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Solar Products in Kolkata

as on Jun 21, 2021
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  1. Helios Solar Services

    Shambhu Nath Das Lane, Sinthee, Kolkata

    Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    We execute solar project on turn key model. Rooftop ongrid, off-grid, ground mounted, solar home lighting, solar pump, solar street light.

  2. Didas International

    Santoshpur Avenue, Santoshpur

    Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    No. 12, Santoshpur Avenue, Santoshpur, Kolkata - 700075 Get Directions
  3. Green World Corporation

    2nd Floor, Jodhpur Park

    Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    No. 292, 2nd Floor, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata - 700045
  4. Roots Enviro Systems Pvt. Ltd.

    Snuff Mill Street , Belghoria

    Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    No. 26/2, Snuff Mill Street, Belghoria, Kolkata - 700056
  5. Enduil

    Ichapur Road, Nawabganj

    Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    Ground Floor, Devitala Road, Ichapur Road, Nawabganj, Kolkata - 743144
  6. PARTH' & LILLY SALES & SERVICES-Kolkata-Solar Products, New Product Dealers


    Parnasri Pally, Behala, Kolkata

    Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    Parth' & lilly is a company believing to solve any issues related to interior & exterior of a construction as well as offers various services like AC renting , insurance , commercial kitchen setup, complete water solution etc. Recently we have started our home appliances trading unit to meet daily needs of our customers. We believe in cash & carry method to maintain clarity in dealing .

  7. Hertz Power Control

    NAYABAD, Nayabad

    Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    1520 NAYABAD, NEAR NAYABAD MINI BUS STAND, Nayabad Manin Rd, NAYABAD, Nayabad, Kolkata - 700099
  8. Chitransh Technologies

    R.N. Guha Road, South Dumdum

    Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    No. 50, R.N. Guha Road, South Dumdum, Kolkata - 700028
  9. Srikrithi Enterprises

    Bhramapur, Garia

    Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    No. 196, Sheikhpara, Bhramapur, Garia, Kolkata - 700096
  10. Aankhe Solution

    Purba Sinthi, Dum Dum

    Solar Products, New Product Dealers

    No. 116/7, MC Garden Road, Purba Sinthi, Dum Dum, Kolkata - 700030 Get Directions

8 Reviews of Solar Products in Kolkata

as on Jun 21, 2021 Average Rating (4) - 13 reviews
27th Aug, 2019 ,

Good seller and services good

12th Sep, 2018

Quality of Jyoty solar power products are better than other company as per my choice.

3rd Sep, 2018

We have purchased solar Water Heater from Jyoty Solar Power and satisfied with the quality of product.

3rd Aug, 2018

liar seller, they send the faulty product and services are very poor, they are selling cheap and low quality products, stop responding, no installation manual warranty card etc. technically very poor people. also provide fake details. promise for free shipping of faulty product and later send the product with payment on delivery. just lost 60k rs. send the useless product. be careful and stay away from these types of cheap peoples with cheap products. they dont have any solar pump just normal pumps and VFDs with solar input. nothing special with pump. stay away from these liars. how are they doing business just fooling peoples

2nd Dec, 2017

Product performance is very good...

1st Dec, 2017

Jyoty Solar Power is best solar energy company in eastern India

1st Dec, 2017

We have purchase solar street light, satisfied with quality...

1st Dec, 2017

very Good Quality Products...

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269 days ago
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  • Time of requirement: Within 1 – 2 weeks
291 days ago

Things you need to know before buying solar products

The solar-powered systems are gaining attention in India for its advantages and eco-friendly nature. The solar products are incorporated in many things like the rooftop of the buildings to generate electricity for the building, in the street lights and in many other areas. The solar products dealers in Kolkata hold a variety of solar products like solar lights, solar water heaters and many other things. But it important to know few things before buying any solar products. Here is the list of things you need to consider before deciding on the solar products.

  1. Solar energy is a cleaner and cheaper source of energy

    The photovoltaic systems generate electricity by using the sunlight without emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This makes the solar power a green, clean and renewable source of energy without any waste or emission. While comparing to the energy generation from fossil fuel, solar energy is such a contribution to the environment. The solar power can be generated anywhere if you put a little effort. Opting for the solar powered system can be a small contribution to reduce the carbon footprint.

  2. Solar power works in all climates

    It is a quite old myth that the solar panels or solar powered systems work only in summers and doesn’t work in other climates. Being in a tropical country like ours, we do not need to worry about the sunshine in the other climates. Regardless of that fact, solar panels and other solar products require minimal sunlight to work in all the climates. There is also another fact that the solar powered panels work efficiently in cold temperatures. It is also important to make sure that the panels are positioned in the right direction for the panels to work more efficiently. In Kolkata, an abundant sunshine is available all the year around to produce more electricity. The people in Kolkata can save more money on energy bills than the other areas covered with snow or gets a lot of clouds.

  3. The solar energy can be stored

    Your home can still get electricity even when the sun is not shining outside or at the night. The excess solar energy that is generated during the peak hours during the noon is stored in the solar batteries for further use. During the night time, this stored energy is used. It is advisable to use on-grid solar power systems which are cheaper than the off-grid solar power systems. The on-grid systems allow the electricity from the electricity board so that the power from the grid is made use when the solar energy is not available.

  4. Professional installation is required

    It is advisable not to try DIY for installing a solar panel. It is important to hire the right solar company to install the solar roofs. Improper installation may affect the roof of your building, the life of the solar rooftop system and also the efficiency of the system. It is crucial to hire experienced solar product dealers or solar companies. The solar rooftop works well for around 30 years with very little maintenance when installed properly. The solar panel manufactures bring up the best of the solar technology and its installation methods by which the sun exposure and efficiency can be maximized. Doing this can help you save more money.

  5. Understand your energy consumption

    It is necessary to do a complete research on your energy consumption per year or per day. The capacity of the solar rooftop system is decided on the basis of the energy consumption of your house. Regardless of the type of the rooftop system, the energy consumption data is required for setting up a solar power generation system. You can get the previous year’s total energy bill and divide it by 365 to get the energy consumption per day. Solar power is a long-term investment, so it is better to understand the requirements of your house before opting for one.

  6. Roof requirements for solar rooftop systems

    To get the maximum efficiency from the rooftop solar power systems, the orientation and the direction of the roof are required to be maintained properly. The results of the solar rooftop system entirely depend on the factors such as the slope of the roof, the size of the system, and the availability of the sun. Generally, the solar panels are now installed on the roof of your house. The type of the roof present in your house plays a crucial role in the total installation cost. Installing a solar power system is easy in the asphalt roofs while the installation is hard and requires more work hours for any other types of roofs. You can expect the solar panel price in India per watt around 60-70 INR approximately. A 5kw solar panel price in India may cost around 3.5-4 Lakh INR approximately.

These are the things that you need to consider before hiring a solar product dealer for buying solar products like solar water heaters, lights or solar rooftop system. It is also important to hire a reputable solar product dealer who can provide high-quality products. Hire the best solar product dealers in the city by just answering the questions above.

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FAQ - Solar Products in Kolkata

  • What is a Solar Panel?

    Solar panels are photovoltaic panels, meaning it can absorb sunlight to produce direct current (DC). The power can then be converted to Alternating Current (AC) by using inverter Technology. The power can then be made to run through home’s electrical connections to power lights, computers, fan and any other electrical equipment.

  • How much money do I save by installing solar panels?

    What if you never have to pay the electricity bills? It’s true, after installing solar panels on the roof of your house you can completely go off the grid. Your home is self-sustainable for electricity by installing solar panels. This is only a one-time investment with which you can reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

  • What are the expenses involved in installing solar panels at homes?

    For installing a 1KW rooftop solar power, you will have shed somewhere between Rs. 80,000 and Rs. 120,000, the costs may vary depending on the quality of the solar panel you choose. However, these expenses are nothing if you never have to pay the electricity bills ever again. On top of that, the government of India has also launched schemes and subsidies to buy such solar products in India.

  • Will my roof be suitable for installing solar panels?

    Roofs facing any direction with little to no sunlight falling on them are perfect for installation of the solar panels. But in the worst case if your roof does not qualify to install solar panels, then there is plenty of workaround available with the installation team to make sure the panel receives sufficient sunlight.

  • What size of the solar panel should I install?

    The size of the solar energy product will majorly depend on how much is your monthly electricity requirement and the weather conditions of the place you live in. You can also get in touch with the solar product dealer and set your requirements with the experts; they will be able to suggest what best suits your requirements.

  • How long can I expect the solar panels to last for?

    Solar panels are designed to use in harsh conditions; they can withstand Snow, winds and rains. Generally, solar panels are very durable and would last about 25 to 35 years. Some components would require maintenance and replacement from time to time, but solar panel as a whole will last long enough.

  • Does solar energy system increase the value of the house?

    The simple answer to this question is yes. If you have a self-sustainable house for sale, it will bring you a premium price. The price negotiation, however, is the art of the seller but rest assured this will bring extra value to the property.

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