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KK Nagar, Chennai, 600078
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Marriage Counselling Specialists, Astrology services, Psychological Counseling & Healing Services
Working hours: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PMYears of Experience: 6

'Time Science Astrology Services located in Chennai. Thiru Lakshman , Best Astrologer in Chennai India, Available for ONLINE Prediction. Video or Phone or Direct consultation available. 1. Validate and calibrate your birth time to provide most accurate solutions 2. No Dosha No Homam No superstition Approach - Practical Solution Provided 3. Psychology Counseling sessions through self realization using astrology 4. Logical approach to address ... less


"?Your time is limited, so don?t waste it living someone else?s life. Don?t be trapped by dogma ? which is living with the results of other people?s thinking.? ? Steve Jobs ?The purpose of our lives is to be happy.? ? Dalai Lama If everyone starts analysing themselves closely, we are all blessed with naturally gifted skills and passions in totally different areas, which are close to our hearts. Experts and multiple leaders in various fields say that people have a successful career with a peaceful, joyous and content life if we follow our passion leveraging these naturally gifted skills. At the same time, if one approaches everyone else in their family, work and social networks with this perspective, we can all achieve great things with mutual respect and collective contributions as one team. Your 60 minutes with Lakshman can potentially guide you to new avenues in your life and is endorsed by hundreds of people and strongly recommend you to join this session to shape your life "

Saravana Kumar J from Chennai

"The best Astrologer/ Counsellor in Chennai, India - spends quality time in listening and resolving the issues which soothes the mind in an hour of magic. Thanks Thiru Lakshman for being there. "

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