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    Hadoop Training in Chennai as on Dec 14, 2017

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    1. +91 76003 00006
      Hadoop Training, Business intelligence & analytics training
      Also Servicing : Chennai

      No. 309, Block-A , Ganesh Maredian, Bairathi Colony, Indore - 452007

    2. Eyeopen Technologies, Anna Nagar

      171 Reviews 7.9 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 46294295
      Hadoop Training, Big data & Hadoop training
      Our passion for providing software training of the highest quality began with our first venture ZI Technology where we offered our services for big software corporations. It continues with our new venture Eyeopen Technologies and the difference now is we also have our very own state of the art infrastructure to offer to our clients. Our goal is to provide a stable and consistent environment and therefore we make every effort to retain our Staff that have contributed immensely to our quality. We as a team are keen on going the extra mile in customer service at all times to all customers. We want to make sure you have the best experience, right from evaluating your requirements, suggesting cost effective solutions and putting the right resources to execute them. Contact us for your needs.
    3. Cloud Solution, T. Nagar

      11 Reviews 5.8 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49850216
      Hadoop Training, Big data & Hadoop training
      Whether you’re looking for an individual course or a full certification programme, we offer a complete training package that can fit every requirement and career hierarchy.
    4. +91 44 49850524
      Hadoop Training, SAS training
      We provide the best training from the Hadoop experts, from basic to high-level Hadoop training with the real time projects and case studies and you will get experience while learning.
    5. JPM Edu Solutions, Sholinganallur

      1 Review 5.2 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 46292216
      Hadoop Training, Big data & Hadoop training
      JPM Edu Solutions is a premier training institute that has been solely focusing on offering technical knowledge for building and enhancing IT skills. Our objective is to systematically train and enrich people who come to us for upgrading themselves. We conduct training and assist them in developing industry-ready practical skills which are crucial for survival in today’s competitive IT world. We pave the way for different opportunities that help in advancing career and securing a stable position in the field. We aim at achieving success by delivering the best training services with the aid of the most skilled trainers and faculty team. Our proficiency lies in creating quality professionals working across different verticals in reputed companies globally. We engage well experienced real-time trainers from the industry to groom our trainees to face challenges by equipping them with the best practices. In our six-year journey, we have employed a highly skilled team of 18 trainers who have trained over 10,000 students. We offer courses related to technologies like cloud computing, mobile development, Big data and Hadoop. OUR MISSION To offer premium courses that enable our students to learn from the best trainers, gain access to industry expertise and share ideas with other professionals. OUR VISION To produce technically sound and affluent students by providing them with the knowledge that helps in seeking opportunities for value-based growth and career advancement. WHY CHOOSE JPM? We offer Software Certification Courses handled by a hand-picked team of experts and training staff. Online courses are also available with us where you can enrich yourself by taking up lessons online. Courses related to the latest technologies are also offered with standard trainers and planned schedules.  
    6. Inceptez Technologies, Velachery

      97 Reviews 6.6 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 46292235
      Hadoop Training, Informatica training
      We at Inceptez Technologies very well understand the need of every candidates and committed to provide a lively environment to get a complete hands by conducting comprehensive practical exercises and spot tests frequently on each and every topics we cover in the Hadoop technology stack.
    7. +91 44 49851092
      Hadoop Training, Business intelligence & analytics training
      Amitysoft brings in business knowledge and experience in enterprise data for Big Data Analytics. The courses are taught by its professional team members.
    8. Dreamsplus Consulting Pvt. Ltd., T. Nagar

      16 Reviews 7.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49854902
      Hadoop Training, Big data & Hadoop training
      Dreams Plus Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Headquartered in India that has specialized in IT consulting& training solutions for over 5 years. Founded in 2009 in India, we operate in 2 countries & expanding. Our core business is in the area of IT Service Management, Sourcing and IT training and certification. It is initiated by a crew of highly dexterous and adept professionals. Our Organization is well structured to offer the Information Technology Training and Professional Certification exams which have global recognition. Contact us for your needs.  
    9. ESSHA Apps, Thiruvanmiyur

      33 Reviews 7.8 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49850153
      Hadoop Training, Business intelligence & analytics training
      Essha Technologies provide best range classroom trainings and convenient online training choices. We also offer Corporate Training for the students with excellent support.
    10. Apollo Computer Education, Anna Nagar

      2 Reviews 5.5 Sulekha Score
      +91 44 49851499
      Hadoop Training, Big data & Hadoop training
      The specialty of Apollo Computer Education Ltd Limited is 100% practical training. Along with the computer training we mould the students with a unique personality development program.
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    • Technology: Big Data
    • Mode of training: Classroom
    • Training for: Individual
    • Timing preferences: Weekdays (Morning)
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    • Technology: Hadoop
    • Mode of training: Classroom
    • Training for: Individual
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    • Technology: Hadoop
    • Mode of training: Classroom
    • Training for: Individual
    • Timing preferences: Weekdays (Morning)
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    Recent Bookings in Data Science & Business Analytics Training

    • Technology: Hadoop
    • Mode of training: Classroom
    • Training for: Individual
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    55 days ago
    • Best Hadoop Training and Certification Course in Chennai

      We recommend our training partners for learning Hadoop skills for their years of experience and reputation in providing Hadoop and database training in and around Chennai. They first evaluate the need and existing skill set of the trainee before offering a customized training course for the beginner, intermediate and expert levels. This could save lots of time and cost for the student by avoiding already known concepts and irrelevant concepts. The courses are offered by reputed training institutes which engage experienced industry experts in teaching Hadoop techniques in a practical manner. Browse through the course details and benefits to picking the best suitable course for you.

      Course Highlights:

      • Typically, the training course duration would range between 40 to 90-hour sessions.
      • The classes can be either on weekdays or weekends depending on the preferences of the student.
      • All the session will be 100% practical oriented and based on real-time scenario.
      • Depending on the first come first served basis, you can even get an additional discount of 10% – 15% of the course fee.
      • Courses are available for Beginners, Intermediate level and Expert Level learners.

      Other Key Highlights:

      • Classes missed by the student are compensated with backup sessions
      • Course curriculum is designed by the experts in the industry and customized to meet the demand in the job market
      • 100% placement assistance

      Should I take up this course?

      If you’re an IT career aspirant desperate to land in a Hadoop or Data Science career or working IT professional planning to switch to a demanding platform, you should never miss enrolling for this Hadoop training course.

      Am I eligible to pursue this training course?

      Except a graduation/Diploma related to computer science, there are no much prerequisites required for learning this course. Since this Hadoop training course covers concepts from basics, the following prerequisites helps you to skip to expert level syllabus,

      • Diploma/Bachelor/Master degree education in the field of IT/CSE
      • Fair idea about the Linux system
      • Understanding the Mainframe, DWH, and basic data science concepts

      What are the concepts topics covered in Hadoop training course?

      Topics Covered in Concept - Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop

      • What is Big Data?
      • The Rise of Bytes
      • Data Explosion and its Sources
      • Types of Data – Structured, Semi-structured, Unstructured data
      • Characteristics of Big Data
      • Limitations of Traditional Large-Scale Systems
      • Use Cases for BigData
      • Challenges of BigData
      • Hadoop Introduction - What is Hadoop? Why Hadoop?
      • Supported Operating Systems
      • Organizations using Hadoop
      • Hadoop Job Trends
      • History of Hadoop
      • Hadoop Core Components – Map Reduce & HDFS Hadoop Setup
      • Deployment Modes – Standalone Mode, Pseudo-Distributed Mode, Fully-Distributed Mode
      • Pseudo-Distributed Mode Virtual Machine Setup on Windows
      • VMWare Player - Introduction
      • Install VMWare
      • Create a VM in VMWare
      • Download and Install Hadoop Packages
      • Configuration parameters and values
      • HDFS parameters
      • Map Reduce parameters
      • YARN parameters
      • Hadoop environment setup
      • Environment variables
      • Hadoop Configuration
      • HDFS, Map Reduce, and YARN parameters
      • Hadoop Core Services – Daemon Process Status using JPS
      • Hadoop WebUI
      • Eclipse development environment setup

      Topics Covered in Concept - HDFS Architecture

      • Introduction to Hadoop Distributed File System
      • Regular File System v/s HDFS
      • HDFS Architecture
      • Components of HDFS - NameNode, DataNode, SecondayNameNode
      • HDFS Features - Fault Tolerance, Horizontal Scaling, Data Replication, Rack Awareness
      • Anatomy of a file write on HDFS
      • Anatomy of a file read on HDFS
      • Hands on with Hadoop HDFS, WebUI and Linux Terminal Commands
      • HDFS File System Operations
      • Name Node Metadata, File System Namespace, Name Node Operation,
      • Data Block Split
      • Benefits of Data Block Approach
      • HDFS - Block Replication Architecture, Block placement, Replication Method, Data Replication Topology, Network Topology, Data Replication Representation
      • HDFS Programming Basics – Java API
      • Java API Introduction
      • Hadoop Configuration API
      • HDFS API Overview
      • When Hadoop is not suitable Map Reduce
      • What is Map Reduce and Why it is popular
      • Map Reduce Framework– Introduction, Driver, Mapper, Reducer, Combiner, Split, Shuffle & Sort
      • Example: Word Count the Hello World of Map Reduce
      • Use cases of Map Reduce
      • Real-time usecases of Map Reduce
      • Input Splits in Map Reduce
      • Hands on with Map Reduce Programming
      • Map Reduce Architecture
      • Responsibility of Job Tracker, Task Tracker in classic Map Reduce v1
      • Running on Local Job Runner v/s Cluster
      • Packaging Map Reduce Jobs in a JAR
      • Responsibility of Job Tracker, Task Tracker in classic Map Reduce v1
      • Anatomy of Map Reduce Jobs Execution in classic MRv1(JT, TT)
      • Understanding Input/output Format, Sequence Input/output format
      • Joins in Map Reduce

      Topics Covered in Concept - YARN Architecture

      • Hadoop 1.0 Limitations
      • Map Reduce Limitations
      • YARN Architecture
      • Classic vs. YARN
      • Speculative Execution
      • Understanding Data Types of Keys and Values
      • Map Reduce and YARN command line tools
      • Anatomy of Map Reduce Jobs Execution MRv2 - YARN (RM, AM, NM)
      • Distributed Cache Hive
      • Limitations of Map Reduce
      • Need for High-Level Languages
      • Analytical OLAP - Data warehousing with Apache Hive
      • What is Hive?
      • Hive Query Language
      • Background of Hive
      • Hive Installation and Configuration
      • Hive Architecture
      • Hive Data Types
      • Hive Data Model
      • Hive Examples
      • Create/Show Database
      • Create/Show/Drop Tables
      • Create / Show Database
      • Create / Show / Drop Tables
      • Hive UDF
      • SerDe (Serialization / Deserialization)
      • Partitions and Buckets
      • Joins
      • Limitations of Hive
      • SQL vs. Hive

      What is Career Scope of Hadoop?

      Chennai, in spite of being an industrial hub, it had attracted many top leading IT companies. After completing this Hadoop training course, you’ve bright options to land in top leading IT companies in Chennai, such as Amazon, Oracle India, Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant Technology Solutions, and Renault Nissan Technology, etc.

      What are the expert level certification exams I can accomplish after this course?

      Below are the list of expert certification exams which you can apply after accomplishing this Hadoop training course from our service partners,

      • CCDH (Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop)
      • CCAH (Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop)
      • CCSHB (Cloudera Certified Specialist in Apache HBase)
      • HDPCD (Hortonworks Data Platform Certified Developer)
      • HDPCA (Hortonworks Data Platform Certified Administrator)
      • HDPCD: Java (Hortonworks Data Platform Certified Developer: Java)
      • MCHA (MapR Certified Hadoop Administrator)
      • MCHD (MapR Certified Hadoop Developer)
      • MCHBD (MapR Certified HBase Developer)