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    Placement Consultants nearby Sector 16A, Noida as on May 29, 2017

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    1. +91 11 39642655
      Placement Consultants, Resume Writing Services

      <p>Avon Resumes offers specialized, interview-winning, result-oriented Professional Resume Writing Services at the most economical cost. We provide Cover Letter complimentary and ensure 100% satisfaction to our customers irrespective of the number of modifications required.We also serve as a business process outsourcing partner for resume writing companies, and we also take care of the actual creation of the resumes for our client companies’ end customers. Avon Resumes superior resume writing services also serve in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Gulf Countries.Writing resumes requires specialized know-how in the formats and keywords required for different industries and different experience levels. Our dedicated resume writers each have 1000+ resumes under their belt, and can be counted on to produce persuasive, hard-hitting resumes which keep you happy.Contact us for more details.    </p>

    2. Placement Consultants, Shipping Job Vacancies

      No. 6 FC, Sector 16 A,Film City, Sector 16A, Noida - 201301

    3. Placement Consultants, Corporate Job Consultants

      No. FC-6, Sector 16A, Noida - 201301

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