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    Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad as on Jul 22, 2017

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    1. +91 40 33129123
      Engineering Colleges

      Sojourned in the heart of the Hyderabad city, Bonfire Institute of Design endows with a deluge of design career prospects to aspiring students: the possibility to show up in are mark ably startling campus built in a coherent 6000SFt, perk up language skills, design deftness and experience the very best of Fashion and Interior Design mores. With fashion favor and space design vehemence up sleeve, Bonfire Institute of Design is affiliated to the elite and A Grade universities of the country.    

    2. +91 40 33139599
      Engineering Colleges

      The children of today are the decision-makers and business leaders of tomorrow. They are the future of our nation who will guide the nation's destiny in the coming years. At St Peter’s, we believe that a school should not be a structure of brick and mortar, but should reflect the values that it stands for. St Peter's International Residential School (SPIRS), another worthy offering from St Peter's organization is located on a spacious campus on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Conceived to provide the finest in education, St Peter’s International Residential School currently caters to classes from Grade 5 to Grade 10. The school follows CBSE curriculum. Curriculum from the UK based University of Cambridge (CIE) will be introduced. The school offers a nurturing and serene learning environment supplemented by world class resources for the young minds to explore and expand their thirst for knowledge and effectively face the challenges that life may throw at them. Apart from this, the school offers an outstanding teaching faculty, an excellent curricular and co-curricular activity and the effective use of modern teaching tools and techniques. The school stresses upon the skills of decision making, creative and critical thinking, problem solving and developing a sense of commitment within a holistic educational environment. Apart from this, the school also instills in the students, traditional Indian values and culture. The goal is to turn out good human beings with the capacity to truly contribute to the development of human knowledge and society.  

    3. Engineering Colleges

      32, Himayat Sagar, Golconda, Hyderabad - 500008

    4. Engineering Colleges

      Lemoor Village, Kandukur, Shamshabad, Hyderabad - 501359

    5. Engineering Colleges

      Dundigal Village, Quthbullapur, Hyderabad - 500043

    6. Engineering Colleges

      The Oval ,Plot No. 18, Level 2, Ilabs Centre, Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500081

    7. Engineering Colleges

      No. 8-2-249 - 267,Road No. 3 ,Banjara Hills ,Near Mount Pleasant , 500034, Road No. 3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500034

    8. Engineering Colleges

      is affiliated to JNTU Hyderabad and approved by AICTE New Delhi. SIET campus is located in a serene and pollution free atmosphere at Vinobanagar 2Km from Ibrahimpatnam on Nagarjunasagar Road 30 km from Hyderabad. The campus spread over 14 acres of scenic landscape is an ideal place for educational pursuits. The labs, class rooms, information centre etc are uniquely designed and built to endow the students a hassle free environment to pursue their intellectual development. This campus is an ultimate destination for those who wish to acquire world class education in truly Indian environment.

    9. Engineering Colleges

      BRKR Bhavan ,5th & 6th Floors, Tar Bund Road, Saifabad, Hyderabad - 500063

    10. Engineering Colleges

      Nalgonda, Srinivasa Nagar, V.T.Palem, Miryalaguda, Hyderabad - 508207

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    10 Reviews of Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad as on Jul 22, 2017

    Average Rating (4)
    1. 11th May, 2017

      Doing my B.Tech. in this acadamy.fees amount I paid reasonable amount for this coaching.duration of the course 2 years.awesome coaching and good tutors I got from this acadamy.i am really happy and satisfied with that service..

    2. 11th May, 2017

      Completed my B. Tech (IT) course at this University which is Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kukatpally, Hyderabad, for their coaching was good. Their teaching and training was very nice, they have taken coaching fees also its affordable only so I'm doing my Course in this University. Glad to finish my degree from this college.

    3. 11th May, 2017

      Graduated in B. Tech through this Institute. The training from this Institute is good. pleasant greenery campus. Special discount on fees for people who cannot afford it. One of the best colleges. They motivate the students well. Overall, I am convinced with this institute for the training. Good institution.

    4. 11th May, 2017

      Have i joined in this college for doing B. Tech which is Shahjehan College of Engineering & Technology Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad, dedicated team of faculty members are there, good quality of education given by them. Good lab facilities, comfortable hostel facilities and good bus facilities, even non-working days also college buses are available when we have the special classes. Glad to join in this college.

    5. 7th May, 2017

      Finished my M. Tech Course through this College for their coaching and training was very nice for they taken Course fees also it's reasonable amount only so I'm happy to do my course at this College

    6. 5th May, 2017

      Done the B.Tech. C.S.E. Course at this College for their coaching and teaching was very nice and they quoted the Course fees also It's Nominal Amount only so I'm happy for done my course at this College

    7. 5th May, 2017

      I have completed the B.Tech. Chemical Engineering in this University there Environmental and teaching was very nice and they are taken course fees also It's Nominal amount only and they are very polite, so I'm happy for doing my coaching at this University

    8. 5th May, 2017

      Here I have completed my B. Tech Mechanical Engineering course their environmental and teaching was good and they have taken courses, fees also It's reasonable amount only and their coaching is also good so I'm happy to do the course in this College

    9. 5th May, 2017

      Completed my M.B.A. Finance in this College their teaching and training was very nice since they quoted course fees also it's reasonable amount only so I'm happy about doing the course at this College

    10. 5th May, 2017

      Completed my B. Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering course in this College for their coaching was good and they have taken coaching fees also it's reasonable amount only so I'm satisfied for Done my Course in the College

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