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Redecorate your kitchen with the top-rated PVC modular kitchen available in Sangareddy

Are you looking for new upgradations for your kitchen area? Why not consider the new PVC modular kitchen available in the market? Not only it accentuates the overall look of the house, but it also increases the valuation of the property. Hence, make sure to choose the essentials of the kitchen wisely to get the desired look without any hassles.

About PVC modular kitchen

A modular kitchen refers to the modern furniture layout used to design the interiors of the kitchen. It mainly consists of cabinets made out of diversified materials for protecting the appliances and other utensils used in the kitchen. In the case of PVC modular kitchen, the structures are manufactured out of PVC materials. These are easy to clean and do not require a lot of maintenance work over the period.

Features of PVC modular kitchen Sangareddy

Some of the essential elements of PVC modular kitchen are:

  • Availability of customizations

    One of the reasons why people love to invest in such ideas is because one can personalize these according to their choices. That means you no longer have to abide by the options provided by the company. Instead, you can change the overall look of the kitchen and add in your personal decisions according to your convenience.

  • Low maintenance required

    Another feature of the modular kitchen PVC is that it doesn’t require any maintenance over an extended period. They are easily well maintained and goes along for a long time without any investments.

  • Termite proof

    This has to be one of the most compelling features of the PVC modular kitchen. The constituents of the kitchen are prepared in such a way that these are resistant to both the termites and the borers. Hence, one does not have to worry anymore about the harmful effects of these pests on their kitchen items.

  • No need for painting

    The PVC modular kitchen doesn’t need any varnishing or painting for maintaining these structures. The materials used for the modular kitchen are quite efficient in protecting the fabrics without any painting work.

  • Easy to install and maintain

    As already stated, the modular kitchen structures are quite easy to install. That means it doesn't require any specialised expertise for its functions. Also, given the texture and the materials used for the construction, these structures are quite easy to clean and easy to maintain hygiene.

Prices of PVC modular kitchen in Sangareddy

The costs of modular kitchen PVC seem to vary depending on the location of the project. Certain other factors tend to change the prices as well. Some of the factors that improve the overall PVC modular kitchen cost are:

  • The valuation of the property
  • Type of materials used for the completion of the project
  • The brand of the appliances used
  • The area of the kitchen area
  • Type of appliances used
  • Tax considerations
  • Warranty period
  • Layouts and designs
  • The reputation of the designing company in the market
  • Labour costs, etc.

These prices are also subjected to change depending on the stock market trends. Here is a basic price table showcasing the prices of PVC modular kitchen in Sangareddy depending on the warranty period:

Warranty period


1-5 years

INR 80000/piece

1-5 years

INR 3500/square feet

10-15 years

INR 1200/square feet

5-10 years

INR 150000/piece

These prices can change depending on the company and the type of materials used for the kitchen. Hence, make sure to know about the price breakdown and other details thoroughly to avoid any confusion later.