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Solar Products in Delhi

as on May 13, 2021
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  1. Kalpasidhi Solar Energy PV Installations-Delhi-Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    Kalpasidhi Solar Energy PV Installations

    Also Servicing in Delhi

    Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    C3-64,Huda Colony,Near Sivalayam Road,, Chandanagar, Hyderabad - 500050 Get Directions
  2. Silres Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.-Delhi-Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    Silres Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    Also Servicing in Delhi

    Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    SunEdison is on hand to help you, by effectively converting your rooftop into a solar power plant. With one time investment and our experienced team on hand, you can expect to drastically reduce your energy bills, while playing a significant role in reducing the carbon footprints on the environment. Yes, You are right, this will last for more than 25 years with no fuel cost and very little maintenance.

  3. Competent Computers India

    No. A-8, Rajouri Garden, Delhi

    Solar Products

    COMPETENT is an ISO 9001:2008 certified professionally managed customer oriented company engaged in sales and servicing of premier computer products.  COMPETENT offers the latest & best IT products starting from PCs, Laptops Printers , Servers , Multi-function devices , Photo copiers , Networking products ,Software (Windows & Customized ) , Wireless solutions , DVR solutions Remote surveillances ,VPN and Remote Services ,Component level repairing  Anti – Virus  / Mailing Solutio ...

  4. Powercon Engineering Products-Delhi-Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    Powercon Engineering Products

    G.T Road, Shahdara, Delhi

    Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    We are manufacturer of ONLINE UPS, CVCF system, Line Interactive UPS, Servo Voltage stabilisers , Solar Inverter, solar charge controller and different types of step up & step down transformer ,SMF batteries for ups,automotive batteries & tubular batteries etc.

  5. Byonic Medical Systems

    Binda Pur, Janakpuri, Delhi

    Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    We are manufacturer, exporter & importer of Medical Equipnents, LED Lightings & Solar Power Systems.

  6. Satguru Management Services

    Bawana Indstrial Area, Bawana

    Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    Hose No. 505/284, Dariya Pur Kalan, Bawana Indstrial Area ,Near Shiva Mandir ,Delhi -110039, Dariya Pur Kalan, Bawana Indstrial Area, Bawana, Delhi - 110039 Get Directions
  7. Pinnacle E. Solutions-Delhi-Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    Pinnacle E. Solutions

    No. B4/BE, Hari Nagar, Delhi

    Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    Pinnacle E. Solutions has massive experience in this business. Our motto has always been timely service, best quality and optimum cost. We are in touch with our customers through quality, performance, service and assistance. Bringing the best of value to our customers, we also care as much about our customers. We value the trust and beliefs vested in us by our clients and professional contacts and provide a dedicated service with an honest and direct approach in all our dealings. We deal in Solar Product D ...

  8. Common Weath Properties-Delhi-Solar Products

    Common Weath Properties

    Lower ground floor Navjeewan Vihar opposite Geetanjali enclave New Delhi-110017. , Malviya Nagar, Delhi

    Solar Products

    Real estate agents

  9. Nisha Trading Co.-Delhi-Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    Nisha Trading Co.

    Shiv Puri, Mangolpuri, Delhi

    Solar Products, New Product Dealers

  10. Micro Telematix

    Office No. M-43/A, Sarita Vihar

    Solar Products

    Office No. M-43/A, Sarita Vihar, Delhi - 110076 Get Directions

4 Reviews of Solar Products in Delhi

as on May 13, 2021 Average Rating (4) - 38 reviews
14th Feb, 2021

Best services ,proffesionalism

8th Apr, 2020

Skill team company and working personal

9th Oct, 2019

Fraud company fake address

16th Apr, 2019

I have 10 kW grid tied solar PV plant in Punjabi Bagh New Delhi, service is satisfactory and system is working good, no complaint so far.price is slightly higher than others but quality is very good.


Recent Enquiries on Solar Product Dealers & Services

  • Purpose: Home / Residence
  • Product Name: Solar Water Heater
  • Tank capacity: 501 - 1000 litres
  • Brands: V guard
36 days ago
  • Purpose: Commercial / Institution / Agriculture
  • Product Name: Solar Water Heater
  • Tank capacity: 501 - 1000 litres
  • Brands: Tata
50 days ago
  • Purpose: Home / Residence
  • Product Name: Solar Inverter / Battery / UPS
58 days ago
  • Purpose: Home / Residence
  • Product Name: Solar Water Heater
  • Tank capacity: 100 - 250 litres
  • Brands: V guard
176 days ago

Everything you need to know about solar panels

Solar energy is one of the major renewable source energy which can lead to a sustainable environment as well as meet the power consumption of the Indian population after the fossil fuels. Solar product dealers in Delhi provide the best quality solar products to cater to the requirements of their clients. There are many types of solar products and solar power system depending upon the requirements of the users. Some of the popularly known solar power system available with the solar product dealers are on-grid, off-grid and hybrid solar power generation system. Some of the solar products are solar batteries, solar inverters, solar lights, solar water heaters, and many others.

Investing in the solar products and the solar panels can help you save money by decreasing your energy bills. Solar products are the best option to help yourself against the rising electricity prices. Solar power also act as the green way to generate electricity which is why it is called the clean source of energy. The solar power also decreases the burden on the fossil fuel and also decreases the carbon footprint on the environment. The solar panels price is falling in recent years increased its number of users. The government of India also provides funds for those who install rooftop solar power system to increase the solar power usage.

Here is everything that you need to know about solar products, solar panels, and solar product dealers.

  1. How do solar panels work?

    The photovoltaic panels generate electricity by using the sunlight which is why it is called as solar energy. The solar panels and other solar powered products require only minimal sunshine to work and do work on cloudy days too. It is important to understand that the panels use light energy to work and not the heat energy. The solar inverter converts the direct current into alternating current to make it usable for all the other appliances in the house. The excess electricity is stored in solar batteries for usage at nights or on other occasions when more electricity is required.

  2. Roof suitability

    Roofs play a crucial role when it comes to rooftop solar power panels. The orientation, the slope, the direction and the type of the roofs are all considered to provide the maximum efficiency. It is important to research about the suitability of your roof before opting for a rooftop solar power generating system. There is a fact that the solar panels work more efficiently at 30-35 degrees. Also, make sure that the area of the roof is not covered with any trees or any other buildings. Keep the measurements of your roof on your hand before hiring the solar product dealer. The expert inspects your roof and comes up with the area required for installing the solar rooftop system to generate the power in accordance with the power consumption of your family.

  3. Maintenance and running cost

    The solar panels do not require much maintenance and stay strong for about 30 years when the quality products are used and installed properly the experienced professional. The best solar product dealers provide around 25 years warranty for their solar panels and you can expect about 5-10 years warranty for the solar inverters. The inverter is the part that requires regular maintenance or replacement after 10-15 years. It is better to call your installer and check your solar power generator system once in 4-7 years. The installer may also help you with the maintenance tips.

  4. Benefits of solar panels

    Here is the list of a few benefits of opting for a solar power generations system.

    1. The solar power panels help to reduce the rising energy bills by cutting down a larger amount of power consumption.
    2. The excess energy produced from the solar power generation system can be exported to the grid to earn money from it. Doing this increases the return on the investment of the solar power system.
    3. The government of India provides tariff for the ones who opt for solar power generation system and help India decrease its dependency on the fossil fuels.
    4. The government also provides other benefits like if you are a private company located in India, it gives 40% accelerated depreciation benefits and get 13% reduction in the overall cost when you opt for solar power generation system.
    5. The solar power generation system or solar rooftop system increases the net value of your house and keeps it ahead from the competition.
    6. The solar roofs reduce the heat inside the house by 5 degrees Fahrenheit than the normal roofs or open terrace.
    7. The solar power systems do not produce carbon dioxide like the fossil fuels which decreases the carbon footprint or impact on the environment. The solar power is one of the cleaner, greener and renewable source of energies. Opting for solar power is the best way to contribute to fighting against climatic change.
    8. The solar power generated at the house does not undergo any transmission losses since the distance is very less. Because the power is generated on the roof. But, in the case of grids, the 23% of the electricity is lost due to the transmission losses.

You can hire a solar product dealer by filling in the form given above. We filter the suitable dealer according to your requirement and help them contact you with best competitive price quotes.

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FAQ - Solar Products in Delhi

  • What is a Solar Panel?

    Solar panels are photovoltaic panels, meaning it can absorb sunlight to produce direct current (DC). The power can then be converted to Alternating Current (AC) by using inverter Technology. The power can then be made to run through home’s electrical connections to power lights, computers, fan and any other electrical equipment.

  • How much money do I save by installing solar panels?

    What if you never have to pay the electricity bills? It’s true, after installing solar panels on the roof of your house you can completely go off the grid. Your home is self-sustainable for electricity by installing solar panels. This is only a one-time investment with which you can reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

  • What are the expenses involved in installing solar panels at homes?

    For installing a 1KW rooftop solar power, you will have shed somewhere between Rs. 80,000 and Rs. 120,000, the costs may vary depending on the quality of the solar panel you choose. However, these expenses are nothing if you never have to pay the electricity bills ever again. On top of that, the government of India has also launched schemes and subsidies to buy such solar products in India.

  • Will my roof be suitable for installing solar panels?

    Roofs facing any direction with little to no sunlight falling on them are perfect for installation of the solar panels. But in the worst case if your roof does not qualify to install solar panels, then there is plenty of workaround available with the installation team to make sure the panel receives sufficient sunlight.

  • What size of the solar panel should I install?

    The size of the solar energy product will majorly depend on how much is your monthly electricity requirement and the weather conditions of the place you live in. You can also get in touch with the solar product dealer and set your requirements with the experts; they will be able to suggest what best suits your requirements.

  • How long can I expect the solar panels to last for?

    Solar panels are designed to use in harsh conditions; they can withstand Snow, winds and rains. Generally, solar panels are very durable and would last about 25 to 35 years. Some components would require maintenance and replacement from time to time, but solar panel as a whole will last long enough.

  • Does solar energy system increase the value of the house?

    The simple answer to this question is yes. If you have a self-sustainable house for sale, it will bring you a premium price. The price negotiation, however, is the art of the seller but rest assured this will bring extra value to the property.

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