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Eurokids PreSchool

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Day Care Center Kindergarten School Montessori school Nursery school Playgroup

EuroKids Preschools in Pune provide a fun-based learning environment. Our Playschool has a Child First Safety First ideology, which ensures your kids' development, safety, and engagement needs are met in a home-like environment for children from 1.8 to 6 years of age. Our Kindergarten programs include “Eunoia” a mindful curriculum that enables holistic development of your child’s mind, body and soul. Kid's games at playgroup & nursery activities at our junior preschool are designed to encourage curiosity and fuel the creative side of your child. Our HomeBuddy app is a digital learning platform for children to provide an enjoyable learning experience. Join the EuroKids, Pune family and give your child a Flying Start!

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  • Monday - Saturday : 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Wing No. 1B, Manasi Apartments,Bibwewadi,Near Suvarnayug Bank,Pune-411037

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Pre-school Primary category

Engaging Play Activities at EuroKids

Give your children the chance to thrive through play at EuroKids, Pune. Our play activities are crafted to spark creativity, boost cognitive abilities, and foster social growth. Witness your child flourish by enrolling them in EuroKids, Pune. Find us by searching for preschools near me.

EuroKids - Safety and Hygiene

At EuroKids, Pune we prioritize safety and hygiene. Our Preschools have CCTV cameras, verified staff, GPS vans, child-friendly furniture, regular fumigation, and a nurturing environment. Google EuroKids near me to learn more about the same and provide a safe and clean space for your loved ones.

EuroKids Child-friendly Ambience

Discover the perfect classrooms for your child's growth and development at EuroKids, Pune. Our child-friendly ambience provides a nurturing space for your little ones to explore, learn, and have fun. Look up playschools near me to locate EuroKids Preschools in Pune.

Intercity Student Transfer with EuroKids

EuroKids preschool, now available in over 100 cities across the country, is now accessible to children from all corners of the nation. If you're planning to relocate or transfer your child to EuroKids, Pune or any other city, it's now easier than ever. Visit EuroKids’ website to learn more.

PlayGroup 2 to 3 years

At EuroKids, Pune our PlayGroup for 2 to 3-year-olds focuses on discovery, language development, new-age skills, and fostering a scientific mindset. Google Play Schools near me to locate EuroKids in Pune and give your child the best start in their educational journey.

Teacher Student Ratio at EuroKids

Experience personalized learning at EuroKids, Pune with our ideal 1:6 teacher-student ratio. Our teachers ensure children receive individual attention, fostering a conducive environment for growth. Ensure your child receives the attention they deserve by enrolling them at any EuroKids near you.

Trained and Experienced Staff at EuroKids

EuroKids, Pune takes pride in its trained and experienced staff, who play a crucial role in shaping young minds. They instil valuable habits that go beyond the school walls. Empower your kids by enrolling them in EuroKids, Pune. Locate us by googling nursery schools near me.

Day Care Center

After School Care
360 Degree Safety Certification & Regular Inspection at EuroKids

EuroKids, Pune is proud to have obtained the 360 Degree Safety Certification, guaranteeing a secure environment for your little ones, and with regular inspections, we prioritize their well-being. Google preschools near me to locate us and enrol your kid in any EuroKids in Pune.

Adherence to Safety Regulations at EuroKids

Our top priority is ensuring the well-being and safety of your little ones. With our strict adherence to safety regulations, enrolling your child at EuroKids, Pune will give you peace of mind. Find us by browsing for EuroKids near me and watch your child thrive in a protected space.

Background Verification Trained Staff & Teachers at EuroKids

At EuroKids, our dedicated staff and preschool teachers undergo thorough background verification to provide a secure learning environment for your little ones. Provide a safe environment for your child by enrolling them in EuroKids. Locate us by googling nursery schools near me.

CCTV Surveillance & Constant Monitoring at EuroKids

At EuroKids, we prioritize the safety of your child with CCTV surveillance and constant monitoring. Our state-of-the-art systems in and outside classrooms ensure a secure environment for your child. Google Day Nursery Schools near me to find us and ensure the safety and well-being of your kid.

EuroJunior 4 to 5 years

The EuroJunior program at EuroKids, Pune offers age-appropriate learning tools tailored to individual paces for 4 to 5-year-olds. Ensure your child's educational journey is personalized by enrolling them at EuroKids in Pune. You can locate us easily by searching for preschools near me.

EuroSenior 5 to 6 years

EuroSenior program designed for 5 to 6 years at EuroKids, Pune nurtures young minds through innovative approaches, fostering vocabulary, and literacy skills essential for primary school. Enrol your kid in the EuroSenior program by googling EuroKids near me and ensure a strong foundation.

Nursery 3 to 4 years

Enrol your child in the Nursery program specialized for 3 to 4-year-olds at EuroKids, Pune that focuses on enhancing interaction, cultivating creativity, and improving imagination through art and music. Reach out to EuroKids in Pune by googling the best nursery schools near me.

Kindergarten School

Special needs
Child-friendly Infrastructure, Classrooms & Play area at EuroKids

Discover a world of learning and fun at EuroKids, Pune! Look up the best preschools near me and explore EuroKids’ child-friendly infrastructure, classrooms, and play areas that create the perfect environment for your little ones to grow and thrive.

EuroKids - Home Buddy App

EuroKids' Home Buddy App is the ultimate digital learning platform designed to enhance your kid's educational journey beyond the classroom. With our innovative PLAY, SEE and DO sections learning becomes enjoyable and continuous. Google EuroKids' Home Buddy App and give your kids the best education.

EuroKids Euphonics

Building a solid vocabulary foundation is key, and EuroKids Euphonics does just that, focusing on the letters and sounds of the alphabet, helping develop a strong linguistic base. Look up the best preschools near me to join your child in EuroKids, Pune and watch their vocabulary bloom!

EuroKids MathLab

Dive into the realm of numbers with EuroKids MathLab through engaging hands-on activities, and repeated experiences. Search for the best playschools near me and visit EuroKids, Pune to learn more about our innovative approach that ensures a deeper understanding of math concepts.

EuroKids Scientific Spark

EuroKids Scientific Spark ignites curiosity and fuels the pursuit of knowledge through observation, investigation, prediction, evidence, and reasoning. Google EuroKids in Pune, enrol your child and witness them dive into the realm of science and embark on an adventure of understanding.

Medical & Other Emergency Preparedness at EuroKids

With a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan in place, at EuroKids, Pune we are ready to handle any medical or other emergencies that may arise. Enrol your kids in EuroKids near you, where we are equipped to handle it all and ensure your child’s safety by searching for preschools near me.

Mindful Learning Approach at EuroKids

The mindful learning approach at EuroKids, Pune focuses on nurturing young minds, fostering creativity, and holistic child development. Give your child the complete experience of interactive activities and engaging lessons at EuroKids, Pune. Find us easily by googling preschools near me.

Montessori school

Art classes
Best Nursery school in India

At EuroKids, Pune the best nursery school in India, we offer exceptional early childhood education programs with a blend of play-based learning and modern teaching methodologies. Enrol your child in any EuroKids near you and ensure they get the best start to their bright future.

Best Playgroup in India

EuroKids, Pune the best playgroup in India, offers a conducive environment where children thrive through play-based learning. Discover expert educators, innovative curriculum, and safe facilities at EuroKids near you by searching for local preschools near me, and join us.

Best Preschool in India

EuroKids, Pune recognised as one of the best preschools in India aims at providing a nurturing and enriching environment for your child. Give your kids the best childhood learning experience at EuroKids Pune. You can locate us in your vicinity by looking up the best preschools near me.

EuroKids EuroFit

EuroKids EuroFit is the perfect blend of fun and fitness that focuses on developing motor skills, muscle strength, and mind-to-muscle connection. Give your kid the chance to build both body and mind by joining EuroKids, Pune. Look up play schools near me to locate EuroKids in your vicinity.

EuroKids EuroMusic

At EuroKids, we believe early childhood learning goes beyond classrooms. Our EuroKids EuroMusic program develops skills via captivating picture books, engaging music videos, and enjoyable activities. Browse nursery schools near me and visit to learn more about EuroKids EuroMusic.

EuroKids Mindful+

EuroKids Mindful+ is a program that empowers children to navigate their emotions and boost concentration by fostering self-awareness. Enrol your child in EuroKids play school in Pune and teach them the power of mindfulness. Find us easily by googling kindergarten near me.

EuroKids YogaKids

Discover the power of Yoga with EuroKids YogaKids where we teach kids the art of using their bodies in a healthy way through breathing, meditation, awareness, and healthy movements. Enhance kindergarten learning by enrolling your child at any EuroKids in Pune.

Nursery school

Best Kindergarten in India

With a focus on hands-on learning and a curriculum designed to stimulate young minds, EuroKids, Pune one of the best kindergartens in India provides a safe, and fun-filled educational journey. Look up EuroKids near me to locate us and lay a strong foundation for your loved ones.

Best Pre-Primary in India

Discover the magic of learning at EuroKids, Pune the best pre-primary in India! Our dedicated teachers create a world of endless possibilities for your child's development. Join us on this incredible journey of exploration by googling pre-primary schools near me and visiting us.

Best-in-class Corporate Governance

Looking for a reliable preschool for your corporate company? Look no further! EuroKids, Pune offers top-notch preschool services. Contact us or visit your nearest EuroKids branch by googling preschool near me to explore our comprehensive corporate preschool solutions.

Child First Ideology

At the core of EuroKids’ approach lies the Child First Ideology, where we cherish and protect the precious minds of our children and our EUNOIA Curriculum was developed with this in mind. Google preschools near me and enrol your kids in EuroKids, Pune.

Comprehensive Safety Guidelines

At EuroKids, Pune safety is paramount. Our comprehensive safety guidelines ensure a secure environment for children. From child-friendly infrastructure to trained staff and strict protocols, we prioritize the well-being of every child. Search for playschools near me to locate us.

Scientifically Backed Activity Plans

EuroKids’ scientifically backed activity plans engage kids in fun and educational activities that are designed to stimulate their curiosity and enhance their learning. Enrol your child in EuroKids, Pune and watch as they explore, discover, and grow. Locate us by googling EuroKids near me.

Summer Club program

Give your child an unforgettable summer with the EuroKids Summer Club program. EuroKids’ tailored programs are designed to cater to the needs of children based on their age group. To know more, locate us by looking up play schools near me.

Trusted Name for Childcare & Early Education

Give your child an unforgettable summer with the EuroKids Pune’s Summer Club program. EuroKids’ tailored programs are designed to cater to the needs of children based on their age group. To know more, locate us by looking up play schools near me.


EuroKids 3P Expertise - People

EuroKids, Pune excels in People, one of the 3P Expertise. EuroKids boasts a skilled team of ECCED/NTT certified educators, professional caregivers, and cooks. To experience the highest standards of care and learning, enrol your kid in EuroKids. Locate us by googling the best preschool near me.

EuroKids 3P Expertise - Personalization

EuroKids, Pune excels in personalization, tailoring experiences to each child. Our age-appropriate routines and enrichment programs nurture individual growth. Our parent app provides real-time updates for enhanced engagement and communication. Reach out to us by looking up EuroKids near me.

EuroKids 3P Expertise - Process

EuroKids, Pune prides itself on transparent processes, one of the 3P Expertise, prioritizing children's safety and security, including safety-focused infrastructure, open-door parent visits, and thorough staff background checks. To know more, look up the best playschools near me and visit us.

Experienced Childcare Professionals

EuroKids, Pune boasts a team of experienced and dedicated childcare professionals whose top priorities are children's growth and happiness. Join our EuroKids family by searching for the best pre-schools near me, and trust us to help your child develop essential skills in and out of classrooms.

Facilities available in EuroKids

Discover the perfect learning environment for your child at EuroKids, Pune. Our facilities offer child-friendly classrooms, trained and experienced staff, engaging play activities, and an ideal teacher-student ratio. Enrol your kid in EuroKids near you and witness them thrive.

Fee structure at EuroKids

The fee structure at EuroKids, Pune is designed to be feasible and affordable but varies based on your locality and the nearest centre. Search for the best playschools near me to locate EuroKids in your vicinity, and visit us to learn more about EuroKids’ fee structure in your area.

India's Most Awarded Preschool

EuroKids, Pune proudly stands as India's Most Awarded Preschool, providing exceptional early childhood education focussing on holistic development, and nurturing every child's potential. Enrol your kids in the best preschool in India, EuroKids, by googling playschools near me and locating us.

Preschool Environment Safe, Secure, and Hygienic

At Eurokids Preschool, safety, security, and hygiene are our utmost priorities. We believe that a child's learning environment should be a sanctuary. Enrol your child in any EuroKids in Pune and let them freely explore, create, and discover. Google pre-primary schools near me to locate us.

Structured Curriculum at EuroKids

EUNOIA, EuroKids’ curriculum, emphasises cultivating a beautiful mind, fit body and holistic soul. Search for the best preschools near me to enrol your child at EuroKids, Pune and give them the gift of a well-rounded education that offers knowledge, emotional growth, and physical skills.

The Right Age for Preschool

Research reveals that 0-6 years is when maximum brain development occurs, so make sure you enrol your child in preschool at the right age and set them up for a bright future. Unlock your child's potential with an early start at EuroKids, Pune. Locate us by googling preschools near me.


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