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Verified & Top Home Interiors in Mohali, Chandigarh

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  1. Verified
    Dark Dot Architecture in Chandigarh

    Dark Dot Architecture

    5 (1 Reviews) 6.7
    Circular Road, Chandigarh - 160011
    • Home Interiors
    • +911140164948
    Ankit Rishi5

    One of the best interior designer in tricity

    Read more
  2. Interior Designer and decorating  in Chandigarh
    Mohali, Chandigarh - 160047
    • Home Interiors
    • +919780406628
    • Experience10 Years
    • Commercial Projects ExecutedMore than 100
    • Avg. Project Delivery TimeLess than 30 days
  3. Wren Square Architects & Interior Designers
    Mohali, Chandigarh - 140308
    • Home Interiors
    • +916239986163
  4. Noor Architects Consultants
    Mohali, Chandigarh - 160059
    • Home Interiors
    • +919988996667
  5. Texla Estates & Developers Pvt. Ltd.
    Mohali, Chandigarh - 140301
    • Home Interiors
    • +919888090416
  6. 4S Decorators
    Mohali, Chandigarh - 160062
    • Home Interiors
    • +919888888901
  7. Rideaux Home Decor in Chandigarh
    Mohali, Chandigarh - 160047
    • Home Interiors
    • +919915017264
    Mohali, Chandigarh - 134113
    • Home Interiors
    • +916355535311
  9. Milan Interiors
    Mohali, chandigarh
    • Home Interiors
    • +919654821315
  10. Unique International
    Mohali, Chandigarh - 160062
    • Home Interiors
    • +919463836679
  11. Kaanha Interiors
    Mohali, Chandigarh - 160059
    • Home Interiors
    • +919216174006
  12. Gautam Interiors
    Mohali, Chandigarh - 711600
    • Home Interiors
    • +919876476628
  13. AK Interior Architects
    Mohali, Chandigarh - 160062
    • Home Interiors
    • +919872843113
  14. Harinder Pal & Associates
    Mohali, Chandigarh - 116018
    • Home Interiors
    • +911722607704
  15. The Complete Interior Shoppe
    Mohali, Chandigarh - 116018
    • Home Interiors
    • +911722665566
  16. Exotic Interior Design
    Mohali, Chandigarh - 160038
    • Home Interiors
    • +919023271515
  17. Decor Chandigarh
    Mohali, Chandigarh - 140603
    • Home Interiors
    • +919316969251
  18. 4S Decorators
    Mohali, Chandigarh - 160055
    • Home Interiors
    • +919417415404
  19. The Architects Collaborative
    Mohali, Chandigarh - 160055
    • Home Interiors
    • +919815613956
  20. Kreative Architects
    Mohali, Chandigarh - 160060
    • Home Interiors
    • +919814221903
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Recent Reviews of Home Interior Designers in Mohali, Chandigarh as on Jun 16, 2021

5 / 5
(based on 1 reviews)
Ankit Rishi5.0
24th Jan, 2020 Dark Dot Architecture

One of the best interior designer in tricity

2 has liked
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Recent Enquiries on Home Interiors in Mohali, Chandigarh

Get started with residential interior design in Mohali, Chandigarh

The residential interior designing is really a time consuming and stressful job for which you need to hire the right residential Interior Designer in Chandigarh to get relieved from all the stresses. It also involves many decision making from picking the right color that matches with the drapes and the flooring to the selection of suitable fixtures for each part of the house. Most of us hesitate to hire an interior designer just because we do not know how to get started or thinking that hiring an interior designer might not be affordable. The interior designer provides you with interior decoration, interior decor ideas, and interior design for hall, kitchen and other areas. Here is a simple guide to help you to hire the right expert for your requirements.
  1. Discover your interior style You can judge one’s personality with the help of their interior style. Most of the interior designer says that the interior style is just the reflection of the person’s personality. There are many types of interior styles to match your personal style. If you are minimalistic, you can opt for modern, contemporary and eclectic style while you can go for bohemian and traditional interior styles if you are fun-loving and want colors to compliment your home. It is important to discover your style before getting started with residential interior designing.
  2. Requirements The requirement of each house is different from the other. For instance, if your house residents are short, you got to opt for a sofa or furniture that can be low and deep. It is not a good option when your family members are tall. Likewise, it is necessary to discuss about every detail that is required for your house and its special needs. Listing out your needs will make your home more customized and personalized feel.
  3. Expectations The expectations are a little more than the requirements. You can expect the comfort and style that is tailor-made for you to make your home feel more pleasant and filled with happiness. You can also ask the expert to take responsibility for most of the decision makings and selection if you don’t want to get involved much. 
  4. Budget and timeframe The budget and the time frame are the two major factors that you need to decide before hiring a residential interior designer is very important. Get in touch with experts who provides you budget interior design or cheap and best interior design. You can get free estimates from the residential interior designer to get an approximate outline of the expenses for your house. Once you finalize the deal, ask the expert to provide you with a detailed estimate to make sure that no hidden fees are charged on you. Also, be realistic with the time frame and budget when deciding it.
  5. Hire the right expert You can find the best residential interior designers in Mohali, Chandigarh by filling in the form that is given on the top of the page. Once the form is filled, we filter the suitable contractors who can cater to your requirements and meet your expectations. The experts will contact you with the best deals.

FAQ - Home Interior Designers in Mohali, Chandigarh

  • Why should I hire an interior designer in Mohali, Chandigarh?

    • It helps you make an informed decision about getting all the materials required for the project, at the best rates.
    • Professionals help you cover every aspect of the house including flooring, ceiling, lighting, etc. rather than just individual specifications.
    • A professional not just helps you design your home according to your budget, but also saves you a lot of time in procuring and assembling all the material.
  • At what stage do I consult a professional?

    Though it is at your discretion to consult an expert, it is advisable that you meet with the professionals as early as possible. This not just helps you save a lot of time and money, but also ensures a seamless execution of the project.
  • How long does the project take?

     The time taken to complete a project is relative to your requirements. However, the average time taken to fully design and implement the same in a complete house from scratch is around 3 months. If you’re looking to design smaller spaces, the time taken for completion of the project is significantly lesser.
  • What are the services provided by residential interior designers in Mohali, Chandigarh?

    When it comes to residential interior designing, here are some of the parts of the house that our experts cover:
    • Living room
    • Kitchen
    • Bedroom
    • Bathroom
    • Complete house
    • Study room
    • Pooja room
    Additionally, they also provide assistance with the following specifications like:
    • Lighting
    • Ceiling design/re-design
    • Office interior designing
    • Kitchen decor ideas
    • Furniture designing
    • Painting services
    • Flooring
    • Home accessories
  • What are some of the things to be considered before hiring an interior designer?

    Before hiring an interior designer for your home, it is important to
    1. Pick from an extensive list - Don’t rely on just one insurance provider your friend suggested. Choose from a wide range of service providers. Make sure your needs are covered by checking out their list of offered services.
    2. Rely on the ratings - Reviews and ratings give a clear picture of what you can expect from the service provider. Looking at them will help you in making informed decisions based on other users’ experiences.
    3. Get in touch - Contact at least four interior designers to seal a better deal. Make sure you choose a service that best suits your requirement.
    4. Do your research - Experience in handling previous projects, resource allocation and quality of service are some of the main factors that needs to be considered before finalizing on an interior designer.
  • What are the services provided by interior designers in Mohali, Chandigarh?

    Interior designers can help you with the following aspects of the design:
    • Architecture
    • Interior design planning and execution
    • Landscape design
    • Project management
    Additionally you can choose between getting only the designs and/or execution by the experts as per your requirements.
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  • kaff interior designers
  • merino interior designers
  • elica interior designers
  • evershine interior designers
  • greenply interior designers
  • ozone interior designers
  • hettich interior designers
  • faber interior designers
  • greenlam interior designers
  • kitply interior designers
  • nirali interior designers
  • saint gobain interior designers
  • hafele interior designers
  • bosh interior designers
  • franke interior designers
  • sharon plywoods interior designers
  • ebco interior designers
  • century ply interior designers
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