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    Bridal Makeup Services in Kolkata as on Dec 12, 2017

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    1. +91 98830 35864
      Bridal Makeup Services, Women beauty parlour services
      When it comes to bridal makeup, Megan is the best, with experienced and qualified make-up artists. We will ensure that the bride wears a make-up that’s apt for this occasion and ceremony. At Megan, we also offer door step service.
    2. +91 98830 27327
      Bridal Makeup Services, Women beauty parlour services
      Samsara – The Salon & Nail Studio is a boutique salon offering pedicure, facial, manicure, hair colouring, and hair care treatment which will instantly rejuvenate your body and let you experience a sense of inner well-being. The salon, built with modern facilities, opened in 2013 to offer the above services as well as bridal makeup. A combination of excellent beauty care at reasonable prices and quick service has allowed us to acquire and retain a whole lot of customers. We hope to impress you too. Get in touch or visit our salon!
    3. The Shimmers, Southern Avenue

      1 Review 5.8 Sulekha Score
      +91 98830 21926
      Bridal Makeup Services, Women beauty parlour services
      A leading unisex salon at southern avenue, the Shimmers has been in the industry for more than a decade, providing bridal make-up services for A-Z marriage ceremonies. We have separate artists for skin, hair and spa. You will get our beautician services at affordable rates.
    4. La Bellezza, Gariahat

      5.9 Sulekha Score
      +91 98830 19653
      Bridal Makeup Services, Women beauty parlour services
      We are the best beauty treatment institute exclusive for ladies. We do Thai facial, body spa, foot spa, and nail art at cheap package rates. We care about your beauty and provide complete attention. We are well-equipped with bridal makeup services with our beauty module treatment.
    5. +91 98830 27226
      Bridal Makeup Services, Women beauty parlour services
      North Point Senior Secondary Boarding School, true to its name, is a boarding school located in Kolkata, India. We offer CBSE education for primary, high school and higher secondary students. We employ qualified teachers, who care about the student's education. We strive to teach students through real-life scenarios in addition to academic education. We aim to provide schooling to people from all walks of life; hence we offer our services at affordable prices.  We are spread over a sprawling environment-friendly campus offering facilities for a variety of games and sports. The school endeavours to mould independent, thoughtful, and compassionate individuals who will play a positive and responsible part in contributing to the progress in the changing global environment. Bringing the best of assessment to our students, providing top-notch facilities to the students and encourage students in the school in all aspects from education to entertainment. Contact us for your children's schooling needs. 
    6. +91 98830 20665
      Bridal Makeup Services, Women beauty parlour services

      Radiance Salon is a Kolkata-based unisex beauty salon. Our team of experienced beauticians offer a range of beauty services like hairstyling, facial, head massage, pedicure, manicure, hair colouring, hair care/skin care treatments, etc. We also specialise in offering excellent bridal makeup services for various events. We were founded with the goal of providing personalized and affordable beauty services for each client. Contact us for any queries.

    7. +91 98830 07058
      Bridal Makeup Services, Women beauty parlour services

      No. 1, KC Ghosh Road, Dum Dum, Kolkata - 700050

    8. +91 98830 21107
      Bridal Makeup Services, Women beauty parlour services
      An ISO certified company launched in 2015, we provide beauty products and services like hair care, makeup, hair styling, facial services, and pedicure. We offer bridal makeup packages at cheap prices. We possess professional beauticians for bridal makeup.
    9. +91 98830 21217
      Bridal Makeup Services, Women beauty parlour services
      We have operating since 2013, offering luxurious tresses and the best hair treatment for bridal functions. Our Hair coloring, hair styling, skin glow treatment have delighted every one of our previous customers and we have no doubt that you will be delighted as well with our bridal makeup. We serve you only dermatologically tested beauty products, ensuring they are not allergic.
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    Recent Enquiries on Beauty Parlour Services

    • Type of service: Makeup
    • Place of service: Parlour
    • Service type: Individual
    29 days ago
    • Type of service: Hair Cut
    • Place of service: Parlour
    • Service type: Package
    37 days ago
    • Type of service: Makeup
    • Place of service: Home
    • Service type: Individual
    55 days ago
    • Type of service: Makeup
    • Place of service: Home
    • Service type: Individual
    59 days ago
    • Tips To Hire The Best Wedding Makeup Artist

      Bengali weddings are a beautiful red, white and gold affair. From the Ai Buro Bhat ceremony the day before the wedding to the Bou Bhaat, there are various rituals where the bride has to get dressed up. All these events require some amount of makeup as well. Choose a top rated makeup artist to look your best on your wedding day.

      What should I ask the makeup artists before finalizing on one?

      • How much do you charge for the occasion?
      • Do you cover additional events such as Ai Buro Bhat, Gaye holud, Aalta ceremony etc.?
      • Do you offer a makeup trial before the main event?
      • Are you familiar with the Bengali style of sari draping as well as makeup?
      • Does the package include Sari draping, hair styling, etc.?
      • Do you offer pre-wedding beauty services?
      • What makeup technique do you use, traditional, HD or airbrushing?
      • Do you travel to the venue to do the makeup?
      • Does your cost include the travel expenses?

      What should I expect from a makeup trial?

      Makeup trial is an important aspect of bridal makeup. This is an opportunity for the bride and the vendor to discuss in detail about what they have in mind for the upcoming ceremonies.

      Here is a breakup of what you can expect from the trial:

      • Discussion on the various outfits for the events and suitable makeup for these events
      • Trying out various hairstyles to go with the makeup and outfit
      • Communicating to the makeup expert about the kind of makeup you require
      • Swatching various shades of lipstick and foundation find the perfect match
      • Testing the chosen makeup in both day light and artificial light
      • Advising on beauty regime to be followed for a glowing skin
      • Explaining how to wash hair and prep skin for the main day

      How do I choose from traditional, HD and airbrushing makeup technique?

      Traditional makeup uses the commonly seen liquid or cream makeup products to give a medium coverage. This is suitable for brides who already have clear skin and aims at a simple look. You can choose this for the smaller pre-wedding events such as Gaye holud, Aalta ceremony.

      HD makeup uses more advanced beauty products which gives high coverage and covers all the blemishes on the skin. This makeup photographs well even on the latest HD cameras.

      Airbrushing is a more expensive technique where an airbrush tool is used to spray the makeup on the skin. This gives a very natural second layer to the skin. This technique gives good coverage without making it look cakey.

      You can choose between HD makeup and airbrushing for the main wedding day. A good makeup artist will help you choose the suitable technique based on your skin type and the occasion.

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