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Looking for some beautiful artwork for the ceiling of your living room? Why not create a customised roof for enhancing the look of your house? To know more about such ceilings, you need to hire stretch ceiling services in Mangalore. With these services, you can add any kind of modifications to your house without any hassles.

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Raju kumar10 September 2022

Roofing Contractors
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Bijoy 23 HOURS AGO

Tata roofing shed pur square feet koto(More)

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Is polycarbonate better than PVC??

Nandha04 June 2022

Roofing Contractors
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Adhithiya 06 July 2022

Both polycarbonate and PVC have their own advantages and disadvantages.?? Polycarbonate Roofs- it is one of the best roofing options that are available for low-slope and flat slopes. Some of the advantages of this roof are it comes in high-quality, is durable, provides high UV resistance, is lightweight, highly affordable, and resistant to harsh temperature and discoloring. The only disadvantage that it has is it is not resistant to scratch.?? PVC Roofing- these roofs are made of ethylene and chlorine. Some of the advantages of PVC roofing are it is durable, provides excellent strength, has a long service life, is eco-friendly, and has high resistance to fire, wind, moisture, and all the other chemicals. The biggest disadvantage of PVC roofing is it is highly expensive.???(More)

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Is polycarbonate good for roofing??

Vetha03 June 2022

Roofing Contractors
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Vins 25 August 2022

Iam in chennai. Roofing work for Avinashi(More)

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How do you stop a polycarbonate roof from leaking??

Mani02 June 2022

Roofing Contractors
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Adhithiya 05 July 2022

If your polycarbonate roof is leaking, the first and foremost thing you should do is find out the source of the leaks. If you encounter a hole, use any tape underneath and coat the roof with silicone for at least 3mm. The tape underneath could be removed the next day once the silicone coating dries. If cracked or damaged panels cause leaks, it is better to replace the roofs. To replace the roofs, their location should be identified, after which they should be scraped out, and the new panels should be placed. These are some of the ways in which you could stop your roof from leaking.??(More)

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How do you fix a hole in a polycarbonate roof?

Bharat01 June 2022

Roofing Contractors
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Adhithiya 01 July 2022

Polycarbonates are highly durable and are more affordable. Still, there could be some problems that could arise due to extreme weather conditions. The first and foremost is that there will be the development of holes in the roofs due to deterioration. It is better to seal these holes as early as possible to avoid further damage. If the holes are small, you could seal them with various available sealing options. If the holes are much bigger, beyond sealing, it is better to replace the panel rather than spend money on sealing them.? (More)

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The Potential Ways in Which Stretch Ceiling Services in Mangalore Can Transform Any Living Space

To be precise, a stretch ceiling is a modernized version of ceiling decoration. Since the last few years, stretch ceiling are garnering an increasing amount of popularity. Its popularity is due to its bright style which readily integrates with any form of decor. A stretch ceiling is an ideal addition to an array of commercial and residential spaces. Stretch ceilings usually comprise of PVC materials which makes them durable. So let’s assess how stretch ceiling services can transform the look of any living space.

Stretch ceiling services facilitate fast installation

While opting for stretch ceiling services you don’t have to waste your whole day. The installation process of stretch ceilings is quite fast. Moreover, with the help of a stretch ceiling, you can transform the look of any living space. Note that a stretched ceiling has the same advantage like that of a dropped ceiling. Stretch ceilings can disguise pipes or conceal wires. These types of ceilings are often installed in movie halls or music rooms to soundproof them.

Advantages of opting for stretch ceiling services in Mangalore

One of the highlighting traits of stretch ceilings lies in the fact that they are easy to install. These types of ceilings do not need plastering and priming. It can secure your living space from water leaks. On the other hand, stretch ceilings can also improve the aesthetic appearance of your home or office. You can implement a plethora of designs with the help of stretch ceilings. Furthermore, the installation process of the stretch ceiling doesn’t leave behind any kind of debris or residue.

Stretch ceilings can be customized to a great extent

Stretch ceilings can be personalized to a great extent. From 3D effects to backlit surfaces, a stretch ceiling can be easily customized to accommodate your needs. This is the reason that stretch ceilings are an ideal choice to be installed on your workspace. With the help of stretch ceiling services, you can remodel your surroundings at a much lower cost. These ceilings have a long-lasting functional life and hence can serve you for a considerable period of time.

Minimal maintenance

Another highlighting attribute of stretch ceilings is that they require minimal maintenance. Besides that, as they have a long service life, they are quite popular among residences and commercial spaces. You don’t need to maintain them on a periodic basis. Cleaning stretch ceilings is quite easy. If the ceiling gets dirty, you should wipe it with a damp cloth. As these ceilings require minimal maintenance efforts they are more common in modern offices.

Revamp your interiors at no extra cost

Well with the help of a stretch ceiling you can readily your revamp the interior decor. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money behind remodelling the ambience of your home. It is noteworthy here to mention that a stretch ceiling can add a much more sophisticated look to any space.

The charges of stretch ceiling service providers

The below table depicts the service charges of stretch ceiling service providers. However, the figures are based on general approximation.

Built-up Area

Area of the actual ceiling

(In Square Metres)

Rate per square feet

500 square feet


INR 5000

1000 square feet


INR 6500

1500 square feet


INR 7000

2000 square feet


INR 8500

Moreover, the majority of them are fireproof and waterproof. These types of ceilings can form an ideal hideous storage option. You can also store your office files in these types of ceilings.

FAQ - Stretch Ceiling Repair Services in Mangalore

1. What are the charges of hiring the stretch ceiling services in Mangalore?

The charges of the stretch ceiling services in Mangalore vary from one location to another. Certain factors govern the fluctuation in the fee structures of these services in the market. Some of these factors are:

  • The status of the construction company in the industry
  • The scope and demand of the building project in the market
  • The area of the roof
  • The type of raw materials used for the completion of the project
  • The location of the project
  • Tax considerations, etc.

Hence, to understand the differences in the charges of these services, one must refer to these factors. However, here is a price table for such services depending on the type of stretch ceiling system used for the project:

Types of stretch ceilings


Green stone effect ceiling

Starts from INR 300 per square feet

Stretch material ceiling

Starts from INR 750 per square feet

Multicolour stretch fabric

Starts from INR 230 per square feet

Designer ceiling

Starts from INR 150 per square feet

FRP stretch ceiling

Starts from INR 650 per square feet

PVC stretch ceiling

Starts from INR 550 per square feet

2. What kinds of buildings can use stretch ceiling services in Mangalore?

Different kinds of buildings that can hire the stretch ceiling services in Mangalore are:

  • Leisure centres
  • Bars
  • Swimming pools
  • Hospitals
  • Care homes
  • Restaurants, etc.

3. What is referred to as the stretch ceiling services?

The stretch ceiling services are professional roofing services in Mangalore that help one to suspend different kinds of artificial ceilings within their home or other building structures. These kinds of ceiling systems composed of two types of components, namely:

  • Perimeter track
  • Lightweight fabric membranes

4. Why do I need to know about the stretch ceiling services in Mangalore?

The stretch ceiling services in Mangalore are essential as they can conceal the damaged parts of your roof without much investment. Also, with such services, you can provide different kinds of look to your property without much additional and expensive work. These kinds of ceilings are easy to maintain, and they tend to last for an extended period.

5. Why are these kinds of ceilings called stretched ceilings in Mangalore?

Actually, these are elastic canvases that are attached to the inner corners of your roof and stretched accordingly to fit the structure accurately. As these are extended to provide the suspended look to the ceiling, hence they are often called stretched ceilings in Mangalore.

6. What are the different types of ceilings provided by the stretch ceiling services in Mangalore?

The different kinds of stretch ceilings in Mangalore provided by the stretch ceiling services are:

  • PVC

    Polyvinylchloride or PVC stretch ceiling is quite common for residential uses. You get a vast range of colours to get the perfect combination for your home. The most common types of textures available in this kind include glossy, matte, and satin.

  • Seamless stretch ceiling

    This one uses polystyrene yarn, which happens to be a blend of polymers. Unlike PVC, this one is not affected by temperature changes.

    Apart from these two main types, you can also get personalized ones as per your requirement from the vendors. However, in such cases, make sure to know their services and the rates thoroughly to avoid any confusion later.

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