Maintenance tips to avoid plumbing problems

Aathirai 6 years ago

The plumbing system is the least cared system which works continuously to provide you water supply and take away the sewage waste. The plumbing system is considered only when the problems arise. You can prolong the life of the plumbing system and avoid the common plumbing issues by maintaining the system. Here is a list of maintenance tips and tricks to keep the plumbing problems away from your home.

  1.        Flush out the pipes with hot water

Fix a day in a week to do this maintenance for your plumbing system. Flush all the pipes from the sink, toilet, bathroom, and the sewage too. Pouring two or three mugs of hot water would help the pipes to get rid of the unwanted buildup of scum and also prevents from clogging. Doing this also minimizes the possibility of overflowing of toilets and sewage.

  1.        Do not postpone repairs

If you don’t repair the leaky faucet or the pipe as soon as possible, it may damage the faucet or the pipe further and leak to a plumbing disaster. So, it is important to do the repairs immediately after you encounter a leak.

  1.        Use strainers in showers and bathtub.

The hair and the soap chips are the most common thing that clogs the pipelines. So, it is essential to keep these things away from entering the sewage pipe. Make use of strainers to prevent these things from getting into the pipe. You can throw it in the waste bin while cleaning the bathroom.

  1.        Clean showerheads with vinegar.

The showerheads may get clogged by the mineral deposits when the water is hard water. You can clean the showerheads by tying a plastic cover full of vinegar on the showerhead. Leave the bag to hand for over a night and remove it in the morning. Do not use more than a cup of vinegar.

  1.        Always keep a wastebasket inside the bathroom

It is advisable to keep a wastebasket in the bathroom to throw the tissue and others. The plastic covers of the soaps and other plastics are the major things that block the pipelines and lead to toilet or bathroom overflowing

  1.        Soft water solves most of the plumbing problems

The hard water is the culprit that causes more plumbing problems like mineral buildup in the showerheads and other faucets. The mineral buildup also causes major damages to the water heater and the pipelines too. It is essential to soften the water to minimize these issues.

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