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      • Ashok Leyland LP5D 5 kva Generator
        Ashok Leyland LP5D 5 kva Generator
        • Brand:Ashok Leyland
        • Fuel Type: Diesel
        • Cylinders: 1
        • Phase: -
      • Caterpillar 3516B DITA 2000 KVA Generator
        Caterpillar 3516B DITA 2000 KVA Generator
        • Brand:Caterpillar
        • Fuel Type: Diesel
        • Cylinders: 16
        • Phase: -
      • Cummins C37.5D5P 37.5 KVA Generator
        Cummins C37.5D5P 37.5 KVA Generator
        • Brand:Cummins
        • Fuel Type: Diesel
        • Cylinders: 4
        • Phase: Single Phase
      • Greaves Power GPWII PII 15 15 KVA Generator
        Greaves Power GPWII PII 15 15 KVA Generator
        • Brand:Greaves Power
        • Fuel Type: Diesel
        • Cylinders: 2
        • Phase: Single Phase
      • Honda EU1000i 1 KVA Generator
        Honda EU1000i 1 KVA Generator
        • Brand:Honda
        • Fuel Type: Gas
        • Cylinders: -
        • Phase: -

      Best 10 Generator Repair & Services in Kolkata as on Dec 11, 2017

      1. +91 98830 07163
        Generator Repair & Services
        We at Standard Services are specialized in generator servicing for the capacities ranging from 20 to 1000 KVA and above. Being with huge reputation in the field of genset repair for three decades, we ensure offering eco-friendly as well as most efficient services for any sort of generator problem at the reasonable cost.
      2. Ashoka Diesel, Raghunathpur

        3 Reviews 5.4 Sulekha Score
        +91 98830 18108
        Generator Repair & Services
        Ashoka Diesel is a generator dealer catering its service to clients in Kolkata, Patna and Guwahati. We supply generators ranging from 1 KVA to more than 1000 KVA. We also deal with soundproof generator canopies. Furthermore, we buy and sell used generators. All our generators are procured from renowned brands that are well-known to provide quality and reliable products. Our well-trained technicians provide timely and efficient generator repair services. We offer free installation services for the convenience of the clients.Contact us for any queries as we operate 24/7 and provide phone booking facilities.
      3. +91 98830 35721
        Generator Repair & Services
        If you are looking for the best service provider of generator repair, allow us to fulfill your requirement with utmost care. We practice in repairing industrial diesel generators and offer a prompt and reliable repair service to customers with the help of our expert professionals and well-equipped repair centre.
      4. Generator Repair & Services
        We are one of the authorized generator repair companies all over India. Having our well-equipped service center in Kolkata, we strive to resolve different sorts of genset errors which can be usual or rare or challenging, with the help of our extensive experience of years.
      5. Generator Repair & Services
        We are the authorized repair service provider for damaged or faulty backup generators in Kolkata. At our modern technology based service center, we guarantee to resolve all kinds of complicated genset problems in eco-friendly manner, also at the lowest rate. We cater to the large needs of residential and commercial sectors as well.
      6. Generator Repair & Services

        No. 7, Banerjee Para Road, Chatterjee Bagan, Paschim Putiary, Kolkata - 700041

      7. Generator Repair & Services
        We are trusted by maximum clients who are in serious needs of power genset repairing services every time. Bearing massive knowledge and experience for long years in generator servicing, we pursue exclusive maintenance of long-running backup generators with skilled hands. You will avail our services at the minimal cost rightly at your doorstep.
      8. Generator Repair & Services
        Holding over immense experience in the industry of generator repair, we are the renowned providers of emergency genset servicing in Kolkata. We offer standard generator services, working in the most efficient and accurate way, at the cost-excellent rate for ensuring absolute customer convenience.
      9. Generator Repair & Services
        S.S. Engineering has massive experience in this business. Our motto has always been timely service, best quality and optimum cost. We are in touch with our customers through quality, performance, service and assistance. Bringing the best of value to our customers, we also care as much about our customers. We value the trust and beliefs vested in us by our clients and professional contacts and provide a dedicated service with an honest and direct approach in all our dealings. We deal in Construction Machinery Dealers and Generator Repair & Services. Contact us for further details.
      10. Generator Repair & Services
        Hire our reliable generator services at the time when your backup genset is not working properly. Situating in Kolkata, we are well known for ensuring foolproof generator servicing at the optimum rate, through quality performance, timely delivery and maintaining full support with our dear clients.
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      10 Recent Reviews by Customers as on Dec 11, 2017

      Average Rating (4)
      1. 11th December, 2017

        Here I got a generator service, I am using Crompton Greaves brand for industrial use, The service man receive the complaint, And he faced that issue, Now the generator was working good and the service is perfect , They charged me approximately 5000 of overall charge where some parts are replaced , I am satisfied with this service.

      2. 25th October, 2017

        Before my Generator was an issue, I got a service through this service vendor, His job is really excellent, There was a starting trouble in my Generator, Now the vendor corrected it the starting trouble issue, I too like his service, They charged me 600 for this service, This is the best service, And I am satisfied...

      3. 25th October, 2017

        It is great I really had a big problem with my generator i contacted this person I told my problem they visited my place and rectified the problem very soon great service hardworking and quick services with best rates where 700 was paid for the repair service .excellent service

      4. 19th July, 2017

        Poor service received by Mandal Engineering Works in South 24 Parganas, Kolkata.he was very Irresponsible, unprofessional, he doesn't know the meaning of time and works responsibility.I have paid 1300 but he didn't repair my generator.it was very bad and pathetic service.

      5. 3rd May, 2017

        Since I was searching Generator repair & services in Kolkata, Finally got the service through Behala Electro Service Behala, Kolkata. It is working so well now and they charged a reasonable price for their service. Their service is good and I am satisfied with the service provider.

      6. 4th February, 2017

        The best service is received by them. I wanted to service my generator so I called them. They did their work in a specified time and they charged me 2700 for that. I am very satisfied and also it’s a recommended service…

      7. 4th February, 2017

        Inquired some details in this service center to service my generator…they have been very considered in providing the details…I am very happy with their approach and responseant they have quoted me some nominal for me…

      8. 3rd August, 2013

        For a small event at my home I have rented a genset of Honda brand from the above vendor who is located near my location called Moulali. Rent was for one day only for which the charges were nominal. There was no issue in their service and their product.

      9. 2nd May, 2013

        I finally chose honda - eu 30is 2.8 kva genset for my residential purpose. Very apt for a home usage. We paid 60000Rs for the same and got all the updates on a longer usage

      10. 30th July, 2012

        There was requirement of generator for our office purpose, which we had purchased from Honda , the service which they provided was satisfactory and the charges were reasonable and kept as confidential .

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      4 days ago
      • Usage premise: Commercial (1 - 9 KVA)
      • Place of service: Doorstep
      • Type of work: Repair
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      • Place of service: Doorstep
      • Type of work: Maintenance
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      • Place of service: Doorstep
      • Type of work: Repair
      13 days ago

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