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      Best 10 Life Insurance Companies in Delhi as on Dec 12, 2017

      1. +91 11 40128274
        Life Insurance

        H- 5, Basement, Lajpat Nagar Part III, Delhi - 110024

      2. +91 11 40116573
        Life Insurance
        JS Financial Advisor is an insurance agent based in Delhi, India. We offer personal life insurance services for clients in and around the region. We care about the clients and their family and ensure that their family gets the much-needed financial support after their passing. We have offered personalised assistance to customers from different walks of life since the time of our inception in 2008. We offer premium calculator facility and insurance product brochures for the convenience of the clients. Contact us for getting a comprehensive insurance consultation.
      3. Guliani Investment Center, Shakti Nagar

        2 Reviews 5.0 Sulekha Score
        +91 11 41137040
        Life Insurance
        Guliani Investment Center is here in this field from past several years. We provide services like Fixed Deposits, Investment Advisory Services, Mutual Funds, NSC/PPF, Portfolio Management Services (PMS), Stocks and Shares and Tax Saving. We also deal with Insurance Services like Life Insurance, Personal Insurance and Home Insurance. We aim to provide to our valuable clients the best that they deserve. We firmly believe in quality & value for money. Contact us for more details.
      4. Jaswant Singh Insurance, Dwarka

        1 Review 6.5 Sulekha Score
        +91 11 40132426
        Life Insurance
        Deal in life insurance for last 9 years .
      5. Yash Trans Logistics Pvt. Ltd., Dwarka

        4 Reviews 8.1 Sulekha Score
        +91 11 40121566
        Life Insurance
        Yash Trans Logistics Pvt. Ltd. provides insurance and vehicle rental services for people in Delhi and Gurgaon, India. We offer car insurance, life insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, commercial insurance, corporate group insurance and commercial vehicle insurance. We also rent different makes and models of cars, vans and tempos for intercity and intracity travel purposes. Furthermore, We undertake local, outstation and airport pickup and drop for individuals, groups and corporates.
        We were founded in 2016 with the aim of providing personalised insurance plans and memorable vehicle rental services for the customers. We also rent drivers on a short-term and long term basis. Customers can contact us by phone, online or mobile app to book our cost-effective services. We operate 24/7, reach us anytime for your queries.
      6. +91 11 40120196
        Life Insurance
        nsurance provides financial protection against a loss arising out of happening of an uncertain event. A person can avail this protection by paying premium to an insurance company. A pool is created through contributions made by persons seeking to protect themselves.
      7. +91 11 40120918
        Life Insurance
        Master Trust Group is one of the leading financial services company in India. We have a strong belief in nurturing investment culture, attitude and inculcating a very strong approach towards value investing forms the central part of any sound investment philosophy. With an impeccable track record in client servicing of over two decades, we have now grown to 650+ strong employee organization with over 1,50,000+ client relationships. At Master Trust, our endeavor is to constantly meet every financial need of our esteemed clients. “mastertrust” - is a one point shop for all the investment needs of a customer. The one-stop destination is specifically targeted towards the retail customers who require a very strong relationship driven approach towards value investing. The philosophy of “mastertrust” has it’s genesis from Master Trust group’s belief in nurturing the investment culture towards value investing.
      8. +91 11 40119334
        Life Insurance
        Personal accident cover is designed to provide financial help if you have a serious accident or injury, or if you suffer a fatal accident. With personal accident cover, you pay a monthly premium which usually remains the same during the length of the policy. You will receive a cash benefit if you have an accident or receive a serious injury during the policy term. The cover also helps to ensure your family are provided for if you have a fatal accident. Personal accident insurance usually gives you coverage almost anywhere in the world (T&Cs apply) and medicals aren't normally required before you take out the cover. You may also be able to add your children to your policy-but they will most likely have a reduced level of cover. You must keep paying your premiums or you will not be covered. If you cancel your plan or stop paying your premiums, you won't get back any payments you've made.  Travelling is an important and regular event in everyone's life whether it is for leisure or work. People are opting for adventure travels just for the sake of adventure or to spend some family time together. Travelling together creates memories which we cherish all through our life. Who won't want to go on a vacation amidst scenic lands, pampered days and carefree moments-far away from hectic life! Well, how much we love travel we should not undermine the risks that it entails. Yes, travelling does have its own risks and probabilities of unforeseen situation distress. Make your travel itinerary foolproof by adding travel insurance to it. A good travel insurance plan will take care of any unforeseen situation during transit. Situations like loss or theft of baggage, delay of flights leading to financial loss, loss of passport and other important documents and medical emergency are quite common. The best way to ensure that we can manage such an expected situation is to buy a travel insurance plan
      9. +91 11 40130147
        Life Insurance
        Investment Planners, as the name implies, offers the best investment and insurance services for people in Delhi and Gurgaon regions. Honesty, Integrity and Transparency are the hallmarks of our services. Our professional and caring staff is dedicated to delivering only premium quality and comprehensive solutions. Our Services:
        There are lots of reasons why people need advice from a financial adviser, and there are different types of counsellors, so it pays to know who to go to and when. Financial Planning
        Be it Individuals or businesses; everyone saves Money for the unforeseen future. Most of us are also aware of the various financial products/plans available in the market. However, what most people lack is the scientific approach towards financial planning. Thus there is a need for professional advice. Fixed Income
        Everyone wants a secure job with a fixed salary. However, not all are lucky enough to find the right job. You may be in a seasonal business where you sometimes get very high inflows/windfalls and other times you are not sure of what you will earn. Good planning and investments in the right products can help you get a fixed income. Saving For Future
        Wise people start saving early and reach their financial independence faster. A delay in savings can prove to be a very costly affair. Choose the right product to achieve the right financial goal at the right time. A well-diversified portfolio of savings will help you achieve financial goals easily and in time. Financial Risk Modeling
        Like it or not there are uncertainties in life. There is a very apt saying - “UNCERTAINTY IS THE MOST CERTAIN THING IN LIFE”, no one can predict even the next moment. However, wise people cover up these uncertainties by having a plan B in place. Anticipating risks and providing the right plan B always pays and keep you ahead of the rest. Real Estate
        Whether you are a Financer wanting to park your surplus funds or an end user looking for your Dream Home. Get the best properties where credentials of the builders have been fully verified. Location and timely possession are the priority for us when recommending resources for investment. If not chosen correctly your Dream Home can become a nightmare. Loan Syndication
        Want long term funding of an important project or short term loans to overcome your liquidity problems. Going to the right financial institution is very important, as rejections can dilute your credit rating and further reduce your chances of getting funds. Health Insurance
        Maintaining good health is a top priority for all of us. Considering the rising cost of healthcare, it is most important to get a health cover / mediclaim insurance for your family to minimise the risk of sudden unforeseen and non-budgeted expenditure on this account. We offer solutions for your entire family that meet your unique requirements at affordable costs. Financial Protection
        Insurance of Life, Vehicles, Machinery, Home, Jewellery, Cash and all other valuable assets, against accidents, natural calamities, riots, fire, burglary and all perils gives financial protection to your family, your business and yourself at a small cost. We help you choose the right solutions based on your need analysis done by experts. Contact us for any queries.
      10. +91 11 40496862
        Life Insurance
        ADI Financial Solutions is known for its quality services and commitment towards both the clients and principals keeping word on timelines too. We address your needs with utmost care and ensure your satisfaction in whatever we do. We provide umbrella finance services i.e. Insurance (all types - including Life Ins, Term Plan, Pension Plan, ULIP, Car Ins Third Party, Marine Ins, Home & Shop Ins, Fire Ins and Mediclaim etc.), Mutual Funds (including SIP, FMP GILT and Gold besides equity and Debt), Investment in stocks along with accounting services namely - Accounts, Income Tax returns, VAT, Excise, Provident Fund, ESI and payroll (all services include registration and further compliance). We are also doing the Adhar card, Pan card, Given an opportunity, we will gift you with an experience to remember. We value the trust and belief vested in us by our customers and professional contacts, and give a dedicated service with an honest and direct approach in all our dealings. We look forward to doing business with you.
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      Recent Reviews by Customers as on Dec 12, 2017

      Average Rating (4) - 22 reviews
      1. 7th June, 2017

        Have taken insurance for my family in this company. Their service is very warm and friendly to their customer and the insurance policy is very helpful for me to cover my expenses. The policy cover is reasonable to afford

      2. 10th March, 2017

        Approached this Insurance agency for the Life Insurance service. The service from this Insurance agency is good. They charged me the nominal amount for the service. Gratified with the service from this Insurance agency.

      3. 17th February, 2017

        Approached this Life Insurance Agency to renew my policy. The service from this Life Insurance Agency is good. They have charged me the nominal amount as the premium for the Insurance. Overall, I am gratified with the service from this Life Insurance agency.

      4. 15th February, 2017

        Contacted this Insurance agent for the Life Insurance service. The service from this Life Insurance agent is good and they charged me the nominal premium for the Insurance. Overall, I am satisfied with this insurance agent.

      5. 15th February, 2017

        Purchased life Insurance through this insurance agency. The service from this insurance agency is good and they charge me the nominal amount as the premium for the insurance. Satisfied with this insurance agency.

      6. 6th February, 2017

        From this Insurance agency, I have taken ULIP Plan. The service from this Insurance agency is average. I have paid Rs 25000 for the Insurance service. Overall, service is average.

      7. 4th February, 2017

        For the Life Insurance maturity purposes, I have approached this Insurance agency. The service from this not satisfied as I have sent more Emails for maturity purposes. overall, I am not satisfied with the service.

      8. 3rd February, 2017

        Got a good service from this Life Insurance. The service from this Life Insurance Agency is good. They charged me the Justifiable amount for the service. Gratified with the service from this Life Insurance agency.

      9. 3rd February, 2017

        For the Renewal of the car insurance, approached this Insurance agent. The service from this Insurance agency is good. They charged me the nominal amount for the service. Gratified with the service from this car insurance agency.

      10. 2nd February, 2017

        For the Renewal of My Life Insurance, I have approached this Insurance agency. The service from this Insurance Agency is good. They charge me the nominal premium for the service. Satisfied with the service from this Insurance agency.

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