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    Best Home Loans Providers in Bangalore as on Oct 18, 2017

    1. +91 80 48100880
      Home Loans, Home loans
       Quadra Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned company known for its quality services and timelines. We address your needs with utmost care and ensure your satisfaction in whatever we do. Give us an opportunity to serve you. We will gift you with a pleasant experience. customers are always treated with courtesy and you can feel it when you are with us. At Quadra Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. we provide service such as Mortgage Loans. Contact us for further details
    2. HDFC Ltd.

      2 Reviews 4.6 Sulekha Score
      Home Loans, Home loans
      Also Servicing : Bangalore
      HDFC is one of the leading Housing Finance agencies in India. With our customised solutions, we have fulfilled over 5.8 million dreams since inception. We pioneered Housing Finance in 1977, and we have financed 5.8 million cumulative units. We are deemed as a model private Housing Finance Company for developing countries with nascent Housing Finance markets, and we have undertaken several consultancy assignments in housing finance in various countries across Asia, Africa and East Europe. OUR CORE VALUES
      Pillars of our brands
      Professional Service Primary Objective: To enhance the residential housing stock in the country through the provision of Housing Finance systematically and professionally, and to promote home ownership. Aim: Increase the flow of resources to the housing sector by integrating the housing finance sector with the overall domestic financial markets. Contact us for any queries.
    3. +91 80 43691843
      Home Loans, Home loans
      Mattaya Financial Services is an organisation with a clear focus on helping corporate professionals, small businesses and established companies who are in need of loans. Our industrial expertise has made us the pioneers of providing high-quality financial services. We specialise in offering home loans, business loans, mortgage loans, project loans and NRI loans. Our team of data analysts and bankers analyse the business growth of small industries by incorporating big data and advanced tools. We make use of the latest technology and provide an online platform to our esteemed clientele to apply for working capital finance. Contact us for getting cost-effective loan consultancy services.
    4. +91 80 43691405
      Home Loans, Home loans
      A loan is a type of debt. A loan is money borrowed that is usually repaid with interest. You pay interest on the actual amount advanced from the time it is advanced until it is paid back. If you repay an installment loan before its final date, there will be no penalty and an appropriate adjustment of interest. A loan entails the redistribution of financial assets over time between the lender and the borrower. We are in this field from last several years and have huge experience in it. We are in touch with our customers through quality, performance, service and assistance. Bringing the top of value to our customers, we also care as much about our customers. Contact us for more details.
    5. +91 80 43691922
      Home Loans, Home loans

      Sankar Home Loans

      Home loans from SBI,HDFC,LIC HFL,PNB,DHFL Reliance,IIFL, Yes Bank Home loans for A Khatha,B Khatha(DC converted),Gram Panchayath, BMRDA. Plot loans for A Khatha, B Khata, Gram panchayat, EKhatha, BMRDA,BDA,Nelamangala development Authority. Construction loans, Composite loans, plot loansTakeover+ top-up loans. Loan against property flat or house. Doctors loan. . We value the trust and beliefs vested in us by our clients and professional contacts and provide a dedicated service with an honest and direct approach in all our dealings. Contact us for further details. 
    6. +91 80 48032115
      Home Loans, Home loans
      KMB Associates offers specialized advice and services to all type of businesses. It works with all the leading banks and NBFCs. Our founder Dr K. M. Bhat has 25 plus years of experience in the finance domain. He has worked 23 years in Karnataka Bank. Dr K M Bhat has an excellent proficiency in banking and private equity experience at leading financial institutions of India. Dr K M Bhat has amassed strong relationships with leading Banks, NBFCs, Angel Investors, financiers, technology entrepreneurs and industrialists in India. Dr K M Bhat employs his long techno-financing experience and relationships to source assignments, perform, negotiate investment terms, structuring financing plan, structure promoters' capital equity and debt syndication with venture capitalists and lending institutions, and effectively manage the assignments. OUR SERVICES Home Loans Personal Loans Business Loans Project Finance Loans against Properties Working Capital Finance.
    7. +91 80 48045381
      Home Loans, Home loans
      Your Home is a place where you relax after coming back from your day’s tiring work, it is that place where you can give time to your family & spend beautiful moments with them. To acquire a home which can be christened your "Own House" is a life-time decision & has to be taken with a lot of planning & requires huge finances. Your Dream Home is not very far away with a Home Loans which will fulfill your Dream into a reality. We at Indexia Finance are working constantly to get you the BEST Loans Deal & have brought a small guide which would answer some important questions related to Home Loans & help you decide your loans deal.
    8. +91 80 48100720
      Home Loans, Home loans
      FIN GATE - Gateway To Finance Born to serve clients with the effective finance consultancy services, Fin Gate, today has become a preeminent name across the country. With the availability of best possible resources, we are operating from major cities and are meeting our customers expectations successfully. We have absorbed the values of trustworthiness and conviction among our clients by offering them a selective range of services such as Loan against Property, Home Loans, Business Loans, SME Loans and Project Loans. We, as a company, are honestly working towards rendering the best business experience to all of our customers. Customers here are assisted not only to setup their processes but to grow & experience success in a hassle-free way. Further, with our consultancy services, we help them in executing smooth management of their entity. Our experts assist our clients to avail necessary capital, so that they may start their business conveniently or fulfill their personal needs. With our dependable services, we have marked our remarkable presence across the country. With the aid of our expert personnel, we have gained maximum experience, which is playing a vigorous role in understanding the patron's demands in an enhanced way and to help them accordingly. Our Team Driven by enthused and experienced personnel, we are rising rapidly despite tough market competition. Our team comprises well-qualified, skilled and meticulous professionals. Financial advisors working with us possess massive experience in their specialized areas. Incredible support of our personnel enables us to accomplish the provided financial consultancy services perfectly. With an objective to keep them acquainted of cutting-edge changes captivating across the industry, we organize skill-enhancement programs and training sessions for them. Customer-Driven Approach Our genuine efforts are focused towards attaining maximum customer satisfaction. We operate in an apparent environment and keep ethical values and high morale that ultimately results in prosperous business venture. We work based on principle of making customers dream come true We have an exceptional track-record of not only sustaining our customers needs but also exceeding their expectations.
    9. +91 80 43691930
      Home Loans, Home loans
      We are an agency for home loans, loans against property (mortgage loans) and balance transfer of existing loans. We have tie-ups with all major institutions and will provide the best deal for loan amount and low interest rate.
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    Recent Reviews by Customers as on Oct 18, 2017

    Average Rating (4)
    1. 13th April, 2017

      I'm looking for the home loan and I got it from this Punjab National Bank in Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore. The loan amount was 90900.Documentation charge was very modest rate. They did the work very quickly in order to get the loan quickly. Staff member was very cooperative and very friendly moving into the customer. There was a quick response to the customer since the customer satisfaction was very important. Good service from them.

    2. 7th April, 2017

      Took the Home loan from this Capital First limited.Interest was nominal, but I am not satisfied with their service and response.I am not happy with this concern.

    3. 11th March, 2017

      Taken the Home loan from this Capital first limited.The interest rate was nominal and loan sanctioned by them within the short period of time, pleased with their service.

    4. 21st February, 2017

      Took some Two wheeler loan here and the rate of interest they have charged was high compared to others.They didn’t provide me any grace period.So it was an average service from them.

    5. 17th February, 2017

      Took the Home loan here and the loan amount was 20 lakhs.The interest percentage was nominal only.Excellent customer satisfaction, so happy with them.

    6. 17th February, 2017

      Took some home loan here, they have verified all my documents o the short period of time and sanctioned my loan immediately.Interest was nominal only, happy with this concern.

    7. 13th February, 2017

      From this business people I had taken a Home Loanfor below 15 lakhs,also they charged me resonable amount for that .their service was very good and proper.i am satisfied with their service..

    8. 10th February, 2017

      Taken personal loan from this company. The company staffs are very obliging to the customers and they availed my loan in one month as per the said amount. Gratified to obtain my need from here at the right time.

    9. 10th February, 2017

      Got home loan from this Capital First limited.Documentation charge was very modest rate.they did the work very quickly in order to get the loan fastly. staff member was very cooperative and very friendly moving to the customer.there was a quick response to the customer since the customer satisfisation was very important.good service by them

    10. 1st February, 2017

      Got home loan from this Finance Ltd.documentation charge was very modest rate.they did the work very quickly in order to get the loan fastly.staff member was very cooperative and very friendly moving to the customer.there was a quick response to the customer since the customer satisfisation was very important.good service by them

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    Recent Enquiries by Customers

    • Type of property: Independent house
    • CIBIL defaulter status: Not sure
    • Property status: Yes
    • Nature of employment: Salaried
    • Income range for home loans: Rs 40,000 - 60,000
    • Home loan amount: 26 - 50 lakhs
    11 hours ago
    • Type of property: Flat / apartment
    • CIBIL defaulter status: Not sure
    • Property status: Yes
    • Nature of employment: Salaried
    • Income range for home loans: More than Rs 60,000
    • Home loan amount: 16 - 25 lakhs
    • Type of property: Home construction
    • CIBIL defaulter status: Non-CIBIL defaulter
    • Property status: Yes
    • Nature of employment: Self-employed
    • Income range for home loans: Less than Rs 20,000
    • Home loan amount: Less than 10 lakhs
    • Type of property: Flat / apartment
    • CIBIL defaulter status: Not sure
    • Property status: Yes
    • Nature of employment: Salaried
    • Income range for home loans: Rs 20,000 - 40,000
    • Home loan amount: 11 - 15 lakhs
    2 days ago
    • Types of Home loan

      Plot & Construction Composite Loan

      Plots and construction composite loans are applicable if you have identified a land plot and decided to construct on it. This loan generally ranges over a time period of 1 to 20 years. However, the tenure does not extend after the age of retirement.

      Loans for Purchase of Land

      Loans for purchase of land can be availed on plots that are directly allocated or on purchase of resale plots. It also includes transferring the outstanding loan you have in another bank/financial institution. You can spread out your payments to a maximum of 15 years and your payments are based on your personal profile, the age of the plot and other such factors.

      Loans for Home Purchase

      Loans for home purchase generally involve down payments and closing costs. It may be extended upto a period of 30 years. The down payment generally ranges from 3 to 20 percent of the house value. To avail a home loan, you may need a credit score of 580 or higher.

      Loans for Construction of a House

      Loans for construction of home generally range from a period of 1 to 20 years. However, in specific cases, it may be extended to 30 years. Loans for construction of a house are applicable for construction on a free hold/lease plot or a plot allotted by the suitable development authority.

      House Expansion or Extension Loans

      House Extension or expansion loans are applicable if you’re planning to extend the capacity of your current residence. All owners of the house should be co-applicants while applying for Home Extension Loans. Home extension loans can be paid over a tenure ranging from 1 to 20 years in the form of monthly installments.

      Home Conversion Loans

      Home Conversion Loans are applicable to those who have already obtained a home loan from another bank or financial institution and are looking to shift their loan for a lower rate of interest or alternate the interest spread over the years.

      Loans for Home Improvement

      If you’re looking for loans to apply for when you are modifying or making changes to your old home, then loans for home improvement is applicable to you. According to overall budget, 75-90 percent of the cost can be covered using a loan and may extend for a tenure between 1 and 20 years.

      Balance Transfer Home Loans

      Balance Transfer for Home Loans is advantageous and applies to people who have already obtained a home loan from a bank/financial institution and are looking to shift to another bank to either alter their tenure or reduce their rate of interest.

      NRI Home Loans

      NRI home loans are applicable to Indians living abroad when they wish to buy property in India. To qualify for this, they must adhere to certain eligibility criteria like having lived there for a minimum of 2 years and having worked there for a minimum of 6 months.

      Bridged Loans

      Bridge loans are short term loans which are obtained by clients who require immediate financing. Bridge loans are obtained by people for a temporary slack until they get their permanent financing. These bridge loans are backed by relatively higher interests and extend up to a term of a year at the most.

      Stamp Duty Loans

      Stamp duty is the fee that is levied on documents and instruments, which varies from state to state. All documents that pass through the state are subjected to stamp duty. Stamp duty is required to prove the validity of the documents in the respective state.

      Home Loans for Self Employed

      A majority of the working force are not professionals; hence nonprofessionals, small retailers, accounts, doctors, etc. fall under this category and are eligible for obtaining a loan for a tenure up to 30 years. Hence, the EMI amount to be paid is reduced. However, this loan does not extend for the period after retirement.

      Home Loans for Salaried

      Home Loans for Salaried employees extend from a period of 1 to 20 years. The minimum eligibility of obtaining a home loan starts from a monthly salary of INR 5000. Depending upon various factors like the maturity of the loan, salary, tenure of the loan, the home loan may be obtained.

      Fixed-rate loan

      Fixed rate loan allows the borrower to accurately estimate their tenure with no altercations whatsoever. Interest rates do not fluctuate and are not subjected to discounts, perse.

      Adjustable-rate mortgage

      An adjustable rate mortgage is one in which the interest paid by the borrower keeps varying periodically throughout the tenure of the loan. The interest changes are dependent on the resets and may vary monthly or annually.

      FHA loan

      The FHA loan is insured by the federal housing agency as a sort of fallback to insure the borrower in case he defaults on the loan. Since FHA insures this, they try to look into the monetary capabilities of the borrower and how much he can afford.

      VA loan

      The VA loan is guaranteed by the government for members of the Veteran Association. It enables military personnel to avail home loan without any down payment. The loan can be provided by any financial institution that is approved by the government to do so.

      USDA loan

      USDA is mortgage assistance program initiated by the US government for those who wish to buy property in rural or suburban areas. USDA is most advantageous as it offers mortgage with zero down payment options.

      How to apply for home loans? What are the documents required for Home Loans?

      Once you decide on whether you want to purchase a plot or a fully constructed loans, you can then sort out your finances and apply for a home loan in a bank that will cater to the rates of interest that you can afford. There are some documents, however, that you need to submit as a standard statement of your income and expenditure.

      • Identity Proof- Aadhar Card/PAN Card/Passport/Voter’s ID
      • Residence Proof- Aadhar Card/Ration Card/Passport/Voter’s ID/Water bill/Electricity bill
      • Income proof:

      Salaried- Pay slips/Current or revised salary certificate

      Self Employed- Latest Income Tax Return

      • Employment Proof:

      Salaried- Employment Certificate

      Self Employed- Documents pertaining to the establishment of the business

      • Tax Proof:

      Salaried- Latest Form 16

      Self Employed- Latest ITR form

      • Property documents
      • Processing fee cheque
      • Co-applicant’s documents

      Bangalore: With rapid urbanization around many parts of the city, many professional have opted to buy homes near their workplaces inside the city. Due to this, many have opted to go for home loans to fulfill their dreams about buying their own place.

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