Permanent
    • Type of sharing: Single
    • Type of caretaker: Yes, only day time
    22 hours ago

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