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Bored of your same old kitchen space? Take a look at the presented by Sulekha that have roped in the wooden modular kitchen design services.  If you are based at Sangareddy these will be some of the best quality solid wood modular kitchen design services, you can look out for. Any service you choose from the category will be armed with the best experts, plans and technologies to customize or renovate your kitchen in a full-fledged way! To book services for wooden modular kitchen designs, check out the Sulekha client 247 reviews for more details. 

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as on Aug 02, 2021
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FAQ - Wooden Modular Kitchen in Sangareddy

  • What are the advantages of a solid wood modular kitchen in Sangareddy?

    The wooden kitchen looks stunning. A classical decor of galley way kitchen or an island kitchen, even an L-shaped kitchen, can have the best décor when complimented with wood.

    The best aspect of modular kitchens is the way they are designed. It makes space available and helps in the work process. When you have a wooden kitchen in Sangareddy and that too made of solid wood, it adds to the entire appeal of your home.

    • Options – No matter your budget, you can always have a wooden kitchen. Get in touch with a contractor near you. Discuss your budget, and you would recommend which type of panelling to use or how to make a wooden kitchen affordable and available to all.
    • Maintenance cost – The maintenance of the wooden kitchen can be a bit on the pricey side. The reason for it being the polish and varnish cost more. You can get cheaper options as well. But the best way to keep your maintenance cost under control is by getting regular maintenance done.
    • Appeal – Solid wood modular kitchens have an amazing charisma. They can look anything from classical to modern. You can even give it an industrial touch. A wooden kitchen will never go out of fashion. It is a very versatile design, which is very promising for years to come.
    • Infestation – The wood that is used for building your kitchen is generally specialized in treated wood. So the chance of infestation is relatively less. In case you suspect a possibility of infestation, make sure to get help from the pest control as soon as possible.
  • Is wood a good option for the kitchen as cooking involves fire?

    Wood adds its warmth to the kitchen if your home is set in a colder or temperate region. Nothing is better than a wooden kitchen in Sangareddy. It is a highly safe and popular choice. It works on the simple principle that wood and fire are kept separate. If you like classical decor, then also the wooden modular kitchen is the ultimate choice even though wood is used, and cooking is done in the kitchen. The fire emanates from the stove only, and the wood is often covered with fire-resistant paint, so there is a minimum chance of catching fire. However, while working in any kitchen, the workers should be careful and strictly follow all safety measures.
  • What are the charges of installing a wooden modular kitchen in Sangareddy?

    Like any other material used in modular kitchen, the prices get determined by quality and area coverage. You can even have a mixed kitchen if you like. There are various types of solid wood that you can explore. Wooden and stone/marble mix are quite popular. However, the cost depends on the type and how much wood is used.

    Glance through the below chart for a brief idea of the expected charges.


    Minimum price

    Maximum price

    More than 15 years

    Rs5000/Square fee

    Rs 10000/Square feet

    Less than 15 years

    Rs 1500/Square Feet

    Rs 5000/Square Feet

    Every modern house needs an ideal kitchen. One of the most effective options is a wooden modular kitchen in Sangareddy. It has a great charm and provides a cozy and functional kitchen for all types of households.