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About Piling Contractors in Bangalore

Construction is a time-consuming task, but finding the reputed and dependable contractors within budget is the main challenge. In many cases, people stall their plans as they find it difficult to avail of the services of the dependable contractors around their region. But do not worry anymore as with Sulekha, you can quickly get the contact information of 5140+ piling contractors in Bangalore. These contractors provide 5 star rated services to their customers. With the 30 customer feedback, you can choose the appropriate one for your next upcoming project without any hassles.

Best Piling Contractors Bangalore as on Jul 05, 2022

Malleshwaram, Bangalore, 560003
Piling Contractors, Building service contractors
Sulekha score: 7.5Working hours: 8 AM to 1 PMYears of Experience: 13
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Subramanyapura, Bangalore, 560061
Piling Contractors, Residential building contractors, Grouting contractors, Building service contractors, Commercial building contractors
+4 more
Sulekha score: 0.1Working hours: 7 AM to 7 PM
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Bhoopasandra, Bangalore, 560094
Piling Contractors, Home loans, Mortgage loans, Real Estate Agents, Property valuation services
+8 more
Sulekha score: 3.8Working hours: 9 AM to 9 PM
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Piling Contractors, Building Plan Sanction, Building fabrication contractors, Residential building contractors, Building service contractors
+2 more
Sulekha score: 6.5Working hours: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
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Virgo Nagar, Bangalore, 560049
Piling Contractors, Residential building contractors, Building service contractors, Commercial building contractors, Home Interiors
+1 more
Sulekha score: 6.1Working hours: 9 AM to 6 PM
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Byadarahalli, Bangalore, 560091
Piling Contractors, Building fabrication contractors, Residential building contractors, Grouting contractors, Building service contractors
+4 more
Sulekha score: 5.8Working hours: 09:30 AM to 6:30 PM
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Brigade Road, Bangalore, 560025
Piling Contractors, Building fabrication contractors, Residential building contractors, Grouting contractors, Building service contractors
+1 more
Sulekha score: 5.4Working hours: 8:30 AM to 8 PM
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Varthur, Bangalore, 560087
Piling Contractors, Road Safety Equipment Dealers, Building fabrication contractors, Residential building contractors, Building service contractors
+2 more
Sulekha score: 4.8Working hours: 6 AM to 9 PM
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Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore, 560021
Piling Contractors, Life insurance, Home insurance, Travel insurance, Health insurance
+9 more
Sulekha score: 3.2
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J.C. Nagar, Bangalore, 560006
Piling Contractors, Fine Art & Canvas Painting, Wall Decors, Residential building contractors, Building service contractors
+4 more
Sulekha score: 0.1Working hours: 9 AM to 8 PM
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Recent Customer Reviews in Bangalore As on Jul 05, 2022

Average Rating
4.0/5 20 Reviews

" I have done my construction house. The alfainfra team was so punctual they give me my house right on time and the house build quality was superb. thank you "

Rolly Srivastava from Bangalore, on 27 Jun 2022

" Very professional team. Highly recommend. Completed the work as promised. I'm overwhelmed by the owners humbleness and polite attitude. "

Arathy Nambiar from Bangalore, on 25 Nov 2021

" Excellent Design and Timely Execution "

pradeep from Bangalore, on 22 Jan 2021

" Good work done by the venkat "

Guest from Bangalore, on 13 Jan 2021

" Very Professional and no compromise in quality. Happy with their service. "

DivyaPradeep from Bangalore, on 10 Jan 2021

" Good Quality Construction and work done in committed Time "

Ram from Bangalore, on 29 Aug 2020

" Vidyardhan Overseas infra team people is providing very gud quality of work nd delivering the project on time. "

Guest from Bangalore, on 31 Dec 2019

" It was the most trustworthy leading service from this "Rahmath Enterprises" located at Avalahalli. I propose them for core cutting service for my apartment, they did a perfect finishing in there working, even they are punctual and completed the work on time. I spend more than Rs 100000 for this service at the best price. I am convinced with the output provided by them. They are a truly professional company with very experienced workers. Finally, my expectation was fulfilled by these people. "

Rahul from Bangalore, on 08 Oct 2019

" I have taken the service for 1 core cutting fo1 Exhaust fan installation in my shop. I got the prompt response from Construction and renovation RT Nagar, Bangalore. Mr. Anand has visited my shop and complete the work within 30minutes. I am happy with the service which is given by them. "

Dinesh Kumar from Bangalore, on 09 Aug 2019

" They got good set of skillful guys and they are doing it incredibly well with great responsibility "

Tharun from Bangalore, on 27 Jul 2019

Find The Best Piling Contractors In Bangalore For The Strongest Foundation Works

At Sulekha, we offer you to choose from more than top verified and skilled piling contractors to ensure a strong foundation of your building. All the piling service providers listed at Sulekha have delivered top-notch services accounting for an average rating of 5 stars. If you want to be sure of the quality of services offered by these service providers, you can go through the ~reviewcount~ reviews available on Sulekha by the previous clients. Read on to know about the piling services, its types, importance, why choose Sulekha and others much more.

Why Choose Sulekha?

Sulekha is one of the best business-listing portals these days. Moreover, at Sulekha, you will find the contact details like the address of the listed service providers and the phone number as well. To get in touch with a piling contractor near you, fill the form with your specifications. After you submit the inquiry, our professionals will call you. Our experts will help you to search for the best piling companies near you.

Piling-an overview

Before you hire a professional to take care of your house building work, you must be aware of some of the intricacies related to the work. Piling refers to the deep foundation work done to transfer the load to the deep ground levels. When a foundation for any construction is laid, piling is done to ensure the strength of it. It is not a fresh technique. It has been in use for long to render strength to any construction from its foundation.

Vertical columns of steel, concrete, or wood, or a combination of any of these are placed deep down the ground level to give additional support to the building that will be erected on it. Hence, better the piling, stronger is the construction.

Depth of piling for house

Depending on the construction that is built on a foundation, the depth of piling is calculated. Regular expansion and contraction of the soil owing to its moisture retention capacity can be harmful to maintaining the strength of the foundation. This change takes place up to 0.75 m below the surface level. Hence, the piling must go deeper than that to maintain strength and consistency. A shallow piling might result in unstable construction.

Types of piling

Piling can be of three types broadly based on the methods of construction and use, which are as follows.

  • Sectional Augur Mini Piles
  • Grout Injected Continuous Flight Auger
  • Steel Cased Bottom Driven Piles
  • Steel Cased Gundomat Driven Piles
  • Contiguous piling

Need for piling

Piling is surely required to lend the necessary, safeguard and strength to the foundation of any construction. The building remains exposed to the fluctuation of lateral forces like an earthquake. To resist the fatal impact of any such force of the building, piling is essential. Moreover, water table rise can be another source of trouble for a building and it might face an uplift force that piling can combat.

Prices charged by the piling contractors

The charges of hiring piling contractors vary depending on several factors. The followings are some of them.

  • The experience of the piling contractors
  • The extent of piling to be done
  • The estimated duration of the work

Tips for choosing the best piling companies

The following are some of the aspects that one must keep in mind while choosing the piling companies.

  • The industry knowledge of the company
  • Strength of equipment and personnel
  • Years of warranty given to the clients
  • The prices charged

Make sure that you have chosen the right piling contractor near you to ensure a strong foundation for your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the necessity of piling contractors?

The foundation of the construction work comprises of piling as it provides essential support for any structure. Such a technique helps to create deep foundations for any construction work. As it lays the base for any building, hence, it is essential to hire reliable and reputed piling contractors for successful construction work.

2) How many kinds of piles are used by the piling contractors in Bangalore?

The piling contractors use different kinds of piles according to the requirement of the specific sites. However, the commonly used ones for the domestic buildings are:

  • Mini piles are suitable for sites with limited access
  • Continuous flight auger cast piles help to create a deep foundation which produces negligible vibrations
  • Bottom driven mini piles do not require any heavy machinery and can carry loads till 85 tonnes
  • Steel cased grundomat driven piles are the ones which are ideal for the light loads in restricted regions
  • Contiguous piles are suitable for creating rigid walls in the basement construction work

3) How do piling contractors work?

A piling contractor puts in extensive planning and measurements along with hard labour for carrying out the piling work successfully. The entire concept of piling works by the insertion of large amounts of steel, wood, or concrete into the soil. Such construction helps to provide a sturdy base for the construction project.
The piling workers test the quality of the soil thoroughly before beginning the piling work as the success of the work entirely depends on the soil quality. Wet soil isn't an excellent option to place any wood or concrete as a part of the piling work. The specialists also choose their equipment wisely to carry out the task effectively.

4) How long does the piling work take?

The experienced piling contractors take around 2 to 3 days to complete the foundation work and installation of the piles for a house. However, the work may extend depending on the complexity of the task. Hence, it is advisable to check in with your contractor about the details of the job along with the timeline to avoid any miscommunication later.

5) Do I need to arrange for the electricity supply?

In general cases, you do not have to arrange the electricity supply for the piling work. The piling companies provide all the necessary inputs for the completion of the piling work.

6) Why do I need to choose the pile foundation carefully?

In some instances, the building might rest on a low quality of soil that might not be able to resist the loads coming from the proposed building. The piles are the structural components of the building, which is made of concrete, steel, or timber. As it determines the load-bearing capacity of the building, hence, the piling contractors choose the pile foundation very carefully.

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